Ken James Fiction


Love Lessons 1


Hello Diane. Come on into my office. Close the door, please. It's noisy out in the hall. Go ahead and lock it. I hate to be disturbed.

I'm always pleased when a student wants to do extra credit assignments. You've been a good girl and you're already near the top of the class. With some extra work, you'll definitely get an A. I like to challenge my students, so you'll find it hard but rewarding.

Before we discuss that, I have to say that you're a very attractive young lady. You realize you were a little careless with your skirt in class today. I think it's a little shorter than the dress code allows. Sitting there in the front row, you opened your legs wide and I was able to see your panties. The black lace suits you very well.

I'm surprised the dean hasn't talked to you about the dress code. Not only is your skirt too short, but your blouse is too tight and low-cut. It certainly shows your breasts off, though. They're big and beautiful. I doubt there are many men who wouldn't love to caress them.

I've been teaching for a long time. I know what you want. I don't do this often, but I want it just as much as you. Come here and kiss me.

You're a good kisser. You really know how to use your tongue. Your breasts feel good pressed against my chest, too. I know you can tell how aroused you're getting me.

* * * * * * * * * *

Oh, Mr. James, I love kissing you. I'm glad you think my breasts are beautiful. I've had a crush on you since the 9th grade, and now that I'm a senior, I think about you all the time. You are a very good kisser, and I love the way your tongue slides into my mouth.  I dressed like this just for you. I know you watch me in class, and I always sit in front just so you can see me the way you want to. You feel so good pressed against me. I love how hard your cock is getting. You're such a wonderful teacher and an incredibly sexy man. You're getting me all excited.

 Dean Johnson made me come into his office today so that he could talk to me about what I'm wearing. He was lecturing me about the short skirt and tight blouse.  He tried to sound stern, but I could see the bulge in his pants even with him sitting at his desk. He kept staring at my breasts and he was breathing a little funny. I know he wants to touch and kiss me, but I only want you. All the time he was talking I kept saying " yes sir" so I could get out of there and come to see you. You're all I can think about. I try to do my best in your class so you'll be happy with me.

 We can talk about my extra credit assignments another time. Right now I just want you to touch me . . . please open my blouse. I want you to touch my breasts. The nipples are so hard from rubbing against your chest. Oh, that feels good. Yes, go ahead and take them in your mouth. Ohhhhh, Mr. James . . . suck them . . . let me take your head and rub it against my chest. I love the way you feel. Take your shirt off. I want to feel your chest against me. Yes, that's the way. Let me lick your nipples. I know men like to have their nipples sucked too. Your nipples taste wonderful. Rub them against me. Press yourself against me now. I want to feel your hard cock pushing against my skirt.

 Oh, yes! Mr. James, your cock is so hard. It feels so good pressing against my crotch. I want to rub it through your slacks. Kiss me some more. I love the way your tongue goes down my throat while you're humping me . . . oh, I'm getting so wet down there. Let me feel your bulging cock . . . mmm yes . . . you're so hard . . .

 Oh, darn it . . . I have to go . . . I have cheerleading practice and if I'm late again the coach will throw me off the squad. I'll come back again tomorrow and we can talk about my work again. I'll wear another short skirt and tight blouse just for you.

 * * * * * * * * * *

Hello Diane, come on in. I've been thinking about you since yesterday. The way you were "absent-mindedly" rubbing your nipples during the pop quiz this afternoon was really exciting. If I hadn't been sitting behind my desk, the whole class would have seen how aroused I was.

I noticed you in the ninth grade, even though you weren't in my class that year. You were a little sexpot, even before you matured. I watch you in your tight little cheerleading outfit at every game. I've overheard a lot of boys talking. They all dream about fucking you. I can't believe how lucky I am that you want me!

Don't worry about Dean Johnson. He likes looking at you too much to do anything about the dress code. I saw you leaving his office. He headed straight for the faculty men's room and locked the door.

Come into my arms. You don't have cheerleading practice tonight, do you. No. Good! I want to take a long time kissing you, all over. Your mouth, of course. I don't know how you do it. You're better with your tongue than any of the older women I've been with. Also your forehead, your eyelids, cheeks, earlobes, neck . . . your nipples are already so hard. I can feel them so clearly even through your blouse and my shirt.

Kiss me the same way. That's so good . . . oh yeah, I love having my earlobes nibbled. God! You've already got my cock so hard! Kiss my mouth some more. MMmmm!

Now your blouse. Let's take it off completely this time. I'll put it on the chair. We don't want to get it messed up. I might as well take my shirt off now, too.

You have the most beautiful breasts. I can't believe I'm actually fondling them. I've dreamed about this for so long. They're so heavy in my hands. I love kneading your breasts and pinching your hard nipples.

It's wonderful burying my face between your breasts, licking and sucking them all over, teasing you until you grab my head and guide it to a nipple. Your nipples are so hard, swollen like tiny cocks. I can't get enough of them.

You want to suck my nipples again? Yes, please! I do love that. It gets me so hot!

Yeah, unfasten my belt. Unzip my slacks and let them fall down around my ankles. My cock is so hard, straining against the confines of my briefs. No, don't take it out. Just rub it through the thin tight fabric. Your fingers feel so good caressing my head and shaft. Pre-cum is leaking from my tip, soaking the cloth.

Oh Diane! Wait a minute, what have I heard your friends calling you? Dee. Oh Dee! Sweet sexy Dee! Fall to your knees and lick my balls, so tight, trapped inside my clinging briefs. Oh yeah! Lick your way up my shaft, soaking the thin fabric with your saliva. Up to the big wet spot, lingering at that supersensitive place on the ring between my shaft and cock head.

Stop! Dee, please stop! You've got me seconds away from cumming and I'm not ready for that. You are so good!

Now what can I do for you?

* * * * * * * * * *

Oh, Mr. James! Your cock is so big and hard. I love kissing you and sucking you. You taste so good. I love it when you kiss me all over like that. Play with my hair. It feels so good to be in your arms again.

I don't want you to cum yet. I'll stop sucking you for now. I know all the boys in class want to fuck me. I haven't fucked anyone yet. I want you to be the first, but not yet. I want everything to be perfect when you take my virginity.

 Let me sit in your chair. I want you to play with my legs. Take off my shoes and stockings. Oh, you didn't know that I wore a garter belt and thigh high stockings? They are so much more comfortable than those school tights. Kiss your way up from my toes. I want you to kiss and lick my legs all the way up to my pussy. That's it. OH, your mouth feels so good on my clit. Lick me all over my pussy through my dripping panties. I wore the black lace ones again tonight just for you. Feel how wet you make me? Tomorrow I'll wear the purple crotchless ones. No one knows I have them. I thought of you when I bought them, and it got me so hot I had to fuck myself with my fingers in the dressing room with my skirt up around my waist and my panties off. I moaned your name when I exploded, very quietly so no one could hear.

That's right, use your teeth gently to take my panties off. Go up under the skirt. I'm going to leave it on while you suck my pussy.  OH, Mr. James! Your tongue feels so good . . . lick my clit while you put two fingers inside me. That's it . . . oh god . . . I'm going to cum any second. No, don't stop . . . I want to cum all over your face and get your beard all wet. I love your beard on my pussy. OH Yes . . . I'm going to . . . . . . . . OH MR. JAMES! I'm CUMmmmmmmmmminnnngggggggggggggggggggggg so hard! UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that's it . . . suck me and fuck me with your fingers . . . put your tongue inside me . . . . . . yessssssssssssssssssss . . . . . . . . . . . . .I'm going to cum all over your face . . . . . . .OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Oh, that felt so good. Come up here and kiss me. Take me in your arms and cuddle me. I love being close to you like this. No one has ever made me feel so good. I've wanted this for so long. I'm so glad you want me. Just hold me and kiss me for a few minutes. I can taste my cum on your mouth. MMMMM it tastes good.  I'm going to go now, but tomorrow I'll tell my parents I have practice, and I'll tell the coach I have to go to the dentist. I'll wear my cheerleading uniform for you. The skirt on that is even shorter than this one. The coach likes us to show off our legs.  I think he wants me too.

 Good night, Mr. James. You are so wonderful and sexy. I'll be dreaming of you tonight . . . . . . sexy, hot dreams. Dream of me too.

 * * * * * * * * * *

Baby Dee, you look so wonderful! I've had a boner all day, thinking about you. Liz . . . Miss Robinson . . . noticed. She saw me in the faculty lounge, smiled slightly and winked discretely. I can't hide anything from her. We were lovers until she took up with Brenda Johnson, the art teacher at McCormick. Don't worry, she won't say anything, not even to Brenda.

Stand still for a moment. I want to admire you. Your cheerleader blouse is so tight! It's molded to your breasts like skin. You must be wearing a push-up bra today. I can see your nipples through the cloth. I'd have noticed if you were showing them like that on the field.

Now, turn around slowly. I love your super short skirt. Of course, Coach wants to fuck you, just like everyone else in school! Your butt is so tight and muscular and your legs are so long and beautiful. Bend over. God, you're so hot! I'm almost ready to cum without even touching you.

Did you feel how wet my briefs were while we were cuddling yesterday? I creamed my shorts while you were cumming all over my face. I didn't want to wash your juices off my face, but I had to keep up appearances. I wore my sticky shorts home with my cock hard the whole way. I got out last year's annual with the big picture of you in your cheerleader uniform and rubbed my cock through my briefs until I came again.

I can hardly believe that you've chosen to give your virginity to me. I'm the luckiest man in the world! I promise I'll make it as special as you deserve.

How did you know I love garter belts and thigh-high stockings? Spread your legs a little wider and lift your skirt. The sight of your purple crotchless panties is getting me so turned on I could almost cum without touching my cock. You're already wet. I can see your juices from here. They're flowing down your legs and getting the tops of your stockings wet. I can even smell you, the wonderful hot musk of an excited woman.

Come into my arms and kiss me now. I can't wait another second. It's so good holding you close, stroking your hair and running my hands all over your body. Oh! The way you grind your crotch against my stiff dick. I can barely resist bending you over my desk and fucking your sweet hot pussy right now!

Sure, I'd love to strip for you. First my shoes and socks. There's no way to take them off gracefully and I like going barefoot, anyway. Now my tie. Slowly unbuttoning my shirt. I'm glad you like my chest so much. It makes going to the gym worthwhile. Remove the shirt and reach for my belt. Unfasten my belt and slacks, pausing with my fingers on the zipper. "Take it off, Baby," you growl softly, like a lioness. Only the briefs remain, my cock straining against the fabric, its head peeking out of the elastic band. Savoring the lust in your eyes, I pull the briefs down and step away, leaving them on the carpet.

"Oh God Mr. James!" you whisper. "Your bare cock is so beautiful. You're so beautiful!

You're my ravishing cheerleader Baby. I wish I could have seen you finger-fucking yourself in the dressing room. Sit in my chair and show me just what you did. Were you wearing the garter belt and stockings? Sweet Baby, you dressed up to go shopping for me! Leave the panties on.

The pre-cum flows from my tip, running down my cock and balls as I watch you lift your top and play with your already-swollen nipples. I'm not touching myself, but I almost cum when you lift your right breast and lower your head, catching your nipple between your lips. "Baby Dee, that's amazing," I gasp as you suck your other nipple.

You look up at me wild-eyed. "Ready to fuck me?"

I'm sweating and don't seem to be getting enough air. I could be inside you in five seconds. It takes all my strength to resist. "No. Not until we can do it in a bed and spend a whole night together. Show me what else you did," I whisper hoarsely.

You lean back in the chair with your eyes almost closed, pulling your skirt up around your waist. "I love you Mr. James," you say almost inaudibly, spreading your legs wide and running your fingers slowly around your open pussy. "Fuck me now!" You drive two fingers into your wet cunt, fucking yourself while you stimulate your clit with your remaining fingers. Your other hand plays with your bare breasts.

You softly moan and thrash in the chair. "Mr. James, you're making me cum!" You lose control and I press my mouth against yours to muffle your screams. Finally spent, you collapse in the chair.

I move behind you and softly stroke your hair and face. You're such a sexy Baby! I haven't actually ejaculated, but I feel like I came with you.

* * * * * * * * * *

I didn't know you and Miss Robinson used to be lovers. I don't understand how she could give you up for Ms. Johnson. You are so hot and sexy, I can't resist thinking of you with that boner. I'm glad she won't tell on us. I know Coach wants me too. I've seen the bulge in his shorts every time we have practice and I do cartwheels. He's kind of sexy, but I think you are so much hotter.  I can't believe you came in your shorts. That's such a waste!

I'm glad you liked that picture of me in the annual though. I was thinking of you while they were taking it, and my pussy was so wet I thought they would see the juice dripping down my legs. I was almost as wet as I am right now, modeling my uniform for you. You get me so hot, thinking of you watching me on the field. I'm glad you like the panties. I've been dripping all day, waiting to show them to you.

 OH yeah, kiss me like that. Your mouth feels so good on mine . . . and all over me. I love the way you hold and caress me. MMmmm, Mr. James, your cock feels so good and hard against my pussy. I can't wait until we can be together and spend the night making love. The State football championship  trip is coming up next week. You are going to be a chaperone, right? I'm going to have a room to myself. Dean Johnson and the coach arranged it. They said they want their star cheerleader to be comfortable. I think they're planning to try to get into my pants, even though I saw them kissing and stroking each other in the Dean's office yesterday when I went to hand in my permission slip.  Their tongues were in each other's mouths, and the coach was moaning, "Oh, Harold, your hard cock feels so good against mine!" The Dean was panting as he humped the coach. They didn't see me. I got so horny I had to go into the locker room and finger my pussy, but I thought of you when I was cumming.

 Oh, Mr. James, your body is so gorgeous! I love seeing you naked with your stiff cock poking out. I want to cum for you again. Yes, I wore the garter belt and stockings. I always wear them now. They make me think of you. You like watching me lick my nipples? It feels almost as good as when you bury your head between my breasts. Lick my nipples now. See how hard they are for you? Yes, that's the way . . . lick and suck on my breasts before I cum for you. Mr. James! I love you so much! Let me show you how I want you to make me cum.

 Oh, god that feels so good. I love fucking myself with my fingers. Watch me. I'm going to cum for you, my big sexy stud. Ohhhhhhhhhh Mr., James, I'm cummingggggggggggggggg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . mmmmmm yes that's it . . . . . . oh I'm cummmingggggggg all over your chair. Kiss me so I don't scream too loud. MMMM yes that's the way. Did I get you hot talking about the coach and Dean Johnson humping? I knew you were bisexual, but I don't care. I want you to fuck me when we go on the trip. We can be alone and make hot, passionate love in my room all night. I'm so glad I make you feel like you came . . . .oh, Mr. James! You did cum! Look at my breasts. You shot your cum all over my neck and my breasts when you were kissing me. I was so wet I didn't even feel it. Rub your cum into me. I want to take it home. No, I don't want to wash it off. I want to smell you on me all night tonight. Kiss me again before I go.

 Goodnight, Mr. James, I'll see you tomorrow right after the early practice. I love you.

 * * * * * * * * * *

Hold it, Baby Dee. You're not leaving that quickly. I want another kiss from my lusty cheerleader baby. MMMmmmm. That's good. Let me hold you for another minute.

Liz and I still get together every now and then. Brenda doesn't mind, she understands that Liz needs a cock occasionally. The three of us were even together, once. Brenda was curious about guys. The last time Liz and I did it was after the Spring Formal. She'd spiked the punch bowl . . . yeah, she was the one! Afterwards, we came back to my office. That time, she wanted it up the . . . I'll tell you later.

I didn't know about Coach Spooner and Dean Johnson, but last year I saw Coach butt-fucking Paul Weller, the senior quarterback. I went to see Coach after practice and heard noises from his office. The door was open and I looked around the corner. Paul was playing tight end that night. Coach had him bent over his desk and was fucking the hell out of him. I pulled my cock out of my pants and jacked off while watching them. I came first, then slipped off while they were finishing up.

Coach has five kids and wants to fuck the hell out of you, but he's mostly into guys. A while back, I saw him at the baths in Central City. I ducked out before he could see me, but the doorman told me he was there every week.

I'll make sure Coach and Dean don't try to mess with you on the trip.

Don't worry Babe, I'm never going to waste my cum on shorts again. I couldn't help spraying you while you were cumming in my chair. I'm going to lick the seat clean before I go home.

One more kiss . . . yeah! God, I want to fuck you right now! I can hardly wait until tomorrow. I love you too.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hi, Mr. James. I can't stay long today because I have to pack for the trip. Are you ready to be with me once we get to Dallas? I can't wait until we can spend the whole night making love. Kiss me like you did yesterday. MMMm that feels good. I've been thinking about you all the time. I can't wait until your beautiful cock is inside me.

 I know the Coach fucked Paul last year.  The football players have all fucked the Coach at one time or another. I don't know how he got it up for his wife often enough to make all those kids.  Last spring, after practice, the coach called a special strategy session for the players. I forgot my gym bag and went back to get it.  When I passed the  boys' locker room, the door was open a bit, and I heard loud noises. I went to see what was going on. All the first string players, Coach Spooner and Kurt Smith, the trainer, were naked. The defensive players were fucking the offense.  The Coach had his cock in the Mr. Smith's mouth and he was groaning louder than anyone.  I watched for a few minutes, fingering my pussy, and then the Coach yelled "Touchdown!" and came in Mr. Smith's mouth.  At the same time,  Paul Weller and the other offensive players started screaming and they all shot their loads on the floor as the defense pulled out and came on their butts. It was so hot I had to go home and masturbate again, although I came with all the guys too.

 Mr. James, your cock is so hard! Did I get you hot with that story? Come here and let me undress you. I want you to cum in my mouth tonight. No, that's okay, don't try to get me hot. Just sit down in your chair and let me take care of you. I know we can't fuck yet, but I want this to make you feel good.  Oh, yeah, let me kiss you all over your body. Your nipples are so hard. I know you like it when I suck them. Mmmm, your body feels so good. Lean back and close your eyes while I lick my way down.  Does that feel good? Your moans make me think it does . . . mmm your cock is so hard, baby . . . let me take care of it . . .

 Oh, Mr. James!  I love sucking your stiff cock. Your balls taste so good too. Let me do all the work. Oh, yes, I love sucking you.  That's right, just stroke my hair like that.  Do you like this? I want to finger-fuck your ass while I suck you off today. Come here and lean over the desk. I'll sit in your chair. Oh, it's all wet with your precum! I want to lick it off the seat before I sit down. Okay, now face me. Let me wet my fingers. Oh, yeah, your asshole is so tight. Uhhh, yes . . . oh, I love fucking your ass. You haven't had a man in a while, have you? Mmm, yes . . . I can feel your balls tightening . . . yes, cum in my mouth . . . mmmmmmmmm that's it . . . oh your cum is so sweet.  Let me lick all the cum off. I want to taste your ass too . . .  Turn around . . . mmmmmmm that tastes good too. Oh, god you came so hard! I have your cum all over my mouth.   Come here and kiss me. Hold me close for a few minutes. I want to feel you next to me. My pussy is so wet. I came just from sucking you and fucking your ass.

 When we go on the trip, after we make love for the first time, maybe we can get someone else to join in. I've had a crush on Mr. Smith for so long. I used to tell him my ankle hurt after practice just so he could check it out. I know he is bisexual, since I saw him sucking off the coach. and I have seen him around the baths too. I saw him looking at you at the last assembly. He couldn't stop looking at your crotch and ass. He had a bulge in his pants too. I know he wants both of us. Let's see if we can seduce him.

 Okay, Mr. James, I have to go now. I'm glad I got you off so nicely. You are such a sexy stud. I love you, and I'll see you on the bus when we leave for the trip.


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