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Love Bi-Angle Sample 3 - Andy, Pete, and Gretchen

"On your back, Pete." Gretchen gestured toward the bed. "I'm going to ride your big hard cock."

"All right." Pete lay on the bed. "Come take a ride . . . Cowgirl."

Gretchen straddled Pete's hips. "You're such a stud." She bent forward and kissed him, then straightened up and lowered her pussy onto his stiff pole. "With such a nice cock." She lifted her pelvis, then lowered it back onto Pete's dick. "Stretching my snatch."

"Glad you like it." He raised his hands to her breasts. "Your pussy feels great." He rolled his hips, moving his cock inside her. She moaned and closed her eyes, rocking in time with his slow thrusts.

"Oh yeah." Gretchen twisted around to look at Andy. "Pete is divine."

"I know." Andy stroked his stiff shaft while watching Gretchen hump Pete's cock. "A super stud."

"Your lover is a stallion." Gretchen went faster, lifting high and slamming her snatch down on Pete's crotch. "I see why you can't get enough of him."

"What?" Andy stared at Gretchen bouncing on Pete's cock. "He's irresistible, but . . ." His voice trailed off. Pete? His lover? Sure they were best friends and partners and damned good in bed together, but lovers?

Gretchen looked at him silently for a few seconds, then smiled. "'Butt' is right." She grinned at Andy's puzzled expression. "Come fuck my butt." She stopped moving and bent forward, pulling her ass cheeks open and showing off her pretty little pink pucker. "While I ride our stallion."

Somehow, Andy's bone grew even harder. He retrieved the lube from the bathroom and knelt behind Pete. Gretchen moaned and pushed back as he slipped a lubricated finger up her ass, twisting it to distribute the slick gel evenly. "Jawohl, Liebchen," she whispered. "That's good. Now, give me your big steif schwanz."

"Sure you're ready?" Andy pulled his finger out of Gretchen's butt and spread lube on his rock-hard cock.

"Arschloch!" Gretchen laughed. "You know I am." She thrust her buttocks back toward Andy. "Now fuck me! Fuck mein Arsch!"

"Well, since you're sure . . ." Andy pressed his cock-head through her tight anal ring, followed by his stiff shaft. Her butt was super-tight. He pushed in until she tensed up, then paused to let her muscles relax before going deeper.

"Fuck!" Gretchen moaned as Andy's cock slowly stretched and filled her, rubbing Pete's pole through the thin wall of flesh separating her pussy and asshole.

Andy stopped with his balls pressed against her butt cheeks. "You all right?"

Gretchen held herself motionless, breathing hard. After a few long deep breaths, she relaxed, a little. "Gott im Himmel! I've never been so stuffed."

"Does it hurt? I'll stop, if you want."

"No!" she gasped. "I mean 'yes.' She took another deep breath, held it a long time, and finally let it out. "Gottverdammt! This is so intense . . . it's hard to think clearly." She relaxed her anal muscles, then clamped them around Andy's swollen pole. "It hurts . . . a little." She tightened and relaxed her butt muscles a few more times. "But it feels good, too."

Andy bent forward and kissed Gretchen's neck. "Sure feels great to me." He stroked her back and shoulders until her tension dissipated. "Ready for me to fuck you?"

"Yeah." She sounded a little scared, but very determined. "Fuck my butt." She looked down at Pete. "While I ride our stallion's cock." She kissed her fingers and then pressed them to Pete's lips.

"Sexy Baby." Andy pulled back slightly, then pushed his length back into her ass. "This feels so good."

"This is wild." Pete lay under Gretchen without moving, letting her adjust to Andy's cock. "We're not just plugging Farm Girl." He patted Gretchen's butt. "We're rubbing cocks."

"Sure is wild." Andy fucked Gretchen slowly, increasing the length of his strokes as her anal muscles relaxed. "Your cock. Her ass." He went faster, occasionally pulling completely out, then plunging back into her depths.

"This is so good!" Gretchen rolled her hips, working Pete's cock in her pussy in time with Andy's increasingly rough thrusts. "Come on, boys. Use me. I'm a big girl. I can take it. Ram my snatch and hammer my ass!" She rubbed her clit and played with her breasts while she humped the stiff rods inside her.

Andy's driving cock rubbed against Pete's pole through the thin membrane separating them while he fucked Gretchen's hot tight asshole, hard and fast. It was both so gay and so macho hetero male—sex with a man while fucking a woman's ass. But the main thing was how good it felt . . . He'd never imagined anything this great.

"Oh God!" Gretchen cried. "I'm coming!" Andy gripped her waist to hold her upright while she screamed and rocked violently.

"Fuckin' A, Farm Girl!" Pete grunted. "Your tight little cunt better be ready for a big hot—Oh fuck!" His upward cock thrusts shook Gretchen's body and humped Andy's plunging pole.

"Jesus yes!" Gretchen moaned. "Shoot your big fucking gun—" She screamed, coming harder than before. "Oh God! Your cock. My cunt. Your cum . . . Oh fuck! Come in me!"

Andy slammed his throbbing cock into Gretchen's ass as the tension in his nuts built. "Oh Baby!" Her screams grew even louder when his balls exploded, sending wave after wave of hot cum into her convulsing asshole.

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