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Love Bi-Angle Sample 2 - Andy and Pete

Andy curled his fingers around Pete's shaft. "I'm gonna suck your cock." He jacked Pete's hard hot rod and kneaded his balls while lashing his cock-head with his tongue.

Andy loved sucking a girl's tits and eating her pussy, but sucking Pete's cock was somehow even better. More primal and aggressive. More . . . male. He bobbed on Pete's rigid pole, pulling back until his compressed lips were barely kissing Pete's cock-head, then pushed back in, taking most of his length.

"You're the best." Pete ran his hands through Andy's crewcut. "You suck cock better than any girl. Or boy." Andy stiffened when Pete moved his hands to the back of his head, holding it in place. "Now, I'm gonna fuck your face."

Pete rocked his hips slowly, working his hard-on in and out of Andy's mouth. Andy stroked his own stiff prick and kneaded his balls while Pete thrust faster and harder.

It was scary and exhilarating. Andy had never been so turned-on. He let go of his throbbing cock and grabbed Pete's driving rod, jerking it fiercely.

"I'm fuckin' your face!" Pete gasped. "Gonna shoot!" A hard hot pulse of cum splashed Andy's tongue, flooding his mouth with Pete's intense gamy man-taste. It was better than he could have imagined, if he'd imagined it in the first place.

Pete gripped Andy's head tightly, firing shot after shot of cum into his mouth and down his throat. Andy gulped frantically, trying to swallow every drop.

"Jesus!" Pete stood still, gently stroking Andy's crewcut while Andy kissed and gently sucked Pete's slightly-softened tool. "You're the absolute best." He pulled Andy to his feet and kissed him.

"It was good for me, too." Andy licked his lips, catching a little stray cum. Pete's taste was strong in his mouth. "Getting you off was great."

"Now, it's your turn. How do you want to come?" Pete patted Andy's ass. "Ready to get fucked?"

Andy laughed nervously. "Not yet."

"Then, you can fuck me."

Somehow, Andy's swollen bone grew even harder. "That'd be all right."

"Figured you'd like that." Pete lay on his back in the middle of the bed and folded his knees against his chest, lifting his butt. "Come on and fuck me. My ass is ready for your big hard cock."

Andy stared at Pete's little puckered hole, immediately under his bulging balls and stiff cock, gleaming with saliva and cum. It was so . . . overpoweringly . . . male.

"Oh yeah," he whispered. He took a step forward, than hesitated. "Don't we need—"

"The lube's in the nightstand drawer," Pete said. "Hurry up. I've been dreaming about your big thick cock since we were thirteen."

"Wish I'd known." Andy opened the drawer and took out a little squeeze bottle labeled "ForPlay," then knelt on the bed between Pete's spread thighs. "All those frustrated nights when girls wouldn't put out . . ."

"We'll make up for lost time now," Pete said.

"We sure will." Andy uncapped the plastic bottle and held it over his open hand. Nothing happened. He squeezed the bottle and a thick blob of clear gel squirted into his palm. He smeared the lubricant on his stiff cock and pressed its head between Pete's buttocks.

"Not so fast," Pete said. "I need some lube, too."

"All right." Andy spread a thick line of lubricant along his index finger. Pete's cock jerked as Andy's finger slid into his ass. "Guess you like that." Pete nodded.

"Good. So do I." Andy rotated his wrist while moving his finger in and out of Pete's asshole, distributing the lube evenly. He pulled his finger out, added more lube, then pushed it back in. "You've sure got a hot sexy ass." Pete moaned as Andy fingered him roughly.

"Your finger feels great," Pete said. "But I'm ready for your cock now."

"Okay." Andy pressed his cock-head into the center of Pete's asshole and pushed forward, taking him with one smooth slide. "Wow!"

"You like my butt?" Pete's anal muscles clamped Andy's stiff pole.

"Oh yeah." Andy pulled almost out, then pushed back in. "Your ass is so hot and tight."

"Better than a pussy?"

"Yeah, I guess. Sure different." Andy fucked Pete slowly. "Girls will never be quite the same."

"Girls have butts, too." Pete stroked his hard-on and rocked his hips in time with Andy's leisurely thrusts.

Andy laughed. "Ever butt-fucked a girl?" He drove faster, pulling back and then slamming his cock into Pete's depths.

"A couple." The sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the air as Pete swung his hips up to meet Andy's plunging cock. "Most of them are scared. Not like guys."

"Really?" Andy grabbed Pete's ankles and pushed them over his shoulders, lifting his butt higher.

"There's two kinds of guys," Pete said. "The ones that love it up the ass and the ones who haven't tried it." Pete jacked off while Andy fucked him faster. "Come on. Pound my ass. I want it rough."

"Okay." The tension in Andy's nuts built rapidly as he hammered Pete's butt. "God, this is good!"

"Getting close?"

"Yeah. Got a big hot load for you."

"So shoot it. I want to feel you coming in my ass."

"Here it is!" Andy rammed Pete's asshole, squirting another thick pulse of cum every time he hit bottom.

"That's right!" Pete cried. "Shoot that load!"

Finally spent, Andy stopped, keeping his dick deep inside Pete's ass, and bent forward to kiss him. "Man, that was good."

"For me, too." Pete ran his fingers through Andy's crewcut. "I've wanted you so bad. Especially after you broke up with Cindy."

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