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Love Bi-Angle Sample 1 - Andy and Gretchen

Andy's heart pounded as he led Gretchen up the stairs and into the master bedroom at the front of the condo.

She stopped at the doorway, taking in the simple furnishings. "Nice big bed. Looks comfortable."

"Yeah. It is." Andy tried to focus on Gretchen's face, but his gaze kept slipping down to her big breasts and hard nipples, set in her broad pink areolas.

"Tell me, Andy." She stepped into the room and put a hand on his chest. "Do you think I'm a 'nice girl?'"

"Uh . . . sure."

"But, what's 'nice?'" She put her hands on his shoulders and gazed into his eyes. "Sweet? Shy? Unattainable? A good little German Catholic girl?"

"Well . . . I dunno . . ."

"If so, I'm not 'nice.' I'm pushy and go after the things I want." She kissed him, flattening her breasts against his chest and grinding her crotch against the big bulge in his jeans. "And I get just as horny as any guy."

Gretchen grabbed Andy's hand and put it up her skirt. He felt bare moist flesh and soft pubic hair. "Don't 'nice' girls wear panties?" She moaned as he teased her folds with his index finger.

"I think this is nice." He cupped her vulva and slid his middle finger into her pussy.

"It's naughty." Her breath grew ragged as he worked his finger inside her. "I like being naughty."

"Nice and naughty." He pulled his finger out of her pussy, raised it to his lips, and sucked it. "Tasty!" He unfastened her short skirt and let it fall to the carpet.

"You like my body?" Gretchen touched one of her breasts, then let her hand wander over her belly and down to her thick golden pubic thatch.

"Yeah." He reached between her legs.

She pushed his hand away. "My turn." She unbuckled his belt, then opened his fly. "I want to see your cock." She pulled his jeans down around his ankles and rubbed his stiff dick through his tightly-stretched briefs. "I've been dreaming about this, ever since I saw you at Slick's."

"Even before your friends left?" Andy had seen her across the room, watching him shoot pool with Pete. There'd been three people with her—a man and woman who were obviously a couple, and another man who'd watched Gretchen possessively.

"Yeah. You and your buddy . . ."


"Of course. Pete." She ran her thumb and index finger up and down the tent pole in Andy's briefs. The wet spot in the fabric stretched over his cock-head grew bigger. "You and Pete were the hottest guys in the place. All the women were drooling over you. That made all the men jealous. Sure got my . . . uh . . . the guy I was . . . with . . . pissed off."

"Your boyfriend?"

"Klaus isn't my boyfriend. He wants to be. Even pretends he is . . . But, well, he's just not."

"Okay." He wasn't sure what else to say.

"I do what I want. Not what Klaus and our families want." She reached into Andy's briefs and took his stiff cock and bulging balls out. "And I want you." She wrapped her hand around his swollen pole and ran her fingers up and down his rigid shaft. "I hope you want me, too."

"Oh, I do. Real bad." He took a couple of short steps toward her, hobbled by the jeans around his ankles.

"Good." Gretchen sat on the bed to take her shoes off. Andy undressed quickly. She rolled onto her back and he climbed on top of her. "Fuck me now," she said. "Right now. Don't say anything. Just fuck me."

She gripped his stiff shaft and guided his cock-head into her folds. "Fuck me now." He fumbled for a moment, then found the proper angle and slid into her pussy, all the way to his balls.

"That's right," Gretchen whispered. "Your big hard cock . . . filling my tight little cunt. Fucking me . . ." She rolled her hips in a slow relentless rhythm, like the incoming tide. He fucked her with long strokes that grew faster and harder as she increased the pace.

"Oh Gott, Liebchen!" she gasped. "I'm coming!" She screamed and thrashed under Andy, held down by his weight as he pounded her pussy, steadily pushing toward his own climax.

"Come on, Andy!" Gretchen's voice was ragged. "Shoot your big gun! I want to feel you come!"

Andy's nuts tightened. "All right, Princess! I'm coming!" They screamed together as he drove his throbbing cock up her convulsive cunt, firing another thick pulse of cum with each rough thrust.

They finally stopped, gasping for breath, with Andy on top of Gretchen, propped up on his elbows to keep his weight off her heaving chest.

"Oh Andy," she whispered. "That was so good. I needed a good hard fucking."

"I do all right?" He kissed her.

She kissed him back, enthusiastically. "Gott yes, Liebchen. Way better than 'all right.' You're a stallion. I hope it was as good for you."

"Well . . ." He was getting hard again. "Only thing better would be doing it again."

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