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Love Bi-Angle Chapter One

Pound Me

Some of us want to be abused.


Pete sighed and leaned back in his chair, idly watching Andy enter the most recent changes into the CAD program.

Pete Rosati was a big, broad-shouldered Italian with light olive skin and short curly black hair. Andy Grant, his partner, was taller and more slender than Pete, with bright green eyes and a brown crewcut. Both men were in their late twenties, with quietly muscular bodies from running and working out every day. They'd been friends since grade school, roommates in college, and had started R&G Design fourteen months before.

Andy turned to Pete. "That roof detail look right?"

"Rotate it thirty degrees clockwise." Pete bent forward to study the image on the workstation's giant flatscreen as Andy moved the mouse. "A little more . . . Good . . . Let's see it from above . . . Yeah." He leaned back in his chair. "That's it. Light the fuse."

"And run." Andy clicked the "Render" button on the screen, then stood up and stretched. "God, this has been a long day. It's after eight, and we came in at dawn."

"Yeah, but we made it. We'll have the plans in the morning, so we can finish the presentation." Pete rubbed his eyes and yawned. "Speaking of running—"

"I'm sure ready to get out of here," Andy said. "Any more time staring at that screen, I'm going to blow some buildings up."

"The old ugly ones, I hope." Pete slapped Andy on the shoulder. "You'll feel better after you get something to eat. So will I."

"Definitely the ugly ones. Burgers and suds?"

"And pool? Shoot a few games."

"Yeah. That always helps me unwind. Otherwise, I'll dream about that damn building."

At Slick's, Andy and Pete reserved a table, then sat down with bacon cheeseburgers and a pitcher of Devil's Backbone. They'd finished their burgers and were starting on their second pitcher when the manager called their number over the sound system.

Andy and Pete each won a game. They were pretty evenly matched. Andy's Uncle Mike owned a pool hall and they'd been hanging out there and playing since they were kids.

They were racking the balls for a third game when a blond woman came over. She was the same age as Andy and Pete, with strong German features, wearing cowboy boots, a knee-length denim skirt, and a pink gingham blouse. "Can I join you? My friends are leaving, but I'm not ready to go."

Andy smiled at her. "Fine with me." He turned to Pete. "You?"

Pete looked from Andy to the blonde and back. "Tell you what. You two play. I'm kinda tired, so I'll just grab ARide." That was their favorite Austin rideshare service.

"Okay. See you in the morning." Andy turned to the blonde. "Eight ball?"

* * *

The ARide car pulled up in front of Pete's condo. He thanked the driver and got out. As soon as the car disappeared around the corner, Jose stepped out of the shadows. He was a handsome muscular man ten years older than Pete, dressed in a Travis County Deputy Sheriff's uniform. "¿Qué pasa, amigo?"

"Horny as hell." Pete wrapped his arms around Jose and kissed him. "¿Qué pasa contigo?"

"Same as you." Jose ground his stiff pole against Pete's crotch. "Ready for a hot fuck."

"Good." Pete took Jose's hand and led him to the door.

"We'll have to hurry," Jose said. "I go on duty in an hour." He was one of the night dispatchers at the Travis County Emergency Operations Center.

"We better not waste any time." Pete stopped just inside the door and unfastened his blue jeans, freeing his swelling cock. "Want to suck this?"

"Oh yeah." Jose fell to his knees. "I've been dreaming of your big hard dick." He grabbed Pete's stiff shaft and stroked it roughly while sucking him like a starving calf. Pete almost laughed. Jose was jerking his rod like he was milking a cow, too. Still . . . Getting milked like this was pretty damn sexy!

The tension in Pete's balls was approaching the bursting point. "I'm getting close. Want me to come in your mouth?"

Jose stopped his frantic sucking. He fondled Pete's rock-hard pole while kissing its tip. "I love sucking your cum, but I'd rather get a full load up my ass tonight."

"We can manage that," Pete said. "Let's go." Jose followed him through the condo's combined living, dining, and kitchen area to the master bedroom. They stripped quickly. Jose carefully folded his khaki uniform and set it on the dresser.

"I need your cock," Jose said. "So damn bad."

"Well, you're going to get it." Pete took the quilt off the bed and dropped it on the floor, then pointed to the bare sheets. "Right now."

"It's been so long—" Jose lay on his back at the edge of the bed and folded his knees against his chest.

"Two weeks." Pete took the lube out of the nightstand drawer and moved between Jose's raised ankles.

"Seems like forever without cock . . . Laura and I fuck almost every night. She likes it. So do I . . . But still, I always want a big hot rod reaming my ass. Pounding me like a bitch . . ."

Pete laughed. "Well, I'm gonna pound you . . . Bitch." He spread lube on his finger and slid it up Jose's ass. It went in easily. He twisted his wrist while moving his finger in and out, distributing the slick gel evenly.

"Pound me?" Jose looked at Pete's towering pole hungrily. "With your big hard cock?"

"Damn right!" Pete pulled his finger out of Jose's butt, squirted lube into the palm of his hand and stroked his painfully-stiff prick, getting it good and slick. "Fuck the hell out of your tight little virgin ass."

"God! Not that!" Jose pulled on his ankles, lifting his butt higher. "Not your big hard cock! It's too big for me!"

"Shut up . . . Bitch!" Pete bent forward and kissed Jose. He kissed back, enthusiastically. "You're getting this big cock up your tight little bitch ass . . ." He pressed his tip between Jose's sculpted buttocks. "Right now!"

Jose screamed as Pete's stiff dick rammed his ass. "Jesús!" Pete pulled back and then slammed home, shaking Jose's body. "That hurts!" Pete yanked his cock out of Jose's butt. "Put it back," Jose whispered.

"You think that hurts?" Pete slapped Jose's ass as hard as he could, making a noise like a pistol shot. "How about this?"

"Oh Jesús! Oh María!" Jose's hard-on jerked as Pete spanked him roughly, leaving red finger marks on his ass cheeks. "Please stop! Por favor!"

Pete laughed and jammed his rigid pole between Jose's buttocks. "Take it, puto! Take this big fucking cock!"

"Madre de Dios!" Jose cried. "You're too big! You're tearing me open!" He screamed as Pete pounded his ass. "God, no! Stop. Please!"

"I'll tear your fucking ass open!" Pete slammed Jose harder and faster. "Fuck your ass until it bleeds . . ." They were both shouting at the tops of their lungs. After early experiences with noisy sex partners, Pete had chosen a condo with the master bedroom on an outside corner to avoid disturbing his neighbors.

"I'm gonna shoot!" Pete gasped. "Fire a big hot load of cum up your bloody destroyed ass!"

"Oh God! It hurts!" Jose jacked off while swinging his ass up to meet Pete's driving rod.

Pete's nuts tightened. "Here it comes . . . Bitch! I'm shooting a big hot load! Up your torn puto ass—" He thrust his throbbing cock up Jose's tight butt.

"Oh fuck yeah! Shoot it!" Jose spewed cum on his crotch, belly, chest, and even his face, while Pete came inside him.

* * *

Pete stayed on the bed for a long time after Jose had showered, dressed, kissed him goodbye, and rushed out the door. He lay naked, looking up at the ceiling fan while the lube on his half-hard dick grew sticky.

Too bad Kristin had been busy. She wouldn't do anal, but she would have spent the night. She liked wild sex, followed by cuddling, and always woke up at dawn, ready for another round.

Jeff had moved to Denver to work for a defense contractor. Pete missed the big black bodybuilder's quick wit and sly sense of humor, as well as his athletic body and massive cock. He could sure use Jeff's giant pole up his ass tonight.

Jose was fun, but Pete didn't really get off on shouting abuse. Still, it drove Jose wild, so he didn't mind playing along. Not too much, anyway. And Jose was such a relentless bottom. He'd only fucked Pete's ass once, the single time he spent the whole night.

Pete got up, feeling gross and vaguely unsatisfied, and went into the bathroom to take a shower. He felt better after washing the sweat and lube off, but now he was horny as hell again.

There was no point in trying to sleep. He got a beer out of the refrigerator, sat on the couch, switched the big flatscreen to its Internet connection, and logged on to his favorite gay porn site.

The guys fucking and sucking on the screen weren't getting him off. After half an hour of listless masturbation, he stopped the video and leaned back on the couch with his eyes closed, slowly fingering his cock and balls and letting his mind wander. As usual, his thoughts quickly drifted to Andy. Very explicit sexual fantasies about Andy.

Pete grabbed another beer and went upstairs to the bedroom he used for a home office. He got a towel and a bottle of lube out of the bathroom and sat down in front of the computer, then started a streaming video. It was his favorite, because the men looked a little like him and Andy.

Feeling perverted, Pete started another video beside the streaming gay porn. It was from the pool party he and Andy threw last year when they'd opened R&G Design, their architecture firm.

Most of the people in the video were fully dressed in casual summer clothes, but Andy and Pete were wearing Speedos that showed off their athletic bodies and big packages. Andy's girlfriend Cindy and Pete's date Gina also wore revealing swimsuits.

The four had smoked a joint in Andy's condo and had a few drinks at the pool, so they got pretty playful. When Andy pushed Pete into the pool, Pete caught Andy's wrist and pulled him in, too.

Pete hit the water with a giant splash. Andy landed on top of him, driving him under the water. Pete twisted around, gripped Andy's waist, and pulled him down. They wrestled underwater, grabbing each other's arms, legs, and butts while rubbing crotches. Their cocks were hard under their tightly-stretched Speedos.

They kicked up to the surface and burst out of the water, gulping greedy lungfuls of air before grappling again, treading water while Andy ground his hard-on against Pete's stiff rod. Then they both froze, staring into each other's eyes. Pete kissed Andy as they sank beneath the surface. They held the kiss for several seconds, then drifted apart. Andy put his hand on Pete's crotch and rubbed his cock through the skimpy fabric.

With sudden explosions of sound, two bodies cleaved the water in long flat dives. An instant later, Cindy and Gina joined them at the bottom of the pool, playfully fondling the guys' bodies and fingering their hard-ons through their Speedos.

Everybody was laughing when they got back to the surface, but Pete couldn't forget the electrifying feeling of Andy's hand on his cock.

Of course, the video didn't show most of what happened. Gina had recorded Pete and Andy going into the water and thrashing around, but not the kiss or the erotic underwater wrestling. When Cindy prepared to dive in, Gina handed her phone to her cousin and joined her.

After the dunking, there was a lot more video of Andy, Pete, Cindy, and Gina cavorting in their revealing wet bathing suits. When the party was ending, Cindy and Gina followed Andy and Pete into the men's locker room and recorded the guys showering, including the part where Pete slapped Andy's ass and Andy turned around with a hard-on.

Pete slowly jacked his stiff cock while watching the videos playing side-by-side. The pool party video ended with naked hard Andy lunging at Cindy and grabbing the phone, then looped back to the beginning. The gay video ended and the next video in the queue played. The new guys didn't look like Andy or Pete, but they were young and sexy, and great at sucking and fucking.

He squirted lube into the palm of his hand and slathered the slick gel over his hard dick, jerking it roughly while the muscular black guy on the screen pounded his white buddy's ass and video Andy wrestled video Pete under the bubbles and waves on the pool's surface.

The tension in Pete's balls built while the black and white guys traded places and Andy and Pete fooled around in the shower. Pete smacked Andy's butt and he turned around, grinning with his long thick cock sticking straight up. He pointed at the camera and laughed.

Cum fountained from Pete's throbbing tool as the pool party image went black, then jumped to Andy and Pete in Speedos beside the pool, talking to a man in a business suit.

Pete stumbled into the bathroom and washed the lube and cum off his cock, then turned off the videos and went to bed.

He spent a long time thinking about Andy before he finally fell asleep.

* * *

It was a little after seven when Andy walked into the office. Pete looked up from the blueprints spread on the big glass-topped table. "Must have gone pretty well. You're smiling. And late."

"I looked for you, but you were already gone." Their condos were in adjacent buildings in a new development, so they usually rode together.

"Yeah. I got up before dawn. I just couldn't sleep. Guess I was restless because I didn't score last night."

"With that long list of women on your phone?"

"Timing is everything and last night wasn't the time." Pete shrugged. "But, enough about me. How was last night?"

"Great. Gretchen's great."

"'Gretchen,' huh? Let me guess. She's from New Braunfels."

"Close." Andy laughed. "Fredericksburg. Her last name's 'Pfennig.' One of the founding families." He went over to the coffee maker and poured a cup.

"What'd you do?"

"Played some pool. Drank another pitcher and talked. Then, we went to her place."


"I kissed her 'goodnight' at her door, then drove home and went to bed."

"That's all? It's been six months since you broke up with Cindy."

"Since Cindy left me, you mean." Andy stirred sugar into his coffee and took a sip. "I didn't want to push it with Gretchen."

"You gotta get back on that horse, Bubba. Life's passing you by."

"It's hard to have a personal life when you're starting a business." Andy set his cup on the table and bent over the blueprints. "You know that."

Pete poured himself a cup of coffee and leaned against the counter. "I manage."

"With an endless stream of one-night stands."

Pete shrugged. "Beats sleeping alone."

"Not for me." Andy studied the blueprints for a few seconds, then looked up at Pete. "Anyway . . . Gretchen and I made a date for Saturday."

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