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Jack Hammer: Kings Ransom 9 - El Gato Grande

Sunday, July 23

6:00 a.m.

Jack slept fitfully, tormented by a recurring dream. After wandering through an almost endless maze, he'd eventually find Alex King—murdered in some grisly way. Each time, he woke up soaked in sweat with his heart pounding. His mind raced in circles, trying to find some way forward and coming up blank.

The sky was just turning pink when he quit trying to sleep and got up. He took a long hot shower and then fixed breakfast—bacon, eggs, and lots of hot black coffee.

Jack felt better after he'd eaten. He took a fresh mug of coffee into the office and turned on the computer's monitor, then changed his mind and sank into the easy chair.

He sipped coffee and let his mind drift—over the kidnapping and ransom demand, but also over the King family and its palace intrigues.

The cup was empty and he didn't have any new ideas. He got more coffee and sat down at the computer to check his email.

Laura had sent photos of Alex and his friends, along with more detailed personal information about Alex. Jack read it carefully, but didn't experience any great revelations.

There were messages from Pat and Prospero on Jack's dark web account.

Pat's message read, "You didn't see this stuff. If you want to talk off the record, call me at . . ." She'd attached crime scene photos and reports from Manuel's house. Jack shook his head. By-the-Book Pat with a dark web account and a burner phone. Now, that was desperation. At least, she had his back.

Prospero's message held private data about Raymond, Laura, and Alex—bank accounts, business interests, lawyers, indiscretions . . .

There was also the public information about Chad Ferrell and Robin Tolliver.

Robin had a business degree. Laura had hired her three years ago, right out of college.

Chad was a licensed Private Investigator with a degree in criminal justice. He'd received a medical discharge after 22 months in the Army. Aside from minor scuffles in high school and college, his criminal record was clean. He'd started working for Raymond two years ago.

Nothing jumped out at him. Jack transferred another $10,000 to Prospero and told him to hack the Kings' computers.

"will try," Prospero answered. "may require physical penetration." In other words, somehow installing a remote link on a computer inside their firewall.

"Understood." Jack sent the message and then checked the local news websites. They were still reporting Manuel's murder as a "suspicious death," without any details.

He closed the web browser and sat staring at the blank screen, buzzing from too much caffeine. There was nothing to do except wait for something to happen, so he put on his shorts and running shoes and went jogging. Sometimes, that gave him ideas, but not today. At least, he'd worked off some of the nervous energy.

Jack took a long leisurely shower and then walked naked into the office. He could review the case files, but that would just be getting back on the treadmill. Once again, he settled in the easy chair and let his mind drift. It'd been a frantic two days since he'd gotten that text at . . . Steel Steve's.

Memories of that night rushed through his mind, sending the blood rushing to his cock. It was already hard.

Jack spread his legs and kneaded his balls while stroking his stiff shaft. When he was close to coming, he stopped. He didn't want a simple two minute hand job. What he really needed was a man. A big butch man. A man like . . . Joe, the tiger of Steel Steve's.

He called Joe's phone. It rang for a long time, then a sleepy voice answered. "Hola."

"Hey Joe. This is Jack. From Steel Steve's."

"Jack!" He didn't sound sleepy any more. "Qué pasa, dude?"

"Want to get together?"

"Oh yeah." He lowered his voice. "Your place all right? I live with my sister and her little boy."

"That'll be great." They made the arrangements and Jack hung up. He got dressed in clinging sweat shorts and a tight-fitting tank top, then practiced guitar licks until Joe arrived. Early Sunday morning traffic was pretty light, so it didn't take him long.

8:15 a.m.

The doorbell rang. Jack put the Telecaster down and went to the door. Joe was standing on the little porch, wearing a tight tee-shirt and sprayed-on jeans that showed off his big crotch bulge and muscular buttocks. "Was that you playing?" He saw the guitar and amp. "You're good."

"Yeah." Jack took Joe in his arms and kissed him. "I can play guitar okay, too."

Joe grabbed Jack's butt and ground his crotch bulge into Jack's groin while kissing him with lots of aggressive tongue. Jack threw himself into the kiss, running his fingers through Joe's buzz-cut hair and closely-trimmed beard. The waitress hadn't liked too much tongue. After holding back with her, getting down and dirty with a sexy man felt wonderful.

"You really are good," Joe said. "It was too bad you had to run off on Friday night. Did that work out okay?"

Jack unfastened Joe's belt buckle and unbuttoned his fly. "It's on hold." He pulled Joe's zipper down and took his long thick uncut dick out of his jeans. It was already hard, with a broad plow-shaped head and a deep corneal ring.

"All right. Get it while you can." Joe put his hands on Jack's shoulders and pushed him down onto his knees. "You can start by sucking my cock."

Jack's hard-on made a giant tent in his sweat shorts. "You really are a macho man." He squeezed Joe's balls while stroking his thick shaft and rubbing his foreskin over his swollen cock-head. "With an awesome cock."

Joe was grinning. "You really like my big uncut cock."

"El Gato Grande is muy hombre." Jack kissed Joe's precum-leaking tip, then pulled his foreskin up all the way and swirled his tongue between Joe's fleshy hood and swollen cock-head. With el carajo grande!"

Joe laughed. "You didn't learn that in high school Spanish."

"Not exactly." Jack had learned it from Hispanic Marines. He ran his tongue down Joe's stiff pole to his shaved balls, then licked and sucked Joe's nuts while tickling the little spot between his anus and scrotum.

"Oh man," Joe purred. "That feels good." He stiffened when Jack slipped his finger up into his butt crack. "Oh no." He pushed Jack's hand away from his anus. "I don't do that." Jack went back to rubbing Joe's perineum while sucking his balls—first taking one in his mouth, then the other, and finally both.

"Maravilloso!" Joe groaned. "Nobody's ever done anything like that to me."

Jack let Joe's balls slip out of his mouth. "I guess you like that."

"Oh yeah. You're a great cocksucker."

"El cabrón grande." Jack gripped Joe's stiff pole and took its head and shaft in his mouth, savoring the taste of intensely male cock and tart precum.

"Close enough." Joe ran his fingers through Jack's short hair while humping his mouth. "Damn, that's good . . ." He gripped the sides of Jack's head, holding it still while he fucked Jack's face. "Fucking good!"

Joe went faster and pushed in deeper. Jack held on, squeezing Joe's balls and gripping his plunging pole to keep him from getting too rough. It was like riding a wild horse, both terrifying and sexy.

Jack was braced for a thick blast of hot cum when Joe jerked his throbbing cock away. "That was great, but I'm not ready to come." He pulled Jack to his feet and kissed him roughly. "Not in your mouth."

"That's okay." Jack curled his fingers around Joe's stiff pole. "We'll find a place for you to shoot."

Joe's grin was almost sinister. "Oh, I know a really good place." He yanked Jack's sweat shorts down, freeing his hard-on, then spun him around and bent him over. "A fucking good place!" He ran his finger over the "Semper Fi" tattoo on Jack's shoulder. "I've always heard Marines like it up the butt. Now, I'm gonna find out."

Joe took a little plastic squeeze bottle of lube out of his jeans. He squirted lube on his finger and slipped it up Jack's asshole. It went in easily. He worked it around, distributing the lube, and then pulled out. "I'm going to fuck your tight Marine ass, now." He lubricated his stiff cock and pressed its head between Jack's buttocks.

"Oh God!" Jack moaned. "You're big!" Joe's big plow-head pressed forward, relentlessly stretching his asshole. It hurt a little, but also felt great.

"Too big?" Joe drew back slightly.

"No. Keep going." Jack pushed his butt back toward Joe, taking more of his massive member.

"El Gato Grande, Baby." Joe patted Jack's butt. "Nobody ever wants me to stop." The pressure on Jack's overstretched asshole increased painfully. Suddenly, his anal muscles relaxed and he screamed as Joe's massive pole slammed home.

"Oh yeah," Joe growled. "Fuckin' tight Marine asshole." He pulled all the way out, then pushed his swollen cock-head back through Jack's anal ring. It hurt a little, but also sent a wave of pleasure through Jack's body. "I'm going to drill the hell out of your ass." He shallow-fucked Jack, pushing his cock-head through Jack's asshole and then withdrawing.

"Feel's great," Jack whispered. "Now, stop teasing and fuck me for real."

"Like this?" Joe's thick cock slid smoothly up Jack's ass, stopping with his balls pressed against Jack's butt cheeks.

"That's right. Pound my ass. I'm ready for you."

Joe gripped Jack's hips to hold him in place and rammed his ass, drawing back and then slamming home.

"Fuck me!" Jack rocked his butt in time with Joe's violent thrusts. "Fuck me hard." The cum was building in his nuts when Joe groaned and fired a hard hot blast of cum up Jack's ass. "Yeah, man. Shoot for me." Joe rammed him again. More cum splashed Jack's anal walls.

Jack stroked his throbbing pole, sending long streamers of cum sailing through the air while Joe pounded his ass, coming over and over.

"That was great." Joe pulled out and patted Jack's butt affectionately. "You've got a fucking sweet ass."

Jack straightened up, turned around, and kissed Joe. "And you've got a gigantic cock. I've never been plowed quite like that."

Joe laughed. "El Gato Grande!"

"Grande indeed!" Jack stepped out of his sweat shorts and kicked them away, then peeled off his tank top and dropped it on the floor. "We've had the fast ride. How about a slow one, now?"

"That'll be all right." Joe stripped hastily and followed Jack into the bedroom. "Jesus, you've got a sexy ass." Jack's cock had stayed hard, even after he'd come. It was harder than ever. Joe was the biggest guy who'd ever fucked him, and he'd hardly been able to take that massive dick. Now, he wanted it again. Bad. But . . .

"I want you to ream my ass," Jack said. "But first, it's my turn."

"Oh no." Joe took a step backwards. "I do the fucking. I don't take it up the butt."

"Afraid?" Jack asked teasingly.

"Oh hell no!" Joe laughed nervously. "But I'm the big cat . . . The macho."

"A big tough guy taking another stud's dick up his ass." Jack wrapped his hand around Joe's big stiff pole. "That's pretty damn macho."

Joe laughed again, still sounding nervous. "Well . . . It's not like I'm calling you a little nelly queen . . ."

"You fucking better not call me that." Jack wrapped his hand around both their hard dicks. "I'm a goddamned big nelly queen . . . with a big hard dick to stick up your ass."

"Uh . . . Oh Jesus." Joe looked into Jack's eyes beseechingly. "I'm a top, man!"

"It's okay to be scared," Jack said. "A real macho is scared . . . and does it anyway."

"Uh . . . Well, I dunno . . ."

"Tell you what," Jack said. "I'll wrestle you for it. Loser gets butt-fucked."

Joe thought for a long time, then said, "All right. Now?"

Jack grinned. "Let's make it interesting. Steel Steve's." He thought of something else. "A charity match. Let the guys pay to watch us."

"College wrestling rules?" Joe was smiling cautiously.

"Yeah. No Marine tricks. You in?"

"Oh, I'm in all right." Joe grinned. "And my big fat dick is gonna be in your hot butt. I was a college wrestling champion."

Jack hid his own smile. He'd wrestled in the Marines. "Let's raise the stakes. Loser rides the Slut Swing." That was Steel Steve's special sling. The man in it took on all comers.

"It's a deal. But right now . . ." Joe pushed Jack backward onto the bed. "I'm going to fuck you. And this time, I'm going to do it rough.

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