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Hippie Hollow

"NOTICE," the sign beside the trail read. "Nude swimming or sunbathing may be occurring beyond this point. Consult attendant for details of statutes regarding nudity."

I grinned at the sign. As usual, I'd parked at the east end of the parking lot, far away from the entrance booth, and stripped at the car before starting down the trail. All I was wearing were hiking boots and an army surplus web belt supporting a canteen and a pouch holding my car keys and other necessities.

Hippie Hollow, the only "official" clothing-optional public park in Texas, is a narrow strip of land on the north shore of Lake Travis, 12 miles west of Austin in the Texas Hill Country. Most of the area is a steep hillside which drops abruptly to the rocky shoreline. The rugged tree-covered terrain makes the park seem much larger than its actual size.

Heterosexual nudists occupy the two west coves, where the rocks slope down into the water. The shoreline to the east is more rugged. Queen's Point, east of the third cove, has 20-foot limestone cliffs. This is the gay area. The heavily wooded hillside above Queen's Point is the best outdoor gay cruising area in Texas.

I paused in a clearing near the bottom of the hill. Lake Travis was barely visible through the trees below me. I scanned the area with eyes and ears, alert as any hunter for signs of my prey. Nothing. I prepared to move down to the water. The shoreline wasn't a good place for sex, but it was often possible to spot someone heading up into the bushes to cruise.

I took one last look and froze. There'd been a flash of bare flesh through the trees to the west. I started in that direction.

The terrain forced me to move downhill about 20 yards as I transversed the slope. Trees hid my destination. When I finally sighted my target, it was about 30 feet up the hill from my position. A big blond man was kneeling in a small clearing with his back to me. His knees were slightly spread and his buttocks were flexing rhythmically. There was a figure with slightly curly shoulder-length black hair on hands and knees in front of "Blondie," gasping in time with his thrusts.

"Cool," I thought. "He's fucking his hippie boyfriend's ass."

I moved forward to get a better view. If I was lucky, they might let me join in. Blondie was gripping his raven-haired friend's waist for support and I could see his balls swinging as he rhythmically jammed his cock into his partner.

When I moved to go around a tree, I received a sudden shock. From this new angle, I could see "Raven's" breasts hanging down. They were too large and fleshy to belong to a man. I took a few more steps forward. Raven's face was still hidden behind her hair, but her body was obviously female. It was only her presence in the middle of a notorious gay cruising area that had deceived me into thinking she was male.

I stopped beside Blondie, about three feet away from the fucking couple. He was a big body builder with handsome rough-hewn Scandinavian features. His hair was cut like the early Beatles. I guessed he was in his late twenties. He'd obviously heard me approaching because he looked up at me and grinned.

Raven was rocking vigorously back and forth, matching the tempo of the blonde giant's pumping buns. My heart was pounding as I watched Blondie's long thick dick sliding in and out of her pussy. The sight didn't make my cock any stiffer. I was already rock hard.

I moved a few steps up the trail so I could see Raven's face. She was as pretty as Blondie was handsome, with rounded Italian features and skin several shades darker than his pale flesh. Her body was slim and muscular with beautifully sculpted medium-size breasts. She was several years younger than he. Her eyes were closed and she was so lost in the sensations of being fucked that she hadn't heard me approach.

Raven put her face and chest down on the quilt beneath them while lifting her ass slightly higher into the air. She moaned with pleasure as Blondie continued to plow her. He pulled out and stuck his tongue into her pussy. I admired his stiff dick, which was even bigger than it had looked while stuffed inside her. My hand moved slowly down to caress my own swollen shaft. I was so stimulated that I was afraid I'd spurt as soon as I touched myself. After a few slow light strokes, my feeling of impending orgasm receded even while my excitement continued to increase.

Raven's eyes had remained closed while he was eating her out, but she opened them when Blondie plugged his big pecker back in. Her beautiful liquid brown eyes widened with surprise when she saw me standing stiff-dicked a few feet away. She smiled as her gaze moved over my body. I smiled back.

She seemed to like the view. Although not as handsome as Blondie, I wasn't bad looking. I was 6'2" and weighed 180 pounds, just like I had in college. My eyes were blue and my short sun-bleached brown hair contained enough white to make me look almost blonde. Thanks to daily jogging, my body was lean and athletic. If size matters, my erect penis was 6" long and 1 1/2" thick.

Raven stared at me for several long moments, then closed her eyes to concentrate on the blond giant filling her from behind. She got back up on her hands and knees so she could rock back on his cock more aggressively. Occasionally, she'd open her eyes to watch me slowly stroking myself as I stared at her undulating breasts and Blondie's sliding prick.

After a while, he stopped fucking her and lay down on his back with his head toward me. His cock was still stiff. It got even stiffer when Raven wrapped her mouth around it. She sucked him for several minutes, watching me all the while. Finally, she climbed on top of him and spiked herself again. She was now facing me from about six feet away. She was smiling and obviously excited by having an audience, but I didn't sense any invitation for me to join in the action.

There was a sound from the trail above me. I turned and saw a naked man standing there masturbating. He was staring at our little tableau, but I sensed he was mainly interested in me. He was a few inches shorter than me with straight short black hair and vaguely oriental features. Although he looked healthy, he was incredibly skinny. He was probably five years older than me.

I smiled and beckoned with my finger. "Slim" hesitated for a moment, then approached us, occasionally glancing at the screwing couple but mainly focusing on my crotch. He stopped two feet in front of me and tentatively extended his hand. I seized it and guided it to my groin. His thumb and index finger closed around my rigid shaft while his remaining fingers cupped my balls.

Slim's chest was heaving as he stared down at his hand gripping my manhood. My heart was pounding. Raven had stopped moving and was gazing at Slim and me. Blondie had propped himself up on his elbows and was letting his head hang down so he could see the action behind him.

I reached out to pull Slim's body against mine, but he was already sinking to his knees. I turned slightly so Raven and Blondie could see us in full profile as Slim took my penis in his mouth.

Slim was an excellent cocksucker. He caressed my balls and manipulated my shaft with his hands while his mouth applied expert pressure to my cock head. I was soon drifting on the pleasurable sensations and rapidly approaching climax.

It took a major effort to grip Slim's shoulders and push him away. He looked up at me in surprise. "That was really good," I said, "but I want to fuck your ass."

Slim wasn't hard to convince. "OK," he said, rising to his feet, turning around and bending over. I removed a tube of lubricant and a condom from my pouch, unfastened my belt and set it on the ground.

"Stop!" Raven commanded. "Do it over here where we can see you better."

Slim looked around at me with a slightly shocked expression on his face. "You heard the lady," I growled. "Get on the quilt." He scrambled to obey. A few seconds later, he was on his hands and knees, two feet away from Raven and Blondie.

I looked down at the group on the quilt. Raven was twisted into an uncomfortable position to look back at Slim's butt. "Move up a couple feet and get on your back," I commanded. Slim quickly complied. He gripped his kneecaps, folding his legs against his chest and lifting his ass into the air.

As Raven watched in fascination, I slipped the condom over my dick, squirted a generous portion of lubricant onto my index finger and inserted it into Slim's exposed asshole. Slim was obviously no anal virgin. He didn't resist my probing digit and it only took seconds to lubricate him thoroughly. I quickly smeared lubricant over my condom-clad penis and positioned my cock-head against Slim's puckered little hole.

I looked over at Raven. She'd raised her body so that Blondie's cock-head was barely kissing her pussy lips. As I slowly entered Slim, she lowered herself onto Blondie, moaning with pleasure as she watched me slide into Slim's ass.

Slim had relaxed to make my entrance easy. As soon as I was fully inside, he tightened his anal muscles, gripping my tool. I paused for a moment to enjoy the sensation, then began withdrawing equally slowly. Slim was so experienced that I could have hammered his ass violently from the beginning, but I wanted to stretch out the pleasurable sensations.

After several slow strokes, I wrapped my greasy hand around Slim's cock, lubricating and caressing his shaft. He jacked off as I gradually increased the speed of my thrusts. Raven was moving in time with me as she stared at my cock sliding in and out of Slim's asshole. She turned most of her attention to Blondie when he reached up to play with her lush breasts, but she continued giving Slim and me long glances. I was flattered to see that she spent some time gazing at my face, chest and arms, as well as at my plunging penis.

I mostly watched Raven while I was plowing Slim's butt. I'd never seen another man fucking a woman close up, except in porn movies. The sight of her sliding up and down on Blondie's thick pole was fascinating, but I spent more time drinking in the expression of excitement and joy on her face.

Blondie occasionally looked over at Slim and me, but he mainly concentrated on watching the lady bouncing on his cock as he fondled her tits and ass. Still, he seemed to enjoy seeing the mixture of lust and admiration on my face while I watched him fucking Raven.

After several minutes, I was ramming Slim as hard and fast as I could. Raven was still roughly matching the tempo of my thrusts. She had been constantly emitting little high-pitched squeals of pleasure. Now she started screaming and gasping from multiple orgasms. Blondie's long slow bass groans provided an interesting counterpoint. Slim was repeating "Oh God! . . . Fuck me harder . . . Faster . . ." in a low soprano. I was breathing percussively.

I looked up past Slim and noticed two men standing a few feet away, masturbating as they stared at us. One ejaculated as I watched.

Slim came first, not counting Raven's continuous orgasms. A fountain of cum erupted from his cock, splashing his belly and chest.

Blondie was next. He convulsed under Raven while emitting a series of deep growls. Each growl was accompanied by a violent upward thrust into her body. As she shuddered from the impacts, Raven gasped, "Oh yeah . . . Baby! . . . I can feel . . . your spurting . . . in me!" When Blondie was finally spent, Raven almost collapsed, but she caught herself and turned to stare directly at me.

I was ready to come inside Slim's ass, but I managed to pull out and tear the condom off. I sprayed jet after jet of thick hot cum onto his face and upper body.

"Wow," Raven said softly. She was still impaled on Blondie's cock, but she bent toward me and brushed her lips against mine. Before I could react, she lowered herself onto his chest. Her mouth made eager contact with his.

I'd been watching them kiss for several minutes, grinning like a fool the whole time, when Slim nudged me. "My legs are cramped," he whispered. I let him up and he walked away quickly. "Come and go" is a Hippie Hollow custom. I don't think that Raven and Blondie were aware of Slim's departure. I stood watching them for a few more minutes. I finally picked up my web belt and moved on down the trail, occasionally pausing to look back at their intertwined bodies.

Any more sex would have felt superfluous that day. I spent a couple of hours at the shore, swimming, sunning myself and watching the gay boys lounging on the rocks in their Speedos. The daring ones removed their Speedos and carried them when they went up into the bushes. Two fully-dressed lesbians were sitting in the shade of the biggest tree, holding hands. The only naked people were older men, like me.

When I reached the parking lot, I found Raven and Blondie storing their equipment in the back of the pickup truck parked next to my car. I'd put on my thin nylon shorts with the Texas flag pattern. Raven looked at them admiringly as she came over to talk to me.

"Those are cute shorts," she began.

"Thank you," I replied.

"You look good in them," she continued.

"I like the way you look," I answered. The thin fabric of her red tank top was molded to her breasts, clearly outlining her nipples. Her short tight blue jean cutoffs caressed her buttocks and barely covered her labia. Raven exuded both casual elegance and raw sexuality. She didn't need to ask if I liked girls as well as boys. The way I was looking at her made it clear that I did.

"You look good out of your shorts, too," she said. I didn't need to reply with words. My broad smile and the obvious stirring in my crotch was sufficient answer.

Blondie closed the thin metal camper and climbed into the driver's seat. He grinned and slapped me on the shoulder as he went past.

"We really enjoyed seeing you. I hope we see you again," she whispered as she turned to go.

"I do too." I wasn't sure if that was a cue. I should have taken a chance and offered to exchange names and phone numbers. Instead, I just smiled and waved as they drove away.

I spent a lot of time at Hippie Hollow during the next few months but I never saw them again.


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