Ken James Fiction


Ginger and the Twin Peaks 5

The flight home on Sunday was relaxing. I'd switched from early morning to mid afternoon and I had the entire row of seats to myself. I spent most of the time with my sketch pad, drawing gorgeous naked Darlene from memory. Several men and a couple of women paused to stare at my drawing as they walked up the aisle. One guy stood looking over my shoulder for a long time and finally left with a definite erection. I couldn't get her out of my mind. By the time we were approaching Austin, my thong was moist.

I practically ran up the ramp into the concourse. Seconds later, I was plastered against Ken, giving him a long open-mouthed kiss and thrilling to the stiffening in his groin. When we finally separated, I noticed several people staring at us. I almost hoped they'd applaud. One sweet-looking old lady gave me a lewd wink.

We saw a handicapped restroom. Nobody was watching, so we ducked inside. That's when we started kissing in earnest; mouths, faces, ears, necks . . . Ken unbuttoned my blouse and began kissing my breasts. My nipples hardened rapidly under his lips. I removed my blouse and skirt. The floor was a little dirty, so I set my clothes carefully on top of my briefcase.

"Your thong is soaking wet," Ken commented as he helped me step out of the little scrap of fabric. "The juice is starting to run down your legs," he continued as he sank to his knees. I gripped the back of his head, pulling him to me as he plunged his tongue into my burning core. He alternated between tongue-fucking my pussy and lapping my juices with licking and sucking my clit, pushing me to the edge of orgasm.

"Come on baby," I said, stepping away and bracing my back against the wall. "I'm ready for your cock." I could see most of my body in the mirror, naked except for my watch, gold ankh necklace, dark gray nylons and shiny black pumps. My face was flushed, my erect nipples crowned my swollen breasts, my inner thighs were shiny with the juices dripping from my open pussy . . .

"Is your camera in the briefcase?" Ken asked. I nodded. He dug it out, checked the settings and snapped shots from several angles. "Portrait of a woman ready to get fucked," he said with satisfaction as he put the camera down.

"Did you get the juice running down my legs?" I asked as I unzipped his pants and released his throbbing erection and bulging balls.

"At the resolution I was using, that'll show up fine," Ken answered as he pressed his body against mine.

I wrapped my hand around his engorged pole and guided him to the mouth of my cunt. "I've been waiting for this all week," I whispered.

"Just for this cock and no other?" Ken asked. His hands were kneading my breasts and he was pinching and twisting my nipples with his fingers as his cock head began opening me.

"Oh yeah!" The sensation of his entire length slipping into me made me give my answer extra emphasis. "No matter how many men I have, you'll always be my favorite fuck."

"I know, baby," Ken said as he began sliding in and out. "You're my favorite piece of ass, the slut of my dreams, the cunt I always want to fill, and especially . . . the woman I love, even when I'm not fucking you."

"I love you too," I replied, tightening and loosening my pussy muscles in time with his thrusts. "Always . . . in and out of bed."

"We're sure out of bed right now," he said, a little breathlessly. He was thrusting hard, now, working his cock to catch my G-spot.

"Oh baby . . . I'm cumming!" I gasped. Ken held me up against the wall and continued driving into me as I thrashed and moaned. The orgasm washed over me like a series of ocean waves, tossing and battering me, eventually passing and leaving me with an amazing feeling of clarity. I swear I could feel everything; each individual drop of sweat on our struggling bodies, the ridges on Ken's fingertips pressing against my skin, each vein on his penis, the dancing air molecules around us . . . Ken had shifted his position so his shaft was vigorously rubbing my clit, pushing me inexorably to an even more intense climax. His cock was throbbing now. I came as he released wave after wave of hot cum into my pussy.

"Wow, that was great," I said dreamily as I came back to reality. Ken still held me pinned against the wall and his penis was still inside me, only slightly softened. He pressed his mouth against mine and we kissed for a long time.

"I suppose we'd better go," I finally said, glancing at my watch. Ken looked at me strangely, but didn't comment. He steadied me as I put the thong back on. It felt so clammy, I almost skipped it, but my skirt was really short and we were going to be out in public for a while. The tiny piece of cloth would be invisible to the people around us, but I still wanted to be covered after being fucked so vigorously in the busy airport. At least, it would keep the juices and cum in my pussy from dripping on the floor.

"Do you really need to pee?" I asked as Ken stepped in front of the toilet.

"No, but my cock will be leaking cum for the next half hour if I don't."

"My thong is soaked, but I'm wearing it. You can be uncomfortable with me."

"Okay, that's fair," Ken agreed. He kissed me again. I bent over to kiss his penis. It was gleaming with my pussy juices and his cum. I loved the taste.

We got dressed and left the bathroom. I stopped Ken as he was heading for the exit. "Not that way. I want to stop off in the bar." We were running a few minutes late, but I didn't think that would be a problem.

* * * * *

There were only a few customers in the bar. A tall attractive blonde woman in a flight attendant's uniform was sitting at the bar drinking bottled water. She smiled and stood up as we went in. "Hi Tawny," I said, moving to hug her.

"You must be Ken," Tawny said, taking Ken's hand and squeezing it warmly. "Ginger's told me a lot about you in the emails we've been exchanging over the last couple of weeks."

"I'm so glad to meet you," Ken answered. I could already sense the heat building between him and Tawny, just like I'd hoped. "Do you have a layover in Austin?" he continued, putting a little extra stress on "lay." I remembered what Ken had said shortly after we'd met, "I'm a writer and we do it with words." I was so thrilled to be bringing him a special present from my trip. I'd changed flights so I could be on the same plane as Tawny.

"That's right," Tawny answered. "I fly out tomorrow morning. It's less than twenty-fours to flight time, so I can't drink, but Ginger promised me a steak dinner."

"We can certainly manage that," Ken answered. "Let's go."

When we reached the car, I insisted on taking the back seat. "It's a little early for supper," Ken remarked as we were pulling out of the parking garage. "Want to go to the house for a while? It should be really nice on the patio and I just made some fresh lemonade."

"That sounds wonderful," Tawny answered, reaching over the console and giving Ken's thigh a quick squeeze. "I want to get out of this uniform anyway."

During the drive home, our small talk quickly evolved into a game of making double entendres. Tawny was as nasty as I'd hoped. My thong had dried out in the airport, but it was rapidly growing moist again. As soon as we'd parked in the garage, Tawny said, "Okay Ken, let it out."

"Let what out?" Ken asked innocently as he punched the button to lower the garage door.

"Your cock, of course," she answered. "It must hurt, being so hard and trapped in your pants."

Ken released his seat belt. A second later, I heard the sound of him pulling his zipper down. Tawny leaned over the console and put her face into his lap.

I got out of the car, opened the driver's door and bent down to kiss Ken. He had a big smile on his face. Tawny was obviously an excellent cock sucker. I looked more closely. Ken is big enough that I have to make an effort to take his entire length. She was doing it without any difficulty.

She finally lifted her face, leaving Ken's rod gleaming with pre-cum and saliva. "That was really tasty," she commented. "Now I know why you two were late meeting me in the bar."

"Let's go inside," Ken said, preparing to get out of the car. "We can play in comfort. I know Ginger wants some, too."

Once in the house, Ken excused himself and went to the bathroom. Although I'd used the facilities on the plane a few minutes before landing, I'd normally have followed him. I love holding his dick and guiding the stream while he pees. That was also a way of avoiding being alone with another woman. My time with Darlene had changed me. I couldn't wait to get my hands on Tawny.

"What a beautiful room," Tawny said as I led her into the great room we'd added to the back of the house. Two of the walls were mostly windows, practically making it an air conditioned patio.

"What a beautiful woman," I countered, pulling Tawny close and kissing her full on the lips. She was my height, but her breasts and buttocks were fuller and her hips were wider than mine. Tawny wrapped her arms around my back and held me tightly, pressing our breasts together. My nipples were already tight. Hers felt curiously hard and flat.

"You've seen Ken's dick and tasted the juices from our 'welcome home' fuck," I purred as I opened her dark blue uniform jacket, unfastened her necktie and began undoing the buttons on her white blouse. "Now, I'm going to see and taste your tits." I got a surprise when I pulled Tawny's blouse open. She wasn't wearing a bra and her swollen nipples were surrounded by metal flowers. I bent down to examine them more closely. The "flowers" were thin gold wire, bent into petals stretching across her broad areolas. For a second I thought she was pierced, then I realized the decorations were simply held in place by pressure.

Tawny gasped with pleasure as I experimentally flicked my tongue across a nipple. "Oh yeah," she whispered, gripping the back of my head and pulling my mouth against her breast. "I don't usually wear tit jewelry while flying. It's too distracting. But I wanted to be all horny for you."

I lost myself in her big firm breasts and amazing swollen nipples. The feel of metal against my sucking lips was strangely exciting. Tawny was stroking my hair. Her heartbeat was growing more rapid and she was breathing harder. It was startling when Ken asked, "May I cut in?"

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I had been wondering when Ken would show up. He'd been watching for several minutes, but Tawny and I had been too focused on each other to notice. I reluctantly moved aside and he pressed his face against her chest.

I quickly stripped down to nylons and pumps, then removed Tawny's jacket, blouse and skirt, leaving her dressed in light gray stockings, shiny black shoes and frilly black translucent panties. I was already hot and the sight of Ken worshiping Tawny's beautiful breasts was really setting me off. My juices were already starting to run down my inner thighs. I dipped a finger into my steaming cunt and rubbed it against Tawny's lip. She took it into her mouth and sucked greedily.

Ken dropped to his knees, pulled Tawny's panties to one side and pressed his face against her crotch. I moved behind her and began rubbing my breasts against her bare back and playing with her tits, occasionally pausing to feed her another pussy-juice dipped finger. Her eyes were closed and she was gasping for breath. I steadied her as she began cumming in the middle of the floor.

After she finished, Ken stood up. His face was gleaming with her juices. When I was sure Tawny could stand on her own, I moved to him and began kissing and licking his face. Her taste was wonderful. I could hardly wait to sample it more directly.

* * * * *

"Come on," I said. "Let's go up to the bedroom." Ken picked up Tawny's suitcase and carried it upstairs. I whipped the quilt off the bed and opened the curtains, flooding the room with bright afternoon sunlight, while Ken undressed.

"Such a beautiful cock," Tawny murmured, wrapping one hand around his mammoth erection and caressing his balls with her other hand.

"Just a minute, slut!" I snapped, slapping Tawny's ass, making a noise like a pistol shot. She spun around, staring at me in shock. "You don't touch him until you get out of those panties. I want your pussy . . . right now."

"Oh yeah?" she shot back, grinning widely. "You want 'em, you come and take 'em!"

"Winner gets the first fuck," Ken announced as he stepped out of the way.

I pounced, knocking Tawny onto the bed and throwing myself on top of her. We wrestled for several minutes. I'm quite athletic, but she was every bit as strong and agile. By the time we'd finished, my nylons were torn and Tawny had lost one of her nipple decorations, leaving angry red scratches, although we didn't notice that until later. She was on her back. I'd shredded her panties, exposing her closely-trimmed blond pubic hair, and was on top with my face buried in her snatch. Her legs were wrapped around my waist. Ken was kneeling over her head and she was eagerly sucking his cock and balls.

"Sorry, Tawny," Ken finally said, turning around and positioning himself behind me. "Ginger won, so she gets fucked first.

"No fair!" she protested.

"The judge's decision is final," Ken countered, sliding his cock into my slick pussy. "You can lick my balls while I fuck her."

I continued eating Tawny out while Ken drove his prick into my snatch. Her clit was swollen like a tiny cock. I was licking and sucking it vigorously, alternating that with thrusting my tongue into her vagina, licking her walls and lapping her sweet juices. She started quivering beneath me. She was going to . . . I clamped my lips around her clit, sucking as hard as possible as I jammed two fingers into her cunt . . . setting her off violently.

Ken had remained still with his cock deep inside me while Tawny was cumming. He whispered, "Time to trade places," when her orgasm had finally subsided. He lifted the dazed woman's legs so her ankles were resting on his shoulders and entered her while I moved up her body and lowered my crotch onto her face. She licked my clit and snatch while he fucked her until she came again. I was already close to climax when Ken thrust his tongue into my asshole, pushing me over the edge.

"I'm tired of doing all the work," Ken announced, pulling out of Tawny's pussy and lying on his back. After the way he'd eaten my ass, I couldn't wait to get his cock back inside me, in a very special place.

Tawny watched wide-eyed as I lubricated Ken's stiff pole and positioned my tight little rosebud. "Yeah babe," she growled, "take that big dick up your asshole." A moment later, I'd done just that. I love getting butt-fucked. It's so exciting feeling a man in that forbidden region. Having Tawny there watching turned me on even more than usual.

I closed my eyes and tightened my anal muscles, savoring the sensations of slowly sliding up and down on Ken's penis. I could sense Tawny's heat even before she put her hands on my breasts. When I opened my eyes again, I saw she was kneeling with Ken's head between her thighs. He was eating her out as I rode his pony.

There was something strange about Tawny's tits. Lost in the dreamy sensation of having a woman feel me up while Ken fucked my ass, it took me a while to realize what it was. "Poor baby, you've lost one of your nipple toys," I finally said, reaching out to touch her. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize I hurt you."

"It's okay," she answered. "We were so carried away, I hardly noticed when it came off. Kiss it and make it better." Staying spiked on Ken, I bent forward and started kissing and sucking her injured nipple. It was already swollen, but it grew even more from my attention. Tawny eventually removed the decoration from her other breast, giving me full access to that nipple as well.

Already orgasmic, I could feel myself getting close. I stuck my middle finger up my snatch and began rubbing my clit with my thumb as I rocked harder and faster on Ken's cock. Tawny was pinching and twisting my nipples. My body was beginning to shake. I screamed as an awesome climax washed over me. When it had finally passed, Tawny caught me as I fell forward into her arms. She held me and kissed me tenderly while I recovered.

"Now it's my turn," Tawny announced. "I want to get my ass fucked too, although I can't take it quite as quickly and easily as Ginger."

"Not a problem," Ken replied. "Bend over and we'll get you all relaxed." I got on my back. Tawny was on hands and knees over me. I began licking her pussy while Ken put his face between her buttocks.

"Oh God!" Tawny squealed. "I've never had my cunt and ass eaten at the same time. I'm going to . . . " She screamed as she came, splashing my face with her juices. "That was really something," she said when she'd recovered from her sudden climax. "I've never . . ." her voice trailed off as she became aware of a new sensation. "Ken, did you slide a finger up my ass while I was cumming?"

"No, dear . . ." he answered, pausing for dramatic effect. "It's two fingers."

"It feels wonderful, the way you're working them in and out and twisting them." Tawny fell silent, surrendering herself to the sensations. "I'm ready," she announced several minutes later. "Give me your cock."

From my vantage point between Tawny's legs, I watched Ken press the head of his stiff prick against her rosebud. I slid a finger up her snatch as Ken pushed into her. She gasped from the combined sensations. "My head's all the way inside," he announced softly.

"Good," Tawny answered. "It feels fine. Just keep going slowly. You're so big and I'm so tight." She gasped with pleasure as Ken gradually worked his cock in and out of her asshole. I was gently finger-fucking her at the same time. "I feel your balls," she finally whispered. "Your cock's all the way up my ass."

"You've got a hot tight asshole," Ken said. "It really feels good being inside you." He started out fucking her butt slowly and gently, but Tawny was soon screaming for more. It was really wild being under her, watching Ken's balls bouncing against her butt-cheeks as he thrust into her like a piston. He continued driving as she screamed and came.

"Don't stop," she gasped dizzily.

I was ramming two fingers into Tawny's snatch and was gripping Ken's balls with my other hand. "Shoot in her ass, Ken!" I screamed. She was starting to cum again as he began grunting and slamming his pelvis against her buttocks. I could feel his balls tighten and I knew he was flooding Tawny's butt with wave after wave of hot semen.

It seemed as if Ken and Tawny's joint orgasm went on forever. Finally spent, she gently collapsed onto me. Ken pulled out and flopped onto his back beside us as I squirmed out from under Tawny's limp body. She was lying on her stomach, gasping for breath. I spent a long moment admiring her shapely buttocks with a thick line of cum running along one cheek.

Since we were all athletic, it only took a little while to recover. A few minutes later, we were standing in the bathroom, arm in arm with Ken in the middle, laughing at our reflection in the big mirror over the sinks. All of us looked thoroughly fucked; sticky with sweat, hair hopelessly tangled, wearing torn nylons and shredded panties, covered with cum and pussy juices.

"Ginger, you've got an amazing man," Tawny said, kissing Ken on the cheek. "It was so exciting feeling him shoot all that hot stuff up my butt."

"He always does that," I answered, kissing Ken's other cheek. "It's wonderful! I'd be so pregnant if I wasn't on birth control."

"You two are such sluts," Ken said affectionately, reaching down to caress both our butts. "Let's get into the shower. It's fun playing bedroom games with dirty girls, but I like my women presentable when I take them out to eat."

After our intense orgasms, we'd settled down a bit, but the warm cascading water and our soapy hands rubbing each others' slick wet bodies quickly got us aroused all over again. Tawny and I sank to our knees and began licking Ken's stiff cock, one to a side. After that, we took turns licking and sucking his cock and balls. He finally backed us both against the shower wall and slow fucked us.

He finally pulled away. "I can't cum again this soon," he said, "and I want to watch you playing with each other."

Tawny and I gazed into each other's eyes for an electric instant. We were already incredibly turned on. I practically came as soon as she put her hands on my breasts and I could tell I was having the same effect on her. It was wonderful kissing her full lips and fondling her full female body. Why had I denied myself this exquisite pleasure for so long?

The water eventually turned cool, despite the oversized water heater we'd had installed when the house was remodeled. We reluctantly left the shower and dried ourselves off.

"I've changed my mind about going out," Ken announced as he was hanging his towel on the rack. "I'm going to cook Tawny's steak dinner here."

"You don't have to do that," Tawny protested.

"I want to," Ken answered. "I need to get some things from the store. You two stay here and get better acquainted."

I kissed Tawny to forestall any additional protest. "Let Ken do it," I said. "He's a great cook and does steak better than most restaurants. Besides, this way we can wear something special to dinner . . ." I bent over and whispered in her ear.

Tawny giggled with delight. "Okay," she answered, licking her lips and looking hungrily at my body. "It's a deal."

* * * * *

"You are such a fox," I whispered as Tawny moved into my arms on the bed and began kissing me. She was amazing. It was as if she knew my body even better than I knew it myself, touching, teasing, exciting . . . Earlier, my passion had been blazing. This was more controlled and intense, like the white heat of a forge. With her hands and mouth on my breasts, not going any lower, she drove me to an amazing orgasm.

"Wow!" I gasped when I'd recovered enough to speak. "I've cum while playing with my tits before, but never like that. You're so good."

Tawny was laying beside me, with her body not quite touching mine, giving me room to breathe. "I have a confession to make," she began. "Ken's great and it's fun having sex with men, but I really like women best."

"You could have fooled me," I answered. "I'll bet you fooled Ken, too."

She kissed me long and hard before responding. "I wasn't faking anything. I usually share a man as a way of getting to another woman, but Ken surprised me." She put a hand on my belly and began rubbing it gently, sending an electric tingling sensation from my breasts through my crotch and down to my toes.

"I've never enjoyed a man as much as I did Ken," she continued. "I've never wanted my ass fucked before. I've let a couple of guys do it, but this is the first time I've gotten off. Watching you and Ken got me incredibly excited and it was even better than I'd hoped." She slipped her hand between my thighs. I opened my legs to give her easy access and she began slowly running her fingers around my outer lips.

"Now it's just the two of us," Tawny growled, "and I'm going to show you just how good a woman can be." She continued tracing slow circles around my vulva and occasionally running a gentle finger along my slit. It was hard to believe such a simple action was driving me so wild.

Tawny finally moved her face to my crotch and began delicately nibbling my outer lips. I thought my body was going to catch fire. Although I was still closed, I could feel my pubic area growing slick with my juices. I screamed and almost came when she opened me and put her mouth on my snatch, eagerly sucking the fluid.

She began nibbling my inner lips, alternating with thrusting her tongue deep inside me, licking my slick walls and lapping my juices. "Ginger sauce," Tawny commented, briefly lifting her face. "You're the sweetest-tasting woman I've ever had." She went back to tongue fucking me, occasionally pausing to flick my clit.

"Oh God baby, I'm so hot!" I cried. "Suck my clit . . . please!"

Tawny thrust two fingers into my pussy and wrapped her lips around my little love-bud. She had to hold on to my thighs to keep me from bucking her off as she sucked and finger fucked me to orgasm after orgasm. When I was close to passing out, she reduced the intensity of her love-making, holding her fingers inside me still, giving me a pleasant sense of fullness without excessive stimulation, and gently kissing my clit. I continued cumming, but the scale tapered down from body-shattering to warm satisfaction.

I finally lay motionless on the bed. Tawny was beside me, protectively resting a soft hand on my stomach and gently kissing my face. I dreamily thought about my friends and lovers. My time with Darlene had already shown me how good sex with a woman could be. After Tawny, I knew I'd be seeking women as eagerly as I'd always sought men.

"That was amazing," I said, pulling Tawny down to me for a long, extremely erotic kiss. "Now, get on your back," I continued when we finally separated. "It's my turn." It was growing dark outside, so I switched on the lights under the bed, filling the room with a warm glow. I straddled her hips and paused, gazing admiringly at the magnificent female body I was about to posses. Her breasts were big and beautiful, with erect nipples surrounded by big puffy areolas.

Impatient, Tawny grabbed my wrists and guided my hands to her chest. I stroked her breasts, marveling at the hardness of her nipples pressing against the palms of my hands. I caught her nipples and began rolling and pinching them between my thumbs and index fingers. They were growing even harder and longer from my manipulations. I pulled, stretching them out even further, until they slipped from my fingers.

"Harder," Tawny gasped. "I like it to hurt a little bit." I resumed playing with her breasts and nipples, pulling and pinching more roughly. She was going wild beneath me. I bent down and caught one of her nipples between my lips, sucking and biting it gently, but not too gently. After a while, I transferred my attention to her other breast. She was thrashing and I was holding on like a rider on a bucking horse. "God Ginger!" she cried. "I'm cumming!"

When Tawny had spent herself, I climbed off her body and opened her legs. The bedding beneath her was soaked with her cum. Her labia were puffed and red, her hood was already pulled back and her swollen clit was standing out like a penis. I slid my middle and index fingers into her hot wet pussy and began gently stroking her clit with my thumb. She began working her hips, pressing her crotch against my hand. "Harder!" she demanded.

"Just a second," I answered, pulling away and reaching into the storage compartment in the headboard.

Her eyes widened when she saw the penis-shaped vibrator in my hand. It was bigger than most men, eight inches long and two inches in diameter. "You're going to fuck me with that?" she asked in a voice filled with mock terror.

"If you're woman enough to take it," I answered, kneeling between Tawny's legs and positioning my electric cock at the mouth of her vagina. I slid the vibrator forward until the sculpted mushroom head had completely disappeared into her depths. "Are you okay, baby?" I asked teasingly. "Should I push it in further?"

"Oh God yes! Give me the whole thing. I'm so ready!"

"If you're really sure," I purred. "I need to be careful with an innocent little virgin like you."

"You little bitch!" she snapped, trying to sound angry. "You know how badly I want it. Fuck me good! Now!!" She screamed as I drove the dildo's remaining length into her, all the way to the soft plastic balls at the base. "Wow!" she gasped. "That feels so good!"

Tawny moaned with pleasure as I worked the dildo in and out of her hot snatch. I could tell from the resistance that her pussy muscles were gripping the artificial penis with amazing force. I briefly wished I was a man, so I could feel her clutching my sex. "It's wonderful," she whispered. "The way you're fucking me with that big cock is so . . . Oohhh!" She screamed as I switched the vibration on while the dildo was all the way inside her.

I started at the lowest setting. Over the next several minutes, I gradually increased the rate as I fucked her with long slow strokes, occasionally angling the cock head to catch her G-spot or rubbing the vibrating shaft near her clitoris.

Tawny was close to cumming. "No!" she screamed in frustration when I pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. I pressed the tip against her throbbing clit and turned the control all the way up. She screamed and clamped my waist painfully with her thighs as the sensations overcame her.

After her first orgasm, I pulled the vibrating cock away from her clit and drove it deep into her snatch. Tawny came over and over again as I fucked her violently with the dildo. She finally collapsed on the bed, totally exhausted.

We lay in each other's arms for a long time, savoring the complete physical satisfaction we'd experienced. Sluts like us don't stay satisfied forever, though. We began kissing, first tenderly then passionately and fondling and . . .

"Where's my suitcase?" Tawny asked. "I've got a toy to share with you." It was sitting beside the door. She came back to bed a moment later, carrying a thick double-headed dildo. It was at least eighteen inches long.

"It's so yummy," I purred. The dildo appeared to be made of candy. It was clear plastic jelly, colored a beautiful shade of red-purple, with a perfect combination of stiffness and flexibility. Tawny placed one of the heads against my lips and I eagerly began sucking it.

"Greedy girl," Tawny eventually said, "I want some, too."

"There's another end," I answered innocently, briefly removing the candy cock from my mouth.

"It'll fit other places," Tawny said, putting her hand between my legs. "Here's a really hot wet one."

"Okay," I said, instantly rolling onto my back with my legs spread and my knees up. I propped myself up with my elbows and watched her slide the jelly dildo into my pussy. With the shaft filling me completely, there were still ten inches of dildo sticking out. "I love girl cock," I whispered as Tawny knelt between my thighs. With both her hands wrapped around the shaft and the head in her mouth, she fucked my cunt as she went down on the exposed part of the dildo. The sight was almost as exciting as the sensations in my pussy.

"Now I'm ready to get fucked," Tawny finally announced. She sat on the bed with her knees over my thighs, positioning her vulva about a foot from mine. As I watched in fascination, she placed the cock head against her inner lips. I tightened my muscles to hold the dildo in place as she slowly moved toward me, pushing the candy-colored head and shaft into her snatch. When she'd finally taken the entire length, I marveled at the sight of a few inches of colored plastic stretching between our pussies.

"Baby, let's fuck," I whispered. We began moving back and forth in unison, slowly at first, but gradually gaining speed as we grew used to the sensations of the dildo sliding around in our cunts. The expression on Tawny's face was angelic. I felt the same way. This was a heavenly fuck.

We went faster and faster. The slithering, squirming dildo was randomly rubbing our G-spots, as well as stimulating our clits and diving deep into our cunts. It was impossible to keep control, but we were instinctively synchronizing our motions, driving ourselves to an explosive simultaneous orgasm.

I collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath and feeling my heart pound. On our backs with our legs entwined, I couldn't see Tawny, but I knew she was equally spent.

"That was really something," a male voice commented from the darkness just outside the range of the bed lights.

Startled, I sat up. The sudden move made the dildo in my pussy jab me in a surprising but pleasurable way. "Ken! Have you been watching us long?"

"Long enough," he answered, stepping into the light. He was naked and the hand wrapped around his penis was glistening with cum.

"Let me taste that," I commanded. He lifted his hand to my lips and I licked it eagerly.

Tawny cried, "Leave some for me."

"Don't worry," Ken said. "There's a lot on my cock, too." As I continued working on his hand, he moved over to Tawny so she could lick his penis clean.

* * * * *

While Ken went downstairs to start supper, Tawny and I took a quick shower together and got ready for dinner

Ken's eyes widened when we walked into the dining room. I was wearing Tawny's tit jewelry, which she called "Nipple Huggers." The gold wire flowers clipped to my nipples and covering my areolas were attached to a question mark-shaped necklace with a slender silver chain. I'd never worn anything like that before, and we'd spent fifteen giggly-erotic minutes getting them on me. I was so turned on by the pressure of the little metal fingers gripping my nipples that it was hard to think about anything except sex. Tawny had her own Nipple Huggers, tight little loops supporting a downward-pointing arrowhead on a thin chain. Another arrowhead hung from a chain around her neck. We were also wearing spike heels. That was it.

Ken had been cooking naked, except for an apron. He excused himself briefly before he served the food. Although we like casual clothes, with blue jeans or shorts and a T-shirt being Ken's favorite attire, we do enjoy dressing up occasionally. When Ken returned, he was wearing dress shoes, socks and an elegant necktie.

Our nude formal dinner went very well. Tawny was just as much fun at the table as she was in bed. We stayed at the table, talking and laughing, well past dessert. When we finally checked the time, it was after 10:00 p.m. and Tawny had to get an early start.

* * * * *

Of course, once we got upstairs, long good night kisses turned passionate. In a short time, Tawny and I were hot and wet, while Ken was rock-hard. He had Tawny bent over the bed and was positioning his cock when I suddenly cried, "Wait! This isn't fair!"

"Don't worry babe," Ken said. "You'll get your turn."

"No, that's not it. You've screwed Tawny and me, but nobody's fucked you."

"That's true. My ass could use some attention. Who does the honors?"

"Tawny should do it. She's the guest."

"Are you talking about a strap-on?" Tawny asked. "I've never used one, but I'd enjoy trying it."

I pulled the harness out of the storage compartment in the headboard. It was a duplicate of the one I'd bought in L. A. and left there in storage. It had a flesh-colored eight-inch vac-u-lock cock and balls dildo, a six-inch vaginal plug and a four-inch anal plug. Tawny regarded it with keen interest mixed with a little fear. "I'm not sure about this butt plug," she said. "It's pretty big and I'm still practically an anal virgin."

"It's smaller than Ken's cock, but we can take it off," I said quickly. I was awfully excited about seeing Tawny fuck Ken's ass.

She thought for a moment. "No, I'll try it. It felt so good when Ken fucked my ass this afternoon. Just help me put it in, please."

Tawny got on her knees at the edge of the bed with her face down on the mattress. She reached back and pulled her buttocks open, exposing her beautiful little rosebud. "Another butt-slut in the making," I thought. Ken and I were grinning at each other. We each wanted the fun of relaxing her. Ken opened and closed his fingers once. I joined him on the second and third times. He won, rock to my scissors, and bent down to put his face between Tawny's buttocks.

Although I wasn't even touching myself, my ass began tingling as I watched Ken's flat tongue running over Tawny's asshole. I had to resist the temptation to selfishly elbow her aside and take her place. He began pushing his tongue into her little puckered hole. In a few moments, he had her wet with his spit. His index finger slid easily into her butt. "Oh, that's good," she whispered as he worked his finger inside her. "Give me the butt plug," she added. "I'm ready if you put it in slowly."

I'd unfastened the plugs from the harness. I lubricated the butt plug and handed it to Ken.

He pressed the conical tip against Tawny's rosebud. I got onto the bed and began playing with her breasts. She moaned with pleasure as I pulled and twisted her nipples while Ken slowly worked the plug into her ass. "It's all the way inside," he finally announced.

"That's awesome," Tawny gasped. I knew she was working her ass muscles and trying to adapt to the sensations. "What now?" I answered by sliding the pussy probe into her dripping snatch. "Wow!" she said. "I almost came right then."

Tawny stood up and Ken steadied her as she stepped into the harness. We attached the bottom leather strap to the probes and fastened the buckles. "Come look at yourself," I said, taking Tawny's hand and guiding her to the big mirrored closet doors.

"I've got a dick," she marveled, staring at her reflection and reaching down to stroke her new cock. "A great big hard dick."

"Yes, you do," I said. "And you've got a man who's ready for it, too." On cue, Ken fell to his knees in front of Tawny, took her eight-inch cock in his hand, and wrapped his lips around the head. I moved behind Tawny and rolled her swollen nipples between my fingers while Ken sucked her cock. I could almost feel her juices flowing around the dildo in her cunt.

It's so exciting watching a man suck cock. Tawny put her hands around the back of Ken's head and started fucking his face. I knew how the back and forth motion was working the plugs in her pussy and asshole. My hands playing with her breasts and my own hard nipples pressing into her back were adding to the effect. She was already starting to tremble.

"Give him all your cock, Tawny!" I cried. "He's a cock sucking slut and he needs you all the way down his throat. Cum in his mouth." She was close now, thrusting violently and starting to scream. Ken was taking as much of the big dildo as he could, gripping the shaft to keep Tawny from ramming the head through the back of his throat. I released her breasts and gripped her waist, supporting her as she climaxed explosively.

"I love having a cock," Tawny said dreamily when she was able to speak again. She had her hands on Ken's shoulders to support herself and I was still steadying her. "I never expected to get off like that."

"That's nothing," I replied. "Getting sucked is nice, but Ken's got a bigger treat. You lucky girl, you're going to get man pussy now." Tawny was now able to stand on her own, so Ken got to his feet. "Look at this clit," I said, wrapping my hand around his erection. "It's so big and swollen."

Tawny was stroking herself again. "It's great being a chick with a dick," she murmured. "That's great alliteration," she added, giggling briefly.

"Get on the bed, pussy boy!" She commanded. Ken scrambled to comply. "Spread those butt cheeks." Ken was on his knees at the edge of the bed with his face down on the mattress. I climbed onto the bed, kneeling with Ken's head between my thighs, put my hands on his buttocks and pulled him open. Tawny smeared lubricant onto the dildo's head and shaft. "Are you ready to get your tight little male cunt fucked by my big cock?"

"Oh yes!" Ken answered. "I'm ready for your cock. Please fuck my man-pussy." He gasped as she pushed the head into his asshole.

"Too much for you?" Tawny asked.

"No," Ken said. "It feels good. Give me the whole thing. Please."

"Okay," Tawny said. "Here it comes." She slowly pushed the dildo into Ken's ass, obviously surprised at how easily he was taking it. Ken is thoroughly bisexual and really loves getting fucked. After we bought the strap-on, we'd started with smaller dildos and worked up to the big boy Tawny was now wielding.

She slowly worked her cock in and out of Ken's butt, sliding it in a fraction of an inch deeper with each thrust, gradually adjusting to the sensations of fucking her own pussy and asshole as she entered him. Finally, her entire length was inside and her balls were pressing against his buttocks. She paused for a moment with her eyes closed and her chest heaving. "Damn, that's good," she whispered, almost to herself.

I released Ken's butt cheeks, moved behind Tawny and began playing with her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples. Our reflections in the mirror on the opposite wall were like a porn movie, only better.

Keeping her eyes closed, Tawny began fucking Ken, slowly pulling out until his rosebud was barely kissing the dildo's head then, equally slowly, pushing all the way into his butt. She seemed to be lost in a dream. "Come on baby," Ken suddenly gasped. "Fuck my cunt hard! Drive your cock into me!"

Tawny had been on the brink of orgasm since she'd started fucking Ken. She started moaning and shaking, reaching the edge and falling back. Her eyelids snapped open, revealing a touch of madness. "You want this cock, you got it!" she cried. "I'm going to fuck the hell out of your little pussy."

She began driving the dildo violently into Ken's ass, slamming her hips against his. Her breasts shook with each impact, causing the arrowhead suspended from her nipple chain to swing wildly. He was pushing back to meet each thrust, trying to get even more of her cock into his asshole. She was starting to scream. The friction of the harness against her clit, combined with the motion of the dildo and butt plug inside her, was giving Tawny multiple miniature orgasms.

"Oh God!" Ken screamed. "Fuck me hard! Make that big cock cum in my ass!"

"Yeah, bitch!" Tawny cried. "Take my cock. I'm gonna cum up your ass. I'm going to fuck you with this big cock until I . . . Oh! . . . God I'm cumming . . . so hard . . . cumming in my slut's ass! . . . Cumming! Cum . . . !" She was slamming into him so hard the bed was shaking, cumming over and over until she finally collapsed onto his back.

When she'd caught her breath, she gently pulled the dildo out of Ken's asshole and stepped away, still a little unsteady on her feet. Ken straightened up so he was kneeling at the edge of the bed. His penis was as hard as Tawny's and gleaming with pre-cum, but I couldn't see any of his thick semen on him or on the bed. "Did you come?" I asked in surprise.

"No, but I was really close," he answered. "I'm sure ready. Guess where I want to do it."

I can take a hint. An instant later, I was on my back in bed with my legs open and my knees up. He took me with one smooth stroke. After a few seconds, I hooked my legs over his thighs and he moved further up my body, pressing the base of his penis against my clitoris. I began rocking my pelvis, coordinating with his motions inside me, tightening and relaxing my cunt muscles to caress his cock. After our sexual dance had driven me to a divine orgasm, I lifted my legs and locked them around Ken's back, allowing him to dive deeply into me. He quickly released wave after wave of hot cum into my pussy. Finally spent, he kissed me for a long time before pulling out and rolling onto his back beside me.

Tawny had been standing beside the bed, stroking her cock as she watched Ken fuck me. "I want one more thing," I told her, twisting around, grabbing my knees and lifting my ass in the air. She lubricated her index finger and pressed it against my rosebud. Its entire length slipped in easily. "Give me the whole dildo . . . right now," I said. She looked startled. "Don't worry, I can take it."

She put more lubricant on her artificial penis and positioned it at my entrance. Impatient, I lifted my butt further, forcing her head inside me. "Oh! That's good!" I exclaimed. "Put the rest in me now . . . please!" Without any more hesitation, she slid her entire length and girth into me, all the way to her balls. "Yeah," I whispered, seeing the expression on her face, "I'm an anal whore. Now use me . . . hard!"

Ken got onto his knees and began stroking my breasts as Tawny grabbed my ankles, opening my legs into a big "V" over my body and lifting my butt higher into the air. I played with my pussy while she fucked my ass, taking it easy at first, but quickly increasing the speed and power of her thrusts when she realized I really did want it hard.

The pain from Ken twisting and tugging on my nipples was adding to my excitement. "You need something bigger than those fingers in your cunt," he commented, getting the big cock vibrator out of its compartment and placing it in my hand. Yeah! I slid it into my hot snatch and switched it on.

With the vibrator fucking my pussy and Tawny driving her cock up my asshole, I came over and over. She was cumming, too. Finally exhausted from all my orgasms, I collapsed on the bed. Ken helped her remove the harness and guided her into bed beside me. He switched off the lights before joining us. I don't even remember closing my eyes.

* * * * *

I was floating gently through the air, surrounded by puffy white clouds. Warm sunlight was shining on my naked body. I felt safe, secure and supremely happy. "Is this heaven?" I asked myself. My pulse and breathing were normal, but I was perpetually poised on the cusp of orgasm. Wondering what was stimulating me this way, I looked between my legs. My pussy was open and my labia were clutching and moving, as if clasping at an invisible penis slowly sliding in and out of my vagina. The sunlight was swiftly fading to a warm glowing twilight . . .

When I opened my eyes, I realized I was in bed. The lights under the bed were on, illuminating the room with a candle-like glow. Tawny was on her back beside me with Ken on top of her. From the way they were breathing and moving, I could tell she and Ken were well into one of his  marvelous long fucks. Although Ken's never studied Tantric sex, he can stay hard inside a woman for over an hour, taking her with a handful of long strokes per minute, driving her to leisurely orgasm after orgasm and finally building to his own climax, spraying his hot cum for what seems like long minutes.

Tawny and Ken's awareness of the world had narrowed to their two entwined bodies. I could probably march through the bedroom with a brass band and they wouldn't notice. Tawny was cumming again as I watched, a big one making her scream and thrash violently. She couldn't take many more like that without losing consciousness. I knew Ken was getting close, too.

I put my hands on my breasts. Someone had removed the tit jewelry while I slept. My nipples were already swollen, but they grew even bigger and harder as I played with them. Opening my legs, I slipped two fingers into my already-dripping snatch and gripped my clit with the thumb and forefinger of my other hand. The next time Tawny came, I came with her. This time, Ken didn't give her a chance to recover. As soon as her spasms had subsided, he increased the speed of his thrusts, driving her almost instantly to an even more intense orgasm . . . and another.

I was so attuned to the fucking couple beside me, I was sharing Tawny's sensations, cumming with her, feeling the cock hammering my cunt throb and release endless waves of hot cream into my depths . . . sending me spinning into pleasurable darkness.

When I returned to my senses a few seconds later, I turned my head to look at the couple beside me. Tawny was limp on the bed. Ken was lying on top of her, tenderly stroking her hair and kissing her face. I smiled at the couple lying beside me. My eyelids were getting so heavy . . .

* * * * *

When I woke up, there was bright sunshine outside and Tawny and I were alone in the bed. Faint noises from downstairs told me Ken was in the kitchen, starting breakfast. I glanced at the clock. There was plenty of time for breakfast, a shower and . . . play. I kissed Tawny and she sleepily put her hands on my body. We made love, then stumbled downstairs, sweaty and tousled but glowing.

After we'd returned from taking Tawny to the airport, Ken and I settled on the couch with fresh cups of coffee and talked about my trip.

"Last night and this morning were so much fun," I said, yawning and stretching. "It's so great Tawny's schedule has her stopping over in Austin every few weeks."

"I remember when Dad used to go on business trips," Ken answered. "He'd always bring me a gift. Tawny was definitely the best coming-home gift I've ever received."

"I knew you'd like her," I said, leaning over to kiss him. "Oh! That reminds me . . ." I jumped off the couch and ran upstairs, returning with a package. "I brought you another present." I'd had it made at a custom shop Saturday afternoon.

Ken tore the paper, pulled out the T-shirt and held it up. There was a picture of the Hollywood sign in the middle of the chest. The lettering surrounding the picture read, "My girlfriend spent two weeks in glamorous HOLLYWOOD and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." He was laughing as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled my body against his.




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