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Ginger and the Twin Peaks 3

The next few days were really busy. I spent at least ten hours each day at West End Digital, as well as extra time with Bill Stone.

Darlene and I were alone together exactly once, in the woman's restroom. As usual, she was dressed sexy, wearing a short skirt that showed off her athletic legs and butt, and a thin tight blouse that clung to her breasts and outlined her prominent nipples.

We were chatting in front of the mirror, getting ready to leave, when she said something funny. I laughed and hugged her. It was just a friendly girl thing, at first.

Suddenly, I was acutely aware of the pressure of my little tits against her beautiful full breasts. A wave of heat washed over my body and I knew my face was flushed. My heart was pounding and it seemed hard to breathe. I tightened my arms around her body, pressing my hardening nipples against hers. Her arms closed around my waist.

My hands slid down Darlene's back. I stopped them just before they reached her beautiful muscular buttocks. Did I dare grip her there and pull her crotch against mine? I wanted to do it so badly. My thong was already damp and the air was thick with my scent. Did I smell her, too?

I kissed her firmly on the lips, not quite daring to open my mouth. Was she kissing back as eagerly, or was it just my fantasy?

We broke away and stood staring at each other for a few long moments. Darlene's face was flushed and her nipples were as swollen as mine. We giggled loudly to break the tension. I gave her a quick peck on the lips and a gentle hug.

It was just a friendly girl thing, but we never looked at each other in quite the same way after that.

I was fucking both twins, calling one or the other each day when I'd finished work. After a hard day, I really needed to get fucked, front and back. I'd told each twin my schedule was so erratic I might not call him on a given day. I didn't tell Jim about Tim and I hoped Tim wasn't telling Jim that we were still having sex.

We'd planned on twelve days of pre-production digital work - two six-day weeks. By Saturday morning, it was clear we were at least a day ahead of schedule. I called Ken to let him know how well things were going, both on Sex Sphere and on the twin revenge project. He was thrilled when I told him, "Everything is go for Sunday."

The digital team took Sunday off. I got up early and went to an adult toy store, glad that nothing ever closes in L. A. I spent a long time discussing products with a sweet lady named April and left with an overflowing shopping bag and a hefty charge on my credit card.

Afterwards, I called Jim and Tim. "Hi Honey. Do you want to come over and have some fun? I thought so. I'm feeling a little kinky today and I have something really special planned for you. You'll have to obey my every command. Is that okay? I thought so. Here's what I want you to do . . ."

Tim pulled up in front of my apartment at noon sharp, as ordered. I was watching for him at the window and I opened the door before he could ring the bell. Jim had arrived half an hour earlier. I'd prepared him, taken his keys and hidden his car in a nearby parking garage.

I kissed Tim warmly, then whispered, "You are not to speak or make any kind of sound. Do you understand?" He nodded. "Good," I said. "Take off all your clothes." His cock sprang up as soon as he pulled his briefs down. I removed the simple one-piece dress I'd been wearing. Tim's eyes widened when he saw what I had on under it. A half-bra that pushed my breasts up and out while exposing my already-hard nipples, lace panties, fishnet stockings, and shiny stiletto heals, all in black.

"Follow me," I whispered as I started up the stairs. My nipples grew even harder as I imagined Tim's reaction to the rear view he was receiving. My panties were crotchless. The door to the bedroom on the right was closed. I took him into the left bedroom. There was a blindfold and a black leather whip with a dildo handle lying on the bed. "Put this on," I ordered, handing him the blindfold.

I dressed Tim in a male-sized pair of black crotchless panties and paused to admire the effect. The fabric framed his cock and balls so beautifully, I couldn't resist dropping to my knees and licking him. "Bend over," I eventually commanded. "Spread your cheeks." I started with my tongue, licking his tight little rosebud, then teasing it open. I followed with well-lubricated fingers, first one, then two, tenderly relaxing and opening him. Tim had a lot of self-control. He inhaled sharply but didn't cry out when I pushed the butt plug up his asshole.

I picked up the whip and brushed the lashes across his buttocks. "Let's go," I said, taking his hand and guiding him into the other bedroom, where Jim was lying on the bed. Leaving Tim standing in the middle of the floor, I got Jim and positioned him beside Tim. I was sure that both men knew there was a third person in the room. Even though they were trying to be quiet, each man could hear the faint sounds of the other's breathing and the rustling of his feet on the carpet. What they didn't know was who else was in the room, male or female.

"Feel me," I ordered, taking each man's outside hand and placing them on my breasts. The men began groping me eagerly. "Just use the hand I've put on my body." I was gripping both men's wrists lightly, not guiding their hands except to keep them from touching each other as they wandered all over my body.

Being fondled by two blindfolded men was getting me incredibly hot. I couldn't wait any longer to go to the next stage. "Use both hands now," I said, releasing the men's wrists. It was only a few seconds before the twins' probing hands touched. Both men froze.

"Yes," I purred, "I have two toy boys. Don't worry. I'm going to play with both of my toys . . . hard.

"You," I said, reaching out and gripping Jim's stiff dick, "are Toy Number 1." Taking Tim's equally hard cock in my other hand, I continued, "And you are Toy Number 2." I gently pulled on both penises, turning the men to face each other. "Now, I want to see my Toys playing with each other's cocks."

I let go and stepped back. I didn't know if Jim and Tim went both ways, but I was sure they'd be willing to play along. They began stroking each other's genitals in a way that made it clear they'd done men before. I picked up the whip and brushed the men's buttocks with the lashes. "That's very good," I said in a husky whisper. "Watching my Toys play is making me very hot and wet. Now kiss each other. Use your tongues."

The whip was still in my hand. I was running the lashes over the men's shoulders, backs and buttocks, not snapping it, just letting them know it was there. The hard rubber handle was ten inches long and as thick as a large cock. I was so excited I needed to be fucked, but I wasn't ready to use one of the men. No problem. The whip handle slid easily into my steaming cunt.

"That's enough, boys," I said, struggling to keep my voice steady. "Toy 1, on your knees. Suck Number 2's penis." Jim was very good. It was getting hard for me to keep control. The sight of Jim licking and sucking his brother's cock and balls, combined with the sensation of fucking myself, was driving me wild. Still, I had to stay attuned to the situation. The boys were getting hair-trigger sensitive and I wasn't ready to have them cum.

"Stop!" I commanded. "Very good, Number 1. Stand up. Number 2 is going to suck you now." Tim was an equally good cocksucker. I stopped him when he had Jim close to cumming. "Both of you, on your knees. Come here and feel me. Feel between my legs." The handle was almost completely inside me and the lashes were hanging down to the floor. I came gently as their hands brushed my inner thighs.

The men could tell what was happening. They pressed their hands against my pubes, feeling my pulsating cunt. "Wow!" I sighed, briefly lost in my own world. I dreamily looked down past my puffy areola to the lust-filled faces of the men kneeling at my feet.

The toy store had taken so long I'd had to rush to get ready for the twins. Now, I looked into the big wall mirror over the bed, really examining my reflection for the first time since I'd put on the dominatrix costume. April had been right. The push-up bra really did make my breasts seem larger and fuller. Although I normally didn't mind having small tits, I really liked the look.

"Boys!" I said sharply. Both men looked up expectantly. "You're ignoring my tits. Fix that!" They hurried to comply. One man to a breast. One mouth to a swollen nipple. It was so good. My pussy muscles were clamped around the whip handle, holding it in place, but I was no longer moving it. That wasn't necessary. I was cumming again, anyway.

Feeling a bit dizzy from my latest orgasm, I pulled the whip out of my snatch and let it fall to the floor. "Very good," I gasped. "Now, eat me. My ass and cunt."

Twins are never truly identical. Under normal circumstances, I could tell the brothers apart now, although I wasn't sure how. In my excited orgasmic state, they had blurred again. I couldn't tell which man had his tongue in my pussy and which other man was probing my asshole. I just knew they were both very good and making me cum . . . again and again!

My orgasms were still relatively mild, although each one was stronger than the last. I realized this was my body's way of building up to the truly big one. I was ready for it.

"Number 2, get on your back on the bed!" I commanded. Tim complied instantly. "You've both been very good toys," I cooed as I straddled Tim, facing him. "Now you're going to be rewarded." He gasped as I lowered my dripping snatch onto his rock-hard prick.

"Oh!" I gasped. "It's so good. You're so hard. I'm going to have the ride of my life." Tim began moving beneath me. "That's right, sweet Toy, fuck me. But slowly. I don't want you cumming too fast. I want a long ride . . . and something else. Toy Number 1, come fuck my tight little asshole while your fellow toy fills my hot juicy cunt." Jim moved behind me and I guided his hand to the lube on the nightstand. He lubricated my asshole quickly and was inside me a moment later. I had another little cum as I felt him slide home.

"This is wonderful!" I gasped. "Two great big cocks fucking my pussy and asshole! Two magnificent men inside me at once! What could possibly be better? I know. Another man!"

That was Ken's cue. He'd flown in Saturday night and had been waiting in the small office downstairs while I'd met and prepared Jim and Tim. All the time I'd been playing with my twin toys, Ken had been absolutely silent as he watched from the hall.

"Boys," I said, "it's time for you to meet Toy Number 3. You will obey all his commands as if they were mine."

"I've been watching you three for a long time," Ken growled as he marched into the room. Tim and Jim had never met him or spoken to him. I thrilled as I imagined how disorienting this stranger's sudden appearance must be to the twins. "I'm horny as hell," he continued, climbing onto the bed and kneeling with Tim's head between his thighs. "Eat my ass while I kiss this Slut-Baby," he ordered.

Our bodies melted together as Ken pressed his hungry mouth against mine. Although we both adore our other sex partners, Ken and I are by far each other's favorites. During our first long kiss, only he existed in my world. Awareness of the two cocks fucking my pussy and asshole gradually returned.

"Ginger, your toy is really licking my asshole good," Ken gasped when he eventually pulled away from our long kiss. "He's got me so hot I've got to fuck something right now. I'll bet your pussy can hold both of us."

I was startled. Ken and I hadn't made any plans. The idea had been that he'd show up and we'd improvise. I'd never had two cocks inside my cunt and the idea was frightening. I felt a sudden wave of empathy for the twins. Sure, they'd played a dirty trick on me, but I'd told them I'd do anything I wanted with them, then blindfolded them, stuck butt plugs in their asses, made them suck each other's cocks, threatened them with a whip, brought in another man . . . Now, I was suddenly scared at what they might do to get back at me.

Although frightened, I was determined to do it. Sometimes when we were playing, Ken would press his four fingers and thumb together and push them all into my pussy. He'd never gone much past his middle knuckles, but that had stretched me almost as wide as two cocks. Anyway, I had little choice. Jim's body was pressed against my back, blocking any retreat, Tim was gripping my thighs to hold me in place, and Ken was already pushing into me, slowly but relentlessly.

I'd never been so stretched. It was like losing my virginity, only more intense. Tim had most of his length inside me. He was holding still as Ken slowly pressed forward. To my amazement, it didn't hurt. In fact, I was cumming again, wrapping my arms around Ken to hold myself in place during my convulsions. This one was really overwhelming. When the contractions in my cunt finally passed, I realized Tim's and Ken's cocks were both all the way inside me.

Ken's face was inches from mine. "Rough?" he whispered, so softly only I could hear. As usual, he'd read me perfectly. That's one reason I love him so much. I nodded and gave him a quick kiss. Whatever was going to happen, I knew it would be good.

"Okay boys," Ken growled. "Let's give the bitch the fucking she deserves." He and Tim began moving their cocks in unison. Within seconds, Jim had synchronized his fucking motion with the other men.

I'd loved being double fucked, pussy and asshole, ever since the first time two men did it to me when I was eighteen. The sensation of two cocks sliding in and out of my body, separated only by a thin layer of flesh, always drove me wild. This triple fuck was even more amazing. My cunt was stretched more than I'd imagined possible. Ken's cock head was rubbing my G-spot and his shaft was stimulating my clitoris, while Tim's penis seemed to be exciting the rest of the nerves in my pussy. With Jim fucking my ass, the experience was truly overwhelming.

I dizzily wondered what it was like for Tim and Ken, how their cocks felt rubbing against each other as they penetrated my pussy. They were thrusting into me steadily, but not very quickly. I think they were afraid of slipping out and not being able to get back in. Jim was matching their tempo.

Despite their deliberate pace, the men were steadily lifting me toward another orgasm. My tension built to the point where I was sure I was going to explode and just continued upward. I was gasping and screaming, trying to tear my sweat-slick body from the men's' grip and escape the intolerably sweet torment. They held me relentlessly, driving me ever upward and onward until my personal universe dissolved into the Big Bang.

Voices gradually drifted in and out through the darkness. "Yeah, she's okay, just leave her alone for a minute . . . Hi brother, what a surprise . . . So who the fuck are you? . . . The lover? And you're okay with this? . . ."

Men's hands were all over my body. I suddenly realized I could breathe a little easier as my bra was removed. My crotchless panties were gone too, although that didn't make much difference. I was fully recovered, but I kept my eyes closed, wondering what was going to happen next. I'd been laying on my back, now I was being moved and turned. My chest was on the bed but my knees were on the floor. I gasped as the hard cock slid into my butt without any preliminaries.

It was frightening. I was used to being in control. Even when I was submissive, it was on my terms. Now, the twins had me helpless. With two men against one, Ken couldn't stop them from taking me any way they desired. I wasn't even sure he wanted to. The power of the unknown man invading my body was terrifying and . . . I suddenly realized . . . really exciting. It was amazingly liberating to surrender to his desire.

He fucked me quickly and violently, eventually shooting a load of hot cum into my ass. When he was spent, another man took his place, then a third. I was cumming continuously and pushing back to match their thrusts as they gang-raped my asshole. They finally left me bent over the bed limp. They were whispering, deciding what to do next.

I pretended to be unconscious as they lifted me and carried me to the bathroom. The men held me up in the shower and set the nozzle for mist. It was like a warm gentle rain, softly soaking and incredibly erotic. My nipples had stayed erect and the men got hard again almost instantly. Ken backed me against the wall and slow fucked my pussy. I played with the twins' cocks while they fondled my breasts and buttocks.

"Stop!" I ordered when I felt Ken's balls tightening. "I don't want you to cum. We're all going to play some more."

When we'd all dried off, we moved back into the bedroom. "When did you start having sex with each other?" I asked the twins. We were all lying on the bed.

"We started playing with each other's cocks when we were eleven," Jim answered. "Rubbing them together, jacking each other off, thigh fucking . . ."

"Right before our thirteenth birthday, we started fucking each other's asses," Tim added.

"But we didn't start sucking each other off until we were almost sixteen," Jim continued. "We both had girlfriends and we got frustrated when they wouldn't do it."

"I've seen you suck each other's cocks," I said. "Now I want to watch you butt-fucking."

The brothers glanced at each other. "Okay," Jim said. "Tim takes bottom, since he's younger . . . by seventeen minutes." Tim obviously didn't mind. He was already on his back in the center of the bed, holding his knees folded against his chest and lifting his butt up into the air. Ken and I moved to kneel on opposite sides of Tim's body while Jim positioned himself between his brother's legs.

Ken and I each put a hand on one of Tim's butt cheeks, but the position already had him wide open. We watched in fascination as Jim applied his big flat tongue to Tim's asshole, getting it slick with saliva and gradually teasing it open. When Jim finally pulled his face away, we could see Tim's hole was already open wide enough to admit a finger.

I couldn't resist extending my index finger. Tim clamped it in a delicious way. I worked it around carefully, aware that he was lubricated only with a thin layer of spit. Ken nudged me. He was holding the little squeeze bottle of lubricant. He dripped a thin layer of the lube around my probing digit and I began carefully working it into Tim's tight butt-hole. I finally pulled my finger out, coated it with a thick layer of lube and reinserted it. After a few moments, I decided he was ready for a second finger. It was so exciting watching his cock throb as I worked my crossed fingers inside him.

Ken's hands were kneading my breasts. They were already swollen, but his manipulations were making them even bigger and tighter. My nipples had grown so hard, they stood out like tiny cocks. Jim was kneeling between his brother's legs, slowly stroking his hard cock and swollen balls as he watched me finger-fucking Tim.

"Come on Jim," Tim suddenly gasped. "Give me your cock." I pulled my fingers out of Tim's butt, squirted lube onto the palm of my hand and wrapped my fingers around Jim's stiff prick.

Jim pressed his swollen knob against his twin's asshole and slowly began pushing inward. Tim could easily have taken his whole length in one swift stroke, but Jim was giving Ken and me a show, slowly moving in and out, taking his brother by gradual fractions of an inch. My heart was pounding and I was breathing hard. I love seeing men fuck but watching a man screwing an apparent copy of himself was uniquely exciting.

I straddled Tim's chest, selfishly blocking most of Ken's view of the twin-on-twin action. He didn't seem to mind. He moved behind me and slid two fingers into my sopping wet snatch.

Now, Jim was through with being slow and gentle. He was driving into Tim's asshole, slamming his crotch against his brother's buttocks with enough force to shake the bed. The apartment walls were heavily soundproofed, but it still seemed like the men were screaming loudly enough to startle the neighbors.

Tim was jacking off. I grabbed his hand and pulled it away from his cock. "Don't cum yet," I gasped. Jim was getting really close. "Pull out so we can see you spray that hot sperm," I ordered. My face was directly over Jim's plunging cock. "Do it boy! Fuck your twin brother's ass! Shoot all that man juice for us."

Jim suddenly screamed and pulled out of Tim's asshole, gripping his throbbing member. A thick wad of semen exploded from his cock-head and splashed between my breasts. The next burst caught me in the face and I involuntarily jerked my head away. He continued cumming violently, spraying his load over Tim's chest, belly and . . . crotch. Finally spent, he fell forward, catching himself with outstretched arms.

I'd been so excited watching Tim and Jim that I'd hardly noticed what was happening to my own body. Ken's steady finger-fucking had been gradually pushing me toward orgasm and I finally slipped over the edge. Jim's face was inches from my chest. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face between my breasts, holding him there with a death grip as I screamed and thrashed. Finally spent, I fell sideways. Ken caught me and eased me down onto the bed.

"Look at our little slut-girl," I heard Ken saying. "Her face and tits are all covered with cum. Should we clean her off or leave her dirty, like the naughty girl she is?"

"I think we should clean Tim," I said, sitting up on the bed. "He's got lots more cum on him than I do." I was staring at the glistening puddles of fluid on his body. "And in such yummy places," I added, diving for a choice patch on his crotch.

I'm such a cum-slut. I lapped greedily, rudely elbowing a man away when he tried to join me. I finally paused for breath, lifting my body to scan for additional places to clean.

"Look at our nasty girl," Ken said. "She's got Jim's cum on her face, in her hair and a lot on her tits."

I looked down quickly. My breasts were liberally smeared with slippery man-juice. I wanted to suck my own nipples, but my breasts were too small for that. I decided it was time for the show to continue.

"Okay Jim, it's your turn," I said. "Bend over and spread your butt cheeks. Tim's going to fuck you now." Tim had only softened slightly after Jim's orgasm. My attention to his cock and balls had fixed that quickly. He moved behind his kneeling older brother and pressed his lubricated cock between Jim's butt cheeks.

Jim gasped as Tim rammed his entire length into his asshole with one violent stroke.

I was kneeling beside Jim with the palms of my hands resting on his back. My face was inches above his buttocks and I was staring in fascination at Tim's cock driving into his body like a piston.

Ken thrust his penis into my wet cunt, taking me as violently as Tim was fucking Jim. I started cumming almost immediately, over and over, with each orgasm rolling into the next. I was screaming and thrashing, clinging to Jim's back for support.

Somehow, I bucked away from Ken, pulling free from his cock. He grabbed me and threw me onto my back. A moment later, he was on top of my convulsing body, opening my legs and fucking me even more roughly than before.

I was cumming so hard it seemed an earthquake was shaking the building down around us. I saw that Tim had pulled out of Jim's ass and the brothers were kneeling on either side of my head, frantically working their cocks. They came together, spraying wave after wave of hot cum onto my face and hair.

Ken suddenly pulled out of my pussy and scrambled onto my chest, releasing his own load between my breasts.

I collapsed on the bed with my eyes closed. My heart was pounding and I was gasping for breath. Fortunately, I'm really athletic, so I recovered quickly.

The men pulled me to my feet and stood me in front of the big wall mirror. "Look at yourself, greedy girl," Ken commanded. "Do you think you got enough cum?"

My reflection showed I really was a mess; cum streaked in my hair, covering my face, coating my tits, and a long thick line of it running down my belly all the way to my pussy lips. My crotch and inner thighs were sticky with my pussy juice. I kissed all three of the men, moved back to the bed and stretched out on my back with my legs open. "Well boys," I said, "it looks like you've got a lot of cleaning to do."

The men worked on me with their tongues for a long time. They didn't get me perfectly clean, in fact, they practically ignored the hair treatment I'd received. I dreamily decided I'd have to punish them for neglecting that. Still, they did a good enough job to get my body screaming for more cock!

Since Tim and Jim had been fucking ass, I sent them to the bathroom to wash up. While they were gone, I decided that Ken's wonderful cock needed cleaning. It was richly coated with his semen and my juices. Yummy!

"Look at that cock-sucking slut!" Jim said. I looked up and saw him and Tim entering the bedroom. Their dicks were already hard.

"I think she needs to be fucked again," Tim seconded.

"You naughty boys," I said, removing Ken's penis from my mouth so I could answer. "I'm all clean and I don't want to get dirty again." I got off the bed and dropped to my knees in the middle of the floor. "Right now, I'm hungry and you're a buffet."

The men formed a line in front of me with Ken in the middle. It was an amazing sight. Three hard dicks, their heads already shiny with pre-cum, three bulging sets of balls, three handsome athletic men . . . Those beautiful cocks could wait, a bit. I rose to my feet and began kissing, starting with the man I love, then moving to my twin toys. They were all such good kissers. It felt so good pressing my lips against theirs and caressing their tongues with mine, rubbing my hard nipples against their flat muscular chests.

What great appetizers! Now, it was time for the main course. I started with Tim, licking his balls and running my tongue up his shaft. I repeated the process with Ken and Jim, savoring the pre-cum gliding down the sides of their fleshy pillars. I got more aggressive, moving from man to man at random, licking and sucking his cock and balls, wrapping my lips around his crown and lashing his head with my tongue, stroking his shaft and squeezing his balls, backing off when I felt him getting too close to a climax . . . I was so hot. I could feel my juices running down my thighs.

"Damn that tastes good!" I exclaimed, abruptly getting up and moving to the bed, lying on my back with my legs open and my knees up. "Come here boys. I'm ready to get fucked. Who's first?"

Ken positioned himself between my thighs and slid his entire length into me with one smooth stroke. "Oh, I love this," I murmured, tightening my pussy muscles around his driving cock. The twins joined us on the bed, one on either side.

While Ken was screwing me with long mid-tempo thrusts, Tim and Jim were making love to the remainder of my body, kissing my face and neck, massaging and licking my breasts, sucking and twisting my nipples, kissing my belly, rubbing my face and breasts with their cocks . . .

The men were steadily pushing me upward to orgasm. I clenched my cunt muscles, gripping Ken's penis even tighter as it began to throb. He was thrusting harder now, pounding me violently. I came as I felt him spurting inside me.

Ken pulled out and another man took his place. I came again as soon as the new cock entered my snatch and came several more times before I felt his hot sperm explode into my pussy. I lost count of the number of orgasms I experienced before the third man finally came.

I lay still with my eyes closed, listening to my pounding heart and feeling the fluids leaking out of my cunt and running down to my buttocks. I was startled when the penis slipped into me. Had I lost count? No, three men had fucked me and each one had climaxed within the past few minutes. My lovers possessed such amazing stamina.

Disappointingly, this man withdrew after a few strokes. He straddled my chest and pressed his cock head against my lips. I took it into my mouth eagerly. What a wonderful taste! Three men's cum, all mixed with my own juices. I licked and sucked greedily until every drop of the fluid was gone. "Tastes good, huh?" Ken asked.

"Mmmm, hummm!" Such manners, talking with my mouth full. What would Mom say?

Another penis dipped into my juicy snatch and conveyed another taste treat to my eager lips. And a third. What thoughtful men! I forgave them for becoming a little greedy after that and taking turns licking and sucking the remainder of the juice from my pussy.

I fell asleep after that, surrounded by warm male bodies. We slept through the remainder of the afternoon. It was dark outside when we finally woke up. Ravenous, we raided the refrigerator and drank several bottles of wine. Afterwards, we went back upstairs and played a very sexual version of spin the bottle.

The oversized bed was crowded with four people, but nobody seemed to mind. I was dreamily aware of being fucked several times in the night and woke up amazingly refreshed.

Ken looked sleepy but very content as he left to catch his plane.




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