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Ginger and the Twin Peaks 2

It only took us five more minutes to reach The Iron Age Lofts. I felt a little silly about my impatience. I could have had Jim at my leisure. On the other hand, I wouldn't have experienced the thrilling sense of danger that doing it in the alley had given me. Jim had left his cock in upright position when he'd put it back into his briefs because it was still hard. I glanced down at his lap. He'd only softened slightly during the drive from the alley. I put my hand on his thigh. That fixed the softness instantly.

The apartment was wonderful. The first floor contained a big living room with red brick walls, a small office, a half bath, a kitchen and a dining area. Upstairs, there were two big bedrooms, each with its own luxurious bathroom containing a big sunken tub and large separate shower. Everything was beautifully decorated and furnished. The refrigerator was empty, but there was a note about calling the shopping service to get it stocked.

I noticed all of that later. I'd plastered myself against Jim for a full-body kiss as soon as we were inside with the door closed, pressing my erect nipples against his chest and grinding my crotch against his hardness.

When I finally pulled away slightly to reach for his zipper, Jim stopped me. "Not yet," he said. "Let's go up to the bedroom." He took my hand and led me upstairs.

We were at the top of a hill and the view through the big bedroom window was magnificent. Jim began kissing me as we stood in front of the window. He started with my lips, soft little kisses which would have been almost non-sexual if I hadn't already been so turned on. As it was, my pussy seemed to twitch each time his lips touched mine and I almost came when he applied his tongue.

Jim moved away from my mouth, gently kissing my nose, forehead, eyelids, earlobes, down to my throat, opening my blouse. I came when he began sucking my nipples. He had to grab me to keep me from falling. We were both surprised. He hadn't gotten near my crotch.

My turn! When I'd recovered from my unexpected orgasm, I sank to my knees in front of Jim, unzipped his shorts, and took his cock and balls out of his briefs. "So beautiful," I whispered, just before I began licking his balls. I worked my way up his shaft, licking and kissing, tasting his overflowing pre-cum as I approached his head. When I finally wrapped my lips around him, I had to grip his shaft to stop him from ramming his entire swollen length through the back of my throat.

Jim regained control after a few seconds, holding still and allowing me to work my mouth over his cock. He ran his fingers through my hair as I positioned myself to take him down my throat. I came again, gently this time or I might have bitten his cock, as I felt his balls against my chin. He began moving, slowly fucking my face. I remembered the woman in that old porn movie, Deep Throat. She was supposed to have a clit in her throat. I felt like that as I came again.

Jim's cock began throbbing and I felt his balls tightening. "I don't want . . . " he gasped. I knew it was too late for him to stop. I grabbed his hips, pulling him all the way into me. He got the idea and started thrusting violently into my mouth. Within seconds, his hot cream was shooting down my throat and I was cumming again.

The torrent slowed to a trickle and finally stopped. Jim removed his now-limp cock from my mouth. I kissed his head tenderly. We stripped quickly and got onto the bed, holding each other, kissing gently, and generally basking in a warm, post-orgasmic glow. I relaxed in Jim's arms and closed my eyes.

When I woke up, I was alone in bed. I checked the clock. I'd been asleep for about an hour. The bathroom door was open and I could hear the unmistakable sound of a man peeing. I got up and moved to the door, stopping to admire the sight of Jim standing in front of the toilet with urine streaming from his thick cock into the bowl. "Pretty," I commented, moving behind him and wrapping my hand around his shaft.

Jim was startled, but he continued pissing. He let go of his penis and allowed me to guide his stream into the bowl. When the flow finally stopped, I shook the last few drops of urine from his dick. He said, "If I'd known you were into water sports, I'd have saved this for you."

"No," I answered, "I'm just fascinated by penises and everything they do. And I love your body. You look so good naked. I'd like to have you again. Do we have time?"

"Sure," he said. He was already stiffening. "Your meeting isn't for another two hours and the office is only fifteen minutes away." I made him stand in front of me and played with his cock as I sat on the toilet to pee.

Two minutes later, we were back on the bed. Jim kissed my mouth briefly, then moved to my breasts. He was sucking and licking my nipples, but he was also kneading my breasts from base to tip, making them swell with the increased blood flow. I continued playing with my swollen breasts and erect nipples as Jim moved down to my crotch. He spread my thighs and began licking and kissing all around my pussy, never quite touching it.

He finally opened my outer lips and began gently sucking and nibbling them, driving me wild. Now he was tongue-fucking my snatch, thrusting his entire length into my hole, licking my walls, drinking my juices, pulling out occasionally to flick my clit, then diving back in.

"Suck my clit," I gasped. "Hard." He wrapped his lips around my sensitive little bud. At first, he was gentle but he became more aggressive when I made it clear I wanted it rough. He sucked my clit like a tiny cock as he drove two fingers into my hot wet cunt.

Jim held on as I came, finger-fucking my pussy and tongue-lashing my clit, driving me from orgasm to more intense orgasm until I finally collapsed on the bed, completely overloaded. I was lost in a romantic haze, dimly aware of Jim moving to lie beside me and take me in his arms.

After a period of timeless contentment, I opened my eyes and looked up longingly into Jim's face. He knew exactly what I wanted and moved between my legs. "Please," I whispered, tense with anticipation. I knew I was about to receive his precious gift. There it was, his penis sliding gracefully into my pussy, taking me, fulfilling me, connecting with me in the most intimate way possible, part of his body inside mine. I came as soon as he'd given me his entire length.

"Wow!" Jim exclaimed when the storm had passed. "It really felt amazing feeling you cumming around my cock. I almost shot right then."

"I'm glad you didn't," I answered. "I really want to give you a nice long ride."

"Don't worry, Babe," he said. "After this morning I can last practically forever."

"Good." After his initial deep penetration, I was expecting Jim to drive into me long and hard. My cunt quivered with anticipation as he withdrew until his cock-head was barely kissing my pussy lips. He surprised me by pushing in shallowly, then withdrawing. I was disappointed for his first few strokes, until I realized how much he was exciting me. His cock was caressing the sensitive outer edges of my vagina and his head was gently kissing my G-spot. I worked my pussy muscles in time with his movements, feeling myself lifted slowly and steadily toward another orgasm, up . . . up . . . and right over.

"That was so good, Baby," I gasped, lifting my legs and wrapping them around Jim's back. "Now I want you to give it to me rough."

Jim was ready. He began taking me with hard deep thrusts. I was squeezing his cock with my cunt muscles to increase his excitement, and my own. "Oh Baby!" I cried. "I want you to cum inside me so bad. You're fucking me so good and hard . . . I'm cummmming . . . Oh yeah! . . . Shoot your hot sperm up my cunt . . . Yeah, you're throbbing . . . give it to me now! Now!! . . . Yeah!"

It was awesome. He was filling me with so much hot juice it was as if he hadn't cum in a week. I was cumming with him, my pussy contracting in time with his throbbing cock.

Afterwards, we lay with Jim on top of me, supporting his upper body with his elbows, kissing me tenderly and softly stroking my hair and face. I savored his weight, the sensation of him covering me, dominating me, almost as much as I loved the feel of his finally spent, slowly-softening penis inside me. "That was so good," I sighed. "I want to stay like this forever."

With my hyper-sensitive pussy, I could feel Jim's penis gradually deflating. I wanted to tighten my cunt muscles and work my hips to bring him back to full arousal. I was still wet, it would work . . . I reminded myself this was a business trip. People were expecting me. I had responsibilities . . . Fuck all that! Fuck me!!

"That was amazing," Jim said afterwards. "I've never had a woman bring me back to life like that before. I'm sorry I couldn't cum for you again."

"It's okay, Baby," I said, giving him a final kiss. "You were great. Let's go take a shower, together."

We had time for a quick lunch before going to the digital production house. Jim had some business there, so I followed him in the car the Sex-Sphere company had loaned me.

The West End Digital facility was typical, several big rooms stuffed with video equipment, computers and people. The Sex-Sphere team had seven members, five men and two women. All of the guys were geeky, each in a different way.

Darlene, the head animator, was just gorgeous; athletic, a few inches shorter and a little heavier than me, big breasts, wonderfully proportioned body with delicious curves, long thick dark hair, and an amazing face with character and beauty that went far beyond mere prettiness . . . I usually prefer men, but my heart beat a little faster every time I looked at her. Funny, she seemed to be looking at me a lot, too.

The team had already rendered my initial structured graphics and combined them with test footage of actors. The results were pretty good, but I saw a lot of things I wanted to change. The animation needed the most work. I'd be spending long days with Bill Stone and the team getting everything set.

We knocked off at 8:00 PM. I wanted to invite Darlene out for a drink and some girl talk, but I suddenly realized how exhausted the day's events had left me. So I went home and drank a glass of wine. I called Ken and told him all about my adventures. Then we had really hot phone sex. I was asleep before 10:00 PM.

The next morning, the doorbell rang too early. As I put on my robe and went downstairs, I remembered that Jim was bringing some papers for me to sign. I raped the poor dear on the big rug in the center of the living room. I didn't even give him a chance to open his mouth, not to speak, anyway.

Afterwards, we went up to the bedroom and he fucked me more tenderly. It was great, but I had the nagging feeling that something was slightly off. No two men make love in exactly the same way. His touches, motions, even his kisses, were slightly different this morning. Or was it me? I'd been so excited yesterday, with Joseph in the airplane, showing off for the truck driver and fucking in the alley. Certainly, I couldn't complain about the way he'd made me cum this morning.

He finally excused himself and went into the bathroom. I followed him a minute later. He was peeing vigorously, but the flow stopped as soon as I took his cock in my hand. "Sorry," he said calmly. "I'm a little shy about that."

I'd never gotten around to asking Jim what character he was playing in Sex-Sphere. Being the set designer and living with the screen writer, I knew the script inside out. There weren't that many roles for someone like Jim. In fact . . .

"Am I just crazy?" I asked. "Or are you Jim's twin?"

"I'm so sorry," he said, blushing. "You didn't give me much of a chance to say anything and I . . . just got excited and . . . went with it. I'm Tim and I should have stopped you."

I was still holding his cock. I gave it a tender little squeeze before letting go. "Finish doing that and then we'll talk," I said as I left the room.

My emotions were really complicated. I'd hit Tim with a giant sexual come-on as soon as he'd stepped inside the door. And he was as good a lover as Jim, in his own unique way. But I hated being fooled, even if I'd helped fool myself. And I still suspected I'd been set up. Jim knew what I was like and how I'd greet him. Why had Tim delivered the papers? Had they pulled this on other women? If it hadn't been for the pee thing, I wouldn't have caught on.

By the time Tim emerged from the bathroom, shame-faced and limp-dicked, I'd reached my decision. My bitch side would not be denied. The brothers had to pay. I was already working out a plan.

"It's okay Tim," I cooed from the bed. "I forgive you. Come here." His body was a little stiff as he moved into my arms, but he relaxed as I kissed him passionately. Well, something was still stiff.

"Just to prove I'm not mad, I'm going to let you fuck me in a very special place," I said, moving away from him and getting on my hands and knees with my face down and my ass in the air. He got the idea instantly, especially after he saw the bottle of lube on the nightstand.

Tim was surprised. "I haven't butt-fucked a lot of women . . ." he began.

"Don't worry Baby," I interrupted. "I really want it. Now, come give it to me."

He didn't waste any more time. He bent over, spread my cheeks with his hands and began licking my little rosebud. "That feels so good," I gasped as he pushed his tongue inside me. I was so hot I didn't want to wait any longer. "Come on," I whispered. "I'm ready."

"Okay." Tim lubricated a finger and slid it into my ass. "You really are ready," he marveled as he added a second finger. I pushed back, matching his motions as he worked his fingers in and out.

"I love getting my ass fucked," I said. "Give it to me now, please."

Tim slid in slowly, gradually opening me with his cock head. "Oh yes!" I purred. "Slide that big thing up my butt, all the way." He continued entering me, finally filling me completely. His balls felt wonderful pressed against my cheeks.

"Oh yeah!" he exclaimed. "I love your asshole. You're so tight and hot."

"I love your cock up my asshole," I replied. "You fill me so good. Give it to me as hard and fast as you want. You won't hurt me."

A lot of women don't like doggy style. They feel it's too impersonal, as if they're not really connected with their partner. That's not me. I don't have to see the man fucking me to feel connected. I really pick up on the excitement he feels while watching his dick sliding in and out of my buns.

I'd had plenty of face-to-face a few minutes before, while Tim was fucking my pussy. I love having a man on top, flattening my breasts with his chest, pressing his belly against mine, covering me completely, lowering his face to kiss me . . .

In this case, I had another source of connection. The bed had a low headboard, just enough to hold the pillows in place. There was a giant mirror on the wall behind the headboard. I could lift my face off the pillow and see Tim behind me. The expression of mixed lust and wonder on his face was awesome.

I was propping myself up with one arm. Tim was kneading my breasts roughly and rolling my swollen nipples between his fingers. I was jamming two fingers into my cunt and massaging my clit with my thumb.

"Oh God Tim, I'm getting close!" I exclaimed, pushing back in time with his thrusts and tensing my muscles to grip him even more tightly. He didn't even slow down as my first orgasm washed over me.

"Wow!" I gasped. "That was so good." Tim shifted his hands from my breasts to my waist to hold me in place as he slammed into me even more violently. He was grunting with the effort and I knew he was close to cumming. I came again at that instant, on and on, finally rolling into a truly intense orgasm as Tim screamed and flooded my butt with hot cum.

Finally spent, I collapsed face-down on the bed with Tim on top of me. I could feel his heart hammering against my back.

It seemed to take forever for Tim's cock to soften, but I was in no hurry. His weight pressing me into the mattress was comforting, and I was savoring the fullness inside my butt. Nature finally took its course and he slipped out. He rolled over onto his back and I moved into his arms. "I love that position," I whispered, "but I miss being able to kiss."

"We can sure kiss now," he answered. We wasted no time doing just that.


The next time I saw Jim, he thanked me for letting him fuck my butt. That proved they'd played the twin-switching trick on me. I'd gotten Tim to promise not to tell Jim I'd caught on. I didn't know if he'd kept his word, but it was part of my plan.



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