Ken James Fiction


The French Student

Student au naturel. A tale of naked lesbian lust.

It was 3:25 p.m. on Friday when Ashley West got off the bus at 51st and Manor. It was mid-April and the temperature was approaching 80 degrees as she walked the five blocks to her house. That was way better than the unseasonal 90s on Tuesday and Wednesday, but still perfect weather for her sleeveless pink blouse and thigh-length blue jean skirt.

Ashley was a big natural blonde with a lush Marilyn Monroe figure. She liked the walk through the old East Austin neighborhood—down the hill past the Islamic Center and the Austin-Travis County Emergency Operations Center, along 51st Street to Waterbrook Drive and then turning onto Brookdale Lane. Her house was in the middle of the block. Like the others, it was a two-bedroom house from the early 1960s, surrounded by towering trees.

On a normal Friday, she'd still be in class, but her 3:00 p.m. Art History class had been canceled. That gave her an extra hour to work on her painting before she had to get ready for her date with Mike.

Ashley was still a virgin. She'd dated boys all through high school. They'd French kissed and she'd let the guys take her top off to kiss, lick, and suck her breasts. A few had dry humped her, but she'd never let them go further.

She'd gotten more serious with Mike Hart. They'd met at freshman orientation. She was an art student while he was a business major. He lived at home and worked at his parents' hardware store almost every night, but on Friday, they'd have dinner and go to a movie or some sporting event, then come back to the house and spend a few hours in her bedroom.

They did everything short of intercourse. Mike loved foreplay and was a competent pussy-eater who always got her off. Ashley liked sucking his cock and making him come, but she wasn't willing to go further. She told Mike she was "saving herself for marriage." The truth was that she wanted her first time to be with a man who set her on fire and Mike just didn't do that.

Ashley opened the front door and stepped into the cool living room. "Hi," she called. "I'm home."

There was no answer. She fixed a glass of iced tea—not sweet tea—and took it into the living room. The floor to ceiling drapes were open and the sliding glass patio door looked out into the sun-drenched back yard. Genevieve, her roommate, was lying face down on a blanket. As usual, she was naked.

Genevieve Behrend was French, studying dance at UT Austin. She was a nudist and loved sunbathing naked in the fenced back yard. At first, that had freaked Ashley out, but she'd quickly gotten used to Genevieve's casual attitude about clothes. Now, Ashley hardly noticed when Genevieve was naked in the house, which was most of the time.

Actually, she did notice. Genevieve was the most beautiful young woman Ashley had ever met. She had jet black hair that looked almost blue at the right angle, blue eyes as clear as a cloudless sky, unblemished silk-smooth skin, long legs, and a ballerina's quietly muscular body.

Ashley wasn't into girls. Not at all! But if she was, Genevieve was the woman she'd choose.

Sometimes while she masturbated, Ashley imagined kissing Genevieve's lush lips and fondling her perfect breasts and butt. She'd even fantasized about Genevieve while Mike was going down on her. That made her feel weird, but fantasies were just . . . fantasies. It wasn't like she was a lesbian.

Genevieve was facing away from the house with her legs spread and her pelvis slightly raised. She had a hand between her legs and was slowly stroking her baby-smooth vulva.

Ashley suddenly felt hot. Her nipples were hard and her panties had grown moist. She set the tea down on the coffee table and moved closer to the sliding glass doors. She kneaded her heavy breasts through her blouse while she watched Genevieve slowly run her index finger up and down her neat little slit.

Ashley knew this was wrong. She shouldn't be intruding on her roommate's privacy. And she was straight, anyway. She tried to turn away, but was frozen in place. Her heart hammered in her chest as she slid her hands over her rib cage and down to her thighs.

Outside, Genevieve rose to her knees. She arched her back and lifted her face to the afternoon sun, then put her hands on her shapely buttocks and squeezed them repeatedly.

Ashley slid her hands up and down her inner thighs, gradually approaching her pussy, while she watched Genevieve. Her panties were already soaking wet. Mike had never done that to her. She moaned softly as she rubbed her protruding pussy lips through the drenched cloth.

Genevieve bent forward, placed a hand between her open legs, and slipped her index finger up her pussy. "God," Ashley whispered, running a finger up and down her slit. "She's so fucking sexy!"

Genevieve turned around and faced the sliding glass door. Ashley instinctively jumped back, but then realized the bright sunlight had turned the glass into a mirror, hiding her behind the reflections in its smooth surface. She returned to her previous position.

Genevieve cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers while staring at her reflection. It almost seemed like she was making love to the striking young woman in the mirror. Then, she lay back on the blanket with her legs spread and her knees lifted.

The heat in Ashley's pussy radiated through her body as she watched Genevieve slip one and then two fingers up her gleaming snatch and work them rapidly in and out.

Ashley reached into her dripping wet panties and fingered her own cunt while staring at Genevieve rolling her hips in time with her thrusting fingers. Soon, she was thrashing on the blanket and screaming—loudly enough for Ashley to hear through the thick glass.

The tension in Ashley's loins built to the boiling point while she watched Genevieve come, finally exploding into the most intense orgasm of her life. She sank to her knees, gasping for breath with her heart pounding.

Genevieve lay sprawled on the blanket, recovering from her own climax. She sat up and looked at her reflection in the sliding door with a dazed smile, then rose to her feet and bent over to pick up the blanket.

Alarmed and embarrassed, Ashley leaped to her feet and looked around wildly, then ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

She was adjusting her clothes when she heard the patio door open and then close. "Bonjour cherie," Genevieve called. "Are you home?"

"In here," Ashley answered. "Be out in a minute." She flushed the toilet, then turned on the water in the sink. The bathroom reeked of her overheated female juices, but there wasn't anything she could do about that.

Genevieve was waiting outside the bathroom door with a faint smile on her face. "You are early." She spoke perfect precise English with an exotic trace of a French accent. "Have you been home long?"

Ashley smiled back at Genevieve, trying to concentrate on her face rather than looking down at her beautiful pear-shaped C-cup breasts and her neatly-trimmed arrow of raven-black pubic hair pointing down at her waxed vulva. "I just got here."

"It is certainly hot out there," Genevieve said. Her body gleamed with sweat and sunscreen. "I am definitely ready for a shower."

"Well, it's all yours." Ashley moved aside and watched Genevieve's undulating buttocks as she went into the bathroom.

Genevieve turned back to Ashley. "I am already steamy. I think I will leave the door open." She stepped into the shower and turned the water on.

"Okay." Ashley thought "steamy" was a good description for Genevieve. "I'm going to do some painting." She started for her room and then remembered her ice tea. It was sitting on the glass-topped coffee table in a big puddle of condensation. Genevieve had walked right past it when she came in the patio door. Did she realize how long it had been sitting there?

* * *

That night's date was nice. All Ashley's dates with Mike were nice, although not particularly exciting. They had pizza and soft drinks at a chain restaurant, then went to a movie. They took turns choosing. Mike liked action-adventure and superhero movies, while Ashley preferred art films and romantic comedies.

It was Ashley's turn, so they went to an art house for a showing of Franco Zeffirelli's 1968 adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. It left Ashley feeling warm, romantic, and slightly melancholy. Mike usually looked bored during the movies she chose, but he perked up for the sword fights and partial nudity.

Back in her room, he spent even more time than usual on foreplay—kissing her tenderly, licking and sucking her D-cup breasts with unusual intensity, moving down between her spread legs, and finally eating and fingering her to a long series of explosive orgasms.

Afterwards, she lay in his arms, feeling warm and secure. His stiff cock pressed against her thigh. She wondered if he'd brought condoms. Tonight, she felt ready for him . . . almost.

"You liked that," he whispered.

"Yeah. It was the best ever." She curled her hand around his stiff shaft. It would feel good inside her and she liked him. Why was she holding back?

"It could be even better," Mike whispered. "I know you want to be a virgin on your wedding night . . ."

Ashley held still, waiting for him to continue. "Yeah?"

He seemed to be blushing, but it was hard to be sure in the flickering light from the candles on the nightstand. "We could . . . I mean you'd still be a virgin . . ."

"What do you want to do?" She let go of his cock and tried to move away. He held her tightly, keeping her body pressed against his.

"Uh . . . Nothing."

"Tell me."

"Well, I could fuck your butt. It'd feel good—for both of us—and it's not your pussy."

"No." The idea of Mike pushing his big hard cock into her tight little asshole was terrifying. Sudden hot tears filled her eyes and she twisted away from him. "How could you even ask?"

"I'll be careful. It won't hurt. And I'll even use a condom, if you want."

She got up, took her bathrobe out of the closet, and put it on. "I want you to leave."

Mike rolled off the bed and took a step toward her. His dick had softened slightly, but was still long and thick. "Are you sure?" He moved closer.

Ashley suddenly felt frightened. Mike was so big and strong. He could overpower her easily. "This is not a porn video." She took a step backwards. "I'm a real woman and I know what I want. And what I don't want."

Mike glared and curled his hands into fists. "You don't know what it's like for a guy." He took a deep breath and dropped his hands. "Look. I'm sorry. It was a bad idea. Just forget it, okay?"

"Oh Mike . . ." She fled down the hall and locked herself in the bathroom.

After a few minutes, he knocked on the door. "Are you all right?" She didn't answer, not trusting herself to speak and not sure what to say, anyway. "I'll call you. Okay?" Ashley just sat on the closed toilet seat sobbing softly into a wad of toilet paper until she heard the front door close.

She stayed there for a long time, then blew her nose, washed her face, and went to bed. She was angry at Mike, but her body was burning. She masturbated to the edge of orgasm and then backed away several times before bringing herself to a violent climax.

She rested for a while, then did it again, fantasizing about Mike . . . and Genevieve . . . while fondling her breasts and fingering her pussy. She finally came, even harder than before.

Ashley still couldn't sleep. She got up, walked naked into the kitchen, and poured herself a glass of wine. She finished it quickly, poured another, and carried it into the living room.

The glass was half empty when she heard a key in the front door. Genevieve had been out with her friend Annette, another French student.

Genevieve's eyes widened when she saw Ashley on the sofa, naked and holding a half-empty glass of wine. "Cherie," she said. "Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas?" Ashley rarely drank and she'd never let Genevieve see her naked.

For a heartbeat, Ashley felt self-conscious about her nudity, then relaxed. Genevieve had told Ashley she was bisexual when she'd answered Ashley's ad for a roommate, but she'd never made a pass. Ashley wasn't sure how she'd have responded to that.

"It's Mike," she answered, then took another sip of wine. A big sip.

"Of course," Genevieve said. "Men!" She went into the kitchen and came back with the wine bottle and an empty glass. She filled her glass and topped Ashley's off. "They can be such pigs."

"Maybe it's me." Ashley took a long drink.

"Non!" Genevieve said firmly. "Do not blame yourself for his behavior. That is a mistake women have made for far too long."

"Still, I've been giving him mixed signals. Letting him go so far and then . . ." Ashley sighed. "I guess I'm not sure what I want." She looked down at her glass. It was empty again.

Genevieve had finished her wine, too. She got another bottle out of the kitchen, then went into her bedroom and came back with a joint and a lighter.

They smoked the joint and drank more wine. Ashley smoked pot even less frequently than she drank. She watched dreamily as Genevieve removed her frilly low-cut white blouse and short black skirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, or panties.

"So tell me." Genevieve sat on the couch beside Ashley. "What did your boyfriend do?"

"It's complicated." Ashley's nipples tightened as she remembered holding Mike's stiff pole and imagining how it would feel in her pussy.

"Life is complicated." Genevieve kissed Ashley on the lips, tenderly but with just a hint of passion. "That is why we have friends. To help work it out."

Ashley sank back on the couch with her legs open, revealing her heavy golden pelt. "Maybe I should just let him fuck me."

"You have not? C'est une surprise!"

"We've done everything else." Ashley was keenly aware of her moist pussy and hard nipples. "But it's just—"

"Le spark. It is missing?"

"Well, yeah. Mike's a nice guy, but . . ."

"The first time should be special. It is important for a woman." Genevieve smiled. "Men. They just want a place to put their cocks."

"He's a virgin, too." Ashley hesitated. "At least, I think he is."

"Possibly," Genevieve said. "But the way he looks at me . . ." Genevieve always kept her clothes on when Mike was there. "He may have had a woman. Or two."

"Do you think?"

Genevieve shrugged. "It is impossible to say. I just have a feeling." She laughed softly. "It is not like I am so experienced. I have only had one man. His name is Hercule and he is a few months older than me." She smiled. "He is tall and handsome, with curly black hair. A formidable footballer. And he was a virgin."

"What was it like?"

"Awkward." Genevieve shook her head, sending her jet black hair cascading around her shoulders. "Hercule came as soon as he put it in me. He was so embarrassed."

"How did you feel?"

"Naturellement, I was disappointed, but I mostly felt bad for him. We both wanted it to be special." Genevieve smiled. "And the next time was. It was 15 minutes later and Hercule was superb." She grinned lewdly. "His parents named him well."

"Did you come?"

"Non. Not that time. I was self-conscious and had to learn to relax. And he did not know how to please me. But, we learned . . . together."

"Did you ever let him . . . fuck your butt?" Ashley felt herself blushing.

"Is that what Mike wanted?" Genevieve asked.

Ashley just nodded, blushing even more furiously.

"Oui," Genevieve said. "Eventually. I wanted him to do it without a condom. To feel him come inside me. That was the only safe way."

"Did it hurt?"

"Non." Genevieve paused. "Well, a little. Hercule is—how you say—well hung. Like a hero. But, he had lubricant and used his fingers to relax my asshole. I was frightened and excited at the same time. Eventually, I was just excited. His cock felt even better up my ass than it did in my pussy. I came hard when I felt his cum splashing against my anal walls. Harder than ever before."

Genevieve cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. "Making love with Hercule was so good. I miss him."

"What happened?" Ashley couldn't stop looking at Genevieve. She'd opened her legs, displaying her hairless vulva. Her neatly-rolled pussy lips were shiny with her juices. "Why did you break up?"

"We did not break up. Not exactly. I came here to UT. He is studying mathematics at a university in Lyon."

"Are you going to get back together when you go back to France."

"Perhaps." Genevieve bent forward to refill their glasses, pressing her knee against Ashley's. "But it will be years before we graduate. He may find a girl. I may find another boy." She increased the pressure on Ashley's knee. "Or possibly a girl."

The heat radiating from Ashley's blazing female core spread through her body. Her heart was pounding and it was hard to breathe. She took a long swallow of wine, and then another. "Have you had many girls?"

"Quite a few," Genevieve answered. "Starting in my early teens. First, we practiced kissing." She finished her wine and took Ashley's empty glass. "Later, we became more bold." She set the glasses on the coffee table and then put her hand on Ashley's thigh.

Ashley stiffened and started to pull away, but then settled back into place and put her hand on Genevieve's. "How bold?"

"Very." Genevieve straddled Ashley's hips and kissed her passionately. "We did everything two women can do with each other."

Ashley melted into the kiss, surrendering to her blazing desire. Genevieve didn't kiss like a man. She used her tongue, but it was a caress that added fuel to Ashley's inner fire rather than a blunt male attack.

"Oh God!" Ashley put her hands on Genevieve's beautiful breasts, gently squeezing their firm flesh and pinching their hard nipples. "You're so sexy."

Genevieve moaned. "So are you." She kissed Ashley again, hard and dirty, but still not like a man. "I have wanted you since the day we met." She stood up and extended her hand. "Come on. Let us go to bed."

Ashley stood up, took Genevieve in her arms, and kissed her passionately. Her body felt so different from a man's. A guy was hard and angular while Genevieve had soft curves, with big firm breasts, full hips, and muscular but totally feminine buttocks.

They kissed for a long time. Ashley finally pulled her lips away from Genevieve's and showered her with tender kisses, on her nose, closed eyelids, forehead, cheeks, ears, neck . . . the places Ashley loved to be kissed.

"Oh mon Dieu," Genevieve whispered. "That is so good. You are an amazing lover." She caught Ashley's nipples and gently rolled them between her thumbs and index fingers. They grew even longer and harder under her touch.

Ashley opened her legs, exposing her dripping pussy and filling the air with her heated female scent. She caught Genevieve's hand and guided it between her legs. "Put your finger in me."

"Yes, my darling." Genevieve's index finger slid into her easily. She added a second finger and worked the pair in and out, curling them up to rub the rough spot just inside Ashley's pussy mouth.

"Oh yeah!" Ashley moaned. She kneaded her breasts and played with her hard nipples as Genevieve fingered her roughly. "That's right, Baby." She swung her hips in time with Genevieve's thrusting fingers. "Fuck my cunt!" She screamed and arched her back as her pussy muscles clamped Genevieve's rapidly moving fingers. "God! I'm coming!"

"Oh yes, mon amour." Genevieve fingered Ashley roughly and rubbed a thumb over her clit hood, pushing her to an even more intense orgasm. "Come for me."

"That's enough!" Ashley put her hand on Genevieve's, stopping her sliding fingers. "I'm overloaded." She felt dizzy and the room was swaying. That powerful orgasm, combined with the wine and pot, had her head spinning.

"You liked that." Genevieve pulled her fingers out of Ashley's pussy and put them in her mouth. "Yummy. Your taste is divine." She kissed Ashley tenderly. "You are divine." She kissed Ashley for a long luxurious time, stroking Ashley's tongue with hers. She wrapped her arms around Ashley's back, holding their bodies tightly together. The feeling of her bare breasts and hard nipples rubbing against Ashley's was intensely erotic.

Genevieve purred as Ashley cupped her buttocks. Those muscular mounds of flesh felt even better against her palms than she'd fantasized. Ashley wanted to kiss, lick, and even bite them, but that could wait. Genevieve ground her crotch against Ashley's, arousing her in a way that Mike had never done.

"Girl, you are so fucking hot," Ashley growled. "Take me to bed."

"Oh yes, cherie." Genevieve took Ashley's hand. "Let us make love properly."

She led Ashley into her bedroom. Where Ashley's room was littered with art supplies with paintings leaning against the wall and a big canvas on an easel, Genevieve's was empty, except for the bed, nightstand, a dresser, and a classical guitar.

Genevieve took the quilt off her bed and set it on top of the dresser, then lay on her back on the bare sheets. "Come here, mon amour. I am ready for you."

Ashley straddled Genevieve's hips and looked down at her beautiful breasts and swollen areolas. She reached out and stroked them, marveling at their plump firmness.

"Your hands feel good on my breasts." Genevieve gripped the back of Ashley's neck and pulled her face down onto her tits. "Suck my nipples." Ashley stared for an instant before taking one in her mouth. They were already swollen.

Genevieve's nipple grew even longer and thicker as Ashley sucked it and flicked her tongue over its tip.

"That feels so good," Genevieve said. "But that is only one breast. The other one needs attention, too." No problem. Ashley couldn't get enough of Genevieve's tits. When she finally lifted her face from Genevieve's chest, she was amazed at the sight. The French woman's erect nipples looked almost exactly like miniature versions of Mike's cock. She pinched and twisted them, jacking them off. She almost expected them to spurt cum.

Ashley moved down Genevieve's body, kissing and licking her chest and belly. She opened Genevieve's legs and stared in awe at her heated pussy. Its inner lips were swollen and her pubic area gleamed with her juices.

The sight and smell were overwhelming. Ashley kissed and nibbled the insides of Genevieve's thighs, driving her wild with passion. "Please darling! Stop teasing and make love to me."

"Okay." Ashley slowly ran her flat tongue up Genevieve's plump, fluid-shiny lips, savoring her taste. After a few long tongue strokes, she was moaning with excitement.

Genevieve's vulva was still closed. Ashley pressed the tip of her stiff tongue into Genevieve's folds and began working it around her interior. Genevieve quickly became impatient with this slow erotic torment. She reached down and opened herself fully. "Eat my cunt! Now!" she demanded. "Please."

Ashley slid her tongue into Genevieve's pussy, as deep as it would go, loving the taste and feel of her slick walls. She sucked gently and was rewarded with a mouthful of her sweet juice. The taste was just as good as Mike's cum. She dove back into Genevieve's snatch, vigorously tongue-fucking it.

Genevieve groaned and worked her hips in time with Ashley's tongue thrusts. Occasionally, Ashley pulled out and flicked her tongue across Genevieve's clit, making her scream.

Ashley was on the brink of coming from sheer excitement. It was time to push Genevieve over the edge. She pulled her tongue out and drove two fingers into Genevieve's dripping snatch.

Genevieve bucked and screamed, matching Ashley's motions as she finger-fucked her violently. Her hands were on her breasts, roughly twisting and squeezing her nipples. When Ashley bent down and wrapped her lips around Genevieve's clitoris, she grabbed her head and pushed it away. "Not that. I am too sensitive."

Genevieve's body shook. Ashley rammed her fingers into Genevieve's hot cunt as she came wildly. Her orgasm finally ran its course, but Ashley continued mercilessly stimulating her, occasionally bending her fingertips to catch her G-spot and making her come again.

Genevieve wrapped her beautiful muscular legs around Ashley's waist and squeezed her like a python. Ashley held on and drove Genevieve ruthlessly from climax to climax until she'd finally exhausted her strong body and lay limp on the bed.

Ashley lay beside Genevieve and draped an arm over her heaving chest. The French girl's heart was pounding like a hammer and she had a wonderful expression of total satisfaction on her face. Ashley held her tenderly and planted gentle kisses on her face as her athletic body quickly recovered.

"Oh cherie, that was so good," Genevieve said. "It is hard to believe this is your first time with a woman." She pressed her lips against Ashley's. It was a tender, sisterly kiss . . . for the first few seconds. Then she attacked Ashley's mouth with a hunger that was breath-taking in its intensity.

She pulled away, leaving Ashley breathless. "Get on your back, sexy."

Ashley rolled onto her back. Genevieve was on top of her in an instant. Ashley ran five miles every day and worked out in the gym three times a week, so she was strong and agile. Still, she felt helpless in the face of Genevieve's amazing physicality. She would have her way and there was nothing Ashley could do to stop her.

That thought was unbelievably arousing. "Take me honey," Ashley gasped. "As rough as you want. I'm ready for you."

Genevieve started out gently, kissing Ashley's face and down her neck. Reaching Ashley's breasts, she licked and sucked her nipples, occasionally nipping them just sharply enough to give her a little touch of pain.

"I love your breasts," Genevieve whispered. "They are so big and beautiful." She kissed and licked them all over while kneading their firm flesh, gently at first, then more vigorously when she realized Ashley wanted more roughness. Mike loved Ashley's tits, but Genevieve's attentions had her more excited than he'd ever managed. The juices leaking from her cunt were trickling down between her buttocks.

"Come on, baby." Ashley gripped Genevieve's head and guided it between her spread thighs. "Eat me out."

"Your pussy is so swollen." Genevieve put her fingers on either side of Ashley's cunt lips and pulled them open. "You are so hot, wet . . . and red. It looks like you are on fire."

"I am, baby," Ashley gasped. "You've got me burning up."

Ashley screamed as Genevieve thrust her tongue into her snatch. Wild with passion, she licked Ashley's pussy walls and gulped her juices. Ashley almost came every time Genevieve's tongue slipped out of her cunt and lashed her clitoris.

"Suck my clit," Ashley commanded. "Finger-fuck me." Genevieve complied eagerly. Ashley came when Genevieve's lips clamped her swollen love bud. She held on while Ashley thrashed and moaned beneath her, hooking her fingers up upwards to catch the big blond woman's G-spot.

"No more." Ashley pushed Genevieve away. "Just hold me." Ashley pulled Genevieve on top of her and wrapped her arms around the French woman's back, pulling their bodies tightly together. It was wonderful to relax and be totally dominated by a lover, all safe and secure.

"This is dreamy," Ashley whispered. "Better than Mike . . ." Her desire was growing again, becoming even sharper and more intense than before.

Genevieve's head was down with her cheek pressing against Ashley's. She lifted her head when Ashley ran her fingertips up and down her back. They kissed, first tenderly, then fiercely, with their passion building second by second.

Ashley finally pulled her lips away from Genevieve's. "I wish you had a dick," she said. "I want to get fucked."

"That is something I am not equipped to do." Genevieve laughed softly. "Not exactly."

"Pity," Ashley said. "After coming so hard, I want to feel a cock inside me." She looked at Genevieve. "What did you mean 'Not exactly?'"

"Ah my love." Genevieve rolled away and opened the nightstand's bottom drawer. "I do not have a penis." She reached into the drawer and pulled out a flesh-colored vibrator. It was seven inches long and an inch-and-a-half thick. It looked almost like a real cock, with a wide flaring head and raised veins running along its shaft. "But I do have this." She handed the oversized toy to Ashley. It was firm but yielding, like Mike's cock.

Ashley weighed it in her hand. "It's kind of big."

"It will feel good in your pussy," Genevieve said. "But, I do have a smaller one, if you are afraid."

"No." It would really stretch her snatch. Ashley found that scary, but also exciting. "I'll be okay."

Genevieve kissed her tenderly. "Yes cherie. You will."

Ashley hefted the vibrator. "How does this work?" Its base flared out slightly from its shaft and it had a round black knob at the bottom. She twisted the knob and the vibrator buzzed softly. "Oh." She pressed the toy's gently vibrating head against one of her nipples. It grew even tighter and her clit throbbed. "Wow!"

"You like it?"

"Oh yeah!" Ashley shifted the vibrator to her other nipple. "It's getting me super horny!"

They sat side-by-side on the bed. Genevieve put her hand between Ashley's legs and slid two fingers up her pussy. "You are wet enough." She picked up the vibrator, pushed Ashley down on the bed, and knelt between her spread thighs.

Ashley moaned and played with her breasts as Genevieve ran the softly buzzing vibrator along her pussy lips, staying away from her clit. "That feels great."

"It gets better, mon amour." Genevieve slowly ran the vibrator's flaring cock-head up and down Ashley's slit, stimulating her super-sensitive pussy mouth, but still avoiding her clit.

Ashley kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples as Genevieve pushed the vibrator in and pulled it back out, gradually going deeper. "Give it to me! All the way!" She screamed as the big vibrator stretched and filled her pussy. "Yeah," she moaned. "So good"

"I knew you would like it," Genevieve said. "In some ways, it is better than a man." She moved the vibrator in and out, occasionally pressing its tip against Ashley's clit hood.

"Fuck me. Good and hard." Ashley rocked her hips, humping the big buzzing toy.

"Oh yes, my love. I will fuck you." Genevieve worked the vibrator in time with Ashley's thrusting hips, angling it to rub its shaft against the base of her clit.

"Oh God!" Ashley cried. She wondered how Mike's driving dick would feel. It would be warm and alive, although not as thick . . . and not vibrating.

Genevieve pushed the vibrator deep into Ashley's pussy and turned the speed up. She screamed and shook as an immense orgasm rushed through her body. Genevieve continued moving the vibrator in and out of Ashley's spasming snatch, pushing her to an even more intense climax.

"That's enough!" Ashley gasped. Genevieve switched the vibrator off and pulled it out of Ashley's pussy. Her muscles clamped the toy's thick shaft, trying to keep it inside her. "Oh man," she whispered. "That was so good."

"For me, too," Genevieve said. "Making you come so hard."

Genevieve and Ashley lay on the bed facing each other, kissing and fondling each other's bodies.

"This feels so nice." Ashley kneaded Genevieve's firm breasts, rolling her pebble-hard nipples between her thumbs and index fingers.

"Making love is nice." Genevieve stroked Ashley's back, running her hand from the blond woman's neck down to the top of her butt crack. "The best thing in life."

"Yes it is." Ashley pinched Genevieve's nipples. "Especially making love with you."

"Oh yes, mon amour." Genevieve plastered her body against Ashley and kissed her passionately.

Ashley moved her hand between Genevieve's legs. She opened her thighs to give Ashley more access. "Yes, love. Finger my pussy."

"I want to get you off." Ashley slipped two fingers up Genevieve's hot wet snatch and moved them in and out.

"Oh yes, my darling." Genevieve muscular cunt clamped Ashley's slowly sliding fingers. "Please."

"Do you want me to use the vibrator?"

"Non." Genevieve reached under the bed and pulled out a plastic box. "I have something special in mind." She took two vibrators out of the box. The big one was bright purple, with an oversized smoothly rounded head and exaggerated veins. The other was a slender aqua tube, capped by two tiny fingers.

"What do you want me to do?" Ashley rose to her knees, staring at the toys.

"Fuck my ass." Genevieve handed Ashley the purple vibrator. "With this."

Ashley ran her fingers over the vibrator. It was hard, but yielding, and felt almost like flesh. "It's so big."

"It is the same size as the other one." Genevieve rolled onto her back and folded her knees against her chest, lifting her ass into the air. "It just looks bigger."

"Uh . . . Okay." Ashley stared at the vibrator, wondering how something that big could go up someone's anus. "Don't we need—"

"The lubricant is in the top nightstand drawer." Genevieve lifted her butt higher. "Come on. I am ready."

Ashley took the little squeeze bottle of lube out of the drawer and knelt between Genevieve's spread legs. She squirted a blob of lube onto the end of her finger and reached for Genevieve's anus. "It's pretty," she said. Genevieve's puckered hole did bear a fanciful resemblance to a rosebud.

"Yes," Genevieve said. "And very sensual. As good as a pussy."

Ashley bent forward to examine Genevieve's asshole more closely. Shockingly, she suddenly wanted to kiss it. The idea of doing that was super gross, but her nipples tightened and her pussy grew wetter at the thought. "It's so sexy," she whispered.

"Do not be afraid," Genevieve said. "You can touch it."

"Okay." Ashley caressed Genevieve's little pucker, running her slippery finger over its wrinkled surface and slowly circling toward its center.

"That feels good." Genevieve squirmed while Ashley stroked her anus. "Now, give me your finger."

"All right." Ashley smeared more lube on her finger and pressed its tip into the center of Genevieve's rosebud. It slipped in easily.

Genevieve's asshole was hot and tight inside. Way hotter and tighter than her pussy. She moaned and humped her butt in time with Ashley's sliding finger as she worked it in and out.

"Oh yes, mon amour." Genevieve slid two fingers into her pussy. "Finger my asshole."

"You like that?" Ashley pulled her finger out of Genevieve's ass, then coated two fingers with lube and pushed them back inside.

"Mon Dieu!" Genevieve fingered her pussy roughly while Ashley moved her fingers in and out while twisting her wrist. "C'est magnifique." She moved her hands to her breasts and pinched her nipples while rocking her hips in time with Ashley's thrusting fingers. "You are so skilled!"

"It's fun playing with your butt," Ashley answered.

"It is fun for me, too," Genevieve said. "Now, I am ready for the vibrator."

Ashley spread a liberal amount of lube on the vibrator's head and shaft. She pushed the button on the base and the big toy purred softly.

"Come on." Genevieve propped herself on her elbows to watch Ashley. "Stick it up my ass."

Ashley pressed the tip of the gently buzzing vibrator into Genevieve's asshole and pushed forward, steadily stretching her open. She stopped with its head all the way inside.

"Do not tease me," Genevieve said. "Just push it in. All the way."

"Like this?" Ashley pressed in steadily, stopping with the vibrator buried deep in Genevieve's butt.

"Yes, my love. Just like that." Genevieve rolled her hips, moving the toy inside her ass. "Fuck me good and hard. Don't worry. You will not hurt me."

"All right." Ashley steadily worked the vibrator in and out of Genevieve's sexy asshole.

"Faster," Genevieve said. "Turn it up." Ashley pushed the button on the purple vibrator's base and its speed increased. "Oh yes!" Genevieve turned the aqua mini-vibe on and pressed its twin prongs against her clit. "This is so good!"

Ashley pushed the button on the vibrator's base again and it kicked into high speed. The purr of the mini-vibe pressed against Genevieve's clit mixed with the buzzing from the big vibrator in her ass. She screamed as she came. Ashley fucked her butt roughly, keeping her orgasm going.

Genevieve finally collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath. "Mon Dieu," she whispered. "That was amazing."

"It was great for me, too." Ashley turned the big vibrator off and pulled it out of Genevieve's asshole, then set it on the nightstand. She took the mini-vibe out of Genevieve's hand, switched it off, and set it beside the giant anal vibrator.

"I can tell." Genevieve reached between Ashley's legs and ran her index finger along her wet slit. "You are so excited."

"Oh yeah!" Ashley caught Genevieve's hand and pressed it against her crotch. "I almost came. While I was fucking you." She liked saying that. "Fucking your ass."

Genevieve slid her index and middle fingers up Ashley's pussy, hooking them upward to rub her G-spot.

"I'm so damn horny." Ashley moaned, humping Genevieve's fingers. "I want you to fuck my ass." She'd said that without thinking. She was surprised how much she wanted it.

"Of course, cherie." Genevieve didn't act surprised. "Do you want me to use the big vibrator?"

Ashley looked at the giant purple monster. "Well, it's kinda big . . ."

"I have a smaller toy." Genevieve smiled. "And you will be ready when I put it in." She pulled Ashley down to her and kissed her hard and dirty.

"I am ready." Ashley said. "How are you doing to do it?"

"You will see," Genevieve answered. "Get on the edge of the bed. On your back."

"Okay." Ashley's heart was pounding and her nipples were rock-hard as she moved into position with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. "What now?"

"You will see, my love." Genevieve put pillows under Ashley's butt and the small of her back, raising her ass. She dropped another pillow onto the floor, then knelt between Ashley's spread thighs and rested Ashley's knees on her shoulders. "I promise you will like this."

Genevieve lowered her face between Ashley's buttocks and whispered, "You have a beautiful rosebud." She kissed, licked, and nibbled around it—Ashley's inner thighs, vulva, butt cheeks . . . gradually moving in.

"God, Baby," Ashley moaned. "That's so good." She was starting to tremble.

"You like it?" Genevieve touched the tip of her tongue to Ashley's anus, sending lightning shocks through her body.

"Oh yeah!" Ashley pushed her butt toward Genevieve's face. "I never imagined . . ." She moaned and squirmed as Genevieve's flat tongue stroked her asshole.

Genevieve pointed her tongue and pressed its tip into the center of Ashley's anus, gradually teasing it open.

Ashley slid a hand down to her vulva, placed her middle and index fingers on either side of her clit, and rubbed its hood over the little swollen bud as Genevieve's tongue penetrated her ass. "Jesus!" she cried, screaming and coming harder than ever before. Harder than she'd ever imagined.

She slid her middle finger up her snatch and fucked it roughly while rubbing her clit with her thumb, thrusting her butt against Genevieve's face, trying to take the French woman's tongue even deeper, screaming, shaking, and clamping her thighs around Genevieve's head. She worked her tongue harder and faster, pushing Ashley to an even more intense climax.

"Oh God! Stop!" Ashley finally cried. "Baby, stop . . . Please! No more!"

Genevieve pulled her tongue out of Ashley's butt. She lay limp while Genevieve moved her to the center of the bed and took her in her arms.

"Oh Baby," Ashley gasped. "That was the best ever. You're the best ever."

"It was good for me, too." Genevieve kissed her tenderly. "You are such a sexy woman."

They cuddled for a long time. Then, Ashley said, "Fuck me now."

"Yes, mon amour." Genevieve reached into the box and took a hot pink vibrator out. It was as long as the big purple toy, but not nearly as thick, with three prominent ridges spaced along its shaft. Its tip was a smoothly-rounded, stylized cock-head, gracefully flaring to the first ridge. The base was a sleek extension of the vibrator's shaft, with two buttons set in an oval panel. "I think this will suit you."

Ashley's heart was pounding. She took a deep breath, then let it out. "Let's do it." She lay on her back and spread her legs in a wide Vee, lifting her ass off the bed.

Genevieve laughed softly. "You are eager." She knelt between Ashley's spread thighs, coated her index finger with lube, and pressed its tip into Ashley's asshole, stopping at the first joint. "Are you all right?"

Ashley tightened her anal muscles around Genevieve's fingertip, then relaxed them. "Yeah. Keep going." She ran slow fingers up and down her slit, dipping deep into her slick pussy, then rubbing wet fingers over her swollen clit.

Genevieve moved her finger in and out, gradually going deeper. "You are doing well," she said. "Do you like my finger? It is all the way up your ass." She twisted her finger and Ashley moaned.

"I believe so." Genevieve pulled her finger out of Ashley's asshole and added more lube, then slipped it back in and worked it in and out. Ashley groaned and kneaded her heavy tits while swinging her buttocks in time with Genevieve's thrusting finger. Her cries grew louder when Genevieve added a second finger, crossed with the first, and finger-fucked her ass roughly.

Ashley was close to coming. "That's enough! I want the vibrator. Now!"

"Very well." Genevieve coated the hot pink vibrator with lubricant and pressed its thick round head into Ashley's asshole, gradually stretching it open.

"Oh God," Ashley whispered. "It's big."

"Does it hurt?" Genevieve pushed the vibe in a little deeper.

"No. It's just . . . Ow!" A sudden stab of pain shot through Ashley's body. It hurt but also stoked her blazing lust.

Genevieve pulled the vibrator back a fraction of an inch. "It is all right, my love." She picked the aqua mini-vibe up and handed it to Ashley. "Use this. It will help."

"All right." Ashley pulled the top off the mini-vibe, revealing three shiny silver points. She turned it on and pressed its head into her pussy mouth. She ran it up and down her slit, rubbing its side against her clit every time she reached the top, while the hot pink vibrator's head stretched her asshole.

"Oh yeah!" Ashley pressed the mini-vibe's head against her clit hood and moved it in slow circles, rubbing her clit from different angles. Her ass muscles gradually relaxed, letting Genevieve push in deeper.

"You are doing very well," Genevieve said. "This will help." The hot pink vibrator buzzed to life, sending shockwaves of pleasure through Ashley's body.

"Wow! That is intense!" Ashley lifted her butt higher, taking more of the big pink vibrator's flaring head. Her body jerked as the vibe's first ridge pressed through her little ring of tightly clamped anal muscles.

Genevieve laughed. "We are just getting started." The big vibrator's speed increased again. Its second ridge penetrated Ashley's asshole, quickly followed by the third.

"Oh my God!" Ashley pressed the mini-vibe's head directly against her swollen clit.

Genevieve pressed one of the big vibrator's buttons and the buzzing in Ashley ass changed to pulsing. Intense pulsing. She moaned and rocked her hips, steadily humping the toy, pushing its ridges in and out of her supersensitive asshole . . .

"Oh fuck!" Ashley moaned. "Those ridges. And that vibration . . ."

"Good, isn't it?" Genevieve pulled the vibrator almost out of Ashley's ass, then pushed it back in.

"Fuck yeah!" Ashley dropped the mini-vibe and thrust three fingers up her steaming snatch.

"It gets better." Genevieve changed the vibration again and worked the big tool in and out of Ashley's ass. She screamed and thrashed, fingering her pussy frantically as Genevieve fucked her ass steadily. She'd never come so hard. Not with Mike and not even from masturbating while fantasizing about her dream man.

Her climaxes rolled on, each more intense than the last, until the world finally dissolved into a warm pink haze . . .

"Mon amour." Ashley opened her eyes. Genevieve was looking down at her with a warm smile on her face. "Welcome back."

"Wow," Ashley whispered. "That was wild." Her body was slick with sweat and the room reeked of overheated women.

"For me, too." Genevieve bent down and kissed Ashley. "You are so responsive."

"You're a great lover." Ashley felt warm and drowsy. "Where did you learn to do that? From Hercule?"

"Oh no." Genevieve laughed. "He is sweet and skillful, but I mostly taught him." She laughed again. "He is very attentive and learns quickly."

"Then who?"

"An older woman. Back in Paris. What you call a 'bull dyke.'" Genevieve took Ashley in her arms and kissed her tenderly. "She was not my first woman, but she has been the best lover . . . until you."

"I'd like to meet her," Ashley said sleepily.

"Perhaps you will." Genevieve lay down beside Ashley and fell asleep within seconds.

Exhausted from her intense orgasms, Ashley drifted into sleep. She'd started down a new road. She didn't know where it was taking her, but it was going to be an amazing trip.

Author's Note

Alyshia H. suggested the character "Genevieve" and the general situation. The other characters and the plot are mine.

Thanks, Alyshia


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