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Family Nudist Camp 6

Frank and Joe held Tyra's hands as they guided her through the big log house's living room, past the giant stone fireplace, up the grand staircase and along the balcony to the big room over the back porch.

She stopped just inside the brothers' bedroom, released their hands and turned to face them.

Tyra was tall and slender with curly sun-bleached brown hair. Her green eyes sparkled with excitement as she stared at the brothers. Her pear-shaped B-cup breasts were heavy and firm, her wide tan areolas were swollen, her little pink nipples were hard and elongated. The thick dark brown hair covering her bulging mound and almost hiding her puffy tan pussy lips matched the long curly sun-bleached brown hair on her head.

Frank was 6' 2" tall and 21 years old, with buzz-cut black hair and brown eyes. Joe was 2" shorter and a year younger. He had curly dark brown collar-length hair and bright blue eyes. Both had the sculpted muscles of competition body-builders and long thick cocks which had softened on the walk from the pool but were rapidly stiffening under her gaze.

Frank's cock was 6-1/2" long and 1-3/4" thick. Joe's was only slightly smaller. Their rods had broad plow-shaped heads, with flaring Vees running down to their deep corneal rings. Their big bulging balls were shaved clean. Frank's pubic hair was closely cropped while Joe was shaved. Pre-cum gleamed from both their tips.

"I've been fantasizing about you sexy men since I watched you get off the bus," Tyra purred, sinking to her knees and taking both stiff dicks in her mouth, tasting the pre-cum leaking from the brothers' tips as her tongue stroked their cock-heads.

Frank and Joe kissed and rubbed their cocks together as Tyra ran her mouth up and down their rigid shafts and fondled their swollen balls.

They were surprised when she suddenly released them and stood up. Her nipples were hard, her pubic hair glistened with her juices and her excited female scent filled the air.

"Yesterday, Joe told me you and he are lovers," Tyra said, looking into Frank's eyes. "I want to see the two of you, together . . ."

"All right," Frank answered, taking Joe in his arms. The brothers kissed passionately, hard and open-mouthed, occasionally pulling their lips apart to show Tyra their busy tongues, while rubbing their stiff cocks together.

"Come on, Big Bear," Joe said, twisting out of Frank's embrace. "Let's go play in bed." Frank and Tyra followed him toward the pair of double beds. "We can really put on a show for Baby Eagle there."

Frank turned to Tyra. "Is 'Baby Eagle' your 'family' name?" She nodded. "Well, Little Bear and I are happy to welcome you to the family."

"We sure are!" Joe agreed, grinning at Tyra. The brothers locked eyes and flicked fingers. Joe came up with a fist, while Frank's palm was spread.

Joe fell to his knees, taking Frank's hard rod in his mouth. "Yeah, Little Bear!" Frank moaned as Joe sucked his cock-head while stroking his shaft and squeezing his balls.

Tyra sat on the closest bed, feeling her tight nipples and the wetness between her thighs as she stared at the men. She opened her legs, showing Frank her damp mound. His eyes widened as she put fingers on either side of her puffy pussy lips and pulled them apart, revealing her gleaming pink interior.

"I'm getting too close!" Frank announced, stepping away from Joe.

"We don't want you cumming too soon," Joe answered, getting on his hands and knees on the unoccupied bed. He was facing away from Tyra, showing his stiff cock, hanging balls, and the little puckered brown circle between his muscular buttocks. She rose to her feet and stood beside Joe with her legs open wide.

Frank took a plastic bottle of lubricant from the nightstand between the beds. As Tyra watched in fascination, he squeezed a line of slippery liquid onto his finger and slipped it up Joe's asshole. Tyra slid a finger into her pussy as Frank lubricated Joe's butt and his own hard rod, then pressed his plow-shaped head between Joe's hot buns.

Tyra and Joe both screamed when Frank drove his length up Joe's ass with one single smooth thrust. "Oh Big Bear!" Joe gasped. "Your hot rod feels good in my butt!" Tyra inserted a second finger into her snatch, working the pair in and out as she watched the brothers fuck and pushing herself steadily toward orgasm.

Joe was still on all fours on the bed. Tyra slid under him, lying on her back with her shoulders pressed against his knees, looking up at Frank's driving cock. "Yeah!" she growled. "Shove your big pole up Little Bear's tight asshole. Fuck him hard!" She wrapped a hand around Joe's hard shaft, running her thumb and forefinger over his pre-cum slick head.

"Oh God!" Tyra screamed when Joe thrust his tongue into her open slit. She sucked his swollen pole frantically while jacking his shaft and squeezing his balls. He slid two fingers into her hot wet snatch and clamped her clit with his lips while he fucked her face.

She humped Joe's fingers frantically and battered his face with her mound as she came. He held on, keeping her climax building.

Joe pulled his face out of Tyra's crotch and shouted "Yeah, Big Bear! Shoot it up my ass!" He thrust his tongue into her cunt and jacked her clit like a tiny cock, making her cum even harder.

Tyra gulped frantically as Joe's throbbing tool filled her mouth with hot male juice. She swallowed most of it, but a little escaped from her lips, running over her chin and dripping on her breasts.

She lay limp with Joe kneeling over her, staring up at his penis swinging inches above her face, glistening with semen and saliva. "Wow!" she gasped. "I've never done anything like this before. It's really exciting!"

Frank and Joe lay on the bed with Tyra in the middle. She kept her eyes closed, feeling the pressure of their bodies against hers and listening to their breathing.  She'd watched a lot of videos on gay websites, but this was the first time she'd seen men sucking and fucking in person. Despite her recent orgasm, her nipples were still tight and her snatch was hot and wet.

"I guess it's time to clean up," Frank said, hopping out of bed.

"Definitely!" Joe agreed, rolling away from Tyra and joining Frank beside the bed. She looked up at the brothers, puzzled.

"There's a big shower, with room for three," Frank said, turning toward the bathroom. "We hope you'll join us," Joe added before following Frank.

Tyra stayed on the bed, propped up on her elbows and gazing at the departing male butts until they'd vanished through the bathroom door, then rushed after the brothers.

They were already in the shower. She joined them, letting the warm water splash over her face and body as she inhaled the comfortable steamy warmth. She'd showered with men before, but never two at once.

Four soap-slick male hands roamed over her body, starting with her shoulders, back, and legs, but then growing more intimate, exploring her breasts, buttocks, and vulva.

Lost in an erotic haze, she soaped the men's bodies, running her hands over their muscular chests, arms, legs, asses, heavy-hanging balls and stiff pricks. In the confined space, Tyra was sandwiched between the brothers. Her breasts were flattened against Joe's chest. His cock-head burrowed into her folds, rubbing her pussy lips and grazing her clit.

She felt a thrill of fear as Frank pressed his thick rod between her slippery butt-cheeks. Her relief was mixed with disappointment when he slid his prick up and down without trying to stick it in her rosebud.

After several minutes of soapy play, the trio rinsed off and left the shower.

With their hair and skin slightly damp, they lay on the bed with Tyra in the middle, enjoying the closeness of their cooling bodies.

"I was awake for half of last night," Tyra said, "masturbating as I fantasized about being with the two of you. This was even better than I'd imagined it would be!" She twisted to kiss Frank and then Joe.

Tyra moved to the foot of the bed, sitting cross-legged and facing the brothers. The position pulled her vulva open, revealing her glistening pink interior. The men sat up to look at her, growing instantly erect. "I feel like I did after my first time."

"It's funny how we talk about 'losing' virginity," Tyra said. "I didn't lose anything. Instead, I opened the door to a new world with a boy I really liked. We weren't in love. We knew we were using each other and didn't care. We both enjoyed it."

"I'm ready for another first time," she continued. "Some of my boyfriends have wanted to fuck my ass, but I've always been afraid. Now, I'm ready. Which one of you wants to take my anal virginity?"

Frank and Joe looked into each others' eyes. With determined expressions, they flashed fingers, producing two closed fists. They tried again. Two pairs of extended fingers. Double scissors again, followed by double rock.

Tyra laughed and the brothers joined in, a little nervously. "Joe!" she declared.

She moved from her cross-legged position to her hands and knees, facing away from Frank and Joe. They could see her puffy tan pussy lips through the curly dark brown hair covering her mound. Her rosebud was a little pink star between her muscular buttocks.

Joe moved behind Tyra, placing his stiff cock's head in the center of her puckered hole and pressing forward as he bent over to fondle her breasts. She stiffened in fear as he stretched her entrance. He stopped moving his cock when she was on the brink of pain.

She took deep breaths, trying to relax. Joe's rough fingers on her erect nipples made them even harder. His cock-head, slick with pre-cum, was a constant presence between her butt-cheeks. The pain had faded and she pushed carefully backwards, stretching to take a little more of Joe's swollen tool. He moved in and out, playing with her tits more roughly than before. Tyra gasped in disappointment when Joe backed away.

He bent down, pulling her buttocks open with the palms of his hands and began licking her asshole, alternating between stroking the puckered surface with his flat tongue and teasing her to open wider with his tip. She moaned in pleasure and pushed her butt into his face. Soon, his tongue was deep inside her open hole.

"Fuck, Baby!" Tyra whispered. "I'm so hot! Give it to me now!" She was facing a mirror mounted on the wall opposite the beds. She watched their reflections eagerly as Joe lubricated his penis and moved behind her.

"Oh . . . Yeah!" she cried as Joe's wide plow-shaped head stretched her asshole, pushing back to take more of him inside. He held still as she rocked, slowly until his cock-head was past her tight anal sphincter, then faster as she took his shaft.

Finally, Joe's balls were pressing against Tyra's ass cheeks. They locked eyes in the mirror. "You're all the way inside," she whispered. "I've given you my butt cherry. Now, fuck me good and hard!"

"You bet, Baby Eagle!" Joe answered, gripping Tyra's waist to hold her in place as he pulled almost out, then slid back deep inside. "I'll give you the ride of your life!" He kept his strokes slow at first but increased the pace as she relaxed. Soon, she was rocking violently. Over and over, Joe pulled back until his cock-head was barely kissing her anal ring, then slammed into her depths, making her scream with each thrust.

Joe suddenly flipped Tyra onto her back, grabbing her ankles and spreading her legs wide, lifting her butt into the air. "Oh yeah, Little Bear!" Tyra moaned, lifting her head to watch Joe slide his hard thick pole back up her ass. It went in easily, all the way to his balls. "Oh fuck yeah!"

Frank was standing at the foot of the bed, behind Tyra's head, stroking his swollen pecker. Her eyes widened when she looked up and saw him. "Kneel over my face, Big Bear," she commanded. "I want to suck your nuts while Little Bear fucks my ass!"

"That's good, Baby Eagle!" Frank groaned, stroking his hot rod in time with Joe's thrusts as Tyra sucked both balls into her mouth and stroked them with her tongue.

Tyra let Frank's balls slip from her mouth. She started screaming continuously, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples, cumming as Joe rocked her ankles, slamming his stiff prick into her hot tight hole. "Fuck, Little Bear!" she gasped. "There's nothing small about your cock! Shoot it for me, Baby! Shoot in my asshole!"

"Yeah, Little Bear! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh! Yeah! Yeah!" she cried as Joe drove up her butt, splashing more hot juice against her anal walls with each hammer blow.

Frank jacked his own rod frantically, spraying cum over Tyra's face and breasts.

Finally spent, Joe released Tyra's ankles and lowered his body onto hers. He stayed deep inside her butt as they kissed. Her knees were folded against her chest.

"Thank you!" Tyra whispered. "I never realized what I was missing." She tightened her anal muscles around Joe's still-erect penis. "Now, I want to be butt-fucked over and over!" She rolled her hips, slowly moving her ass.

Frank's stiff dick was inches from Joe's face, shiny with Frank's own semen. A steady stream of pre-cum was leaking from his tip, running down his shaft and over his balls.

Joe took Frank's cock in his mouth. Tyra watched Joe deep-throat Frank in fascination as Joe fucked her butt again. She came, but the brothers didn't.

Tyra moaned in disappointment when Joe slipped out of her ass. Frank had finally softened, as well.

The boys grew hard again rubbing their cock-heads against her nipples while she fondled their shafts and balls, but they were obviously fucked out. "All right, it's time for a break," Tyra conceded.

This time, the three took turns in the bathroom, cleaning up quickly.

It was past noon. They went downstairs and sat at the big kitchen table, wolfing down sandwiches and beer. Afterwards, they went up the trail into the forest. Tyra didn't have much trouble walking barefoot, although her feet weren't as tough as Frank and Joe's.

"I'll bet you boys are horny again," Tyra said when they returned to the bedroom. "I sure am! There's something about being naked in the forest with two hot guys that gets my fuck machinery running at top speed."

"Patience, Baby Eagle," Frank said, throwing pillows to form a triangle on the floor between the beds and entertainment area. "It's time for you to officially join our tribe."

He took a long carved Indian pipe, a baggie filled with green herbs, an ashtray and lighter from a drawer as Joe and Tyra sat cross-legged on the pillows.

Frank turned the stereo on and the sound of Indian drums and chants, mixed with guitars and synthesizers, filled the room as he sat on the last pillow and loaded the pipe. The fragrant smell of high-quality marijuana filled the air as Frank took a deep breath, holding the smoke in as he passed the pipe to Tyra.

"I don't usually smoke," Tyra said, "but this is different. Thank you, Big Bear." She took a long toke, filling her lungs and holding her breath as she handed Joe the pipe. A dreamy floating feeling drifted over her, coupled with an intensely sharp awareness of her body.

Tyra's cross-legged position pulled her folds open, exposing her bright pink pussy, which was already glistening with her juices. Frank and Joe's cocks remained soft but grew longer and thicker as they looked at her. Her nipples hardened as she stared at the brothers.

The heat in Tyra's body continued building as they passed the pipe. The music flowed over her, its primal rhythms increasing her desire for the two sexy naked men sitting next to her.

The pipe went out and Frank emptied the gray powder from the bowl into the ashtray. "Does anyone want more?" he asked. Tyra shook her head in slow motion, giggling at the sensation of her hair brushing her bare shoulders. Joe just laughed. Frank picked up the paraphernalia and put it back in the drawer, then returned to his seat.

Tyra was moaning softly as she ran her hands over her inner thighs. The brothers stared at Tyra, growing hard as she stroked her folds. The trio rose to their knees. Tyra slid her middle finger deep into her snatch while the brothers licked and sucked her breasts.

"I need to get fucked now!" Tyra announced, pushing Joe onto his back and straddling his hips, facing him. "Oh yeah, Little Bear!" she gasped, lowering her pussy onto Joe's stiff rod. "That's so good!" Tyra whispered as Joe began moving inside her.

She looked dreamily at Frank. "Come on, Big Bear," she said. "I've got another hole for you to fuck."

As Frank lubricated her ass, Tyra muttered "I've gone from 'anal virgin' to 'butt slut' in two hours. I never realized . . . Oh yeah Big Bear!" She humped Joe frantically as Frank took her ass with slow strokes, giving her time to relax as he stretched and filled her. It wasn't long before his balls were pressed against her butt cheeks.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Tyra cried, taking both brothers' cocks with a smooth rolling motion. Frank gripped her waist to hold her steady while Joe fondled her breasts, pinching her swollen nipples.

Frank and Joe held Tyra upright as she came, fiercely clamping their stiff rods with her pussy and asshole. The brothers stayed deep inside Tyra after her climax had run its course, supporting her while her breath and heartbeat returned to normal.

"That was so good!" Tyra gasped, bending forward to kiss Joe on the mouth. Frank was still behind her. He kissed the back of Tyra's neck while she kissed his hand, then licked and sucked his fingers.

"Am I part of the tribe now?" she asked, looking into Joe's eyes.

"Almost, Baby Eagle," a deep bass voice answered. A higher-pitched voice added "You will be a full member when the joining ceremony is complete."

Startled, Tyra jerked her head in the direction of the voices. A naked man and woman were standing just inside the door, holding hands. "These are our parents, Bill and Carol," she heard Joe say. Their family names are 'Black Bear' and 'Honey Bear.'"

Bill was 6' 2", with short thick black hair lightly sprinkled with gray, brown eyes, and the muscles of a competition bodybuilder. His erect penis was a bigger version of Frank and Joe's tools, 7" long and 2" thick, with a plow-shaped head 2-3/4" across, and a flaring Vee running down to his deep corneal ring. His balls and pubic hair were shaved.

Carol's trim body was 5' 10" tall, with the sleek build of a runner and swimmer. Her curly shoulder-length brunette hair was matched by a thick triangular pubic thatch, pointing toward her hairless mound and neat brown folds. The wide tan areolas in her big firm breasts were swollen into domes and her thick brown nipples were long and hard. Her hairless mound and puffy purple-brown folds were slick with her juices.

Tyra rocked slowly, moving Frank and Joe's cocks inside her as she grinned at the sexy couple. "I hope you're part of the ceremony," she said.

"Definitely!" Bill answered, standing over Joe with his stiff prick in Tyra's face. She licked his balls and shaft before stretching her mouth around his oversized head, tasting pre-cum and fresh pussy juice. Bill must have fucked Carol while they were watching Tyra with Frank and Joe.

"That's good, Baby Eagle!" Bill gasped as Tyra tongue probed his cum-slit. She squeezed his balls and stroked the base of his rod as she sucked him, going faster and taking more of his tool down her throat as her excitement increased.

Tyra started cumming, frantically jacking Bill's dick as he fucked her face. It was throbbing as Frank and Joe's swollen tools pumped hot cream into her convulsing cunt and asshole.

Exhausted, she let Bill's penis slip out of her mouth. He caught her as she slumped, lifting her off the brothers and lying her on her back. She closed her eyes, sinking into the warm glow that filled her body.

When Tyra opened her eyes again, she saw Bill and Carol smiling down at her. They were sitting cross-legged on the bed and she was lying between them. Joe and Frank were gone.

"Wow!" she whispered. "That was great! What now?"





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