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Family Nudist Camp 5

Tyra MacDonald slowed her pickup at the discreet sign reading "Lone Star Ranch" and turned onto the side road. She stopped in front of the main gate, which had a video camera, an electronic lock, and a keypad.

She pressed the button labeled "office." After a moment, a warm deep female voice answered. As soon as she'd announced herself, the woman on the intercom said, "Hi, Baby. This is Anne. It's good to have you back so soon."

"Frank and Joe invited me to come swimming," Tyra answered. "I didn't have too much work this morning, so I decided to take them up on it."

"Great!" Anne said. "Joe told me to assign you a key code. Stop by the office and I'll give it to you. It's not so busy today."

The gate swung open and Tyra drove through the pine forest past the narrow roads leading to camping areas and cabins to the central clearing.

The office was a small log house across the road from the Olympic-sized swimming pool and gym. She parked her truck and walked into the lobby. It felt more like a living room than a business.

Anne Bullock, the Lone Star Ranch manager, was a tall voluptuous athletic black woman in her early forties, with smooth coffee-and-cream-colored skin, large firm breasts with wide dark chocolate areolas and thick cylindrical nipples, big smoothly-rounded buttocks, and long hair cascading down to her shoulders.

"Hello Tyra," Anne said, rushing to hug the younger woman. "It's so good to see you again. I'm glad you came when I'm not running around madly, trying to keep this place going."

"I understand what it's like," Tyra answered. "I manage the Rocking M ranch. She was 25, tall and slender with curly sun-bleached brown hair and sparkling green eyes, wearing battered cowboy boots, tight blue jeans and a form-fitting tank-top.

"Let me get you the key code while I'm thinking of it," Anne said. "Shall I call the house? It will only take Frank and Joe a few minutes to get here."

"There's no hurry," Tyra answered, staring at the sexy black woman's rolling buttocks and swinging thighs as Anne walked over to the desk against the wall and bent over to retrieve a slip of paper from a bottom drawer, exposing the dark brown puckered circle between her butt cheeks and the thin line of purple flesh splitting her mound, almost hidden under her thick curly pubic hair.

She normally wasn't interested in women, but Tyra felt her nipples hardening and the heat growing between her legs as she watched Anne return. She thanked her and slipped the paper into the back pocket of her blue jeans after memorizing the number on it.

"There's no reason for me to stay dressed," Tyra said. The tank top's thin tightly-stretched fabric seemed painted on her breasts and hard nipples. She was pleased at the way Anne watched her as she pulled the tank top over her head, revealing her firm little pear-shaped breasts, with wide tan areolas and hard pink nipples.

Tyra sat on the sofa to remove her boots, white work socks, and blue jeans. She spread her legs to show Anne her plain white panties' damp crotch before taking the filmy garment off.

The thick dark brown hair covering her mound matched the long curly sun-bleached brown hair on her head. Her pussy lips were neat rolls of puffy tan flesh, the same shade as her areolas.

Wordlessly, she rose to her feet and moved into Anne's arms. Their breasts pressed together as they kissed passionately, rubbing hard nipples and running hands over each others' thighs and buttocks.

"Come on, Baby," Anne said, taking Tyra's hand and leading her down the hall, past a bathroom and an office with a desk and filing cabinets to a room with heavy curtains and a double bed.

Tyra ran her hands over Anne's heavy breasts, feeling the heat spread through her body as she pinched and twisted the woman's swollen nipples.

"I've never done this before," Tyra confessed. "I fooled around with other girls when we were teenagers, but I've never been with a grown woman."

"Are you afraid?" Anne's rich warm deep voice washed over her like a comforting blanket.

"No, I want this more than I ever imagined," Tyra whispered.

Tyra laughed. "I had a fantasy a few nights ago. I was a teenage virgin girl, flying to see my explorer father. The plane crashed in the jungle and I was the only survivor. A big black Amazon rescued me and taught me to be a woman."

She gasped in surprise and delight as Anne picked her up and carried her to the bed. "Oh yeah!" she cried. "I'm your eager little virgin. Take me any way you want."

Anne lay Tyra on the bed and straddled her chest, lowering her big heavy breasts onto the young woman's face. "Eat my tits, Baby!" she commanded. "Lick and kiss them. Suck my nipples. Oh yeah! You do that good, for a virgin."

She finally pulled away and kissed Tyra on the lips and face before moving down her body. Tyra moaned as Anne played with her little breasts. "Yeah!" she cried as the black woman pulled her pussy open and slid her tongue inside. "Eat me, sexy Amazon Baby! Make a real woman out of me!"

Tyra screamed as Anne licked her pussy and sucked her clit, cumming until she finally collapsed on the bed, exhausted. Anne lay beside her and she moved into the big woman's arms. "I've never come that hard from being eaten," she gasped, kissing Anne.

It only took Tyra a minute to recover her breath. "My big beautiful Amazon," she whispered. "You really are teaching me to be a woman!"

Anne rolled onto her back and guided Tyra's head between her open thighs. "It's time for your next lesson," she growled. Anne fondled her tits, pinching and twisting her swollen nipples as Tyra's tongue probed her hot snatch. She was already on the edge of orgasm when Tyra's lips closed on her clit, sucking it like a tiny cock.

Tyra held on as Anne screamed and thrashed, her face battered by the big woman's rocking pelvis, cumming herself as she kept Anne's climax going, thrusting rough fingers into the black woman's wet cunt and sucking her clit.

Anne finally lay limp on the bed and Tyra moved back to kiss her. "My little virgin learns fast!" she said. "You must have some Amazon blood of your own."

"I have a good, sexy teacher," Tyra answered. After that, they were both silent, lying in each others' arms in warm contentment for long minutes.

A tone sounded from the front room. It was gentle but penetrating.

"That's the gate," Anne sighed. "It's time to get back to work." She and Tyra kissed quickly, then rose from the bed.

"You don't work all the time," Tyra said. "I want to get a lot more love lessons from my sexy Amazon teacher."

"Don't worry, Explorer Girl," Anne answered, kissing Tyra again. "I've got a lot planned for my little almost-virgin. We'll get together again soon." She rushed out to the lobby to answer the intercom.

Tyra walked into the front room just as Anne finished talking to the new guests and opened the front gate. "I called the big house," she said. "Frank and Joe will be meeting me at the pool in a few minutes."

Anne hugged Tyra. "Is this just a swimming date, or is something else going to happen?" she asked, her eyes gleaming mischievously. "Girls are wonderful, but I really love cock!" she confided.

"Joe and I did it yesterday," Tyra confessed, giggling with nervous excitement. "We accidentally met at the property line and . . . it just happened." She blushed slightly. "Afterwards, I told Joe I wanted to have him and Frank together."

"I'll bet he liked the idea," Anne said. "You're a lucky girl! The brothers are really sexy and fun!"

A car stopped outside. Anne kissed Tyra quickly as the car doors slammed. She turned away to greet the guests as the front door opened.

"I'll see you later," Tyra said casually, giving Anne a hug before walking out the door and crossing the road to the pool.

The Olympic swimming pool was enclosed by a 4' wire fence. Tyra opened the gate and stepped inside. A wide concrete apron, scattered with patio furniture, surrounded the pool. The showers were spray heads mounted over drains at the back edge of the patio. The only permanent structure was a corrugated metal building housing the bathrooms.

Tyra took a towel from a hamper and looked around. There was no-one in sight. She dropped the towel on a nearby chaise lounge, climbed the ladder to the 10' diving board, walked to the end and looked around the wide clearing that housed the Lone Star Ranch compound.

The concrete and glass gym, its roof gleaming with solar panels, was separated from the pool area by a grassy meadow 30' wide. Frank and Joe came around the gym's back corner, stopping in surprise when they saw her.

"Wow!" Frank whispered, staring at Tyra's tall slender muscular body, with her little pear-shaped breasts and thick brown pubic hair. "She's even hotter than I imagined!"

Already excited from her encounter with Anne, Tyra felt her nipples grow even tighter and the heat in her pussy increase as she looked down at the brothers.

Frank was 6' 2" tall and 21 years old, with buzz-cut black hair and brown eyes. Joe was 2" shorter and a year younger. He had curly dark brown collar-length hair and bright blue eyes. Both had the sculpted muscles of competition body-builders and long thick cocks, which were already starting to stiffen as they grinned up at her.

Tyra smiled back and turned away as the men approached, showing them her sexy ass as she walked back to the ladder. Turning smoothly, she covered the length of the board in a few graceful bounds and launched herself in a smooth arc, barely disturbing the surface as she arrowed into the water. Swimming underwater with powerful dolphin strokes, she reached the shallow end in seconds, surfacing to see Frank and Joe standing at the pool's edge.

Both men were now fully erect. Frank's cock was 6-1/2" long and 1-3/4" thick. Joe's was only slightly smaller. Their rods had broad plow-shaped heads, with flaring Vees running down to their deep corneal rings. Their big bulging balls were shaved clean. Frank's pubic hair was closely cropped while Joe was shaved. Pre-cum gleamed from both their tips.

She stood up, pleased that she wasn't breathing hard. She was in good shape and swimming was easier without the drag of a suit. Her breasts were heavy and firm with elongated pink nipples in the center of swollen wide tan areolas.

"I couldn't wait," Tyra said, spreading her legs and squeezing her thighs as she stared up at Frank and Joe. "I just got so hot!" She arched her back and slid her hands up to cover her breasts, spreading her fingers to show her hard nipples.

"Come play with me!" she concluded, emphasizing the word "come" as she fell backwards in the water and started a leisurely butterfly stroke which displayed her breasts and bulging mound with puffy pussy lips as she gradually moved away from the men.

Frank and Joe dived smoothly into the pool. Tyra twisted into a crawl stroke and the three raced for the far side. She got there first, but had to work at it. She caught the edge, twisted and kicked off, but they caught her, sandwiching her body between theirs and kicking to keep their heads above water.

Tyra's breasts were flattened against Frank's chest and his stiff rod pressed against her belly. His hands were on her hips, holding her up. "Kiss me," she whispered. Frank placed his lips against hers, following her in a relaxed erotic dance.

With sudden fear, Tyra realized that Joe's prick, just as hard as Frank's, was between her buttocks. She stiffened briefly then calmed. He wasn't trying to put it up her ass, just holding her waist and kicking gently, pushing them toward the pool's shallow end.

They stopped in chest-deep water. Standing on tip-toe, Tyra stood between the brothers with a cock in each hand, stroking their stiff pricks while the men took turns kissing her.

She filled her lungs with air, released the brothers' dicks, and let her arms go limp by her sides, increasing her buoyancy and allowing her to rise to the pool's surface. As usual, her feet weighed her down and she kicked slowly to keep from sinking.

Frank put his hands under Tyra's ankles, supporting her feet and allowing her to float effortlessly. She closed her eyes and drifted weightlessly, physically relaxed but sharply aware of her body's burning desire.

Joe moved behind Tyra's head and put his forearms under her shoulders and his hands on her breasts, bending forward to kiss her mouth. "I'm so hot!" she whispered, opening her legs.

While Joe supported Tyra's upper body, Frank gripped her thighs, lifted her vulva out of the water and slid his tongue between her folds.


Tyra rocked her hips as Joe played with her tits and Frank ate her out. "Oh fuck!" she moaned. "I'm cumming!" The brothers kept her orgasm going until she lay still in the water, gasping for breath and supported by the men.

It only took her a minute to recover. Tyra lifted her head and looked at Frank, who was still standing between her open legs. "Fuck me now!" she whispered.

Joe continued supporting Tyra's shoulders and fondling her breasts while Frank let her pelvis sink until it was level with his hard rod.

"Yeah! That's right!" Tyra gasped as Frank's broad plow-shaped head nosed into her pussy mouth. "Push it in! Don't worry about being gentle, you won't hurt me!"

"Fuck, that feels wild!" she cried as Frank's thick tool displaced the small amount of pool water that had entered her vagina as he opened her. He stretched and filled her with one long slow stroke, stopping with his hairless balls pressing against her soaked thatch.

"That's so good!" she said, clamping Frank with her muscular snatch. She was wet inside again, but not from the pool water. "Give it to me hard!"

Water resistance slowed Frank's thrusts, but he and Tyra quickly found a rocking motion which pushed them both steadily toward orgasm. Heavy ripples splashed against the pool's sides.

"This is like screwing Poseidon!" Tyra gasped as the heat spread through her body. "Oh God, I'm cumming!" she screamed.

"Yeah, Baby!" Frank gasped, hammering Tyra as her convulsing cunt gripped his pole, shooting wave after wave of hot cream deep inside her.

Tyra clamped her thighs around Frank's hips to keep him inside as she pulled away from Joe, gripping Frank's shoulders and flattening her breasts against his chest as she kissed him.

Once again, Joe placed his pole between Tyra's butt-cheeks, not trying to press into her rosebud, but simply sliding up and down. She tightened her buttocks, feeling the heat from the still-hard cock in her pussy multiply. "Oh fuck!" she gasped, starting to cum again.

Spent, she lay limp in the water. The brothers floated her to the shallow end, then carried her up the steps. "Wow!" Tyra said dreamily. It took a moment to realize she was still floating because the men were supporting her. "I'm all right. You can put me down."

Joe and Frank exchanged glances and grinned. "All right, you asked for it," Joe said. "You're a cheap whore." Frank added, "And a lousy fuck."

Tyra looked shocked for a quarter-second, then laughed heartily. The brothers joined in. "I'm screwing two of The Three Stooges!" she finally gasped before another laughing fit overcame her.

"Seriously," Tyra giggled again, "I can stand all right. Please set me down on my feet."

They complied and she kissed one man, then the other. "I'm ready to play lots more," she said, "but I want to do it in a bed."

Joe and Frank grinned. "The house is close," Joe said. "And our bedroom is ready," Frank added.

The trio showered and dried off quickly, then walked up the wide path to the big house, holding hands.



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