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Family Nudist Camp 4

The mountain bike lifted off the ground as Joe Maryville jumped a six-inch stream running across the trail.

He was 20 years old and 6' tall, with the sculpted muscles of a competition body-builder. He had curly dark brown collar-length hair and bright blue eyes. Except for his high-topped sneakers, cross-country helmet and long-fingered gloves, he was naked.

The trail rose steeply and Joe pushed his speed until he was breathing hard. It was early on a Wednesday morning in late spring. The feel of the sun and wind on his bare skin excited him and his cock stiffened as he climbed.

The evergreen forest thinned out at the top of the hill, where a barb wire fence marked the boundary between Lone Star Ranch and the adjoining Rocking-M. Joe grinned as he saw the figure standing beside the parked pickup truck, fixing a break in the fence.

He called out and Tyra MacDonald, the Rocking-M manager, looked up from her work. Her eyes widened when she saw Joe naked on the mountain bike, pulling up in front of her. His penis had softened, but was still long and thick.

Tyra was 25 years old, tall, slender and muscular from tough ranch work, with curly sun-bleached brown hair and sparkling green eyes. She was wearing her usual battered cowboy hat and boots, tight blue jeans and an unbuttoned man's shirt over a form-fitting tank-top.

She'd met Joe and his older brother Frank on Monday at the bus station. They'd come home from college early as a surprise. There was nobody to pick them up, so Tyra gave them a ride.

"I've never been to Lone Star Ranch," she'd said, fantasizing about seeing the brothers naked. "Do I have to take my clothes off?" Her nipples, already erect, had grown harder at the thought of baring her body.

"No, that's completely optional!" Frank had laughed. There were pronounced bulges in his and Joe's shorts and she had been sure the men could smell the juices soaking her panties.

At the ranch, they stopped to talk to Anne Bullock, the manager. She was a tall voluptuous black woman in her early forties, dressed only in hiking boots and a leather tool belt holding keys, PDA, phone and several pouches.

Tyra was fascinated by Anne's heavy chocolate breasts and large smoothly-rounded buttocks and found it hard to keep from staring at Anne's body.

"Come back this weekend for a swim," Joe had urged as he and Frank were unloading their luggage at the big log house. "There will be lots of people here then. Nobody will think you're weird if you wear a swimsuit, but you'll be so comfortable you won't want one."

"Being naked isn't always sexual," Frank had added. "It's just being natural, and comfortable with your body."

"What if I like being sexual?" Tyra had asked teasingly.

"That's natural, too!" Joe had answered. Tyra hugged him, flattening her breasts against his chest and pressing her crotch against the bone in his shorts.

"I'd better go!" she'd said huskily, kissing Joe quickly, then turning to give Frank an equally intimate embrace. "Chores don't do themselves."

"I will see you this weekend . . . if not sooner." Tyra had climbed into her pickup and roared away. She'd been so turned on, it was hard to concentrate on driving.

"Hi Joe," Tyra said as the naked man leaned the mountain bike against the fence. "It's good to see you again."

She tried to keep her eyes on Joe's face as he removed his helmet and gloves, but the sight of his sculpted chest and flat belly relentlessly guided her gaze to his clean-shaven pubic area, long thick penis and hairless balls.

"Good morning, Tyra," Joe answered. Her shirt was open and her form-fitting tank-top revealed her erect nipples. His cock stirred at the sight. Even with his relaxed nudist attitudes, being naked with a fully-clothed woman was a big turn-on.

"It's good to see you so soon, rather than having to wait until Saturday," Joe said. "I'm a little surprised you're mending fences personally. I thought the Rocking-M had three hired hands."

"Sitting around an office with computers and spreadsheets isn't much fun," Tyra answered. "I like to get my hands dirty and fixing this stretch of fence was a good way to get out. If I didn't need the pickup to haul tools and wire, I'd have ridden Blue."

"That's Bluebonnet Lightning, my three-year-old stallion," Tyra elaborated. "Grandma Mike gave him to me when I took the manager job and he's mine even if I leave. I spend as much time on him as I can."

"We should go riding," Joe said. "Lone Star Ranch has horses and I'm pretty good in the saddle."

"I bet you are!" Tyra said automatically, then blushed. After an instant of awkward silence, she and Joe both laughed, a little nervously.

"I'm ready to take a break," Tyra said. "I have a blanket and lemonade. There's a shady grove a quarter mile away. Want to join me?"

"Sure!" Joe answered, springing over the fence. Tyra winced as his penis swung near the wicked barbs, but he avoided them with easy grace, landing lightly beside her.

"This is strange," Tyra said as they approached the truck.

"Being outdoors with a naked man?" Joe asked.

"Yeah, but not in the way I'd expected," she answered thoughtfully. "It feels like you belong here and I'm out of place in these clothes."

"That's easily fixed," Joe answered, grinning.

"It sure is!" Tyra agreed brightly. She lowered the tailgate and laid a saddle blanket from the pickup bed on the ground behind it.

Joe watched appreciatively as she removed her battered cowboy hat and work shirt, then sat on the tailgate to take her boots and tight blue jeans off, leaving her dressed in white work socks, plain white panties and the tank top.

She wasn't wearing a bra and the tank top's thin tightly-stretched fabric seemed painted on Tyra's breasts and hard nipples. Sitting on the tailgate with her legs spread to show her panties' damp crotch, she pulled the tank top over her head, grinning at Joe's swelling penis.

Tyra pushed her panties down around her ankles. One foot came out easily, but the other one caught. She laughed and kicked, sending the filmy garment flying off into the pasture.

She stood up on the saddle blanket and turned to face Joe, naked except for her socks. Her green eyes were sparkling with excitement.

Tyra's tall body was slender and muscular. Her B-cup breasts were firm and pear-shaped, with wide tan areolas and hard pink nipples.

The thick dark brown hair covering her mound matched the long curly sun-bleached brown hair on her head. Her pussy lips were neat rolls of puffy tan flesh, the same shade as her areolas.

"I never realized it would feel this good!" Tyra whispered, climbing into the pickup bed and standing with her arms and legs spread, exposing her body to the sun, sky and the world around them.

She jumped onto the saddle blanket and kissed Joe quickly before putting her boots on. "I'm ready to go now," she said, taking a vacuum flask and blanket from the truck cab.

Joe and Tyra walked to the grove hand-in-hand. "How's your family?" she asked. "It must be great being back together."

"It is," Joe agreed. "We're very close. Frank and I are coming home after we graduate from college."

"Where is your brother?" Tara asked as they spread the blanket in a shady spot. "Not that I mind being alone with you . . ."

"Lone Star Ranch has always been a family business," Joe answered. "Frank and I do a lot of work when we're home on vacation."

"Mom convinced Anne Bullock to spend the day at the lake with her," he continued. "Dad is covering for Anne. Frank is upgrading the accounting software. I didn't have anything to do this morning and I love naked mountain biking. It's not something I can do in Cambridge."

They removed their shoes, boots and socks and sat cross-legged on the blanket with their knees almost touching.

Tyra's nipples grew even tighter when she realized her spread legs pulled her pussy lips open, showing Joe a little of her hot pink interior.

"How's Mike?" Joe asked, looking into Tyra's eyes and pretending not to notice her open mound, already glistening with her juices. "Frank and I have known her since we were babies. She's our third grandmother."

Tyra's heart pounded in her chest as she stared at Joe, trying to focus on his face rather than his body. Even soft, his penis was long and thick. It was easy to imagine it erect.

Her hands trembled slightly as she unscrewed the cup from the vacuum flask and poured lemonade into it. "Here, you go first," Tyra said, handing the cup to Joe. She was surprised that her voice was steady. "I'm sure you don't mind sharing."

"That's good lemonade!" Joe said, drinking half the liquid in one long swallow and passing the cup to Tyra. "Our family has always been close to the MacDonald clan," he continued. "We've shared a lot more than drinks."

"Mom's an executive in Philadelphia and I grew up there," Tyra said. " I was born before she married Dad, which is why my name's MacDonald, rather than Bolens."

"Dad's a born-again Christian. Mom fell out with Mike after she married him and adopted his faith. They think she's a sinner. Mom and Dad wouldn't pay for me to go to Texas A & M, so I worked my way through. They're not happy I'm managing the Rocking-M for Mike now, either."

"That's too bad," Joe answered. "Your parents probably wouldn't think much of the Maryville family. "We believe in that 'sinful' stuff about love, freedom and human potential."

"I love Mom and Dad, but I never fit in," Tyra said, finishing the cup and setting it down. "When I met Mike I felt I was really home for the first time."

Almost unconsciously, she leaned toward Joe. "Mike showed me how to live!"

Tyra's lips met Joe's. They were still cool and sweet from the lemonade, but they warmed quickly as the kisses rapidly progressed from soft and tender to passionate and open-mouthed.

Joe and Tyra rose to their knees as one. He wrapped his arms around her back, pulling their bodies together and flattening her breasts against his chest.

She gripped his buttocks, moaning in pleasure at the feel of his male hardness as she rubbed her belly against his erect dick.

"Let's lie down," Tyra whispered. "I want you to fuck me now!"

"You're a lot like Mike," Joe said as he moved to give Tyra space on the blanket. "She grabs everything by the horns and runs with it!" He grinned at Tyra's expression. "I guess that garbles a few clichés," he laughed.

Tyra wrapped her fingers around Joe's rigid pole and gently pulled him to kneel between her open thighs. "I don't need clichés," she giggled, then dropped her voice to a sultry growl. "Just your big hard cock!"

Pre-cum was running over Joe's broad plow-shaped head and down his shaft. Tyra's curly brown pubic hair was moist with her juices.

"Oh fuck!" she moaned as he slipped a finger into her folds. She was hot and slick inside. "Please Baby! Give it to me right now!"

Joe pulled his finger out and pressed his stiff prick between her swollen brown pussy lips. "Oh God Joe!" Tyra growled as he slowly slid into her. "I've been dreaming about you. This is even better than my fantasies!"

"You're a hot sexy Cowgirl," Joe gasped as her slick muscular snatch clamped his pole. He pushed forward until his balls were pressed against her furry mound.

Tyra held still, carried away by the feeling of having Joe deep inside her. "Fuck yeah!" she whispered. After a moment, she started rocking her hips, slowly at first but gaining speed like an accelerating locomotive, with Joe's cock moving like a piston inside her.

Tyra grabbed Joe's hands and placed them on her firm breasts. "Play with my tits while you fuck me!" she commanded. "Don't hold back. I'm a tough cowgirl and I like it rough!"

"You've got it, Cowgirl!" Joe said, grinning wickedly. "I've been thinking about you too and I'm ready to give you exactly what you want!"

"Yeah, that's right!" Tyra cried as Joe's fingers dug into her flesh. "Squeeze my tits while you fuck me hard!" The pain as he pinched her hard nipples magically increased the pleasure from the friction of his hot rod sliding in and out of her hot tight cunt.

"Oh God, Baby! That's so good!" The heat in her breasts and between her legs radiated through her body as she slapped her hips against his. "Ride me hard, Cowboy! I'm cumming!"

"Cum for me, Cowgirl!" Joe cried, driving his throbbing rod deep into Tyra's convulsing snatch. "Cum for me hard!"

"God, yeah!" Tyra screamed as Joe's hot juice flooded her pussy. "Shoot your gun, Cowboy! Shoot it deep inside me! Fill me with your hot cum! Oh God! Oh fuck!!" Her screams filled the quiet grove as he slammed her over and over, releasing another pulse with each thrust.

Finally spent, Joe lowered his upper body onto Tyra's chest, supporting part of his weight with his elbows as they kissed passionately. His penis, only slightly softened, remained deep inside her.

"Sexy Cowboy!" Tyra purred. Her orgasm had increased her desire, rather than reducing it. She held her pussy muscles tight and rocked her hips slowly, keeping Joe stimulated. "This is the best ever! Doing this outside in broad daylight makes me feel so free!"

"Despite all our civilization and technology, we're still wild creatures at heart," Joe answered. "Sometimes we need to get rid of our clothes and inhibitions and reconnect with nature and ourselves."

"We're certainly connected with nature now!" Tyra purred, clamping Joe's pole even tighter and moving her hips faster. "And your big hard cock's connected to my tight hot snatch! It's so fucking good! Give it to me again! . . . Please!"

"Yeah Cowgirl!" Joe responded, pumping Tyra's muscular cunt until she screamed and thrashed from a violent orgasm. His dick throbbed, but it was too soon to shoot again. He continued fucking her, keeping her orgasm going until she collapsed on the blanket gasping for breath.

Joe lay still between Tyra's legs. She was spread-eagled on the blanket, limp with her eyes closed, her ragged breathing making her breasts undulate erotically.

"No!" Tyra moaned as Joe's softening penis slipped out of her pussy.

"Don't worry, Cowgirl," he answered, lying beside Tyra and taking her in his arms. "I've got a lot more for you."

"I bet you do!" Tyra agreed. She'd recovered her breath and she kissed Joe passionately. He could feel her heart beating rapidly as he held her.

"My sexy Cowboy gave me a great ride!" Tyra purred. "Joe, you're such a good lover I feel lucky you have time for me. You must have a whole string of sexy fillies lined up . . ."

"It's not like that!" Joe protested. "I'm not like that! You're really special! Our family is very close and I can already tell you'll fit in. Grandpa's a hippie and he'll say we were fated to meet."

"Fated to fuck like minks!" Tyra giggled, kissing Joe again.

"Mike's known your grandparents for over 35 years and she's told me a lot about them. Their hippie names are 'Mountain Storm' and 'Rainbow.' Mike is named 'Mother Eagle.'"

"Those are 'family' names," Joe answered. "We all have them. Mom and Dad are 'Honey Bear' and 'Black Bear,' while Frank and I are 'Big Bear' and 'Little Bear.'"

"Mike calls me 'Baby Eagle' sometimes," Tyra confided. "It makes me feel good to have a private name. It's a part of me I only share with special people."

"Here's something else I don't share often," she whispered, rolling Joe onto his back and kneeling beside him.

Joe's penis had softened after his near-orgasm, but it stiffened rapidly as Tyra took him in her mouth, running her lips up and down his shaft. The mingled tastes of his semen and her juices were almost overpowering as she sucked his cock-head, probing his cum-slit with her tongue.

"Oh yeah, Cowgirl!" Joe gasped as Tyra's fingers closed on his balls, rhythmically squeezing them as she sucked his dick. "You're so good! . . . Oh!"

Joe rolled his hips, driving his stiff cock in and out of Tyra's eager mouth. She took him eagerly, gripping his balls and stroking his shaft, pulling away just long enough to gasp "Fuck my face, Baby! As hard as you want!"

"Oh Baby Eagle!" Joe cried, roughly gripping one of Tyra's breasts and pinching her nipple as her head bobbed over his thrusting crotch.

"Ummmmm!" Tyra purred as Joe's hot juice filled her mouth. He screamed and jerked, shooting almost endlessly as she milked him, sucking his throbbing cock-head while relentlessly jacking his stiff rod and squeezing his swollen nuts.

She kept him going even after the juice was gone, thrashing on the blanket until he finally gasped "No more!" and gently pushed her away.

"Oh Little Bear!" Tyra whispered, straddling Joe's hips and bending forward to kiss him open-mouthed. The taste of his cum on her lips and tongue was strong.

He fondled her firm breasts and pinched her hard nipples as they continued kissing. Her puffy pussy lips brushed his spent cock, keeping him erect.

Joe gripped Tyra's waist and pulled her body forward until her breasts were hanging over his face. "Yeah Little Bear! Play with my tits!" Tyra moaned as he kissed and licked her heavy flesh.

Like riding a horse bareback, she gripped Joe's waist with her thighs and rubbed her mound against his flat belly. The friction heat spread rapidly through her body, merging with the sensations generated by his experienced hands and mouth. She'd almost melted when he lifted her off his body.

"Jesus, Little Bear!" Tyra muttered as he laid her on her back and knelt at the edge of the blanket with his head between her spread thighs.

He stared at her open vulva in fascination for several seconds. Inside her puffy brown outer lips, Tyra was pink and gleaming wet.

Joe slipped his tongue into Tyra's hot wet tunnel, tasting her juices and his own cum. He thrust into her slippery walls as far as his tongue could reach and was rewarded with a fresh flow of juice. He lapped and sucked it greedily.

"Joe, that's so good," Tyra whispered dreamily as his tongue probed her sweet interior, surrendering herself to the pleasurable sensations.

"Oh fuck yeah!" she cried as Joe slid his tongue to the top of her folds, slipping under her clit hood and stroking her little swollen bud.

"Eat me, Little Bear!" Tyra moaned as Joe wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked her hard. "Eat my hot snatch!"

"Oh my God!" Tyra gasped as Joe alternated between caressing her swollen clitoris and thrusting his tongue deep into her hot slick wet interior. "Eat me Joe! Do it just like that!"

She suddenly screamed and clamped Joe's head with her thighs. He held on as she writhed on the bed, splashing his face with her juices, driving his tongue deep into her pussy as her fleshy mound battered his nose and cheeks, keeping her cumming until she collapsed on the blanket gasping for breath.

"Baby, that was so good," Tyra whispered, opening her eyes and grinning at Joe. She pulled him down on top of her, her hard nipples pressing into his flat chest as their lips met, mouths opening and tongues seeking . . .

"You taste so good!" she giggled after licking his face.

"Yeah, that's your taste!" Joe answered. "I've never had a woman spray me like that before."

"You're a special man," Tyra said. "I don't gush like that very often."

They kissed again, and again, until Tyra finally said, "Joe, you're hard again. Do you think you can . . ."

He could and did, pushing her to a long screaming orgasm before shooting deep inside her.

Afterwards, they lay together, kissing softly and enjoying the closeness of their cooling bodies.

"I'm ruined!" Tyra said dreamily. "I never want to wear clothes again! This is the way my body should be . . . bare under the warm blue sky!"

She suddenly laughed and sat up. "You've done something to me . . . no not just that . . ." Tyra laughed again as she poured more lemonade, draining the cup, then refilling it and handing it to Joe, who drank equally thirstily.

"The world changed when you got off the bus with your brother," Tyra continued. "The process had already started when I met Aunt Mike, but everything has completely shifted now. I'm not sure who I am, but I'm eager to find out."

"Welcome to real life . . . Pilgrim!" Joe drawled, kissing Tyra. The lemonade on their lips and tongues tasted sweet and tart.

"Until I met you, I'd be afraid to tell a man this, especially right after our first time . . ." Tyra giggled, nervous in spite of herself. "I guess I should say times . . ."

Joe was silent, looking at Tyra encouragingly. "My boyfriend was cheating on me. I was glad to take the job with Aunt Mike and get away from him but it's been a while since I've had a man," she said. "Every night since I met you at the bus station, I've been masturbating and fantasizing about you."

"That's something a man always loves hearing," Joe replied cautiously.

"We've just had great sex . . . and I want a lot more . . . but I have to be honest. I've been fantasizing about you . . . and another man . . ."

"Yeah?" Joe responded calmly. "Anyone I know?"

"Your brother Frank."

"That shows good taste," Joe said, waiting for Tyra to continue.

"I've been fantasizing about making love one-on-one with you and also with Frank, but I'm also having a kinky fantasy about fucking both of you at the same time. I hope that doesn't scare you."





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