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Family Nudist Camp 3

"Here's the road," Jack Ketcham said, looking at the map printed from the Lone Star Ranch website. He was an athletic 18-year-old, with a tall slender body, bright green eyes and unruly black hair curling over his ears and neck.

"Great!" Jack's father Don replied, slowing the rental car and turning onto the county road. Don was 39, with a tall solid well-muscled body. Like Jack, he was dressed in shorts and a tank top, showing the heavy black hair covering his arms, legs and chest. He was bald, with his remaining curly black hair cut short.

"It's only a couple more miles," Don continued. "The guys on the gay forums really raved about this place and I can't wait to see it in person."

"I'm excited, but kind of scared about going to a nudist camp," Jack said. "Everybody will be naked and I'm afraid I'll get a hard-on."

"Don't be-self conscious," Don answered, squeezing Jack's thigh. "It won't be like that. It's a relaxed environment where the nudity isn't sexual, until people want it to be. Then, the sex is really intense!"

A discreet sign reading "Lone Star Ranch" pointed to a side road. Don turned and stopped in front of the main gate, which had a video camera, an electronic lock and a keypad.

The keypad had a button labeled "office." Don pressed it and a pleasant male voice answered. Don talked to the man for a moment, then the gate swung open. The road to the office wound along tall trees. They drove past a number of narrow roads leading to camping areas and cabins.

The office was in a small log house. The lobby felt more like a living room than a business. "Hi, I'm Bill Maryville," a handsome muscular man Don's age said, coming out of a back room and extending his hand. He was naked and Jack's penis stiffened in his shorts as he tried to stop staring at the man's long thick swinging pole.

"It's great to have you staying with us," Bill said. His cock lengthened and thickened as he gazed at the sexy father and son. "You're going to have a lot of fun here!"

Bill and Don quickly ran through the sign-in ritual. "You must be tired after traveling from Brattleboro, Vermont," Bill commented.

"Yeah!" Don agreed. "It was a long trip to the airport and a three hour flight to Austin. We rented a car there and changed clothes. It's beautiful country and we enjoyed the drive, but we've been going since 3:00 AM." It was mid-afternoon on a Wednesday in late spring.

"We'll take care of that," Bill answered. "Frank!" he called.

"What is it, Dad?" a naked young man asked, emerging from another back room. He  was 6' 2" tall and 21 years old, with buzz-cut black hair and brown eyes. He had the sculpted muscles of a competition body-builder. His penis was almost as long and thick as Bill's.

Frank grinned at Don and Jack, letting his gaze linger on the bulge in Jack's shorts. "Welcome to Lone Star Ranch," he said.

"Frank, this is Don and Jack," Bill said, handing him a key on a neck strap. "They'll be staying in Cabin 7."

"That's a great place to stay," Frank said. "It has a beautiful canyon view." He was sure Don and Jack knew the cabin's back porch was a dozen yards away from the Ranch's most popular gay cruising trail.

"Come on," Frank said, starting for the door. "I'll lead you to the cabin." He climbed onto a mountain bike and took off. Don and Jack followed in their car.

"I'll have to wear shorts!" Jack groaned, staring at Frank's pumping buttocks, swinging cock and bouncing hairless balls. "I'm so hard now . . . I'll pop a boner as soon as I step outside!"

"I'm just as hard as you are!" Don growled. "Muscle Boy wants us just as badly as we want him! He knows what waving his sexy little asshole is doing to us! Look, he's getting an erection himself!"

Frank rode easily down the paved road, then onto a gravel side road, twisting uphill through the pine trees, enjoying the feel of sun and wind on his bare skin.

His cock stiffened. Riding naked often got him hard and sensing the lust of the men in the following car increased the effect. He bent over the handlebars and lifted his butt, giving Don and Jack an even more intimate view of his muscular ass and puckered hole.

They turned onto a side trail, winding several hundred yards to a clearing on the side of a deep canyon. A large log cabin faced the canyon.

Frank slammed the mountain bike around 180 degrees and skidded to a stop beside the cabin. He hopped off the bike, not even breathing hard. His erection subsided as he watched Don and Jack park and get out of their car, but he could still feel the heaviness in his cock and balls.

"Cabin 7 has a living room overlooking the canyon, a large bedroom with a king-sized bed, a bathroom with a shower and sunken tub, and a kitchen-dining area. The back door leads to an interesting hiking trail," Frank said as Don unlocked the door.

Jack had already popped the trunk. "Let's take the luggage inside," Don answered, returning to the car. "I don't want to come back out to get anything."

There were two suitcases and a computer briefcase. It only took the three men a minute stow the bags in the bedroom closet.

"There's an information packet on the kitchen counter," Frank said automatically. His penis lengthened and thickened as he gazed at the bulges in Don and Jack's shorts.

"If you've spent much time looking at our website, you already know what's in the packet. The printed map will be helpful until you learn your way around. There's also a formal event schedule for the week. You'll find out about the things that aren't on the schedule soon enough. Do you have any questions?"

Don and Jack stared at Frank with undisguised lust. "How long does your dick get?" Jack asked.

"Take your clothes off and you'll find out," Frank answered. He kicked his shoes and socks off, quickly growing to full hardness as he watched the sexy father and son strip. Freed from their confining shorts, Don and Jack's cocks snapped to instant attention.

Naked, all three men stood in a circle beside the bed, admiring each other's hard bodies and rigid poles.

Frank's cock was 6-1/2" long and 1-3/4" thick with a broad plow-shaped head. A flaring Vee ran down to his deep corneal ring. His big bulging balls were shaved and his pubic hair was closely cropped. Pre-cum was leaking from the tiny lips at his throbbing tip.

Don and Jack both had plow-shaped cock-heads flaring to 2" and 1-1/2" thick shafts. Don's penis was 6" long. At 5-3/4", Jack had nearly caught up with him in length. Jack's pubic region, like his arms and chest, had a light dusting of black hair. Don's crotch was a forest of the thick curly black hair that covered the rest of his body.

"You were right, Dad!" Jack said, kissing Don passionately. "We're going to have a lot of fun here!"

Frank wrapped his hands around Don and Jack's stiff rods and pulled the two men to him. The three fondled each others' cocks and balls as Don and Jack took turns tongue-kissing Frank.

Jack fell to his knees and pulled Don and Frank together, taking both of them in his mouth. He wrapped his thumb and index fingers around the bases of their rigid shafts, stroking the stiff rods while squeezing the men's balls with his remaining fingers.

"This is so hot!" Frank whispered, rubbing cock-heads with Don as Jack licked and sucked them.

Frank ran his fingers through Don's thick curly chest hair as the older man gripped Frank's nipples, pinching and twisting them.

"Yeah!" Don agreed. "Jack and I love body builders. We heard a lot about Lone Star Ranch in gay chat rooms, but we didn't expect to meet someone as sexy as you, especially not right away."

"Father-son studs like you two can be as active as you want here at the Ranch," Frank answered, digging his fingernails into Don's nipples and making the man groan with pleasure. "Lots of guys, and girls too, are going to be after your bods. I just feel lucky to be first."

Jack released Don and Frank. "I'm ready to get my butt fucked!" he said, heading for the closet where the suitcases were stored.

"There's lube in the nightstand," Frank said. "Lone Star Ranch tries to supply all our guests' basic needs. You have to bring your own toys, though."

Jack stopped in his tracks. "We don't need extra equipment!" he laughed, moving to the bed. "Hands, mouth, cock, ass . . . everything is built in!" He opened a nightstand drawer and selected a plastic squeeze bottle, leaving it on the bed as he approached the men.

Don and Frank were standing side by side, fondling each others' cocks and balls. "I sure hope you're a top!" Jack said, wrapping his fingers around Frank's stiff pole.

"Oh yeah, I love to fuck!" Frank agreed as Jack dragged him to the bed. "I like to take it up the ass too," he added, looking at Don over his shoulder.

Jack lay in the middle of the bed with his knees folded against his chest, lifting his ass in the air and pulling his round buttocks open.

Frank squeezed a line of lube onto his index finger and pressed it against Jack's puckered hole. It slid inside easily. "Come on, Muscle Boy!" Jack gasped. "I'm ready for your big hot rod!"

Frank lubricated his stiff shaft and took Jack with one long thrust, ending with his balls pressed against Jack's butt cheeks. "You've got a hot sexy ass!" Frank gasped.

"Oh fuck!" Jack cried. "Your cock feels great in my butt. Now, give it to me hard!"

"You're going to get it when I'm ready!" Frank answered, slowly plowing Jack. He was close to cumming and wanted to gain more control.

After a few strokes, Frank relaxed, taking Jack with long steady thrusts, occasionally pausing to slow-fuck the boy's tight rosebud, stretching it with his swollen cock-head.

Don took the little squeeze bottle and moved behind Frank. "Yeah Big Bear Daddy!" Frank growled. "Put your big long pole up me while I fuck your Teen Stud son's butt!"

Frank felt a finger coated with cool jelly pressing into his asshole, joined an instant later by a second finger, stretching him easily and spreading the lubricant around inside.

"Come on, Daddy!" Frank whispered when Don pulled his fingers out, gripped his shaft and positioned his wide plow-shaped head between Frank's rolling buttocks. "Give it to me good!"

"Yeah, Son!" Don answered. Frank screamed in pleasure as Don drove his length up Frank's ass.

"Muscle Boy, you're so good!" Jack cried, stroking his own swollen prick as Frank slammed his long hard tool into the boy's butt.

"This is great!" Frank groaned. "Fucking sexy Teen Stud's hot ass while Big Daddy plows me . . ."

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" Frank screamed, spraying Jack's tight hole with every thrust.

"Yeah, Muscle Boy!" Jack cried. "Squirt in me!" Cream burst from his hard pole as Frank's semen splashed his anal walls.

Don was cumming as Frank clamped his driving rod. "Oh fuck yeah, Big Daddy!" Frank moaned. "Shoot up my ass. Pump my butt full of your cum. Oh yeah!"

Temporarily spent, the men lay on their backs, with Frank in the middle.

This is a great welcome!" Don said, rolling onto his side, pulling Frank to his chest and kissing him passionately.

"It's my special service for special guests," Frank answered. Don's curly chest hair scratched his nipples. He'd softened after his orgasm, but was already hard again. So was Don.

Frank and Don rubbed cocks as they lay on their sides, continuing to kiss open-mouthed. Behind Frank, Jack put his stiff teen prick between Frank's buttocks, humping the older man without attempting to push into his asshole.

Don suddenly pulled away and rolled onto his back with his butt in the air. "All right, Muscle Boy!" he growled. "I've fucked your hot ass. Now, I'm ready for you to stick your big thick pole in me!"

"Oh yeah!" Frank agreed, moving between Don's open thighs and lubricating the man's anus and his own hard rod. "Here it is, Big Bear!"

"God, Muscle Boy!" Don moaned as Frank plowed his ass with long steady thrusts. "This is great!"

"It's hot fucking my Big Daddy Bear!" Frank answered, pulling his stiff prick out until it was barely kissing Don's puckered pink hole, then slamming his whole length inside, all the way to his balls.

As the men continued fucking, Frank ran his fingers through Don's curly chest hair and played with the older man's nipples, pinching and twisting them. Don moaned with pleasure, stroking his own swollen prick.

"That's right!" Frank whispered when Jack moved behind him. "Put your Teen Stud cock up my ass while I fuck your Dad! . . ."

"Oh yeah!" Frank cried as Jack instantly complied, slipping in to the hilt with one quick thrust. Frank's penis throbbed and he stopped moving inside Don, wondering if he was going to shoot right then.

After a few seconds the feeling passed and Frank resumed thrusting. It was wonderful being in the middle with the Ketcham father and son. Each man was great in front and back.

"God, Muscle Boy!" Jack gasped, synchronizing his motions with Frank. "Your asshole is so hot and tight!" Hot cum burst from his swollen tip, splashing Frank's anal walls.

The sensations almost set Frank off, but he managed to hold back and continue plowing Don with hard fast thrusts.

"Here I come, Daddy Bear!" Frank gasped as he rammed Don's ass, shooting hot cream with each rough thrust.

"Yeah, Muscle Boy!" Don cried as cum burst from his cock, splashing his hairy belly and chest.

Jack straddled Don's chest, jacking his hard teenage prick until he was at the edge of orgasm, then rubbing his throbbing pole against his father's curly pelt and shooting into the fur.

Spent, Frank's penis softened and he pulled out of Don's butt. "That was really great!" he said, kissing Don and then Jack.

The clock on the nightstand read 4:57 PM."The dining hall opens in a half-hour," Frank said. "Are you eating there?" Don nodded. "It's time to get ready. You don't need clothes, but you'll want to clean up."

Frank used the shower first. Don and Jack lay on the bed, kissing.

"I'm not afraid of being naked in public any more," Jack said. "I know I'll only get a hard-on when I want it." He thought for a moment. "Or when another guy wants it."

Don laughed, fondling Jack's rod, which had swollen as he spoke. "Lots of people are going to want you!" he said. "The guys on the forums were telling the truth. This is a sexual playground! We're going to have a lot of fun here!"

When Frank stepped out of the bathroom, Don and Jack rose to kiss him. "I'll see you soon," Frank said as he prepared to leave. "You'll love meeting my family and our friends!"



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