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Family Nudist Camp 1

"The bus from Houston is here, Grandma Mike!" Tyra MacDonald said. She was 25, tall and slender with curly sun-bleached brown hair and sparkling green eyes, wearing a battered cowboy hat and boots, tight blue jeans and an unbuttoned man's shirt over a form-fitting tank-top.

"Thanks for bringing me into town, Baby," Michelle ("Mike") MacDonald said. She was an older version of Tyra, seasoned by four decades of hard ranch work.

"Have fun in Las Vegas," Tyra said, hugging Michelle as the bus pulled in, its engine shaking the little bus station. "I don't know why you insist on taking the bus. Flying is so cheap these days . . ."

"I don't like people going through my luggage," Michelle answered. "I'm not in a big hurry and I get to know people on the trip. She grinned wickedly. "Like Mr. Jensen. We spent a week in a Reno motel . . ."

"Look at them!" Michelle exclaimed as the bus door opened and passengers began exiting. Two handsome young men stepped out onto the pavement and looked around, blinking in the bright Texas sunlight.

They were obviously brothers, dressed in similar tank tops, shorts and sneakers, revealing sculpted muscular bodies. The older brother was 6' tall, with buzz-cut black hair and brown eyes. The younger sibling was two inches shorter, with curly dark brown collar-length hair and bright blue eyes.

"It's the Maryville boys!" Michelle cried, rushing forward and embracing the young men. "I haven't seen you in two years! You were both muscular before, but you've really gotten . . . "

The younger brother laughed, kissing Michelle full on the lips. "Hi Mike," he answered. "It's great to see you again! We got serious about body building in college, just like Dad. We've been in a few competitions."

"This is my granddaughter, Tyra," Michelle said. "She has a degree from A&M and she's managing the Rocking M." That was Michelle's ranch.

"This is Frank Maryville." The older brother took Tyra's hand, holding it a little long for a casual greeting. "And his brother Joe." The blue-eyed boy grinned and hugged Tyra. "Their family owns Lone Star Ranch."

"Great, we're neighbors!" Tyra said, feeling her nipples tighten as she looked from one brother to the other. She hadn't had a man since moving to the ranch eight months before.

The bus driver had transferred the brothers' luggage to the sidewalk and stowed Michelle's suitcase. "Sorry to break this up, Mike," he said apologetically. "But I've got a schedule to keep."

"Sure, Fred," Michelle answered, kissing Frank and Joe quickly, then hugging Tyra. "Are you staying all summer?" Frank nodded. "Then I'll see you again. Bye!"

They waved as the bus pulled away, then Tyra turned to the brothers. "Do you have a ride?" she asked. "I'd think there'd be someone here to meet you."

"Actually, not," Frank admitted. "I'm living in Manhattan. Joe was going to pick me up and we'd drive to Texas. At the last minute, we decided to leave his car in Cambridge and fly to Houston. We met at the airport and took the bus here."

"We figured we'd surprise everyone and arrive two days early," Joe said. "But we called from the bus and found out Dad is in Austin on business and Mom won't be back from Dallas until tomorrow. Grandma and Grandpa will be in Europe for another three weeks. The manager is there by herself and can't come pick us up."

"It's not a big deal," Frank said. "We've lived here all our lives and we'll find a ride."

"Lone Star Ranch is only five miles up the road from the Rocking M," Tyra said. "I'll be glad to take you."

Sitting on the pickup's bench seat with Joe on the right and Frank in the middle with his thigh pressed against hers, Tyra was acutely aware of the heat between her legs. Even with the warm spring air flowing into the cab through the open windows, she wondered if the men could smell the juices soaking her panties.

"I've never been to Lone Star Ranch," Tyra said, trying to concentrate on the two-lane blacktop road ahead as she fantasized about seeing the brothers naked. "Do I have to take my clothes off?" Somehow, her nipples grew even harder at the thought of baring her body.

"No, that's completely optional!" Frank laughed, but Tyra noticed the pronounced bulge in his shorts. Joe was equally turned on.

"We grew up on Lone Star Ranch," Joe said. "It was originally a hippie commune. Dad's parents owned the property and Mom's parents lived there. Mom and Dad grew up as nudists in an open nurturing environment, and that's the way they raised us, too!"

Frank changed the subject by asking Tyra about school and the ranch. Tyra's mother was an executive living in Philadelphia with her husband and children. Tyra had degrees in Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Management.

Tyra's uncle had been managing the Rocking M. When he retired, Michelle offered Tyra the position. She'd been working as the office manager for a small medical claims processing company and had happily made the switch.

The brothers were both business majors. Frank was 22 and about to graduate from Columbia, while Joe was a 21-year-old junior at Harvard.  They had ambitious plans to get more funding and expand Lone Star Ranch.

A discreet sign reading "Lone Star Ranch" pointed to a side road. Tyra turned and stopped in front of the main gate, which had a video camera, an electronic lock and a keypad.

"Punch 3-6-8-2-4," Frank instructed. The gate swung open and they proceeded forward, past a number of narrow roads. "Those go to the camping areas," Frank explained. "There are spaces for tents, trailers and RVs."

"We also have cabins," Joe added. "Each one is in its own private clearing, surrounded by forest. This place has all the normal attractions: a gym and swimming pool, horseback riding, hike and bike trails, canoeing, a big lake with an island . . ."

"Sorry!" Joe laughed. "We automatically start giving the sales pitch. We've been showing people around since I was seven and Frank was eight."

"Our grandparents sold Mom and Dad a 40% share of the business and put them in charge," Frank continued. "We had a lot of fun being tour guides and everything else."

"Were you naked?" Tyra asked, wondering if the juices soaking her panties were already showing through her blue jeans.

"Of course," Joe answered. "We needed clothes and boots to protect ourselves in rough brush. Otherwise, we were usually naked, except for moccasins. We went barefoot enough that the soles of our feet got really tough."

Tyra only saw one person on the drive from the main gate. That was Anne Bullock, the matronly middle-aged manager, who was dressed in a baseball cap, hiking boots and a leather belt holding a key ring and a PDA. She greeted the trio warmly, but was in a hurry to fix a plumbing problem in one of the cabins.

After Anne zipped off in her electric golf cart, the brothers guided Tyra past the pool and gym to the big house.

"Come back this weekend," Frank urged after he and Joe had removed their luggage from the pickup bed. "Lots of people will be here then."

"We can go swimming," Joe said. "You saw the Olympic pool. Nobody will think you're weird if you wear a swimsuit, but you'll be so comfortable you won't want one."

"Being naked isn't always sexual," Frank added. "It's just being natural, and comfortable with your body."

"What if I like being sexual?" Tyra asked teasingly.

"That's natural, too!" Joe answered. Tyra hugged him, flattening her breasts against his chest and pressing her crotch against the bone in his shorts.

"I'd better go!" she said huskily, kissing Joe quickly, then turning to give Frank an equally intimate embrace. "Chores don't do themselves."

"I will see you this weekend . . . if not sooner," Tyra said, climbing into her pickup and roaring away.

Frank and Joe watched Tyra's truck until it disappeared behind the pine grove shielding the compound from the road. "Wow!" Joe whispered as the brothers faced each other. "She is fucking hot!"

"Yeah!" Frank agreed. "Hot and ready to go! Who gets her first?"

"Me!" Joe answered instantly. "You have Sandy. I haven't been laid since Linda broke up with me two months ago."

"That's your fault, fucking Linda's roommate!" Frank said.

"Kathy seduced me!" Joe protested as he picked up his suitcases. "I didn't know she and Linda were lesbian lovers. They were having a fight and Kathy used me to get at Linda."

"Anyway, it'll be Tyra's choice," Joe continued. He and Frank exchanged lewd grins at a sudden shared memory. "Maybe we can team her."

They carried their suitcases into the big log house. It had a wide covered porch running along the front. The kitchen, screened back porch, dining area, and the two-story living room with its giant stone fireplace were on the ground floor. Bedrooms were up the grand staircase, with the living room separating the master suite from the other rooms.

Frank and Joe shared the big room over the back porch, although the other bedrooms were unoccupied. It was large, with two double beds, a pair of desks, and an entertainment area with a couch, an overstuffed chair, and an elaborate audio-video system.

The room had been designed as a study, but they had always preferred sleeping together and the arrangement left three bedrooms for the family's frequent guests. It also had its own bathroom, while the guest rooms had to share the hall bath.

"We haven't been in this room in almost six months," Frank said as he and Joe dropped their luggage inside the door. The bulge in his shorts hadn't gone down since Tyra kissed him goodbye.

"Or alone together, either!" Joe agreed. "Not since Christmas vacation." His cock was straining against his briefs, soaking the cloth with pre-cum.

"Girls are great, but I've missed you!" Frank said, wrapping his arms around Joe. They kissed passionately and open-mouthed, roughly thrusting their tongues together.

"It's funny feeling your beard!" Joe whispered, grinding his crotch into Frank's. "Kissing you is so different from kissing a girl! Linda didn't like me to use my tongue the way we were doing."

"Sandy doesn't like that kind of tongue, either," Frank agreed, kneading Joe's buttocks and running his hands up and down his little brother's muscular back. "Women are just so different! Smooth skin. Tits. Curves. Soft . . . Men are rough, angular and . . . hard!"

"You sure are hard, big brother!" Joe laughed, caressing the bulge in Frank's shorts.

"Yeah!" Frank agreed. "Help me with my hard-on, little brother!"

Joe fell to his knees and unfastened Frank's shorts, which fell around his ankles. "I'm surprised you didn't tear a hole in your briefs," he remarked, fondling Frank's swollen pole through the tightly-stretched fabric.

Frank's stiff cock sprang to attention as Joe pulled his briefs down. It was 6-1/2" long and 1-3/4" thick with a broad plow-shaped head. A flaring Vee ran down to his deep corneal ring. His big bulging balls were shaved and his pubic hair was closely cropped. Pre-cum was leaking from the tiny lips at his throbbing tip.

"Oh man, I've missed this!" Frank gasped as Joe's lips slid over his cock-head and locked around his sunken ring. Joe kneaded Frank's balls and stroked his shaft while licking and sucking his swollen head, making him groan with pleasure.

"Little brother, you're the best!" Frank cried as Joe's mouth fucked his throbbing pole. "I can't hold back!"

Joe gulped frantically as Frank shot wave after wave of thick hot man-juice into his mouth, managing to capture every drop.

When Frank was finally spent, Joe rose to his feet. The brothers embraced and kissed passionately. "I like tasting my cum in your mouth," Frank whispered.

"It's always great sucking you off," Joe said, guiding Frank's hand to the bulge in his own shorts. "But I've got a painfully hard dick myself and . . ."

"We'll fix that!" Frank said, turning toward the bed. He tripped over the shorts and briefs bunched around his ankles, but Joe caught him.

"Clothes are dangerous!" Joe laughed as Frank moved cautiously to the bed. "It's great being back where we don't have to wear them!"

In a moment, the boys were stripped and kneeling naked on the bed, facing each other with knees touching. Frank's penis had only softened slightly after his orgasm and he grew rock-hard again as Joe wrapped his hand around both their stiff cocks.

Joe's penis was slightly smaller than Frank's, 6" long and 1-1/2" thick, with the same plow-shaped head and deep corneal ring. His balls and pubic hair were shaved clean.

"I could cum this way," Joe gasped. "Just playing with our dicks . . ." He was running his thumb, index and middle fingers over their wide cock-heads, smearing the pre-cum flowing from their tips.

"I've got a better place for you to shoot!" Frank said, pulling away and taking a little plastic tube of lubricant from the nightstand. "Sex with Sandy is good, but she can't do everything!" He lay on his back with his knees folded against his chest, elevating his butt.

"Now, what could you want?" Joe laughed, lubricating a finger and pressing it into the little puckered brown circle between Frank's muscular buttocks. It went in easily and he added a second finger with more lubricant, working his crossed fingers in and out of the tight hole.

"Stop teasing!" Frank begged. Joe smeared lube onto his stiff rod and slid his length up Frank's asshole with one smooth thrust, all the way to the balls. "Fuck yeah!" Frank gasped. "I've been dreaming about you driving your stiff cock up my ass!"

"I had sex with Kathy because she wanted me to fuck her butt," Joe said, breathing hard as he hammered Frank. "Linda got scared if I even put a finger near her rosebud. After giving me her pussy, Kathy bent over and said, 'Do it now!'"

"Kathy had a hot tight asshole," Joe continued, feeling the tension building rapidly in his balls. "She came twice while I was butt-fucking her. But she wasn't nearly as good as my sexy big brother!"

"Yeah, shoot it!" Frank cried as the hot juice spraying from Joe's slamming cock splashed his anal walls. He grabbed his own throbbing pole, spurting on his chest and belly after a few strokes.

Joe collapsed on top of Frank and they kissed while their cocks gradually softened. After Joe's dick slipped out of Frank's ass, they went into the bathroom and washed hastily before returning to bed.

"It's great to be back together," Frank said, taking Joe in his arms. "And back here for the whole summer.

"Yeah," Joe agreed. "College is exciting with all the new people and things to do, but I miss our family, especially you, big brother!"

Tired from their travels and sudden sexual release, the brothers fell asleep almost instantly.

When Frank opened his eyes, the late afternoon sun was slanting across the bed, illuminating Joe's muscular body and erect penis. "Hot little brother!" Frank whispered as his own rod snapped to attention. "This is even better than waking up with Sandy!"

Joe moaned with pleasure as Frank's lips closed around his swollen dick. "Oh fuck, big brother!" he muttered. "You're so good! I love the way you suck my head and tease my piss-slit with your tongue!" Joe rolled his hips slowly, languidly fucking Frank's mouth as his big brother squeezed his balls and stroked his rigid shaft.

Concentrating on the sensations in his crotch, Joe had kept his eyes closed. He gasped in surprise when he finally opened them. A tall, heavily-muscled man was standing beside the bed, naked with an immense hard-on, grinning as he watched Frank's head bobbing over Joe's lap.

"Hi Dad!" Joe said, wrapping his hand around Bill Maryville's stiff pole. Frank grinned at his father, but continued sucking Joe's cock and playing with his brother's balls. Bill straddled Joe's head and slid his massive erection into his youngest son's mouth.

"Oh fuck!" Bill gasped, driving his cock in and out of Joe's mouth. Frank thrust his tongue deep into the puckered hole between his father's pumping buttocks.

"My sexy sons are so good!" Bill cried. "I can't hold back!" Joe sucked his father's spurting juice eagerly, trying to gulp every drop.

The three men untangled themselves and embraced. Bill was 6' 2", Frank's height, with short thick black hair lightly sprinkled with gray, brown eyes, and the muscles of a competition bodybuilder. He was 42 but looked a decade younger.

"God, you boys have gotten hot!" Bill exclaimed. "You were sexy before, but it's amazing what working out has done for you!"

"Yeah, our stud Dad inspired us!" Frank agreed, passionately thrusting his tongue into Bill's open mouth. Father and eldest son kissed for long minutes, rubbing their stiff cocks together.

Bill's penis was a bigger version of Frank and Joe's tools, 7" long and 2" thick with a broad plow-shaped head and a flaring Vee running down to his deep corneal ring. His balls and pubic hair were shaved.

"Carol and I have raised two stud sons!" Bill said, taking Joe in his arms and kissing him as long and passionately as he had Frank. He finally pulled away and stood holding Joe's hard dick in one hand and Frank's stiff pole in the other.

Frank and Joe played with Bill's massive erection as he jacked their cocks, gripping their shafts while sliding his thumbs and index fingers over their pre-cum slick heads.

"Maryville men are horndogs!" Bill said. "You've stuck your hot rods in every hole, male and female, you've been offered, just like all the other men in our family."

"Now I'm going to fuck your stud asses!" Bill continued, taking the lubricant from the nightstand. "Assume the position, boys!"

"Oh yeah!" Joe said as he and Frank moved onto their hands and knees at the foot of the bed, sticking their butts in the air.

"I've been dreaming about this!" Frank agreed as Bill squirted lubricant onto his fingers and slipped them up his son's asses.

"Come on, Dad!" Joe moaned as Bill twisted two fingers inside him. "You know we're ready!"

His plea was rewarded as Bill's big wide plow-head stretched his rosebud. "Fuck yeah!" he gasped, pushing back against his father's thick cock. "Shove it all the way up my ass!"

"My little boy's got a hot sexy butt!" Bill growled as his cock-head slipped inside Joe's tight anal ring. He slid forward until his balls were pressed against Joe's buttocks.

"Yeah, Dad!" Joe moaned as Bill began moving in and out, fucking him with long smooth strokes, going slowly at first but rapidly increasing the tempo.

Joe's untouched penis was throbbing and he was seconds away from orgasm. He gasped with disappointment when Bill suddenly pulled out.

"Don't worry, son!" Bill told Joe as he pushed his rigid pole between Frank's buttocks. "I've got enough for both of you!"

Frank took Bill's long thick pole easily. "This is great, Dad!" he gasped. "Sandy likes to use a strap-on, but it's not the same as your big hard cock!"

Shooting in Joe's mouth had given Bill a lot of control. He fucked Frank roughly, then pulled away when he sensed his older son was about to cum.

Bill alternated between Frank and Joe, fucking until a boy was close to orgasm, then switching. "On your backs!" he finally ordered. The brothers instantly complied, spreading their legs and lifting their butts.

Bill started with Frank, stroking his eldest son's swollen pole while fucking his ass, making him spray hot cum over his chest and belly after a few thrusts.

He pushed Joe to an equally quick and messy orgasm, then stood back, admiring his sons' muscular arms, legs and chests, flat bellies and stiff cocks as they continued lying with their asses in the air.

"It's my turn!" Bill announced, pushing Joe to the center of the bed, gripping his ankles and spreading his legs wide.

"Oh fuck, that's good!" Joe cried as his father's oversize pole slammed into his butt.

Frank moved behind Bill, sliding his hard cock between the man's pumping buttocks.

"Oh yeah!" Bill gasped as he pounded Joe's asshole. Frank fucked him just as roughly.

Joe, frantically jacking his cock, shot first. His convulsing anal muscles set Bill off. Frank came moments later. After spraying vast amounts of cum, the three men collapsed in a heap on the bed.

"This has been a great welcome home!" Joe said, kissing Bill.

"Yeah," Frank agreed as Bill turned to him. "Even with Sandy, I've really missed our family fun."

"It's too bad Mom is still in Dallas," Joe said. "I've been fantasizing about both of you."

"Carol doesn't know you've arrived early," Bill answered. "We can give her a nice surprise tomorrow afternoon."





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