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Dick Dancers Chapter 2

A gang bang at the gay billionaire's party.


"Me." A hairy-chested man with short dark blond hair, a heavy mustache, and beard stubble stepped out of the crowd. He was wearing black work boots, black leather chaps, and a black leather cock ring with chrome snaps. His stiff cock thrust out from his closely-trimmed crotch.

The guests cheered. "Go get 'em, Carl," one man shouted.

Carl grinned and extended his arms with his fists closed and his thumbs up. He smeared lube on his hard dick and pushed it into Rod's freshly-fucked asshole. It went in easily, up to the hilt. "Your butt's kinda loose," he said. "But I guess it'll do."

Rod grinned. His cock was rock hard with a line of precum running down his shaft, over his balls, and dripping on the floor. His stiff pole jerked as he rolled his hips, pushing his butt toward Carl. "This better?"

"Oh yeah." Carl fucked Rod with long slow strokes. "You were really tight before." He pulled completely out and then eased back in. "I gotta take it easy. I don't want to come too fast."

"Take your time," Rod said. "This feels great." He looked up at Rick. The tip of his cock was sticking out of his tight briefs. "Come here," Rod said. "I'm gonna suck your dick."

"All right." Rick stepped up to Rod and reached for the waistband of his briefs.

Rod shook his head. "Leave 'em on." He closed his lips around Rick's cock head, licking its stretched skin and probing its cum-slit with the tip of his tongue, then licked down Rick's briefs, soaking the cloth stretched over his shaft with spit.

"That is fucking hot," Rick said, looking down at the wet cloth molded to his massive hard-on.

"This is fucking hot!" Rod rolled his hips in time with Carl's slow thrusts. "A stud in my ass and another in my mouth . . ." He tried to raise his arms, but the cuffs held him immobile. "Okay, take it out. I'm gonna give you a real blowjob."

"Good." Rick reached into his briefs and pulled his cock and balls out. "I'm sure ready for you."

"Jesus, you've got a great cock." Rod kissed Rick's precum-leaking tip and then bobbed over his stiff pole, taking it deeper and deeper into his mouth. He finally stopped with his lips clamped around the base of Rick's cock and Rick's balls pressed against his chin.

"Oh yeah," Rick whispered. "Deep throat me." He rocked his hips, slowly moving his stiff cock in and out of Rod's mouth.

"Man," Rick said. "You are one hell of a cocksucker." He gripped Rod's head to hold it in place and went faster.

"That's right!" one of the watching men cried. "Fuck his face!"

Rick got rough, driving his hard-on in and out of Rod's eager mouth. He took it, aggressively sucking Rick's plunging pole.

The tension built in Rick's nuts as he hammered Rod's face mercilessly. "Fuck!" he gasped. "I'm gonna—" His throbbing cock exploded, shooting hard hot pulses of cum down Rod's throat.

"Damn, that was good!" Rick pulled his slightly-softened dick out of Rod's mouth.

Dan stepped behind Rick. "Is this a gig or a party?" He pulled Rick's briefs down, then pressed his stiff cock between Rick's butt cheeks and reached around to pinch his nipples.

"Yeah." Rick rolled his hips, humping his crack against the big black man's rigid pole. "I've never been paid to have so much fun."

A steady stream of men—most stark naked or wearing leather gear, but two dressed in suits and ties with their cocks and balls exposed—played with Rick's and Dan's bodies while they watched a long line of guys plow Rod's ass, then walk away with big grins on their faces.

Rick's dick was fully hard again. His ARTwatch had been vibrating steadily, but he'd hardly noticed.

Dan pressed his cock-head into Rick's asshole. "I'm gonna fuck your butt now."

Rick turned around and kissed Dan. "Not yet. There's something . . ." He told the big black man what he wanted. Dan grinned and nodded eagerly.

The latest man—a 6' 6" bear with arms and legs like tree trunks and a barrel chest, wearing a black leather cock harness with chrome buckles—finished with Rod. Rick took his place. "It's my turn."

"Good," Rod said. "I've been waiting for you."

"Well, the wait is over." Rick slid his finger up Rod's asshole. It was already slick with cum and lube, but was still virgin tight.

"Plow his ass," Dan growled. The big bodybuilder's long thick brown pole was as hard as an oak tree. "Give his hot little hole a real workout."

Rick pressed his cock-head into Rod's asshole. His anal muscles resisted briefly, making Rick work for it. Then they relaxed and he slid home, all the way to his balls. "You've got a nice hot tight ass."

"Your cock feels great." Rod's asshole clamped Rick's rod. "So long and thick." He thrust his butt backwards. "Give it to me. Hard and fast as you want."

"All right." Rick pulled completely out, then gripped his shaft and pushed his cock-head through Rod's anal ring, slowly stretching it open. He stopped with his cock-head inside, then pulled completely out and pushed in again. He did that several times, teasing Rod's asshole.

"Come on," Rod said. "Let me have it."

"You mean like this?" Rick drove home, slamming his balls against Rod's butt cheeks.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Rod gasped. "Just like that."

"Okay." Rick pounded Rod steadily, slapping his pelvis against Rod's buttocks.

"That's right." Rod rocked his butt back to meet Rick's driving rod. "Fuck me good and hard."

Dan moved behind Rick and grabbed his hips, bringing him to a stop. "You ready?"

Rick held still with his cock buried deep in Rod's ass. "Yeah. Come on and do it."

"All right." Dan lubricated his finger and slid it up Rick's butt.

"Oh man!" Rick's cock jerked as Dan worked his finger in and out. "That feels great."

"I'm just getting started." Dan pulled his finger out and replaced it with his cock-head.

Rick almost came as Dan's gigantic tool stretched his asshole, pushing in until he tensed up, pulling back slightly, and then going in deeper. He held still, taking long deep breaths as the big man entered him.

Dan's tightly-curled pubic hair scratched Rick's buttocks. That big pole was all the way up his ass. "Oh yeah!" Rick rolled his hips slowly, shifting Dan's cock inside his ass while he fucked Rod's butt.

Rick fucked Rod harder and faster. "Damn, your ass is tight," Dan said, driving his big thick log up Rick's butt.

"Oh fuck!" Rick groaned. He rammed Rod violently while Dan hammered his ass. "I'm gonna come!" The first shot of cum exploded from his straining dick.

"Yeah!" Rod cried. "Shoot it!" His anal muscles clenched Rick's plunging pole while Rick slammed his butt, squirting more cum with each rough thrust.

Dan pounded Rick's ass, grunting every time he slammed home. "Jesus!" he gasped. A hard hot jet of cum splashed Rick's anal walls. Dan drew back and then rammed Rick's butt again, firing shot after shot.

Rick and Dan finally stopped moving. Rick held still with Rod's asshole clamping his stiff pole and Rick's spent cock buried deep in his butt. "Man!" he said. "That was fucking wild!"

"Yes it was," Dan agreed. He pulled his dick out of Rick's ass and stepped away from the bench.

"It was great, guys," Rod said. "But I need to get off, too."

Even though he'd just come, Rick's cock was still rock hard. It shifted in Rod's asshole when he bent forward and gripped the restrained man's rigid shaft. "I'll help you out."

"No," Rod said. "I need more than a hand job."

"I guess that's fair." Rick's cock slipped out of Rod's butt when he straightened up and turned to Dan. "What do you think."

"Well . . . I dunno," Dan answered. "He was a pretty bad boy."

"Boys will be boys." Rick patted Rod's butt. It was still pink from the spanking Dan had given him.

"Sure," Dan said. "But still—"

"Bad, bad, bad, bad boy," Rick sang. "You make me feel so good." He liked dancing to that old song by Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine. It was always a hit with the crowd.

"I guess he's earned his freedom," Dan said. He and Rick unfastened Rod's cuffs.

"Jesus!" Rod stretched toward the ceiling and then took a few steps while swinging his arms in wide circles. "It sure feels good to move again."

He turned to face Rick and Dan. "You two fucked the hell out of me. Now, it's your turn."

"All right." Rick looked at Rod's mammoth hard-on. His dick was almost as big as Dan's oversized pole. "You want a blow job?"

"Nope," Rod answered. "I'm gonna fuck your asses."

"Okay." Rick bent over, put his hands on his knees, and waved his butt at Rod. "I'm ready."

Rod pointed to Dan. "You're first."

Dan stared at Rod's stiff pole and shook his head. "I'm a top, man."

Rod looked surprised. "You mean you've never—"

"Uh-uh." Dan took a step backward. "I do the fucking."

"Until now." Rod looked at the men surrounding them. They were all sporting immense hard-ons. "How about it, boys? You want to see me plow his ass?"

"Oh yeah!" several guys shouted. "Fuck his butt!"

"Uh . . ." Dan looked scared, but his long thick cock was rock hard.

"Come on, Stud," Rick said. "You'll like it."

Dan hesitated and then said, "Tell you what, Bubba. You kiss my ass first." He bent over and pulled his butt cheeks open. "Then you can fuck it."

Rod ran his fingertips up and down his rigid shaft and over his swollen cock-head while he stared at Dan's puckered hole. "All right." He sank to his knees, gripped the big black man's buttocks, and pulled them even wider apart.

"That's right," Dan said. "Eat my ass." He groaned and ground his butt into Rod's face as the porn star licked his asshole.

"Damn, that's sexy," Rick whispered. He'd only seen rimming in gay porn videos, never in real life. His own dick was painfully stiff. He stroked it slowly while he watched Rod jacking Dan's rigid pole and tongue-fucking his butthole.

"That's enough." Dan pushed Rod's hand away from his throbbing pole. "I don't want to come too fast."

"Good," Rod said. "Because I'm ready to fuck your ass."

"Okay." Dan bent over and put his hands on the bench's padded leather top. "Just take it easy, huh?"

"Don't worry. You're going to like this." Rod picked up the squeeze bottle and squirted a big blob of lubricant on the tip of his index finger, then rubbed the slippery gel over Dan's puckered hole.

Dan moaned as Rod's finger caressed his anus. His moans grew louder as Rod slid a fingertip into his hole and worked it in and out, gradually going deeper until his whole finger was inside.

"Does that hurt?" Rod asked.

"Oh hell no, man. Keep going." Dan's hard dick jerked as Rod fingered his asshole, occasionally pulling out to add more lube. "All right," he finally said. "Give me your cock."

"Oh yeah." Rod lubricated his stiff pole and pressed its head into Dan's puckered hole. "Here it comes."

"Jesus!" Dan gasped as Rod's swollen cock stretched his asshole. "That's fuckin' big!"

"Too big?"

"No." Dan jacked off while Rod pushed in and then drew back, gradually opening his hole wider. "Feels great . . ." He screamed when Rod's cock-head slipped through his anal ring and he slid home, all the way to the hilt. "God damn!"

"You all right?" Rod pulled almost out and then slipped back into Dan's butt.

"Sure. Feels great. Fuck me hard."

"Okay. I'm gonna pound the hell outta your ass." Rod started out slowly but steadily increased his speed until he was hammering Dan's ass, drawing back and then driving home, bouncing his balls against the big man's butt cheeks.

"Jesus, man!" Dan gasped. "I'm getting close."

"Well, I'm not near done with you." Rod pulled his dick out of Dan's asshole, then moved over to Rick. "I'm gonna fuck your buddy for a while."

"Do it." Rick bent over the bench and stuck his butt out. "I'm ready for you."

"All right." Rod smeared more lube on his stiff pole and pressed its head between Rick's buttocks. "Here it comes." He took Rick's ass with one quick thrust and then fucked him hard and fast.

When Rick was close to coming, Rod moved back to Dan.

Rod alternated between Rick and Dan. He was plowing Dan's ass when he gasped, "I'm gonna come."

Dan jerked his dick while he rocked his butt back to meet Rod's plunging pole. "Shoot it! Fill my virgin ass with your cum."

"Here it is, Stud!" Rod grunted as he slammed Dan's ass. Dan screamed each time Rod's pelvis smacked into his buttocks. "Take my load!"

Rod pulled his dick out of Dan's hard-fucked asshole and stepped away. Dan was still jacking his big hard cock. He turned toward Rick, who sank to his knees and said, "Come on! Shoot it for me!"

"Oh yeah!" Long hard streams of cum exploded from Dan's throbbing pole and splashed Rick's face and chest.

The men in the crowd had been jacking off and fucking each others' butts while they watched Rod, Rick, and Dan. Several guys stepped up and pumped hot cum on Rick's chest, shoulders, and occasionally in his face.

Rick stood up and kissed Dan and then Rod. The guys surrounding them cheered. Rick's ARTwatch was vibrating constantly.

* * *

The DJ faded the pulsing beats which had underscored the wild sex scene into chill out music as the throng around Rick, Dan, and Rod dissipated. Some of the men headed directly for the bar. Others hit the group shower next door to the party room.

Rick, Don, and Rod joined the dozen men in the shower, letting the guys run soap slick hands over their hard sweaty bodies. It was playful as well as sexual and Rick was surprised that he was having so much fun. The group finally finished fooling around and dried off, then went back to the party room.

All the men in the room were naked. At first, Rick felt self-conscious, but he relaxed after smoking a machine-rolled joint and drinking a potent Mexican Martini.

Rick spent a lot of time talking to a man who'd introduced himself as "Bill." All the guests seemed to know him. He was a tall slender man in his early 40s, with a runner's body, short brown hair with a touch of gray at the temples, and precisely trimmed black beard stubble. His body was almost hairless, except for his closely-trimmed pubic thatch. His balls were shaved and his soft cock was slightly longer and thicker than Rick's finally-deflated pole.

Bill was drinking straight Bunnahabhain, taking tiny sips from a big tumbler. He and Rick shared another joint while Rick had a second Mexican Martini.

The party was breaking up. Most of the men had paired up and left by the time Rick and Bill finished their drinks. Rick saw Rod leaving with three other men. Dan had already disappeared.

"Want to go to my room?" Bill asked.

"Sure," Rick answered. He generally preferred men close to his age, but Bill was really sexy, as well as being smart and funny.

Bill took Rick up two flights of stairs and then down a long hall with a thick carpet. Original oil paintings of Austin scenes decorated the walls. Heavy wooden doors were spaced along the walls.

A door in the middle of the hall swung open as they approached. They stepped into a dimly-lit room. It was bigger than Rick's whole apartment and filled with comfortable-looking furniture.

There were mirrors and more oil paintings on the walls and the Austin skyline gleamed like scattered jewels through a floor-to-ceiling window at the far end of the room. Tiny spotlights in the ceiling lit the bed. It was big enough to sleep four comfortably and appeared to be floating over the lush carpet.

They stopped just inside the door, which closed automatically behind them and locked with an almost inaudible click.

Bill turned to Rick. "You're all kinds of cute." His cock was still soft but was growing longer and thicker.

"Uh . . ." Rick's dick was already hard. "Thanks."

"Don't be shy. I know this is kind of new to you."

Not really." Rick wondered if he was blushing. "My first time was in my early teens. With my best friend. And I've been with lots of men since then."

"Ever been in a gang-bang before?"

"Well . . . no. I've had a couple of three-ways. But, I've never had sex in front of other people."

"Not like tonight."

"No. I just thought I was going to dance. I liked the idea of being naked for a big group of gay men, but I didn't expect . . ."

"It got kinda out of control." Bill's long thick dick was sticking out from his close-cropped crotch. "But, I don't think anybody minded."

"I sure didn't," Rick admitted.

"You surprised yourself." Bill said. It wasn't a question.

"Uh, yeah." Rick wasn't sure what to say, so he kissed Bill, hard and dirty with lots of aggressive tongue.

Bill plastered his body against Rick's and kissed him back while kneading his buttocks and humping his stiff dick against Rick's swollen pole. "You sure kiss good," he said.

"So do you." Rick stepped back and wrapped his fist around Bill's hard-on. He ran his index finger over Bill's cock-head, smearing the slick fluid that was already oozing from its tip. "I'm gonna suck your cock, now."

Rick sank to his knees and took Bill's stiff rod in his mouth, clamping his lips around its coronal ring and swirling his tongue over its swollen head.

"Oh yeah!" Bill moaned, running his fingers through Rick's short hair and squeezing his shoulders. "That's good."

Rick looked up at Bill. "I love sucking your cock." He bobbed over Bill's cock, going from deep-throating its full length to kissing its tip while stroking its swollen shaft.

"That's right," Bill whispered. "Keep doing that."

Rick licked, kissed, and sucked Bill's hairless balls, taking one, then the other, and finally both in his mouth.

"You're a wonderful cocksucker," Bill said. A steady stream of precum was oozing from his tip and running down his shaft. "Now, I'm gonna fuck your face." He gripped Rick's head and rolled his hips, driving his hot rod deep into Rick's mouth. A married trick had told Rick that women hated this, but he found it sexy as hell. He sucked eagerly as he stroked Bill's shaft, pushing him toward an explosive climax.

"That's great." Bill pulled his throbbing cock out of Rick's mouth. "But, I'm not ready to come."

Rick stood up and kissed Bill. "What now? You gonna fuck me?"

"Not yet. There's something else first." Bill took Rick's hand and led him to the bed.

"What are you gonna do?"

"You'll see." Bill picked up a pillow and set it at the foot of the bed. "Lie down." He pointed to the pillow. "With your butt on that." Rick lay on his back with his ass elevated.

"You're going to like this." Bill sank to his knees and put Rick's ankles on his shoulders. He put his hands on Rick's buttocks and pulled them apart. "Your asshole is so pretty."

Lightning shot from Rick's anus to his raging boner as Bill's warm breath caressed his asshole. "So pretty," he said. "So fucking sexy." Rick's cock throbbed as Bill kissed, licked, and nibbled around his hole, gradually moving in. Rick moaned and pushed his butt into Bill's face.

"You like that?" Bill asked.

"Oh yeah!"

Rick moaned and squirmed as Bill's flat tongue stroked his asshole. It was hot, wet, and insistent, sending firebolts of sexual energy through his body.

"You doing all right?" Bill pointed his tongue and pressed it into Rick's anus, gradually teasing it open.

"It's amazing!" Rick said. Bill's tongue went in deeper, fucking his ass like a wide flat super-flexible cock. "I've never felt anything like this."

"Feels good doing it, too." Bill gripped Rick's bone and stroked it slowly while working his tongue in deeper.

The squirming tongue in his asshole and the hot hand caressing his throbbing pole had Rick on the edge of orgasm when he pushed Bill away. "Fuck my ass now."

"All right." Bill took a little squeeze bottle out of the nightstand drawer. "I've been fantasizing about your sexy butt all night."

"Well, it's here for you." Rick folded his knees against his chest, lifting his buttocks higher. "All ready for your big hard cock."

"Good." Bill lubricated his index finger and slid it up Rick's butt. It went in easily.

Rick's dick jerked as Bill worked his finger in and out of his tight asshole. "Come on," he said. "Fuck me now."

Bill lubricated his stiff dick and pressed its cock-head into Rick's anal ring. "Jesus!" He pushed forward carefully, gradually stretching Rick's asshole. "You are fuckin' tight!" He drew back slightly, then pressed in again, opening Rick wider.

"And you've got a fuckin' big cock." Rick jacked off slowly as Bill's stiff pole gradually penetrated him. "Damn!" he gasped as Bill's cock-head popped through his tight anal ring. "That's good!"

"You like that?" Bill asked.

"Oh yeah." Rick jacked off as Bill worked his cock-head in and out of his asshole, pushing in deeper with each slow stroke. He finally stopped all the way inside, with his balls pressed against Rick's butt cheeks. "That feels great!"

"It's great for me, too." Bill fucked Rick slowly, withdrawing completely and then pushing through his tight anal sphincter and sliding into his depths.

"Fuck me good and hard." Rick rocked his hips up to meet Bill's sliding rod. "I'm ready for you."

"Okay, sexy." Bill pulled out, then slammed home, shaking Rick's body. "I'm gonna give you a good hard ride." He fucked Rick with long fast strokes.

"That's right. Hammer my ass." Rick jacked his stiff cock while Bill pounded his butt.

The tension in Rick's balls had reached the boiling point when Bill gasped, "I'm gonna come."

"Shoot for me." Rick's fist flew over his hard dick. "I wanna feel it."

"Here it comes." Bill pulled his throbbing cock back, then slammed home, squirting a long thick pulse of cum up Rick's butt.

"Yeah! That's right!" Cum fountained from Rick's stiff pole as Bill drove into his depths, firing another shot of cum with each rough thrust. "Come in me!"

Bill stopped with his cock all the way up Rick's ass, then bent forward and kissed him.

"Man, that was good," Rick whispered. "I haven't gotten off like that in a long time."

"It was good for me, too." Bill kissed Rick again, then pulled his dick out of Rick's butt and lay down beside him. They fell asleep tangled in each others' arms.

* * *

It was still dark outside when Rick woke up. The only light in the room came from the gleaming cityscape outside the big window. There was no clock on the nightstand, but softly glowing numbers on the wall behind it read "2:37 a.m."

The spotlights over the bed came up slightly when Rick sat up and pushed the sheet down. Bill was asleep on his stomach beside him, snoring softly. Rick admired his muscular butt briefly, then lubricated his stiff dick, lay down on top of Bill, and humped his crack.

Bill moaned and stuck his butt in the air. "Oh yeah. Give me your big hard—" Rick's sliding cock-head found Bill's asshole and his rigid pole slid smoothly up the other man's butt. "That's right!" he gasped. "Fuck my ass."

Pinned by Rick's weight, Bill was almost helpless as Rick pounded his hot little hole. Still, he was able to rock his hips, pushing his butt up to meet Rick's driving rod.

The tension in Rick's balls built steadily as he hammered Bill's ass, pulling almost out and then diving in deep, slamming his pelvis against the prone man's buttocks.

"Come on," Bill moaned. "Shoot it!" Rick did, firing heavy pulses of cum into Bill's depths.

Rick collapsed on top of Bill, pinning him to the mattress. "You all right?" Rick asked. "Do you want me to get off you?"

"Yeah . . . I mean no." Bill laughed. "Yeah, I'm okay. No, I don't want you to move." He tightened his anal muscles around Rick's cock. It was still hard, even after his intense orgasm. "This feels good."

"I'm glad you don't mind," Rick said. "I woke up with a hard-on and couldn't resist your sexy butt."

"You used me like a cheap piece of meat," Bill answered. "I like that . . . With the right guy."

* * *

The room was still dark when Rick woke up at 9:00 a.m. Automatic curtains had closed over the floor-to-ceiling window to keep the bright morning light out.

Bill took Rick out onto the balcony and bent him over the railing, then fucked him, brutally using his asshole. It was primal, male, and exciting as hell. When Bill finished, Rick took his turn, plowing Bill's butt and coming quickly.

"That was great," Rick said.

"For me, too," Bill answered. "You can come back anytime."

They took a long sensual shower together and then went downstairs. Bill took Rick past a formal dining room filled with guests and into an industrial-sized kitchen with futuristic appliances.

Dan and Sean the butler were sitting at a table in front of a big window looking out into a walled garden. Like Rick and Bill, they were naked.

A middle-aged Hispanic man in a tailored white uniform was presiding over a giant stove. He turned and smiled at Bill. "Morning, Mr. Armitage," he said. "What do you want for breakfast?"


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