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Cowboys Don't Kiss

I was in the Automotive section of K-Mart, scanning the stack of air filters for the right part number, when I noticed him. He was about thirty-five, dressed in a cowboy hat and boots, with an expensive western shirt and blue jeans. His body was slender but strongly muscled. His eyes were shadowed by his hat brim, but I could see he had a bushy moustache. He'd been staring at me for a couple of minutes.

He looked awfully familiar, but I couldn't place him. Then he removed his cowboy hat and I saw his brilliant green eyes and unruly curly black hair.

"Jeff! Jeff Cramer!" I exclaimed as I walked over to him.

"Ken James, it's really you," he replied. "I sure didn't expect to see you here after all these years."

That's true. I hadn't been expecting to meet anybody I used to know. Cheyenne Wyoming was my home town but I'd moved to Texas thirteen years ago and had been in college in Laramie before that. Cheyenne might be the state capitol and home of the world's oldest rodeo, but that hadn't stopped me and all my buddies from leaving for good.

"I'm still in Austin," I said. "I've got my own computer business. I came back to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. Didn't I hear that you were in Texas for a while?"

"Yeah, I went to vet school at A & M. It's probably the best in the country. When I graduated, I came back here and joined Dad's practice. You didn't drive here, did you?"

"No. I'm helping Dad tune the pickup and we needed some parts."

"Look," Jeff said, "I've got some calls to make this afternoon, but I'd like to talk to you some more. Maybe you could come over before you go back. We can have a few drinks and go over old times."

He gave me his address and phone number and I agreed to come over that night. I decided I could put up with his wife, who I'd never met. It would be hard, though. I remembered those old times too well. It had started one night over twenty years ago . . .

I couldn't quite believe my ears when Jeff asked, "Wanna fuck?" He was twelve and I'd just turned thirteen. We'd just spent the last hour in his bed with the lights out, talking about pussy and getting horny.

"Sure, I'd love to," I whispered back. "Do you where we can find a girl or two?" I could feel my heart pounding and hear the blood rushing in my ears. My dick, already hard from all the sex talk, got even stiffer.

"Don't worry. I'll show you how." Jeff got up and headed for the bathroom. I waited in the dark, a little frightened, very curious and incredibly horny. I didn't know how boys could have sex without girls, but I was eager to find out.

Jeff came back with a squeeze bottle of hand lotion. He set it on the night stand, climbed back into bed and pressed his body against mine. I rolled on top of him and we started rubbing our dicks together through our white jockey shorts. Jeff put his hands under my shorts and cupped my ass cheeks. I quickly became aware of warm stickiness soaking through the cloth separating our crotches.

I put my hands on the waistband of Jeff's shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. In the dim light through the window, I could see his cock was standing straight up. I wrapped my hand around it. It was throbbing and slick with pre-cum. Jeff squirmed away from me and tore his shorts off. Then, he pulled mine off and threw them to the floor.

Jeff squirted some of the lotion into the palm of my hand and told me to grease my cock with it. Then he turned over onto his stomach and told me to rub my dick up and down along his crack. As I was sliding between his ass cheeks, my dick suddenly found a slowly widening hole. I started pushing into it. Jeff moaned and I froze, fearful of hurting him. Then he whispered, "Go ahead. Push it in. Just take it slow." He was very quiet as I eased myself into his butt. As soon as I was in all the way, he whispered "I can feel your balls against my ass. Start moving your peter in and out. Fuck me good."

At first, Jeff was real tight, so I took it easy, screwing him slowly and gently. I'd never imagined that an asshole could swallow up a cock, even a 13-year-old boy's cock, so easily. Soon, his ass muscles stopped resisting and I fucked him harder and faster. Jeff started to groan. I stopped with my dick inside him. "Are you OK? Am I hurting you?"

"No, it feels great. Just keep doing it." So I did. The sensations were incredible. I already knew that using my hand or rubbing my cock against my bed sheets would never really satisfy me again.

After I'd been thrusting for several minutes, cum suddenly erupted from my cock. I screamed as I filled Jeff's ass with hot boy juice. My solo efforts had never felt anywhere near that good. Jeff's ass muscles continued gripping my cock even after I'd collapsed on top of him.

As my mind recovered from the intense wave of pleasure that had washed over it, I realized that I was already getting horny again. After all, at 13 I could cum three times in a half-hour, although my dick got sore when I beat off that much. After that unbelievable orgasm, I had to know how Jeff's swollen pecker would feel inside me.

I pulled out and stuck my own ass up in the air. Jeff got the idea real quick. An instant later, he was greased up and probing my hole. His penis was small, even for a 12-year-old. I didn't feel any pain as he slid up my butt, just a pleasant sense of fullness. My ass muscles relaxed quickly as he began thrusting into me. When it was over, Jeff told me that I tightened up again after he'd been fucking me for a while. "Man, your asshole just grabbed my peter and held me so tight I had to shoot."

Indeed he did. I was dizzily aware of his cock ramming my ass as I humped the sheets. When Jeff started screaming and moaning, I was hardly able to distinguish between the excitement of feeling his hot cream shooting into my asshole and the sensation of my own cum pulsing out onto the sheets beneath me.

That was our first time. There were many more. My family moved out to the suburbs, which actually resulted in our spending more nights together. We always slept in the basement bedrooms of our houses, so we had plenty of privacy. Jeff used to sing a little song while we were fooling around. "Senioretter, senioretter, You have such a funny peter." He told me that a 15-year-old boy had taught him how to fuck, but I did it a lot better.

It was funny. We were cornholing each other at every opportunity, but we never kissed or even contemplated sucking each other's dicks. We were little cowboys, making do until we got real girls, not sissies and certainly not cocksuckers. Cowboys don't kiss.

It would still be a few years before I discovered the big secret. Cowboys do kiss. I didn't know if Jeff had ever discovered it. Somehow, I doubted it. He married a girl in college and their first child was born a few months after the wedding. By the time he graduated from the Texas A & M School of Veterinary Medicine, he'd added two more kids to his heterosexual credentials. The last time we'd made it had been on a drunken night when we were seniors in high school. Jeff refused to face me after that.

We ran into each other once while we were attending the University of Wyoming. He was a pre-vet cowboy while I was a computer science major with hair halfway to my ass. We went to the Fireside, a bar where both cowboys and freaks were welcome, and talked about (non-sexual) old times over a couple of pitchers. We never got together again after that.

Jeff's address was in a new development. I was surprised to find it was a little duplex, not at all suitable for a family with three children. Jeff understood my puzzled expression instantly. "Carol and I were divorced about a year ago," he explained.

We spent the next couple of hours talking about careers, politics, and how we'd solve all the world's problems if the rest of humanity were just wise enough to give us absolute power. We also hoisted a few and were pretty buzzed by the time the conversation turned really personal.

"I told you Carol and I were divorced," Jeff suddenly said. "What about you? Did you ever get married?"

I wondered if I should keep playing the game or just come right out and tell him. "No, I never did."

Jeff looked at me for a long time without saying anything. Then he suddenly changed the subject, sort of. "You remember all the stuff we used to do when we were kids?"

"You mean like the man-sized cardboard glider that flew like a rock, the underground fort, and the jailbreak games we used to play in your dad's kennel?" I asked innocently. "Or the time we locked Sandy Oakes up until she showed us her tits. I still don't know if she was embarrassed because she wasn't supposed to let boys see her or because she was so flat-chested."

He finished his drink with one gulp. The lights were low, but I thought he was blushing. "Well, yeah. But I was thinking more about some of the things we used to do when we were a bit older . . . When we were alone together."

"I remember it real well," I replied softly. "We both enjoyed all of it."

"Yeah, I know." Jeff seemed to be having trouble speaking. "I always figured we'd just grow out of it." He wouldn't look me straight in the eye.

"I never wanted to," I replied.

"Oh yeah?" He was suddenly looking at me very intently. He seemed to struggle a bit, then said, "I think that was a big part of the problem between me and Carol."

He sounded more decisive as he asked, "You remember the contests we used to have with Ralph and Billy?" I sure did. "Your peter was always a lot bigger than mine," he continued. "I've grown a lot since the last time. I wonder who's the biggest now?"

"Well, there's an easy way to find out," I replied.

Jeff hesitated, but not for long. "Yeah, I guess so. Who goes first?"

"Together." I got up and stood in front of Jeff's chair.

He glanced around, making sure all the drapes were drawn, then rose to join me. We watched each other closely. I went first with Jeff copying my every move: Unfasten our belt buckles and leave them dangling. Unzip our blue jeans and let them drop around our ankles. A long pause with our hands on the waistbands of our white jockey shorts, admiring each other's bulges, which were growing bigger by the second. Finally, a swift pulling of elastic away from our fronts and a push down to our thighs.

Jeff was still a few inches shorter than me, but the outdoor work had hardened and swelled his muscles impressively. I was really glad for the long hours I'd spent working out.

We stood staring at each other for a long time. Jeff had grown a lot. In all areas. Now his dick was just as long and thick as mine. My already-tumescent pecker was rapidly becoming fully erect. Jeff was still following my lead. Within a few moments, both our cocks were standing tall and proud.

I dropped to my knees in front of Jeff and prepared to take his erection into my mouth.

"No!" Jeff exclaimed as he tried to pull away.

My right hand was already wrapped around the base of his dick and cupping his balls. I held him in place as I looked up into his eyes. "What's the matter?" I asked. "Do you think it's going to hurt you?"

"No," he replied after a moment. "I want to do it." His body was still rigid when I started sucking his cock, but he was soon breathing heavily and working his hips to thrust his stiff dick in and out of my mouth. He was obviously on the brink of orgasm when he suddenly pulled away. "Let's go into the bedroom and do this right," he said.

It only took seconds to strip and move to the bed. I knelt on Jeff's chest and pushed my stiff prick toward his mouth. "Now it's your turn," I said. He only hesitated a second before he took my cock in his mouth and started licking and sucking. Jeff was inexperienced but eager and I was soon moaning with pleasure.

I wasn't ready for a climax that soon, so I pulled my throbbing penis out of Jeff's mouth and rolled over to the side of the bed. "Remember what we used to do?" I asked.

After staring at my crotch for a minute, Jeff said "I think that great big peter of yours would split my ass in half."

"No it won't," I replied. "But if you're afraid of it, you can fuck me first."

For old times sake, I lay on my stomach while Jeff greased his stiff member and pushed it between my ass cheeks. It took him a few seconds to find the hole. An instant later, he was sliding quickly and smoothly all the way into my eager chute.

When I felt his balls against my buttocks I gasped, "Come on and fuck me good. Your big hard peter isn't going to hurt me, no matter what you do with it."

Jeff took me at my word. It seemed like years of pent-up lust were driving his wild thrusts. After a short time, he started screaming. With each scream, he violently rammed the full length of his cock up my ass. With each thrust, I could feel another jet of hot cum spurting into me. Eventually, the spasms ended and he collapsed on top of me.

We lay there for a long time while our breathing and heart beats returned to normal. Jeff's body was limp but his penis, only slightly softened, was still inside me. He finally pulled out and moved over to lay on his tummy beside me. He stuck his butt up in the air and looked at me over his shoulder. "Just take it easy, please, " he said.

No problem. I greased my finger and began exploring his asshole. I finger fucked Jeff's tight little man-pussy for a long time while reaching under his body to caress his cock and balls with my other hand. At first, his anal muscles were extremely tense, but they gradually relaxed under my tender probing. Finally, Jeff said "OK, go ahead and fuck me. Just go slow." I penetrated him slowly and gently. There was surprisingly little resistance and my dick was soon completely inside him.

Jeff's muscles gripped my shaft tightly as I carefully moved in and out. As he gradually relaxed, I could fuck him faster and harder. He lifted his ass up in the air and I balanced on my hands and feet, doing pushups to work my cock inside his hot hole. I could feel the cum starting to boil in my balls. I stopped thrusting and pulled out. "Don't stop," Jeff moaned into the pillow.

"Turn over," I commanded. A moment later, I was back inside him. Now we were face to face. I nibbled Jeff's neck and tits as I continued plowing his ass. He still resisted when I tried to kiss him. I gripped his ankles like wheelbarrow handles and spread his legs wide, watching my cock sliding in and out of his body while Jeff stroked his dick in time with my thrusts.

White cream suddenly erupted from Jeff's straining pecker, splashing all over his chest and face. A second later, I was pumping my own load into his hot asshole.

When our climaxes were finally over, I lowered myself onto Jeff's muscular chest. He wrapped his arms around my back and gripped my shoulders tightly. He whispered, "I've never felt anything as good as us shooting together while you fucked me with your big hard peter."

We fell asleep in each other's arms. When I woke up, it was bright daylight outside. Jeff was still asleep, snoring softly on the pillow beside me. I bent over and kissed him full on the mouth.

The snoring stopped and Jeff's eyelids flickered. His body stiffened slightly, then relaxed again. He opened his mouth and out tongues met. He was shy for an instant, but quickly became bold, thrusting his tongue against mine.

Still kissing, I climbed on top of him and he wrapped his arms around me. Our manhoods were rapidly stiffening. He spread his legs and moved his butt to position his asshole invitingly against my cock head. I pulled away just long enough to get the lubricant from the nightstand and grease my peter.

As I entered him, I smiled down at Jeff and said, "You sure kiss good, cowboy."


Copyright © 2003 by Ken James

The teenage sexual experiences described in this story are true, although the names have been changed. The remainder of the story is fiction.

Many thanks to Wayde for his constant love and support.

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