San Francisco Swingers

Gay and Bi Swinging in San Francisco

An erotic collision between the West Coast and the Third Coast.

Sexy Texans Andy, his lover Pete, and their occasional bedmate Gretchen spend a wild weekend in San Francisco with big black stud Fred, his glamorous wife Carol, and her lusty Latina lesbian girlfriend Maria.

From a luxury hotel on San Francisco's Embarcadero to a mansion high in the Berkeley hills, the horny Texas trio explore new frontiers of hetero, gay, lesbian, and bi sexuality with their hot new Bay Area friends.

Contains explicit hetero gay, lesbian, and bisexual sex, including oral sex, anal sex, analingus, group sex, interracial sex, strap-on sex, voyeurism, and exhibitionism.

Midnight Workout (Short Story)

This is Chapter One from San Francisco Swingers

Samples from San Francisco Swingers