Jack Hammer - Dick Diamond

Jack Hammer 2

A Killer Stalks the Gay Rock Star

Gay rock star Rick Stone and his all-gay band Dick Diamond are releasing an eagerly anticipated new album and starting an extended tour.

But Rick knows a secret. A secret that could bring down a major right-wing extremist group. Its leaders will stop at nothing to keep Rick quiet. Not even murder.

Jack Hammer is Rick's only hope. But as the attacks escalate, Jack finds himself in the crosshairs. Can he unravel the tangled threads of Rick's life in time to save him from a relentless assassin?

And, can Jack save himself when he's captured by a sadistic killer?

Contains explicit gay sex, including oral sex, anal sex, analingus, interracial sex, group sex, nonconsensual sex, uncut cock, mountain bike sex, and sex in a sling.

Short Stories

Winner Takes Ass

Jack races a hot mountain biker for top.

Hard Rock Morning

Sizzling make-up sex for rock star Rick Stone.

Saddle Up

Jack's hard ride with an oversexed bear.

Love Train

Jack's steamy night with two big black studs.