Escape from serious

The Mountain Men saga gets a little lighter in Escape From The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 8). My protagonists Tom Prescott and Washington Jeffries escape from the homophobic queer white supremacists and hook up with a charismatic leader and his band of gay outlaws.

After Captives Of The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 7), I wanted to make Escape From The Mountain Men lighter while keeping a feeling of reality. The white supremacists are still a threat, but the emphasis is on sexual exploration.

Tom and Washington aren’t very sexually experienced, but they get a lot more experience, doing new things with new men.

And next month, it’s payback time for the queer Klansmen.

Happy reading.

Tiptoeing through a minefield.

Even though I’m keenly interested in history, politics, and social justice, I try to keep that out of my erotic writing. My readers get enough of that from other sources and I want to give you a break.

On the other hand, I want my stories to feel like they’re happening in the real world. White supremacists and racial tensions are real things.

In the first five books in the Mountain Men series, protagonist Tom Prescott is on a voyage of self-discovery. By the end of Farewell To The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 5) Tom has pretty well found himself.

With Return To The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 6), I wanted to shift to action-adventure. So, I had Tom captured by homophobic queer white supremacists. I wasn’t trying to be topical when I wrote the book in February, but . . .

Now, I’ve published Captives Of The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 7). In this book, the queer Klansmen drag Tom into their dungeon for a gay BDSM livestream to other white supremacists. I wrote this in March. If I was writing it today, I might have done it differently. Or maybe not, since this version is more compelling than my earlier ideas.

The white supremacists in Captives Of The Mountain Men are definitely bad guys and I’ve worked hard on making them unsympathetic. Still, this is a sex fantasy, so I’ve made them a lot less evil than their real life counterparts would be. I save the truly hard-boiled sex and violence for gay private investigator Jack Hammer. Jack Hammer – King’s Ransom is available now and I expect to be releasing Jack Hammer – Dick Diamond in 2021.  

Tom’s response to the sexual abuse in Captives Of The Mountain Men may seem weird, but unfortunately, it’s fairly common for rape victims to become aroused and even have orgasms. This is another big cause of guilt for rape survivors.

With that said, Captives Of The Mountain Men is a fun—and very sexual—action-adventure. And payback is coming for the queer Klansmen.

Happy reading.

I try not to be topical, but . . .

Sometimes, life catches up with you.

The Mountain Men series takes a sudden turn in Return To The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 6). Protagonist Tom Prescott is captured by white supremacists and kept as a sex slave, along with sexy black prisoner Washington Jeffries.

In order to publish a book a month, I write my books several months before they’re published. I wrote Return To The Mountain Men in February. Obviously, white supremacists and simmering racial tensions were a thing back then, but I didn’t expect the explosion of the past few days.

I try not to be topical or political in my writing, except for conveying the general message that self-awareness, individual liberty, and sexual liberation are good. Other than that, I’m trying to take readers away from our high-stress world.

I’m hoping the current troubles will push the United States closer to justice, but I’m not optimistic. At least in my fictional world, the white supremacists get it in the end, although that takes a few books.


New look. New focus.

I hope you’ll take a moment to admire the new banner. It’s more beautiful work by Richer Designs and reflects the new direction I’m taking. I’m going to be concentrating on writing stories about gay men.

There are complicated reasons for that. One is that exclusively gay stories are more popular than bisexual stories. Making more money is nice, but my main motivation is entertaining people. The more books I sell, the more people I’m entertaining. I think entertaining people is important in super-stressful times like these.

I’m also just feeling like exploring exclusive gay male sexuality. I’ve written a lot about bisexuals, a group that’s misunderstood and frequently scorned by gays and straights alike, and I think it’s time to give it a rest.

All the technical problems with the website have set me behind in my writing and I’m still playing catch-up. I’m finishing the “Mountain Men” series (10 books total) and planning the next series.

With the website issues resolved, I’ll be able to spend more time on this blog. I have some entertaining thoughts for its future, and I hope you’ll be patient with me.

Adios, newsletter. Hello blog.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s subscribed to my newsletter. I really appreciate your interest and support.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough engaged newsletter subscribers (those who actually open the email) to justify the work involved in putting the newsletter out.

Instead, I’m starting this blog. Everyone is bombarded with endless emails. I think a lot of people would rather read a blog entry at their convenience, rather than deal with another email message.

This blog will also let me branch out from news about my books and stories into whatever ramblings I feel are worth posting.

You’ll be seeing that in the future. Right now, I’m just concentrating on getting this blog up and running. As I mentioned in my final newsletter, I’ve had some serious technical issues with the website. Those are now resolved, although I’m still walking on eggs while working on the website, but all the problems set my writing schedule back.

So now, I’m really eager to get back to writing. I’ve got a lot more sexy stories, just waiting to be told.

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