Diamonds and Snow

On September 1, I’ll be publishing Love Peak, the third book in my Bi Trick series.

Exclusive escort Charlie Martin accompanies wealthy swingers Brady and Alexia to Love Peak Lodge, a lavish resort high in the Colorado Rockies. While a monster blizzard rages outside, passions explode as Charlie and his horny companions challenge each other’s limits.

The Price of Her Peach, Chapter Four from Love Peak, and a story sample are available now.

Jack Hammer: Dick Diamond, my latest gay romantic thriller starring hard-boiled gay private investigator Jack Hammer, is two-thirds complete. I’m not a very fast writer and the Jack Hammer books are a lot longer and much more complicated to write than my usual books. I’m hoping to publish it on November 1, but that’s subject to change.

A right-wing hit man is stalking gay rock star Rick Stone. Jack Hammer is his only hope. But can Jack unravel the tangled threads of Rick’s life in time to save him from a relentless assassin?

If you can’t wait to experience the Jack Hammer books’ mixture of hard-core gay sex and hard-boiled noir, Jack Hammer: King’s Ransom is available now.

And Long Hard Riders, a gay cowboy romance, will be coming early in 2022.

Hang In There

I just ordered a new package of masks. Last month, I was confident the mask-wearing era was coming to an end, but it’s not. The Delta variant is raging through the unvaccinated population and infection rates are climbing rapidly in most of the country. And since everything is bigger in Texas, we’re getting hit hard.

My husband and I got vaccinated months ago, when it was a major effort to get a shot. Since vaccinated people aren’t getting seriously sick, I’m tempted to say, “Fuck it. I did my job. Let the stupid people get sick.” I hate wearing a mask. I always have. But, I’m going to keep doing it anyway.  

I once rescued a kitten from a tall tree. Cats, especially young ones, are a lot better at climbing up than they are at climbing back down. So, I found myself at the top of a frighteningly high ladder with a terrified kitten scratching and biting my wrist. It fought me every step of the way back down to the ground. But, returning the kitten to its six-year-old owner was worth it.

There are three main reasons why I’ll continue wearing a mask until Covid is defeated. First, I don’t want people to get sick or die for being stupid. If I get infected, it probably won’t hurt me, but I can still pass it on to others. Second, there are people who can’t get vaccinated because of medical conditions. And kids under 12 can’t get vaccinated until the shot is approved for them. Third (and most important), the longer the virus bounces around, the chances of it mutating into something the vaccine can’t handle grow greater.

So, just get the shot and wear a mask. Protect the people around you, yourself, and your loved ones.

Brothers and Boyfriends

Life is returning to something like normal here in Austin. We’re not freezing in the dark due to the combined incompetence and greed of profits-first private industry and a complacent state government. Nor are we broiling, due to climate change. The “heat cap” over the western U.S. has dissipated, for the moment, and Texas is back down to its normal sizzling summer temperatures. Austin mostly avoided blackouts, possibly because so many houses have solar panels reducing the load on the electrical grid during peak hours.

Most important, my husband and I are doing normal things again, like eating out. Even crowded and noisy restaurants are fun now, although we usually go early to miss the big crowds.

We got vaccinated as soon as possible. I spent a lot of time online fighting for appointments. Now, it’s easy. You can just walk into a pharmacy and get a shot. I don’t understand the people who refuse to be vaccinated, but I’ve always been into science. At the risk of sounding like a 1960s TV character, their behavior is illogical. It ignores the evidence and goes strictly on emotion (and sometimes politics).

I’ve just published My Brother’s Boyfriend, a steamy tale of a big black stud, the horny college student who lusts after him, and the student’s “gay when his girlfriend’s away” roommate.

This is almost a mirror image of My Girlfriend’s Sister. This time, the characters are all gay men and the protagonist “seduces” the title character (although little seduction is required), rather than the opposite. And My Brother’s Boyfriend has hot all-gay three-way sex.

My next book will be Love Peak, the third book in my Bi Trick series. I’ll be publishing it on September 1.

I’m publishing a book every other month, so I have time to work on Jack Hammer: Dick Diamond, my latest gay romantic thriller starring hard-boiled gay private investigator Jack Hammer. I’m not a very fast writer and the Jack Hammer books are a lot longer and much more complicated to write than my usual books. I’m making good progress with Dick Diamond, but it still has a long way to go.

If you can’t wait to experience the Jack Hammer books’ mixture of hard-core gay sex and hard-boiled noir, Jack Hammer: King’s Ransom is available now.

And Long Hard Riders, a gay cowboy romance, will be coming soon.


I’m writing this on Memorial Day. For me, this is always a time for reflection. It’s necessary to look back occasionally. I try not to live in the past, but you don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been.

I got my second Covid shot almost three weeks ago. My husband and I are now fully vaccinated. We both got our second shots in the parking lot of the Tony Berger Center, which is a giant facility. It was drive-thru vaccinations and the level of organization was outstanding!

It always amazes me what we can do when we work together. Shame on those people who do nothing but divide us! And double-shame on those who don’t feel free unless they can take away other people’s freedom!!

And while I’m on my soapbox, triple-shame on those who restrict voting and undermine elections!!! Voting is the only way We the People have any say over how things are run. If that’s taken away, what do we have left?

All right, rant over. I’ll be publishing My Brother’s Boyfriend on July 1. You can read a short story and a sample from the book right now.

I’ve usually been publishing one book per month. I’m going to be slowing that down for a while so I can finish Jack Hammer: Dick Diamond, my latest gay romantic thriller starring hard-boiled gay private investigator Jack Hammer. I’m not a very fast writer and the Jack Hammer books are a lot longer and much more complicated to write than my usual books. Dick Diamond has been on hold for way too long and I need to finish it.

If you can’t wait to experience the Jack Hammer books mixture of hard-core gay sex and hard-boiled noir, Jack Hammer: King’s Ransom is available now.

As you can see from the Ken James Fiction Home page, I have lots more books in the pipeline. They’ll be coming soon.


April has been a good month. My husband and I both received our first COVID-19 vaccine shots after weeks of frustration trying to get appointments. That’s getting a lot better now. It’s great to have a competent government that can actually manage complex tasks like vaccine production and distribution.

Now, we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to go back to restaurants (although most of our favorite places have closed) and do other social activities.

I’ve just published My Girlfriend’s Sister. It has one of my more steamy covers. My original cover (below) was too steamy for Amazon or Smashwords, so I had to find a somewhat less erotic image.

Too Hot!

I start a book with a title and a tagline. Once I have those, I choose some images and have Moira Nelligar (my cover artist) make a cover. I print the cover off and look at it for inspiration while I’m writing the book.

With My Girlfriend’s Sister, I just fell in love with the models, especially the blond woman. There are a lot more images of her, but they’re too hot for Amazon and Smashwords. I usually choose models who generally fit the concept of the book. This time, the model had a major influence on Kristin’s character.

I’m like most authors. A story really starts when the characters come to life and start doing things. I just watch them and write it down. If this sounds like a mystical process, it is. Writers are generally reluctant to examine the working of their minds too closely, for fear that they might break something.

Kristin, the girlfriend’s big sister, came to life in a particularly vivid way. I hope you like her, and sexy stud Andy (who’s also strongly inspired by the cover model), as much as I do.


This month, I celebrate studs—black and otherwise—with Two For The Big Black Stud.

The beginning of Chapter One of Two For The Big Black Stud originally appeared in my Too-Hot-for-Amazon book Pegging Peter And Other Gay And Bisexual Love Stories with the title “The Hotwife and Her Husband.”

Pegging Peter is an anthology of reedited versions of my old stories, plus the new story “The Hotwife and Her Husband.”

After Amazon banned Pegging Peter, I decided to expand “The Hotwife and Her Husband” into a full-length book. I really liked this story and wanted it to have a wider audience. I rewrote the last third of Chapter One and added the rest.

Comments on “The Hotwife and Her Husband” from Pegging Peter And Other Gay And Bisexual Love Stories

Writers are also readers. Not surprisingly, erotic writers are also erotic readers. Even though most of my stories are gay or bisexual, I read all sorts of erotic fiction.

I wrote “The Hotwife and Her Husband” after reading several hotwife stories. A husband watching his wife have sex with another man has always seemed really gay to me, so I decided to make that explicit, rather than implicit.

I also wanted to get away from the standard “cuckold” fantasy. The husbands in a lot of hotwife stories get off on the humiliation, but I’d rather follow a different path. A big part of the story for me is the heterosexual husband discovering his attraction to other men.

Craig Jefferson, the protagonist, is based on a real live black bodybuilder named Fred. At six feet tall and weighing 200 pounds, I’m a pretty big guy, so it was a real trip being with a man who made me feel little and helpless. With his bulging thighs, arms, and chest, sex with him was like making love with Iron Man, except Fred was made of warm flesh and had a sweet face. We had a steamy relationship until his job took him to Denver. I miss him.

Hear it now

An audio version of my story Bi-College Girls 1 – Without Boys (from Bi-College) is now available at Dirtybit Podcast.

Bisexual college girls Bobby and Kathy leave their boyfriends behind in Austin and check out a lesbian bar in Houston. They meet Andy, a boyish but super-sexy cowgirl with a big toy chest, who takes them home for a long afternoon of all-girl sex.

I’d never gotten into audiobooks or podcasts. I spend a couple of hours a night reading. When I’m driving, I prefer to listen to music. Most of my trips are too short to listen to an audiobook or podcast, anyway.

Still, I was intrigued when Dirtybit Podcast contacted me about using Bi-College Girls 1 – Without Boys. Hearing my story was a dramatically different experience from reading it.

Click on the link above to hear the story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

About Dirtybit Podcast

Welcome to Dirtybit Podcast! We are a husband and wife dynamic duo. On March 29th, 2011 our first podcast episode was born when we decided to take our love for erotic stories and share with the world.

Our hope is to foster growth for independent authors, artists, musicians and really anyone who needs a little boost. We made the decision very early on to ensure the podcast remained accessible to everyone interested over the age of 18. Because of this we have never charged our authors or our listeners and consider the regular costs for the podcast to be our hobby expenses.

We love hearing impact stories from our fans. Messages like, “Wow! Me and my spouse listen to your podcast all the time and really love the variety of stories.” “It helps us to keep things spicy in the bedroom and really love how hot my wife gets listening to SeXXXySherry’s voice!”

These messages are what keep us going! We are always on the hunt for new stories and encourage anyone who would like to share their story with the world to send it our way. In addition to bringing your story to life on the podcast, we work to promote the author by sharing their social media handles and websites, links to online novels etc. We have fans all around the world and really love engaging with them. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out, we don’t bite . . . unless you want us too! Thank you for listening!

Still Alive in Austin

We survived the Great Texas Blizzard of 2021. My husband and I were really lucky. We had electricity and heat the whole time, unlike many Texans. The weight of the snow and ice broke a lot of branches in our yard. One giant branch hit our power line, but didn’t damage it. The water line into our house froze, but it thawed after 36 hours. We were under a boil water order for several days, but that’s been lifted.

The Republicans that run Texas are running around madly, trying to find someone to blame. They seem to have settled on green energy and AOC. They don’t want to talk about their failure to require power generating companies to winterize their equipment, even though Texas gets freezes like this every few years. They’d rather fly to Cancun.

I’m very happy to welcome Moira Nelligar back as my cover artist. She’d dropped out for personal reasons and I was prepared to do my own covers. You can read more about that in my last blog post. Now, she’s back and I’m glad. Her covers are much better than mine.

My next book, Two For The Big Black Stud (previously titled Hotwife And Husband), is coming out on April 1. Big Black Stud Craig Jefferson isn’t usually into women, but he’s happy to fuck sexy hotwife Brigitte while her husband Jim watches. But, Jim wants to do a lot more than watch. That’s fine with Craig.

And, I’ve got more books coming in the next few months . . .

A Long Strange Trip

“What a long strange trip it’s been . . .” (Truckin’ by the Grateful Dead).

We’re now almost a month into 2021 and it truly has been a long strange trip. We certainly aren’t seeing the bright optimistic future I was promised when I was a kid. Still, I have to hope that we’ll bottom out at some point soon and start climbing again.

The Mountain Men series reaches its end with Reunited With The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 10). Writing the series has definitely been a long strange trip. Like first-time-gay stud Tom Prescott, the tale has taken “Every wrong direction in its lonely way back home” (The Pilgrim, Chapter 33 by Kris Kristofferson).

If I was doing it again, I wouldn’t write the “Queer Klansmen” books. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I’ve written some earlier blog posts about it, but they were too topical and their subject matter was too serious for the kind of light-hearted stories I like to write. Still, if I hadn’t written those books, I probably wouldn’t have created Washington, Tiny, and Alpha, who are some of my favorite characters. So it goes.

All in all, though, I’m very pleased with the Mountain Men. I’ve had a lot of fun with them and I’m glad to be leaving them with a “happy ever after” ending.

One of the strange turns on my personal trip is book covers. I’ve been fortunate to work with four talented artists. One dropped out for health reasons. Two more artists stopped doing covers because people close to them died and they didn’t feel like continuing. The final one just didn’t want to do any more covers for erotic books.

It’s hard to find cover artists to do erotic books, so I’ve started doing my own. I’ve always chosen the images, so that stayed the same. But, I’ve had to find suitable software and learn how to use it. That’s taken two weeks that I would have rather spent on writing. Fortunately, I have worked with graphics software before, but that was long ago and far away.

My first cover is for my upcoming book, Hotwife And Husband. I’ll be writing more about that in a future blog entry. I’ve got more books in the pipeline, too.

Keep hanging on . . .

Swinging Into A New Year

Time is calling 2020 “The Worst Year Ever.” Historians might dispute that. Is 2020 worse than the Black Plague, The American Civil War, or two World Wars? Maybe not, but it’s definitely been the worst of my lifetime and I’ve lived through some pretty grim years.

So, I’ll be very happy to see 2020 in the rear view mirror. It’s hard to stay optimistic after all the shit that’s gone down, but I’m too stubborn to give in to despair. The New Year will get worse before it gets better, but it will get better with vaccines coming online and a President who actually gives a damn about the American People and the rest of the world. Just hold on, get vaccinated as soon as possible, and keep wearing your mask.

Despite all the strife, I’ve done a lot of writing in 2020, publishing nine Mountain Men books, the short story collection Cowboys Don’t Kiss and Other Gay and Bisexual Love Stories, and Hippie Hollow: Lust On A Nude Beach, a fictionalized memoir and tribute to Austin’s nude beach and gay cruising area.

I’m starting the new year with San Francisco Swingers, a double-length tale of gay, lesbian, and bisexual swinger sex. The lusty Texans from Love Bi-Angle converge on San Francisco for a wild swinger party. And wild it is, with three men and three women turning each other every way but loose. Even though this is a sequel of sorts, you don’t have to read Love Bi-Angle to enjoy this story.

Reunited With The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 10), the conclusion to the Mountain Men series is coming on February 1. After his liberation from the queer Klansmen, first-time gay stud Tom Prescott has a wildly sexual initiation into the ranks of the Mountain Men.

I also have several more books in the planning stages or partially written, including Jack Hammer: Dick Diamond, the second hard-boiled thriller starring gay private investigator Jack Hammer. They’ll be coming soon. Happy New Year . . . Peace.