Hard Sci-Fi

Skydancers is my first hard science fiction book. Actually, it’s the first science fiction book I’ve ever written, although I’ve read science fiction since I was a kid.

Hard science fiction doesn’t refer to the male characters’ erections, although you’ll find a lot of those in Skydancers. Hard science fiction uses real physics and engineering. So, no warp drives or phasers. Artificial gravity is created by centrifugal force and the spaceships are powered by super advanced rockets.

Of course, that’s just setting. As always, the emphasis is on characters and lots of steamy explicit sex.

I wrote Skydancers to submit for a threesome and group sex anthology for a big LGBTQ erotic publisher. Unfortunately, it wasn’t accepted, but that means you’re getting this book now, instead of in 2024. I’m grateful to the publisher for inspiring me to branch out into science fiction.

I hope you enjoy reading Skydancers as much as I enjoyed writing it.