Deep Space Bi Sex

The new Gold Rush is taking place in the Asteroid Belt. Wealth beyond the dreams of the greatest king is concentrated in hurtling rocks. There for the taking, if you can find it.

Asteroid prospectors are a rare, super horny, breed. Locked in a tiny ship for months at a time with no company but each other, they’re always eager for new sex partners.

The giant companies that harvest the vast wealth are run by robber barons with sexual appetites as great as their greed.

This month, I’m presenting two tales of sex in deep space.

In Her Bi Boy Toys, a ruthless executive introduces her innocent young straight partner to man-on-man sex and then has a hot three-way session with the two sexy studs.

In Free Fall Sex, a sexy woman teaches a new spaceman about weightless sex on a shuttle flight.

Both stories are from my new book Skydancers, coming on April 25.

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