Swinging Into A New Year

Time is calling 2020 “The Worst Year Ever.” Historians might dispute that. Is 2020 worse than the Black Plague, The American Civil War, or two World Wars? Maybe not, but it’s definitely been the worst of my lifetime and I’ve lived through some pretty grim years.

So, I’ll be very happy to see 2020 in the rear view mirror. It’s hard to stay optimistic after all the shit that’s gone down, but I’m too stubborn to give in to despair. The New Year will get worse before it gets better, but it will get better with vaccines coming online and a President who actually gives a damn about the American People and the rest of the world. Just hold on, get vaccinated as soon as possible, and keep wearing your mask.

Despite all the strife, I’ve done a lot of writing in 2020, publishing nine Mountain Men books, the short story collection Cowboys Don’t Kiss and Other Gay and Bisexual Love Stories, and Hippie Hollow: Lust On A Nude Beach, a fictionalized memoir and tribute to Austin’s nude beach and gay cruising area.

I’m starting the new year with San Francisco Swingers, a double-length tale of gay, lesbian, and bisexual swinger sex. The lusty Texans from Love Bi-Angle converge on San Francisco for a wild swinger party. And wild it is, with three men and three women turning each other every way but loose. Even though this is a sequel of sorts, you don’t have to read Love Bi-Angle to enjoy this story.

Reunited With The Mountain Men (Mountain Men 10), the conclusion to the Mountain Men series is coming on February 1. After his liberation from the queer Klansmen, first-time gay stud Tom Prescott has a wildly sexual initiation into the ranks of the Mountain Men.

I also have several more books in the planning stages or partially written, including Jack Hammer: Dick Diamond, the second hard-boiled thriller starring gay private investigator Jack Hammer. They’ll be coming soon. Happy New Year . . . Peace.