New Year, New Hope, New Stories

A new year always brings the hope that things will be better.

2020 has been a really shit year. Definitely the worst of my lifetime, with a bitterly divided country, a pandemic that’s killing thousands of Americans every day, and idiots who reject science and refuse to take simple obvious protective measures like wearing masks.

It’s also been rough personally. My husband and I haven’t had any health problems and our extended family is all right, but we miss visiting friends, going out, and just having a normal life. We mourn all the people lost to the pandemic and miss all the businesses that have closed, including almost all of our favorite restaurants. We’ve also had major problems with the house.

All this has affected my writing. It’s hard to write while the world is burning down. I’ve pushed the publication dates for several books back because I just haven’t felt like working on them.

But, it’s going to get better. A bunch of vaccines are coming and we’ll have competent people to manage distributing them. We’ll have to wear masks and keep our distance from other people for a few more months, but we’ll eventually have the Coronavirus under control, as long as enough people cooperate by getting vaccinated and wearing fucking masks!

I’m doing more writing again. San Francisco Swingers will be published on January 1. I’ve outlined Reunited With The Mountain Men, the conclusion to the Mountain Men series, and expect to start writing it soon. I’m tentatively planning to publish it on February 1. I also have several more books in the planning stages or partially written, including Jack Hammer: Dick Diamond, the second hard-boiled thriller starring gay private investigator Jack Hammer.

So . . . Hang on. Hope is on the way.