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Big Horns Sample 2 - Jack and Rob

Liz sank to her knees beside us. She fondled Rob's butt cheeks, then ran her hand between his legs to caress his balls and fondle his hard-on. "This big stud's gonna fuck your sexy ass." She looked up at me. "Come on. Let's see you slide that big cock up his butt."

I pulled my finger out of his asshole, gripped my shaft, and guided it between his muscular buttocks. His ass was super tight, so I eased into his anal ring, gradually stretching it open.

"Jesus!" Liz whispered. "Your big knob. Disappearing up my husband's asshole . . ."

I paused with my cock-head just inside Rob's ass, pulled out slightly, and then pushed in deeper. His asshole was hotter and way tighter than any pussy . . . I fucked him slowly, going deeper and faster as his anal muscles relaxed.

"This is so fuckin' hot," Liz said. "Even better than I imagined." She pulled a bright blue penis-shaped vibrator out of the knapsack.

"You're sure prepared," I said. "Watch out, Boy Scouts."

"I was a Girl Scout." Liz stood beside us with her legs spread, watching my cock slowly sliding in and out of Rob's ass. "And a better camper than most of the boys." She switched the vibrator on and slid it into her pussy, all the way to its thick bulbous base.

Liz closed her eyes and moaned. I kept fucking Rob while I stared at her.

Her eyes snapped open. "What are you looking at?" She smiled knowingly. "Never seen a girl playing with a vibrator?" I grinned self-consciously. "Well, you're seeing one now." She looked down at my sliding cock. "Fuck him harder. A lot harder. He can take it."

I pulled completely out of Rob's ass, then pushed my cock-head back in. Rob moaned and stroked his stiff cock as I moved in and out, teasing his anal ring. After several shallow strokes, I pulled out, then slammed home, bouncing my balls against his butt cheeks. "Fuck!" Rob gasped.

"Oh yeah!" Liz worked the vibrator in her pussy, making loud squishing sounds, while staring at my plunging pole. "That's it. Pound his ass."

Rob moaned and jacked his hot rod as I hammered his butt. Liz was screaming and coming as she fucked herself with the vibrator.

The tension in my nuts was building quickly. "I'm gonna shoot . . ."

"I want to see it," Liz said.

"All right." I rammed Rob a few more times, then pulled out and sprayed his back and buttocks with cum.

"God!" Liz said. "That was so fuckin' good." She kissed me long and hard, then kissed Rob just as thoroughly.

Rob kissed me roughly, then turned me around. "Bend over. It's your turn."

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