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Hammering Her Husband (Bi-Trick 1)

I was sitting at the bar of the 5101 Club, talking to my buddy Ernie, the bartender.

It was around 9:00 PM, early for a gay bar, and the place was almost empty. Just a few regulars. It wouldn't really get going for another two hours.

The door opened and a man walked in, stopped just inside the door, and looked around. He was in his late 30s, with thick black hair, a moderately handsome face, and an athletic body, wearing slacks, a sports coat, and a tie.

I leaned forward, like I was saying something confidential to Ernie, but I was really checking the guy out in the mirror behind the bar. He was still standing there, looking at the empty tables and scattered patrons.

He was looking at me, too. Once, we locked eyes in the mirror. We stayed frozen . . . staring . . . for several seconds, then he quickly turned away. For the next few minutes, he acted intensely interested in the flatscreen on the wall opposite the bar. It was showing highlights of a Brazilian soccer match from four months ago.

Finally, he came to a decision. He sat down at the bar, three seats away from me, and ordered a double Jack Daniels on the rocks.

He sat there, nursing his drink and sneaking frequent glances at me in the mirror. He had to be new at this. Trying to work up his nerve.

This guy was unusually skittish, even for a first-timer. I figured he'd bolt if I approached him, so I stayed on my bar stool, talking softly to Ernie, and occasionally turning my head to smile at the guy's reflection.

He downed the rest of his drink and set the glass down, then sat still, staring at the empty glass. He adjusted his body, preparing to stand up. It looked like he was going to leave. I locked eyes with him in the mirror. He was so fucking sexy and I wanted him in bed. Bad.

He stopped and looked back at me, then relaxed back on the stool and pushed the glass to the far edge of the bar.

At first, Ernie didn't notice the guy's signal. Then I told him to ignore it.

After a minute, the guy picked up his glass, walked over to Ernie, and set the glass down on the bar. "Another round, please." He was smiling, a little too broadly.

"Why don't you sit here?" I said. "You look lonely over there."

"Yeah. Sure. Thanks." He sat on the bar stool beside mine. Ernie set a glass in front of him. It was a triple, at least. The guy put a $20 and a $10 on the bar and said "Keep the change."

My glass was empty. "Refill?" Ernie asked. I nodded.

"I'll get it," the guy said. Ernie made me a vodka and tonic.

"Thanks, uh . . . " I paused, looking at him with a smile that was slightly more than friendly.

"Oh. Yeah. It's Brady." He held out his hand automatically.

I shook his hand almost equally automatically. "Charlie." I turned toward the bar. "And this is Ernie."

"Pleased to meet you." Ernie gave Brady a quick wave. "Gotta check the tables." He hustled off. It was getting busy and the 5101 waiters wouldn't be coming in for another half hour.

Brady and I took long sips of our drinks. "This your first time?" I asked.

He was silent for a few seconds. "In this club? Yeah. I've been in town before."

"On business?"

"Yeah. I sell building supplies in Denver. I'm here for a convention."

I asked Brady a few leading questions and got him talking about the building supply business. He was pleased that I was so knowledgeable. I hardly know a hammer from a chisel, but I've learned some tricks to make it seem like I understand what someone is talking about.

We finished our drinks and Brady signaled Ernie for another round.

Brady and I talked about sports and other neutral subjects. By the time he'd finished his third drink, he was way more relaxed, eyeing me openly.

My hand "accidentally" brushed Brady's thigh as I turned my bar stool to face him. I pressed my knee lightly against his as I bent forward. His body stiffened but he didn't move his knee. "This is your first time. Isn't it?" I kept my voice low.

Brady glanced around the room, then looked back at me. "What do you mean?"

"You know." I pressed my knee a little harder against his. "This is a gay bar. You don't just see the place and drop in. It's on a side street and you have to look for it."

Brady picked up his glass and twisted it in his hand, staring at the half-melted ice cubes without speaking.

"You're married," I said softly. "You have kids. A successful business."

"Yeah." He finally looked up at me. "All of that."

"You've got it made." Brady nodded slowly. "But there's something else. Fantasies about men. Getting stronger and stronger." Brady nodded again.

"Now, you're alone in a strange town. Nobody back home will ever find out. This is your chance."

I put my hand on Brady's thigh and left it there. He looked down at it, but didn't try to remove it. "Want to go somewhere?"

"Yeah. My hotel all right?"

"Great." Way better than my little efficiency apartment. "Ready?" I stood up.

Brady pulled his phone out and sent a brief text. "A little last-minute business." He stood up. "Let's go."

* * *

Brady's suite was on the top floor of the Hyatt. We stopped in the little anteroom. There were closed polished wood doors in two of its inside walls. The third wall opened into a big luxurious living room.

I wrapped my arms around Brady, pulled our bodies together, and kissed him. He stood there, stiff in my embrace, and kissed back unenthusiastically. Well, breaking in virgins is delicate and frustrating.

Brady pulled away and walked to the wood door in the far wall. He stopped with his hand on the doorknob and turned to face me. "You were right. Back in the bar. I am married. With kids from my first wife."

He opened the door. "But I'm not here alone."

The woman was over a decade younger than Brady, tall, solidly-constructed, and athletic, with a pair of double-D breasts that would make most women look unbalanced, but matched her large frame perfectly. She had long straight black hair and a 1950s movie star face, with flashing dark eyes and a wide smile.

She was stretched out on a chaise longue, wearing high heels, sheer dark stockings, and a translucent smoke-gray negligee that showed teasing hints of her lush body. A plunging Vee in front displayed her deep cleavage like a rare jewel on a silk cushion.

The gossamer fabric swirled around her as she rose to her feet, constantly hiding and revealing her torso and upper thighs.

She plastered her body against Brady's and kissed him thoroughly, then turned and looked at me like she was evaluating a stud horse. I guess she liked my tall slender body, boyish face, and the bulge in my slacks. She said, "Brady made a good choice. You're a really sexy man." Her voice was deep for a woman, rich and well-modulated. "I'm Alexia." She took my hand. "What's your name, handsome?"

"Charlie." It was hard to keep my eyes on Alexia's face, but I managed, despite the raging boner trapped in the tighty whities under my conservative-casual slacks. "It's nice to meet you." I smiled and squeezed her hand warmly.

I turned to Brady. "You didn't tell me your wife was here."

"I thought that would, uh, complicate things at the bar. Alexia wants to see me with another man. I brought you here to meet her, so you could decide for yourself."

Alexia sank back on the chaise longue and raised one knee, displaying her shapely leg and bare inner thigh. My hard-on grew even stronger as I stared at the filmy translucent cloth barely hiding her crotch.

She smiled at us. "How about it?" She touched a breast, seemingly unconsciously, stretching the thin cloth over her nipple. "Do you want to fuck my husband."

"Sure." I stared at her for a few seconds, then looked at Brady. "You ready?"

"Oh yeah." Brady was staring at Alexia, trying and failing to keep his eyes on her face. "What do you want us to do?"

"You can start by kissing Charlie." Alexia twisted around and put her feet on the floor, wide apart. The motion lifted the negligee's high-cut hem, flashing the bare skin between her legs. Somehow, my dick got even harder.

Brady stood still. I pressed my body against his and kissed him.

At first, it was like making out with a showroom dummy. Brady warmed up when I kneaded his buttocks while grinding my crotch bulge against the tent in his slacks. He fondled my ass and kissed me, open-mouthed with lots of tongue. He kept his eyes tightly closed.

Behind Brady, Alexia moaned. She'd lowered the negligee's top and released her massive tits. They were the same smooth pink-tinged tan as the rest of her body, with gigantic areolas slightly darker than her breasts. Her nipples were broad half-domes, the color of light chocolate. She was cradling her breasts in her hands, gently squeezing them and occasionally running a finger over a swollen nipple.

Looking at Alexia made playing with Brady even more exciting. There's something about being a married guy's first man. Having his wife watching made it way more intense.

I reached between our bodies and undid Brady's belt. He grinned and unfastened mine. We pushed each other's slacks and tighty whities down around our ankles, freeing our straining cocks.

For a moment, we just stood still, staring at each other's rigid poles.

Brady's rod was as impressive as Alexia's tits: 9" long and over 2" thick, with a broad head and a deep corneal ring. It was two inches longer and even thicker than my tool. His crotch and balls were bare, just like mine.

I fondled Brady's hairless balls and stroked his rigid shaft. "Nice shave."

"It's okay." Brady had lost his earlier inhibitions. "Alexia likes the look." He gripped my shaft just below my cock head and stroked it while running his fingers over my bare balls. He couldn't get enough of my balls.

"Wow!" Alexia said. "You guys are hot." She stood up, took the negligee off and draped it over the chaise lounge's back, then walked over to Brady and me, stopping just out of arms' reach with her feet wide apart and her hands on her hips. Her pubic area was bare, except for a triangle of thick black hair pointing down at her pussy. "You boys are so fucking sexy together. Watching you gets me so hot. Want to see?"

Without waiting for a answer, Alexia reached between her legs and pulled her neat little dark pussy lips open, showing her hot pink core. It was glistening with her juices and her hot female scent filled the air. "Know what I want now?"

"What?" Brady asked.

Alexia looked from my crotch to my face and back, then faced Brady. "For you to suck Charlie's cock."

"Okay." Brady sank to his knees in front of me, wrapped one hand around my stiff rod, and started kissing, licking, and sucking my balls like he'd been fantasizing about doing a man for a long time.

Brady moved to my cock, squeezing my balls while licking up and down my shaft.

"This is so fucking sexy," Alexia whispered. "Even better than I imagined." She went back to the chaise longue, put a big pillow against the wall, and leaned back with her legs open.

I pulled Brady closer to the longue and turned so Alexia could see us. He gripped my rod and wrapped his lips around my cock-head, licking and sucking it, going deeper and clamping his lips around my corneal ring, then probing my cum-slit with his tongue.

Alexia squeezed her breasts roughly, pinching and twisting her swollen nipples. She saw me watching and sent me an air kiss, then moved one hand down to her crotch and thrust two fingers up her pussy. Her moans and soft screams mixed with squishy liquid sounds as she worked her fingers in her snatch.

Brady squeezed my balls and jacked my stiff shaft while frantically sucking my cock-head. I held still and let him do what he wanted.

That's when Alexia started screaming. Loud. Really loud.

We both turned to look at her. She was coming violently, driving three fingers in and out of her cunt, making loud squishing sounds, while jacking her little clit like a tiny cock.

Alexia sank back with her head against the wall and her eyes closed. Brady and I stood in front of the chaise longue, kissing and rubbing stiff cocks.

Alexia opened her eyes and smiled at our hard-ons. "Nice," she whispered. "Two big men."

She wrapped her hand around my stiff pole. "Know what I want you to do with this?"

"Put it up your pussy?"

"That'd be fun." Alexia gently squeezed my balls and ran her fingers up and down my shaft. "But, right now . . ." She looked at Brady, standing beside me with an immense hard-on. ". . . I want you to fuck his butt."

"Okay." I turned to Brady. "You ready?"

He looked from my rigid pole to Alexia and back. "Just take it easy. Okay?" Without waiting for an answer, he turned away and sank to his knees with his elbows on the chaise longue.

Alexia took a squeeze bottle out of a dresser drawer and handed it to me. "Here. You'll need this."

"All right." I coated my finger with lube and pressed it into Brady's little puckered hole. His cock jerked as my finger slid smoothly up his ass. "You like that?"

"I sure like it." Alexia stood beside Brady with her legs spread, running a slow finger up and down her slit. "How about you, Lover?" She bent down and gripped his cock. "Do you like it?"

"It's okay," he answered.

"Just okay?" she asked. "You sure like fucking my ass."

"Well . . . That's different."

She laughed and slapped his butt playfully. "Don't worry, Lover. It'll be as good for you as it is for me." She turned to me. "Come on, Charlie. I want to see you ream my husband's ass."

"Oh, he's gonna get it." I pulled my finger out of Brady's asshole, added more lube, and slid it back in, twisting my wrist as I moved my finger in and out to distribute the slick gel evenly.

"Fuck!" Brady gasped. He reached between his legs and jacked his stiff cock while I fingered his ass. Before long, he was groaning and pushing back against my thrusting finger.

Alexia moved behind me, flattening her heavy tits against my back. "You guys are so hot," she whispered. "Got my pussy so wet." She reached around my body and gripped my stiff cock, stroking its shaft and pinching its head between her thumb and index finger. "You're so fuckin' hard. Put this up his ass. Now!"

I pulled my finger out of Brady's butt and Alexia guided my cock-head into his little puckered hole.

"Shit!" He screamed and jerked away. "That hurts too much!" he gasped. "You're too big!"

"It's okay." I bent forward and kissed his back. "I'll be gentle."

Alexia stood up and bent over, watching as I smeared lube on my stiff rod and pressed its tip between Brady's muscular buttocks. "Yeah," she whispered. "Fuck my husband's ass."

I pushed my cock into his asshole slowly, pulling back when he tensed up, then pressing forward, gradually opening and stretching his tight little anal ring. He moaned and jacked off, slowly rocking his hips and humping my hard rod.

"Yeah!" Alexia said. "Push your big knob up his tight little butt hole." She kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples while watching my cock-head gradually disappearing between Brady's buttocks.

His ass muscles suddenly relaxed and I drove home, slamming my pelvis against his butt cheeks. "Fuck!" he gasped.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just never felt anything like that before." He pushed backwards, grinding his ass into my crotch. "It's good."

"This'll feel even better." I pulled all the way out, then gripped my shaft and worked my cock-head in and out of his tight little anal ring.

Alexia fingered her pussy while watching me tease her husband's asshole. "This is so sexy," she said. "My stud taking a big thick cock up his ass."

"We're just getting started." I drew back, then slid my cock all the way up Brady's asshole.

"That's right!" he gasped. "Fuck me. Good and hard."

"You've got a hot tight virgin ass," I said. "Feels great." Brady moaned as I fucked him with long smooth strokes, pulling almost out and then slamming home, gradually gaining speed.

Alexia sank to her knees with her legs spread and worked rough fingers in and out of her wet pussy while she watched me fuck Brady. "Come on," she said. "Hammer his ass."

I gripped Brady's hips to hold him in place and rammed him, hard and fast.

The tension in my balls was near the bursting point. "Ready for a big hot load?" I asked Brady.

"Oh fuck, yeah!" Brady gasped. "Shoot it! Shoot it up my ass!"

"No!" Alexia cried. "I want to see it."

"Here it comes, stud." I yanked my throbbing cock out of his hot tight ass and jacked off frantically, spraying heavy pulses of cum on his buttocks and back. Alexia screamed beside me, coming hard as she stared at my spurting pole.

Finally spent, I leaned forward and kissed the back of Brady's neck. Alexia was kneeling beside me with her chest heaving and her motionless fingers inside her gleaming pussy. "That was great," she said.

"Good for me, too," I answered.

Alexia stood up and kissed me roughly, with lots of dirty tongue. "That was wonderful." She kissed me again, just on the lips this time. "But. You know."

I smiled and kissed her, as gently as she'd kissed me. "It's time for me to go." She just nodded.

"All right." I kissed her again, then got up and kissed Brady. He turned that into some serious tongue action and dick rubbing. I finally broke it off and headed for the bathroom.

My cock stayed hard as I showered and washed my hair. I tried to imagine I was floating in ice water as I dried off and finger-combed my short hair into place. It didn't help. I shrugged and walked naked back to the bedroom.

Alexia's heavy female scent filled the air. She was lying on her back in the middle of the bed with her legs in the air, fingering her snatch while Brady drove his thick cock up her ass and manhandled her heavy tits.

I watched Brady pound Alexia's butt while I got dressed. My gun was still steel-hard, so I left it in firing position.

Brady roared like a bear, slammed his oversized rod into Alexia's butt, paused for a few seconds, then pulled out and rammed her again. "Oh fuck yeah, Baby!" Alexis cried. "Shoot your hot stuff! Up my ass!"

I stood by the bed, rubbing my stiff pole through my slacks as I watched Brady and Alexis. Her screams and his growls sounded like an Amazon woman mating with a bear. The air was sharp with the scent of sweat and sex.

My cock was harder than ever. I wanted to tear my clothes off and jump back in.

The orgasmic bear attack ended and Brady rolled onto his back, lying beside Alexia. He still had a giant hard-on. Her nipples were puffy and her legs were open. The juice leaking from her gaping pussy was making a big wet spot on the bed.

They looked at me with identical satisfied smirks. "Like the show?" Alexia asked.

"Oh yeah." My dick was still rock-hard and my tighty whities were soaked with my precum. "And all the rest."

"It was great for me." Alexia glanced at Brady, then looked back at me. "Brady too." Brady just nodded.

"I . . . " She glanced at Brady again. "We . . . want to do some more with you." She sighed. "But, we're flying home in the morning. And Brady and I . . . " She grinned wickedly. " . . . have plans for tonight."

"That's all right." I bent over the bed and kissed Alexia, then Brady. "I understand."

Jesus! My cock was so painfully hard. I'd have to find another trick and fuck the hell out of him. Unlike my rod, that wouldn't be hard. The 5101 would be busy by now.

* * *

Back at the 5101, I picked up a college kid. He was barely old enough to drink. He lived at home, so I took him back to my apartment. He didn't mind it being a bit run down, especially after I'd bought him a half-dozen beers and a few shots of bar tequila.

I finally got my hard-on to go down, but I had to pound his ass for most of the night to do it. He left in the morning grinning and walking funny. I wondered what his parents were going to think.

After he was gone, I settled back in bed, thinking about Brady and Alexia and getting hard again. Before I'd left, they'd given me their phone number and email address and asked me to come see them in Denver.

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