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Bi-Cops 2 - Hard Evidence

Every off-duty cop in the precinct seemed to be crowded into Gray's Bar for Mike Connelly's retirement party. In his 35 years on the force, he'd taken half of them under his wing as raw rookies and turned them into seasoned police officers. Now, he was going off to sail his boat with his sexy new wife.

It was 8:30 PM. Case and Avery had gotten there early and snagged seats at the bar. They had the day off, so they were dressed in blue jeans and T-shirts.

"Mike looks great." Avery was only two feet away, but Case still had to shout to make himself heard over the din.

"He's been really happy since he married Susan," Avery answered. "He was so depressed after Helen died."

Jackie bent forward and set mugs of beer and double shots of George Dickel on the bar in front of them. Her low-cut blouse showed a lot of cleavage. "My turn." Case handed her three tens and said, "Keep the change."

"Thanks, Rick. You're sexy and generous. Too bad you're married." She looked him over for a few seconds. "Speaking of which . . . Where's Liz?"

"Visiting her sister in Colorado."

"Clean fresh Rocky Mountain air. Must be nice."

"Denver's smog is even worse than ours."

Jackie sighed. "There you go. Shattering a girl's illusions again."

She turned to Avery. "How's your love life? Last time, you and Paula were going at it so hot and heavy in the back booth I'd of had to bust you for public lewdness. If I was on the force."

"Didn't work out. She's dating a guitar player now."

"Surprised she hasn't brought him here. She used to like hanging out."

"I think he gets nervous in cop bars."

"That kind, huh?" She gave Avery a hard look. "Going through a few girls is normal. A new one every other month . . ."

Avery downed his whiskey in a single gulp and banged the tumbler down on the bar. "Bring me another one. A triple this time." He set a twenty down beside the glass. "This'll cover it."

Jackie looked hurt. "Sorry, Sam. Didn't mean to get personal." She left the bill on the bar, picked up the glass, and started to walk away.

"Sorry. Just bugs me. Don't know why I can't keep a girlfriend . . ."

She turned back. "It's okay. You'll find someone."

Jackie looked at Case's glass. It was already half empty. "You guys ain't drivin'." It wasn't a question. "You're already way over the limit."

"Hell no," Avery answered. "Car's at my apartment."

"Must be nice. Livin' so close." She turned back to Case. "How 'bout you?"

He shrugged. "Guess I'll catch a ride. Couple of the guys here live in my neighborhood." He downed the rest of his drink. "My car will be fine in the department lot."

"You don't have to bum a ride," Avery said. "You can crash on my couch."

Case hesitated, then nodded. "That'll work."

"Long as that's settled . . ." Jackie took the bottle of George Dickel from the shelf behind the bar, filled their glasses to the brim, and pushed Avery's $20 bill back toward him. "This is on the house."

"Jackie, you're a sweetheart."

"I know." She looked up and down the bar. "I got other customers." She hustled away.

Case saw Avery staring at her retreating ass. "Thinking of tapping her keg?"

"I like this place too much. Seems like I never get along with my exes." Avery sipped his whiskey. "Guess that's why Paula doesn't come in any more. Doesn't want to run into me."

"She really dating a guitar player?"

"Shit, I dunno." He lifted his glass. "Here's to women. Can't understand 'em. Can't live with 'em. Can't live without 'em."

"Find 'em, fuck 'em, and forget 'em?" Case asked.

"Damn straight!"

They downed the whiskey and chased it with the rest of their beers. "Let's blow this joint," Avery said. They waved at Jackie and got up to leave. As they went out, Avery dropped the $20 into the tip jar.

* * * *

Avery's apartment was only three blocks from Gray's Bar. Case settled on the living room sofa. Avery switched the flatscreen on and started for the kitchen. "Want a beer?"

They had three days off, nothing special to do, and nowhere to go. "Sure."

ESPN had a bunch of aging jocks discussing last week's NFL draft picks. The news was all about grass fires and the latest terrorist attack. Comedy Central was showing "Joe Dirt" again. The other channels had game shows, cliché cop dramas, sitcom reruns, lame action movies, or chick flicks.

"Fuck all this shit!" Avery switched to an Internet connection and brought up a login screen with photos of three scantily-dressed girls under the words "21st Century Sex."

"Porn?" Case looked at Avery. He already had a bulge in his pants.

"Why the hell not?" Avery clicked on the "Login" button. "We're not getting any pussy tonight."

"You've got a point." Case watched the screen fill with pictures of women: alone, with men, and with other women.

"You choose." Avery handed the controller to Case.

He scrolled down the screen and stopped at a photo of a woman on her back with a man's dick up her ass while a second man fucked her pussy. "How about this one?" When he held the cursor over the image, the scene's title and performer's name appeared: "Sharing Sabrina, starring Sabrina Miller."

"Great." Avery finished his beer with one long gulp and stood up. "Want another?"

"Hell yeah." Case's bottle was almost empty. He drank the rest and handed the bottle to Avery. "I'm fuckin' drunk already. Might as well do it up right."

"That's the spirit." Avery took the empties into the kitchen and came back with fresh beers. He settled on the couch and handed one to Case. "Come on. Let's watch that babe get reamed."

"Okay." Case clicked on the image.

It was hard for Case to concentrate on the video with Avery sitting two feet away from him on the sofa.

After their encounter with Bobby two weeks ago, Case had been fantasizing about Avery's thick hard cock and hot tight asshole. They hadn't talked about it, but Case had caught Avery stealing lustful glances at him.

Sabrina was sucking one man's dick while another fucked her pussy. Avery was rubbing the immense bulge in his crotch while he stared at the screen. Case was just as hard, staring at Avery's long thick cock under his tightly-stretched jeans.

Avery unfastened his belt, unzipped his fly, and pushed his blue jeans down around his ankles, freeing his stiff prick.

Case turned to the screen when Avery glanced in his direction. Had Avery noticed? After a minute, he cautiously looked back.

Avery was gazing at the screen, stroking his stiff shaft and running his thumb and index finger over his cock-head. It was already gleaming with his pre-cum. He didn't seem to have seen Case watching him.

Case's cock was so hard it hurt. He yanked his jeans down around his ankles and started beating off.

Case stared at Avery's flying fist, roughly jerking his swollen tool, and hardly noticed the men fucking Sabrina's pussy and ass on the screen.

Someone else seemed to be saying, "Want some help with that?" It couldn't be him reaching over to grip Avery's stiff pole.

Avery turned to Case with a tense grin on his face and wrapped his hand around Case's cock. He leaned closer. When his lips were an inch away, Case jerked his head back. Avery looked hurt for a second, then smiled slightly and kept stroking Case's hard cock.

"You like this," Avery said.

Case nodded.

"I'm going to suck your cock." When Case didn't answer, Avery knelt between his spread knees. He licked and sucked Case's cock-head while stroking his shaft and kneading his balls.

Sabrina was screaming, but Case was staring at Avery's head bobbing over his crotch and feeling the tension build in his balls.

His dick was throbbing when Avery lifted his head and looked into Case's eyes. "Want to fuck?"

Case's heart was pounding and it was hard to breathe. He answered in a hoarse whisper. "Yeah."

Avery sat on the couch beside Case and took off his shoes, socks, and jeans. Finally, he took his T-shirt off and threw it toward the flatscreen. It was blank, except for the "replay" symbol. The shirt bounced off the glass and fell to the floor.

Avery stood up, naked and hard, and looked down at Case. "Come on."

Case stripped quickly and followed Avery into the bedroom, watching his partner's muscular buttocks flex as he walked.

Avery took a squeeze bottle of lubricant out of the nightstand beside the double bed and handed it to Case, then got onto the bed, on his hands and knees with his butt sticking out. "Come on," he said. "I want your big hard cock up my ass."

Case could see Avery's reflection watching him in the big mirror mounted on the wall behind the head of the bed. He spread a thin line of lube on his finger and slid it into Avery's puckered hole, twisting it around while working it in and out.

Avery locked eyes with Case in the mirror. "I'm ready. Fuck me now."

"Okay." Case smeared lube on his stiff cock, then pressed its head between Avery's buttocks.

"Yeah! That's right!" Avery rocked back, humping Case's rigid pole. "Just stick it in. You're not going to hurt me."

After a few slow thrusts, Case was all the way inside. He held still, enjoying Avery's tight hot asshole gripping his cock.

"That feels great!" Avery was still looking at Case's reflection in the mirror. "How do you like this?" His ass muscles clamped Case's rod.

"Jesus!" Case whispered. He pulled out slowly, and then pressed back inside.

"That's right. Work that big hard pole in my tight butt!" Avery humped Case's sliding cock silently, then said, "Liz likes taking it up the ass."

Case froze for an instant, then fucked Avery harder and faster, bouncing has balls against Avery's butt cheeks. "That's pretty damn personal."

Avery rocked his hips in time with Case's thrusts. "Fucking your partner's ass is pretty personal."

"How'd you know?"

"You know how to fuck an asshole. Except for that surfer kid . . ."


"Yeah. Bobby." Case saw Avery's wolfish grin in the mirror. "Fuckin' hot piece of ass . . . Except for Bobby, I bet you haven't fucked many guys."

"Guess not." In their early teens, Case and his best friend Jimmy had jacked off together and fucked each other's butts. They'd never sucked cock and certainly hadn't kissed. They'd quit fooling around when they'd started dating girls. Case thought they'd grown out of it.

"You learned somewhere."

"Okay." Case went faster. "Lil loves butt-fucking. I eat her out and she sucks my cock. Then I fuck her pussy and ass. First time . . . she asked me."

"This is great," Avery said. "Hard and fast . . . The way I like it . . ."

Case gripped Avery's hips to hold him in place, pulled out until his cock-head was barely kissing Avery's asshole, then rammed it home, shaking Avery's body and the bed.

"Oh yeah," Avery gasped. "This is the way I need to get fucked." He drove his ass back to meet Case's plunging cock. "Come on. I'm ready for a big hot load up my ass."

"Here it comes . . ."

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck yeah!" Avery cried as Case hammered his ass, shooting another pulse of boiling cum with each thrust. He stopped with his cock all the way up Avery's butt, breathing hard with his heart racing.

"Jesus . . . H. . . . Fuckin' . . . Christ," Avery said. "That's the best pounding my ass has gotten in a hell of a long time."

"Pretty damn good for me, too . . ."

"Good as Liz?"

"Well . . ."

Avery laughed. "I'm just yanking your chain." He moved forward and Case's cock slipped out of his ass.

"You're one hell of a good fucker." Avery rolled onto his back and lifted his head to look at Case.

Case knelt on the bed between Avery's legs. "And you've got a helluva ass." His gaze moved from Avery's face down his body, over his weightlifter's chest and flat belly, and stopped at his long thick cock. It was still rock hard, with pre-cum leaking from its tip and forming a puddle on his stomach. "Did you come?"

"Can't you tell?"

"Okay, you haven't." Case stared at Avery's swollen shaft. "I'm going to get you off."

"Yeah, jack me off."

Case stared silently at his partner's stiff dick. "I'm gonna suck your cock." He'd actually said it!

Now, Case looked at Avery's face. His eyes were wide and his lips curved upward in a slight smile. "Okay."

Case lowered his head to Avery's crotch and wrapped his lips around Avery's big hard tool.

Sucking Avery's cock was just as sexy as eating Liz's pussy. He started off with one of her tricks, clamping his lips around Avery's corneal ring and licking and sucking his cock-head, slipping the tip of his tongue into his cum-slit and tasting his pre-cum, while stroking his rigid pole and gently squeezing his bulging balls.

Avery thrust his cock between Case's tightly closed lips, fucking his face. "Jesus!" he gasped. "I'm fuckin' close."

Case wanted to suck Avery off, to feel and taste his cum filling his mouth. But he wanted something else even more. The idea scared him as much as it excited him, but he couldn't resist. He pulled away.

Avery propped himself up on his elbows to look at Case. "Don't stop now."

"I want you to fuck my ass."

Avery stared at him. "This because you're drunk?"

"We're both drunk. But no. Ever since that traffic stop . . . I've been thinking . . ."

Avery gave him a hard look, then smiled. "Okay. I'm gonna fuck the hell outta your hot sexy ass."

"Good. That's what I want." Case knelt at the foot of the bed with his butt sticking out, the way Avery had done earlier. He looked up at the mirror and watched Avery squirt lube on his index finger.

Avery's stiff cock bobbed in the air as he stepped behind Case. "Ready?"

"Yeah." Case's cock jerked when Avery's finger slid into his asshole.

"You're goddamn tight!" Avery said. "Liz ever use a dildo on you?"

"No." Case looked at Avery in the mirror. The finger in his butt felt strange, but his cock was rock-hard. "We've talked about it. She'd like to, but I thought it was too . . . uh . . ."


"Guess so. Sorry. Doesn't seem that way now."

Avery squeezed more lube onto his finger and worked it around in Case's asshole. Soon, Case was relaxed enough to let Avery add a second finger, crossed with the first. Case jacked his stiff cock while Avery fingered his butt.

"Fuck me," Case said. "I want your big cock . . . up my ass. Now."

"Okay." Avery pulled his fingers out and Case felt something bigger pressing into his asshole, slowly stretching it open.

Case's ass muscles tensed up whenever it hurt. Each time, Avery pulled back slightly, then pushed further in. Suddenly, his cock-head popped through Case's tight anal ring and his big long shaft slid all the way up Case's ass.

"Jesus!" Case gasped.

"You okay?" Avery asked.

"Fuck yeah!" Case grinned at Avery in the mirror. "Feels good. Just took me by surprise."

Avery grinned back. "Great. Ready for that rough ride I promised?"

"Go for it."

Avery pulled out slowly, stopped with his cock-head just inside Case's asshole, then pushed back in, just as slowly, until his balls were pressing against Case's buttocks. Case's cock jerked and throbbed, but he didn't come.

After several more long slow thrusts, Avery asked, "Ready for a real fuck?"

"Oh yeah!" Case answered. Avery fucked him with long steady strokes. Case rocked his hips, pushing back to meet Avery's driving cock. "Do it harder."

Avery did, pounding Case's ass and filling the room with the sound of flesh slapping flesh.

Avery stopped with his cock all the way up Case's ass. Case looked at him in the mirror. "What?"

Avery looked scared but determined. "I just wanted to tell you how hot and sexy you are." He bent over and kissed the back of Case's neck. Case stiffened briefly, then relaxed. "With a super hot tight ass."

"Time for you to get back to fucking me," Case tightened and relaxed his ass muscles, gripping Avery's hard cock.

"Oh, you're gonna get it!" Avery hammered Case's ass, finally pulling all the way out, then driving back inside.

Case was close to coming when Avery gasped "Oh fuck!" His hard hot streams of cum splashed the walls of Case's asshole.

Avery stopped moving and Case clamped his ass muscles around his partner's hot pole. "That was wild. Better than I'd imagined." His cock was throbbing.

"Great for me, too." Avery kissed the back of Case's neck again. This time, Case didn't flinch.

When Avery straightened up, his dick slipped out of Case's asshole. He smiled into the mirror and fondled Case's muscular butt cheeks. "Men are so damn hot and sexy. A girl's ass is nice, but a guy's is even better."

"Girls have tits," Case said. "And cunts."

Avery bent over again, rubbing his hard-on along Case's butt crack. He lowered his chest onto Case's back, letting Case support part of his weight, and reached around Case's body to pinch and twist his nipples.

Case's swollen cock got even harder. Avery laughed at Case's expression in the mirror. "Boys have tits, too. They're smaller but you can still do a lot with them."

He continued playing with Case's nipples with one hand while he ran the other down Case's body to his crotch. "Guys don't have cunts, but their cocks are fantastic." He closed his fingers around Case's super-stiff prick. "You're sure hard. Guess you like guys."

Case didn't answer. He loved women, but . . .

Avery rose to his feet. Case stood up, grabbed Avery's hand, and put it around his hard-on.

"You didn't come." Avery stroked Case's shaft.

"Not yet."

"What do you want to do?"

"Fuck your ass." Case pointed to the bed. "Face to face."

Avery lay on his back with his legs folded against his chest and grinned at Case through his open knees. "Liz like it this way?"

Case chuckled. "Liz likes it every way." He stared at Avery's sexy asshole.

"Gonna fuck me, or just stand there looking?"

"Your ass is as pretty as Liz's. Bet it's just as tight."

Case smeared lube on his hard rod and knelt between Avery's spread legs. "Ready?" Without waiting for an answer, he slid his cock up Avery's ass.

"That's right," Avery whispered. "Now, let me have it. Rough as you want."

"You're gonna get it." Case gripped Avery's ankles and pushed them up and away from his body.

"Oh yeah," Avery said. "Pound my ass."

Case stared at his sliding cock while he fucked Avery. "You like that?"

"Fuck yeah!" Avery was stroking his stiff dick. His expression was like Liz's when she was getting close. "Go on and shoot."

Case growled, "Here it comes."

Avery screamed and cum fountained from his dick, splashing his chest, belly, and crotch, while Case fired shot after hard hot shot of cum up his ass.

Case let go of Avery's ankles and lowered his upper body onto Avery's chest.

"That was good," Avery whispered. "The best."

Their faces were inches apart. Case gazed into Avery's eyes for a long time, then looked down at his mouth. Avery's male lips were different from a woman's, but still unbelievably tempting.

Case lowered his face to Avery's and kissed him . . .

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