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Bend Over

His bedroom was in the basement. I recognized it from the views I'd seen on his web cam.

A double bed occupied most of the space. A long desk littered with computer equipment, electronics, magazines and assorted office paraphernalia ran along the outside wall paralleling the bed. The space between the bed and the desk was just wide enough to accommodate a wheeled office chair.

Old green wall-to-wall shag carpet covered the floor. There was a window with venetian blinds over the head of the bed. A large dresser holding a TV, VCR and DVD player stood against the wall opposite the foot of the bed,.

"Take your clothes off," he commanded.

"You really want me naked?" I asked innocently. "I've never been naked in front of a grown man before."

"Damn right I want you naked," he growled. "Strip right now."

I sat on the bed to remove my shoes and socks. I stood up, took my shirt and pants off and put them on the dresser beside the TV. I paused, acutely aware of the pressure of my penis against the fabric of my briefs.

"Quit wasting time," he snarled. "Get those shorts off now."

I turned away from him as I removed my briefs and set them on top of my pants and shirt.

"Turn around," he commanded. Before I could comply, he grabbed my shoulder and spun me around roughly. "That's quite a hard-on you've got for a shy boy," he commented.

He pulled a half gallon plastic bottle of vodka out from under the desk, raised it to his lips and took a long drink. Then he held the bottle out to me. "Drink some of this," he said. "It'll relax you . . . enough."

I reluctantly accepted the bottle and took a small sip.

"Take a real drink," he snarled. I swallowed several mouthfuls and lowered the bottle, gasping for breath.

"That's better," he said, grabbing the bottle and taking another long drink. He put the bottle back, then opened a desk drawer and removed a small tin, a lighter and a strange little brass pipe. He opened the tin, revealing a few marijuana buds. He crushed one of the buds into the pipe and lit it.

He took a long drag, then extended the pipe in my direction. I hesitated, then took the pipe and inhaled shallowly. He was glaring at me, so I drew sharply on the pipe, causing the bud to glow bright red and filling my lungs with hot smoke. I handed the pipe back to him and started coughing as I let the smoke out. I felt slightly dizzy and the basement room suddenly seemed vaguely dreamlike.

He puffed on the pipe until it went out, then stood up and shed his clothes. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. When he was finally naked, I gazed in awe at his stiff penis. It was at least two inches longer than my own 5 1/2 inch dick and somewhat thicker.

"Don't just stand there and stare," he said, wrapping one hand around his balls. "Get over here and suck it."

I sank to my knees and opened my mouth. He tried to ram his massive organ down my throat. I gripped the base of his shaft and slowed him down enough to keep him from choking me.

He pulled away after I'd been sucking him for several minutes. "Bend over the bed," he commanded.

A moment later, I was kneeling at the foot of the bed with my upper body resting on its surface. "What are you going to do?" I whispered as he moved behind me.

He didn't answer in words, but I felt a greasy finger probing my anus.

"What's happening?" I asked more urgently as I felt the finger being withdrawn. "I'm scared. What are you doing with my ass?"

"What are you pushing against my asshole?" I gasped a moment later. "It's big and round and it's opening my asshole. It's big and it hurts."

"Shut up and take it," was his answer.

"What are you doing?" I cried. "That thing is big and thick and hot and it's filling my butt . . . Oh my God! It's your cock! You're sliding your big hard cock into my asshole."

"Your cock is going in so deep," I exclaimed a moment later. "I've never had anything like this done to me before. I feel your balls. Your balls are pressed against my ass. That huge prick's all the way up my ass."

"You're pulling it out," I continued. "No, you're pushing it back in. Now out . . . and in. You're fucking me. You're fucking my tight little virgin asshole with your giant cock. Oh yeah! Drive your rod into me. Yeah! You're really fucking me now. Ram your big cock up my asshole! Fuck me harder . . . faster."

He plowed my butt frantically for several minutes, then suddenly pulled out. "Don't stop!" I exclaimed. "I want you to keep pounding my ass with your big fat cock."

He grabbed me by the waist and started lifting my body. "Get on the bed," he commanded. "Turn over." After I'd complied, he grabbed my ankles, spread my legs wide open and lifted my ass high off the bed. An instant later, he was plugged back in, fucking me even more vigorously than before.

"Come inside me," I shouted.  I was rocking back and forth to match his thrusts. "Shoot that big monster up my butt. Fill my ass with hot juice. God! Your hot sperm is splashing inside my asshole."

He made at least a dozen violent thrusts. With each thrust, another wave of semen burst from his cock and flooded my anus. Finally spent, he collapsed on top of me.

We stayed in that position for several minutes as our pounding heartbeats and ragged breathing gradually returned to normal. His cock eventually softened and slipped out of my asshole. I pushed him to the side and sat up. He was still lying on his belly, looking exhausted.

I felt like I'd had an orgasm, but I hadn't actually ejaculated. That was no problem.

I flipped him over on the bed, spread his legs and positioned my still-stiff cock at the entrance to his asshole. "Your turn," I announced, grinning.


Copyright © 2003 by Ken James

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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