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Two For The Big Black Stud

Big Black Stud Bangs The Hotwife, And Her Husband!

Big black stud Craig Jefferson isn't usually into women, but he can't resist sexy first-time hotwife Brigitte. After Craig is finished with Brigitte, he turns to her husband Jim.

Then, Jim wants to see Craig again. Without Brigitte!


This month, I celebrate studs—black and otherwise—with Two For The Big Black Stud.

The protagonist is based on a real live black bodybuilder. I'm a pretty big guy, so it was a real trip being with a man who made me feel little and helpless. With his bulging thighs, arms, and chest, sex with him was like making love with Iron Man, except he was made of warm flesh and had a sweet face.

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If Little Sister Won't

Her Big Sister Will

Coming May 1, 2021

While Big Brother's Away . . .

Coming Soon

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Jack Hammer

Hard-Boiled Gay Private Investigator

Love is his only weapon

Alex King has a promising life, with rich parents, an outstanding college career, and a sexy new boyfriend.

When a masked gunman kidnaps Alex and murders his boyfriend, his world suddenly narrows to a basement cell and repeated rapes by a vindictive killer. His only hope is to make his jailer-the killer's straight son-fall in love with him.

Jack Hammer is summoned to the Kings' palatial residence. His mission-rescue Alex before it's too late. And stay alive.

Introducing Jack Hammer in a hard-core gay romantic thriller.

Coming in 2021


Oversexed Six-Pack

A smokin' sampler of Ken James' raw and romantic gay and bisexual love stories.

The Hotwife and Her Husband (New)

Big black stud Craig Jefferson isn't usually into women, but he can't resist sexy Brigitte's invitation to make her a hotwife while her husband Jim watches. Then, it's Jim's turn.

Plus five more.

Hot First Times

First times: gay, bisexual, lesbian, and even heterosexual. Not necessarily first time sex, but rather people exploring possibilities and finding new paths.

This collection contains a brand new gay story plus 12 of Ken James' raw and romantic gay and bisexual love stories.

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