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Tied-Up Neighbors Sample 1 - Back Yard

It was Saturday afternoon and my friend Kevin and I were hanging out at my house. Dad was out of town and Mom was at the office, working on a special project, so we had the place to ourselves. We called our buddy Freddie and he came over with a couple of six-packs.

We drank beer and smoked a few joints, then went out in the back yard with a Frisbee. After we'd tossed it around for a while, Kevin sent it sailing over the privacy fence into the Gills' back yard.

Freddie climbed onto the fence's lower support rail and looked over the top. "Jesus, Paul! There's a woman! She's tied up!"

I jumped up beside him. It was Mrs. Gill . . . naked and spread-eagled with her wrists and ankles tied to metal stakes buried in the ground.

"Hold on, Mrs. Gill!" I scrambled over the fence and dropped lightly on the other side. Freddie was right behind me. It took Kevin longer to get over the fence. We stood at her feet, looking down at her.

It was hard to look at Mrs. Gill's face, instead of her graceful breasts or the glistening pink hole between her gaping pussy lips. She saw the big bulges in our pants and blushed.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Gill," I said. "We'll untie you." I looked at Freddie. "Call the cops." He pulled his phone out.

"No," Mrs. Gill said. "Don't."

"You don't want the police?" I asked.

She shook her head. "This is just a game, Paul. Please go back home and pretend you didn't see anything."

My stiff cock, painfully trapped in my jeans, got even harder. "I don't know, Mrs. Gill. We can't just leave you like this."

"What kind of game is this?" Freddie asked.

"It's something my husband and I do. He leaves me here and comes back after a couple hours and pretends to be a stranger finding me like this."

"You like to be tied up this way?" I asked. "And you want a strange guy to fuck you?"

She looked away. "Well, yes. Sometimes."

I sank to my knees beside Mrs. Gill and put a hand on her breast. Touching her felt even better than I'd imagined. I caressed her firm flesh and pinched her nipple. It was already hard.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"You said you liked being treated like this, Mrs. Gill."

"Not by you, dammit!"

Keith knelt beside me and fondled Mrs. Gill's other breast. Freddie fingered her slit, then buried his face between her legs. She moaned and arched her back, grinding her pelvis into his face while gasping, "No! Don't! Please stop!"

I pushed Freddie away and slipped a finger up Mrs. Gill's pussy. It was really hot and wet. She screamed and rolled her hips as I drove two fingers in and out of her tight pussy. I got rougher and she got louder. She was coming!

I pulled my fingers out of Mrs. Gill's pussy and unzipped my jeans, letting my painfully hard cock spring out. She stared at it with an expression of horror mixed with fascination. "No! Don't fuck me! Please! Do anything but just don't fuck me!"

"Can't help it, Mrs. Gill." I moved between her legs and pointed my cock's swollen head between her pussy lips. "I've wanted to fuck you for years."

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