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Tied-Up Neighbors Excerpt - Members Only

Mr. Gill grabbed the back of my head and rocked his hips, sliding smoothly in and out of my mouth. I was scared, but he wasn't too rough and didn't try to jam his rod all the way down my throat.

After I'd gotten used to him, he fucked my face hard and fast. I hadn't touched my stiff cock, but it was throbbing when he pulled out. "I'm not going to come in your mouth. Not this time."

"Good." I stood up and kissed him. He kissed me back, hard and dirty, roughly thrusting his tongue into my mouth. "I want to feel you shooting in my ass."

"Oh, you're gonna get it. A big hard hot load. Up your tight little butt." He took a squeeze bottle of lube out of the drawer.

"Want me to bend over?"

"Not this time." He pointed to the bed. "Get on your back."

"Yes sir." I lay on the bed and lifted my legs. Mr. Gill knelt between my spread thighs and squirted lube onto his index finger.

My stiff cock jerked as his slick finger slid into my asshole and slowly moved in and out.

"You like that?" He pulled his finger out, added more lube, and stuck it back up my butt, twisting it to spread the lube evenly.

"Oh yeah. Feels great." I pushed my ass back to meet his thrusting finger. "Fuck me sir."

"Ready?" He pulled his finger out of my ass and spread lube on his big stiff pole.

"Yes sir!" Now, I was going to get what I'd wanted when he'd bent me over the washing machine. "Give me your big hard cock!"

"Oh, you're gonna get it." He pressed his big mushroom head into my asshole, stretching it open. "Good and hard."

I gasped. It hurt, but not too much. "You all right?" He pulled back slightly, then pushed forward, opening me wider.

"Yes sir."

"Good." Mr. Gill rocked back and forth, forcing his giant cock-head into my ass. "Because I'm going to pound the hell out of your sexy little butt." I screamed when his long thick pole slipped through my tight anal ring and slid smoothly up my ass. "You like that?"

"Oh fuck yeah!" I clamped my ass muscles, gripping his big hard tool.

"So do I." He leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed him back aggressively. "You've got a great ass." He straightened up, gripped my knees, and pushed my spread legs toward my shoulders, raising my butt higher.

"And you've got a great cock," I answered. "It feels so good."

"Ready to get fucked?" He pulled almost out, then pushed back in, stopping with his balls pressed against my butt cheeks. "For real?"

"Yeah. Fuck me good and hard."

"Good and hard, huh?" Mr. Gill pulled completely out, leaving my asshole feeling painfully empty. "You sure?"

"Oh yeah. I need your big stiff cock." I screamed and my cock jerked as he drove through my tight anal ring, thrusting into my depths and slamming his crotch against my buttocks, hard enough to shake the bed.

"Like that?" he pulled back, stopping with his tip pressing against my hole.

"Yes sir. Just like that." He rammed me again. And again, pulling out, pausing, and then driving home, hammering me like a machine. "Oh fuck!" I gasped. "That's good."

"Feels good to me, too." Mr. Gill went faster, slamming me even harder. "Fucking your tight little asshole."

"This how you do it?" I asked. "With Mrs. Gill?"

"Sometimes." He was grinning. "And sometimes I do this." He gripped my ankles like wheelbarrow handles and pushed forward, opening my legs wider and lifting my ass even higher.

"That's right, Mr. Gill!" I cried. "Pound my ass!"

"I'm getting close." He rocked my ankles, driving in deeper and slamming his crotch against my buttocks, making a loud slapping sound. "Ready for a big hot load?"

"Oh yeah! Give it to me!"

"Here it is!" A hard hot jet of cum splashed my anal walls.

"Fuck yeah! Shoot it!" He rammed my ass, firing another shot with each rough thrust. "That's right! So good!"

He stopped with his cock buried deep in my ass. "God, that was good." He let go of my ankles, then bent forward and kissed me.

"For me, too." I ran my hands over his muscular back. "Getting hammered by a big butch Marine."

"You're a hot little stud," he said. "With a great ass." He kissed me again. Hard. "I can't get enough of you."

"Good," I answered. "Because I'm ready to fuck you."

"Great." Mr. Gill pulled his cock out of my ass and rose to his knees. "How do you want me?"

"On your back. I like it face to face."

"Me too." He rolled onto his back and folded his legs against his chest. "Come on and give me your big sexy cock."

"Oh yeah." I picked up the lube and knelt between his open legs. "I'm gonna fuck the hell outta you." I coated my finger with lube and slid it up his butt. It went in easily. "You like that?" I rotated my finger as I worked it in and out, spreading the lube.

"Feels great." His stiff cock jerked as I fingered his asshole. "You really know what to do with a guy."

"Just doing what comes naturally." I put more lube on my finger and slid it back into his ass. "You're the only man I've done this with."

"How about other boys?"

"Nope." I shook my head. "Couple times jacking off together. Comparing sizes. Seeing how far we could piss. Never touched another guy. Not until you." I pulled my finger out of his ass and smeared lube on my hard-on. "You?"

"Pretty much the same. My best friend and I jacked each other off a few times. Got a few blow jobs from guys in alleys after Basic. When I was drunk. Never anything like this."

I laughed. "Two virgins."

"Almost. Not like being tied up in the basement."

"No," I agreed. "Way different."

"No games," he said. "Just . . ."

We looked at each other silently for long seconds. "Yeah," I finally said.

"Yeah," he agreed. "You gonna fuck me now?"

I pressed my cock-head into his butthole. "Sure am."

"Jesus!" he gasped as I pressed forward, stretching his asshole. "You're so fuckin' big."

"Big hard cock for a big sexy Marine." I pushed through his tight anal ring and slid home, all the way to my balls. "You like that big hard cock?"

"Oh fuck yeah!" His anal muscles clamped my stiff rod. "Fuck me good and hard."

"You've got a sexy tight ass." I pulled out until my cock-head was barely kissing his hole, then thrust forward, diving into his depths and bouncing my balls against his buttocks. "And I'm gonna pound it." I pulled out, then slammed home again, shaking his body. "That okay with you?"

"Oh yeah! Ram my ass!"

I fucked him hard, pulling almost out and slamming home. "That's great!" he gasped. "Fucking me with that big cock."

"Great for me, too." I put his ankles on my shoulders and rolled him forward until his ass was sticking straight up in the air. "And it's gonna get even better." I put the palms of my hands flat on the mattress above his shoulders and straightened my legs out like I was doing pushups, then drove straight down into his hot tight asshole.

"Fuckin' Jesus!" he cried as I slammed his ass. "I never felt anything like this."

I rolled my pelvis, ramming his hot tight hole. "God, Mr. Gill. This is so great."

"For me, too. Pound me. Hard as you can."

"Like this?" I went even faster, feeling the tension build in my nuts. "Gettin' close, Mr. Gill."

"Come on. Shoot it." He rocked his butt in time with my driving cock. "I want to feel your big hot load."

"You're gonna feel it." I was right on the edge. "Here it comes!" We screamed together as I slammed his tight hot ass, firing another long hard pulse with each rough thrust. It seemed like I shot forever before finally running out of ammo.

I pulled out and we lay side by side on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. "Wow," I said. "That was awesome."

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