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Love Bi-Angle Ch. 7 - February Only

Andy and Pete are partners in a fast-rising architectural firm in Austin. Andy's girlfriend broke up with him six months ago.

Pete secretly loves Andy. Just when he's ready to make a move, Andy meets Gretchen, a strong-willed country girl with an abusive boyfriend.

After several dates, Gretchen takes Andy to bed. But, even after a night of wild passion, he's not sure she's over her boyfriend, especially after she agrees to go see him in Fredericksburg.

Gretchen goes to Fredericksburg to break up with her boyfriend. He rapes her pussy and virgin ass, leaving her stunned and afraid of men. All men.

Andy is upset because Gretchen is avoiding him. He and Pete get drunk and have sex for the first time. Andy fucks Pete's ass. He wants Pete to fuck him, but can't relax and take his cock. In the morning, Andy feels confused and guilty. He sneaks out and takes an early flight to San Francisco.

Sexy swingers Carol and Fred pick Andy up in San Francisco. At first, Fred is just going to watch, but he soon joins in, taking Andy's anal virginity. Afterward, Carol has to leave, but Fred stays for more hot man-on-man sex.

Andy comes home to Pete and apologizes for running away. He surprises Pete by asking to get fucked. After the second time, Andy tells Pete about Carol and Fred. He's sorry he didn't give Pete his butt cherry.

7 – Friday, June 23


Gretchen's nipples were tight and her panties were damp when she got out of her car in front of Andy's condo. She'd been fantasizing about him almost constantly for the past two days.

That night in Klaus' kitchen had left her feeling angry, guilty, and confused. She'd enjoyed it, even the ass fucking, but it was still rape.

Verdammt! Why was sex with that Arschloch so good? She wanted to kill him, but her pussy and asshole craved his big hard cock, using her roughly.

The conflict had put her off men, even sweet sexy Andy, and driven her back to Elizabeth, her only lesbian lover. That had been a mistake, like going to see Klaus. As always, Elizabeth was an angel in bed and a devil everywhere else. Gretchen fled after three days of dyke drama.

That left her thinking about Andy. Was it already too late? She always screwed things up with men.

She'd decided to give him a homecoming surprise he'd never forget. When he'd called from San Francisco International, she'd fibbed and told him she was still in Fredericksburg. What a boner he'd get when he answered the door and saw her standing on his tiny front porch in a white blouse with a neckline plunging to her waist and a black skirt barely long enough to cover her red satin panties.

As she was reaching for the doorbell, she saw the door was ajar. Andy must have forgotten to close it completely. That would make an even better surprise. She took a deep breath and let it out, then pushed the door open and stepped inside.

The living-dining area was empty. So was the front bedroom that Andy used as an office. There was an empty champagne bottle floating in an ice bucket and two glasses on the coffee table. Did Andy have company? Maybe this was a bad idea and she should just leave.

Gretchen took a deep breath and let it out, trying to relax. Andy didn't seem like the type to find a new woman so quickly. He'd probably been drinking with his partner. It took an instant to remember his name—Pete. They had a big new job to celebrate.

Her heart pounded as she slipped up the stairs. The carpet muffled her steps. She briefly fantasized about catching him in the shower. That would be a great way to surprise him.

She stopped in the hall at the top of the stairs. There was a light on in the master bedroom at the front of the unit, but she didn't hear anything.

"Oh yeah." It was Andy's voice. "That's so good."

Damn! He did have another lover. It hadn't taken him long to find some cheap slut to fuck. She turned back to the stairs, but then stopped. She had to see the bitch. Trying to be silent, she stepped to the door and peeked into the room.

Andy was standing at the foot of the bed, stark naked with an immense hard-on. The man she'd seen with Andy at Slick's was sitting on the bed, also naked, sucking Andy's stiff cock.

Gretchen stared at the two men in horrified fascination. Andy's lover was his partner Pete. She tried to turn away, but couldn't stop looking.

Pete kneaded Andy's balls while stroking his shaft and sucking his cock-head. Andy moaned and rocked his hips, slowly fucking Pete's face.

It was the sexiest thing Gretchen had ever seen. She pulled her blouse open and cupped her breasts, pinching her swollen nipples between her thumbs and index fingers.

Andy's hands blocked her view when he gripped the back of Pete's head and thrust his cock deep into his partner's throat. She sank to her knees to see better and rubbed her slit through her soaked panties, pushing the clinging wet cloth into her pussy.

Pete pulled away from Andy, rolled onto his back, and folded his legs against his chest. "I love sucking your dick, but I want you to fuck me."

"Oh yeah." Gretchen shrank back when Andy half-turned toward the hall. "I'm gonna plow your sexy ass." He picked up the plastic squeeze bottle sitting on the nightstand and knelt between Pete's open legs.

Gretchen stood up and pulled her panties off as Andy spread lube on his finger and slid it up Pete's butt. "Man! You are tight!"

"Come on," Pete answered. "I'm ready for you."

"All right." Andy lubricated his stiff rod and pressed his cock-head between Pete's buttocks. Gretchen slid two fingers up her pussy while she watched Andy work his swollen pole in his buddy's ass, going deeper with each slow stroke.

Gretchen moved closer. If the guys looked in her direction they'd see her, but she didn't care about that. She just had to see Andy's hard cock penetrating Pete's asshole. Soon, he was all the way inside, all the way to his bulging hairless balls.

"You like that?" Andy asked.

Pete laughed. "You know it." He had a beautiful rock-hard cock—long, thick, and leaking precum. It was as pretty as Andy's. Gretchen wondered what it would feel like inside her. "Now, fuck me. I'm ready for a good hard ride."

"Oh, you're gonna get it, cowboy." Andy pulled almost out and then pushed back in, slapping his pelvis against Pete's buttocks. "I'm gonna ream your ass."

Gretchen fingered her pussy, curling her fingers to reach the little rough spot just inside her pussy mouth while she watched Andy fucking Pete, starting slowly but gradually gaining speed.

She was almost close enough to smell the men's sweat and sex, finger-fucking her tight wet cunt and rubbing her swollen clit while staring at Andy's plunging pole and Pete's bouncing cock. She desperately wanted to join them on the bed, but she was afraid.

"Oh God." Pete grabbed his cock and jacked off while Andy pounded his ass. "This is great. You're great."

"Man!" Andy gasped. "So are you." His breathing was ragged and his thrusts slammed Pete's body and shook the bed. "Jesus! I'm gonna—"

"Yeah," Pete moaned. "Shoot it!" Gretchen bit back her screams, coming violently while Andy plowed Pete's ass.

Pete's hand was flying over his own stiff pole. Gretchen gasped, coming even harder as she watched him spray thick white cum on his chest and belly.

Andy collapsed on top of Pete and kissed him passionately. Pete kissed him back, just as eagerly.

Gretchen came to her senses and retreated to the hall. Her heart was pounding and she felt breathless.

The guys were getting up. Suddenly embarrassed and a little frightened, she grabbed her panties and fled down the stairs.

* * * *

Gretchen pulled into her assigned space in her apartment building's parking garage, shut off the engine, and sat staring at the concrete wall in front of her. The drive from Andy's condo had been a blur.

Her panties were lying on the passenger seat. She'd been in too big a hurry to get out of Andy's condo to put them on. She stuffed them into her purse and got out of the car.

A muscular young man dressed in blue jean cutoffs and a deadmau5 tee-shirt was waiting for the elevator. He looked like a college student, with longish curly black hair. He smiled shyly and said "Hi."

She smiled back. "Hello." The elevator arrived and they stepped inside. She punched the button for five and glanced at him.

"That's where I'm going." He seemed to sense the heat radiating from her body. On the ride up, he kept stealing glances at her long legs, super-short skirt, and revealing blouse. He was cute in that college boy way, and a little older than she'd first thought. She wondered what he'd be like in bed.

The warmth in her pussy radiated through her body. Her nipples were tight and she was getting wet again. She smiled at the student. "Haven't seen you here before."

He had a nice smile and looked at her the right way—appreciating, but not raping her with his eyes. "I'm a teaching assistant at UTSA, here for a physics conference. I'm staying with Lois Barnes. You know her?"

"Only by sight." She tried to not look disappointed. "Kind of punk-looking, with short hair."

"We're just friends," he said quickly. "Went to grad school together."

"Oh. Okay." The elevator stopped and they got out. "You going to be here long?"

"Just through the weekend. I've got classes on Monday."

"Too bad." Her eyes drifted down to the bulge in his tight cutoffs. It seemed to be getting bigger. "Uh . . . You want to have a glass of wine?"

His smile grew bigger. "I never drink with strangers . . ." He extended his hand. "I'm Mark."

She took it. "Uh . . . Hi. I'm Gretchen." She started down the hall. "This way."

In her efficiency apartment, she poured glasses of wine, dimmed the lights, and sank into the big easy chair in front of the picture window. Mark sat on the love seat on the other side of the coffee table.

She pointed at the neighborhood lights on the other side of Burnet Road. "Like the view?"

Mark looked out the window briefly, then turned to her, running his eyes up and down her body before stopping on her face. "Looks great."

She smiled back. "Looks awfully good to me, too." She opened her legs, giving Mark a view up her short skirt.

"Yeah." He stood up, stepped around the coffee table, and bent over to kiss her. "What do you want?"

She pulled his face down to hers and kissed him passionately, then put his hands on her breasts. "You know what I want."

He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. "You sure? I've just never—"

"Yeah," she answered. "Really sure. And I've never done this before, either." She stood up and took his hand. "The bedroom's this way."

"All right. Can I ask—"

"No. Let's not spoil this with words." She stepped into his arms and kissed him open-mouthed, with her tongue dancing against his.

Mark slid his hands under her skirt and gripped her bare buttocks, pulling her vulva into the giant bulge in his cutoffs. She moaned softly and ground her crotch against his. "You feel so good."

She unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor, then opened his fly and pulled his swollen cock out of his cutoffs. It instantly grew to full hardness. She bent down and kissed the bead of precum at its tip. "You're such a stud."

"And you're a dream." He stepped out of his cutoffs, then pulled the tee-shirt off and dropped it on the floor. "A wet dream." He laughed. "First one since I was twelve."

"You're a dreamboat, but you're not dreaming." She lay on the bed and opened her legs. "Come on and fuck me. I'm ready."

"Well, I'm not." He pulled her to the edge of the bed and knelt between her legs. "I've been smelling this hot little pussy since we met in the elevator. Now, I'm gonna find out how it tastes."

"Okay, Baby." It felt good to let him take charge. "Anything you want. I'm yours."

He ran his tongue up and down her slit, gradually going deeper and occasionally flicking her clit. "That's right, Baby. Eat me. Eat my hot wet snatch." She kneaded her breasts, pinching and twisting her tight nipples, while rolling her hips as he tongue-fucked her, going hard and deep.

Gretchen moaned and arched her back, pressing her vulva into Mark's face, as the tension in her body built. "Oh yeah, Baby! Just like that!" He kept on, moving his tongue faster and going even deeper. "Fuck, Baby!" she cried. "I'm—" She screamed and thrashed as the orgasm swept through her body. Mark kept going, pushing her on and on.

She collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath. "Wow!" she whispered. "You're so good."

"You inspire me." Mark took her in his arms and kissed her tenderly. The taste of her juices on his lips and tongue was strong.

She kissed him back aggressively and the warm satisfaction from her climax grew into blazing need. "Come on, Baby. I'm ready for you."

He rolled her onto her back and moved between her legs.

"Oh yeah. Give me your big hard cock." She moaned as his stiff pole slid smoothly home. It was nice and thick, stretching and filling her. "That's right. Fuck me, good and hard."

"You like that dick?" He slowly drew back until his cock head was barely kissing her pussy lips and then pushed back in, just as slowly.

"Feels great." His weight pressed her into the bed. "Just what I need." She ran her hands up and down his back, then slid them down to stroke his rolling buttocks. "You can be rough. I'm not fragile."

He went a little faster, angling to rub his shaft against the base of her clit. "Don't worry, Sexy. I'm gonna give you a long hard ride." He pulled out completely and nuzzled his cock-head against her clit briefly, then plunged back into her depths.

"Yeah, Baby! That's it!" She put the soles of her feet flat on the mattress, raising her knees and taking him deeper as she rocked her hips in time with his increasingly rough thrusts. "Hammer my snatch!"

Her tension built as he pounded her, drawing back and then driving deep, changing his angle slightly to stimulate different parts of her pussy. "That's right!" she gasped. "Keep going—just like that!"

Mark's face was a few inches above hers, wearing an expression of determined concentration. "You like this Baby?" She tensed her pussy muscles, tightening its grip on his driving rod. "Is my snatch tight enough for you? Hot enough?"

He grinned. "It'll do. Is my cock big enough for you?" He put his hands beside her shoulders and lifted his body. "Am I pounding your cunt hard enough?" He started doing push-ups, slamming her harder than ever.

"Oh fuck!" Gretchen cried. "Oh Jesus God!" She grabbed Mark's shoulders and pulled his body back down onto hers. "I'm getting close!"

"Come on, Baby!" he gasped. "Come for me. Come while I fuck your hot tight sweet snatch."

She was starting to shake. God, he was good! As good as Andy or even Klaus. "Oh fuck!" she cried. "Your cock! My cunt!" She cried out as the first orgasmic wave rushed through her body.

Gretchen screamed and thrashed as Mark fucked her relentlessly, pushing her climax to higher and higher levels. "Fuck me, Andy!" she cried. "Meine Fotze fickst du!"

"I'm fuckin' you, Babe!" Mark gasped. "Fuckin' you with my big hard cock." He didn't seem to have noticed she'd called him "Andy."

She clawed his back and rocked her hips violently, slamming her vulva against his driving rod. "Shoot your big thick cock, Baby! Give me a big hot load! I need—Oh Gott!" Mark's first hard hot pulse of cum splashed her pussy walls. "Oh yeah! Come in me! Come hard!"

Mark grinned as he slammed her spasming snatch. "Yeah, Babe! Gotta a big hard load for you." He fired another shot with each rough thrust.

When he'd finished, she pulled his face down to hers and kissed him passionately. "Oh Liebchen! That was so good."

"Good for me, too. You're an amazing woman."

"And you're an amazing man." His cock, deep inside her, was still hard. It shifted when she moved. "Such a lover . . ." She tightened and then relaxed her pussy muscles around his thick pole. "Such a cock."

He laughed. "Hope I'm a little more than that."

"Oh, lots more." She ran her fingers through his thick curly hair. "You feel so good." She giggled when his dick shifted in her pussy. "This feels so good. Just lying here."

"Yeah." He kissed her again, tenderly, and took her in his arms. It felt so warm and safe . . .

Her eyes snapped open. Andy . . . No. What was his name? . . . Mark was still holding her, smiling broadly. "Oh," she whispered. "Did I fall asleep?"

"Yeah, Babe." His lips brushed hers. "But not for long."

"Sorry." She kissed him back, more passionately. "It's not like I was bored—"

"It's okay. I understand." His cock had slipped out while she slept. Its head burrowed between her pussy lips.

"Are you going to fuck me again?" She shifted her hips, lining her pussy up with his stiff dick.

"Do you want me to?"

She laughed. "What do you think?"

* * * *

Gretchen kissed Mark at the door. "I'm sorry you have to go." The second round had been divine. He'd fucked her to another series of exquisite orgasms. "Too bad you couldn't shoot again."

"That's okay." He kneaded her bare buttocks while they kissed. "It was just too soon. But it still felt great."

"I wish you could spend the night." She ground her crotch into the bulge in his cutoffs. "I love waking up with a man."

"Next time, I will." After he'd taken a quick shower and dressed, they'd traded phone numbers. "But Lois will get jealous if I stay out all night."

"Jealous? You said you were just friends."

"Well . . ." He laughed, a little nervously. "Kinda friends with benefits. Hope that doesn't bother you."

"You're a bad boy." She slapped his butt playfully. "It should piss me off, but somehow it doesn't. Guess I asked for that, picking you up in the elevator." He looked relieved. "Are you going to tell Lois?"

"Well, yeah." He grinned like a guilty schoolboy. "But not until morning."

"Bad boy." She fingered his crotch bulge, then pushed him away. "You better get back to her."

"Yeah, I know." He hesitated. "Want to join us? She likes girls."

Gretchen's nipples tightened as she thought about it. "Better not," she finally answered. "Not after she's spent so long, waiting for some sugar."

"Maybe next time?"

"I'll think about it." She touched his dick again. "Hard." She opened the door, accidentally flashing a pair of college boys walking down the hall. They stopped suddenly, staring at her naked body. She felt self-conscious for a moment, then smiled and gestured for them to keep going. "Go on. Before I drag you back to bed."

"You're right." He kissed her again and then left.

Gretchen turned the deadbolt, then sighed and leaned back against the door, surveying the dimly-lit room. She was tired, but not particularly sleepy. She sank back in the easy chair and sipped her half-full glass of wine while looking out the big picture window. Most of the lights in the neighborhood spread out below her were out, leaving only the glow from the streetlights.

She finished her wine, then shrugged and picked up Mark's glass.

Back in bed, she slipped a finger into her slick wet pussy. It went in easily and she added a second, crossed with the first. She moved them in and out while rotating her wrist. Her fantasies drifted from Mark to Mark and Lois, then to Andy, Pete, even the college boys in the hall . . . Shifting seamlessly from one to the other, individually and together . . .

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