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Mile High Club Part 1 - June Only

Five way lust in the Mile High City.

* * * * *

"Welcome to the 'Mile High Club.'" Brady held the door for Beverly, her boyfriend Kevin, and me.

We stepped into the ultimate man cave. The big room took up half of the three-story mansion's basement. A giant flat screen, flanked by four smaller flat screens, dominated one wall. Flames danced in a big stone fireplace. Lush upholstered chairs and couches were scattered around the room. Neon script behind a bar salvaged from an old saloon read "Mile High Club."

Alexia, Brady's wife, was waiting inside. She saw me looking at the neon sign. "Like the name, Charlie?" She was in her late 20s, tall, solidly-constructed, and athletic, with long straight black hair, flashing dark eyes and a wide smile set in a 50s movie star face, wearing dark nylons, black spike heels, a tight knee-length black skirt, and a frilly low-cut white peasant blouse that showed off her spectacular double-D cleavage.

"Sure." I tried to look innocent. "Denver's the 'Mile High City.'"

Alexia laughed and took me in her arms, pressing her giant breasts into my chest. "And there's the other meaning." She kissed me, long and hard.

"I know." I gripped her buttocks and ground my hard-on into her crotch.

"Naughty boy." She turned to Beverly. "Who is this angel?"

Beverly was young and slim, with blue eyes, a warm smile, long straight blond hair flowing half-way down her back, cute medium-sized tits, and a tight muscular ass. If I'd thought angels looked like her, I'd have paid more attention in church.

She was dressed in a naughty version of business casual: a bright pink long-sleeved jacket, a high-necked pale pink blouse with a white collar, a simple necklace of tiny gold leaves, a bright white skirt that ended at her upper thighs, bare legs, and tall black high heels.

"I'm Beverly." She moved into Alexia's arms. "And I'm no angel."

"You're my kind of angel." Alexia kissed Beverly long and hard. Beverly kissed Alexia back enthusiastically while fondling her heavy breasts. "A naughty angel."

"Easy to be naughty." Alexia gasped when Beverly slipped a hand between her thighs. "With a sexy woman like you."

"Come here . . . Angel." Alexia gripped Beverly's buttocks, pulled her closer, and kissed her. "You're so good."

Brady was standing by the bar, staring at the women with a big tent in his pants. He was an athletic man in his mid-40s, with thick black hair and a moderately handsome face, wearing blue jeans and a sports shirt.

Kevin and I looked a little like brothers. We were both tall and slender, wearing plain tee-shirts, blue jeans, and black sneakers. He had brown eyes, curly black hair cut short on the sides, and a serious runner's body. I had short blond hair, blue eyes, and a reasonably muscular body.

We exchanged looks. I'd never done anything with him or Beverly. They were lovers, working their way through college.

Alexia reached for the single button holding Beverly's jacket closed. "You're overdressed." She unfastened the button.

Beverly kept her eyes on Alexia as she pulled the jacket open, slowly dragged the sleeves over her arms, and dropped the jacket onto an easy chair.

"Yeah," Alexia whispered. "Keep going." She cupped her breasts, kneading them gently, while she watched Beverly unbutton her modest blouse and pull it open, showing her bare tits. "Yummy!"

Beverly grinned at Alexia as she finished taking her blouse off and dropped it beside the jacket. She was still wearing the necklace. The little gold leaves set off her firm B-cup breasts. "Glad you like them." She touched a nipple, then looked around the room. Brady, Kevin, and I were all staring at her. "Guess the boys do too."

"Oh yeah!" Brady answered. I gestured at Kevin and he nodded. We moved to the bar, flanking Brady, and each put a hand on his ass. His body stiffened at our touch. Then, he relaxed and put his hands on Kevin's and my butts.

Beverly stepped back when Alexia reached for her. "I'm still overdressed." She unfastened the short white skirt, tossed it onto the easy chair with her other clothes, and faced Alexia, wearing only the necklace, extra-high black high heels, and thin pink lace panties with a solid white waistband. She smiled and pivoted to show us the clinging fabric molded to her sexy buttocks.

"Nice!" Alexia took Beverly in her arms. They tongue-kissed while rubbing tits and fondling each other's asses.

Beverly looked down Alexia's cleavage, then up into her eyes. "You're kind of overdressed, too." She unbuttoned Alexia's peasant blouse and pulled it open, revealing the black push-up bra supporting her heavy breasts.

"Not for long." Alexia took off her blouse and dropped it on the couch with Beverly's clothes, followed by the bra. Her breasts only sagged a little when she took the bra off. She unfastened her skirt and faced Beverly, naked except for her spike heels and skin-tight black panties.

"You're so sexy!" Beverly bent forward and buried her face between Alexia's breasts.

"Oh yeah, Baby!" Alexia stroked Beverly's hair as the younger woman kissed, licked, and sucked her big breasts. "You're so good."

Brady stood still, staring at Alexia and Beverly with an immense bulge in his jeans. I unfastened his belt and fly, then pulled his jeans down around his ankles. He wasn't wearing underwear and his long thick cock snapped to full attention.

Kevin looked away from the women to stare at Brady's stiff rod. "Wow!" Kevin reached for his own belt and fly.

Alexia and Beverly stopped kissing and turned their heads to look at us. "Take it all off, guys," Alexia said. She and Beverly fondled each other's tits and asses while they watched Kevin, Brady, and me.

"All right." I sat on a bar stool to take my sneakers and socks off, then stood up to remove my tee-shirt, showing off my moderately muscular chest and arms. The women whistled and cheered as I reached for my belt buckle. I opened the buckle, unfastened the button fly on my jeans, then slowly pulled the zipper down. The heavy fabric opened like a blossom, showing my shaved crotch and the base of my cock, straining against the tough cloth.

I gripped my jeans' waistband and paused, looking around the room. Kevin was standing beside Brady with his slacks bunched around his ankles and his hand wrapped around Brady's stiff pole, slowly stroking its thick shaft and fingering its broad head.

Brady was staring at Kevin's cock, sticking proudly out from his hairless crotch. "Yeah," Kevin whispered as Brady's hand closed on his hot rod.

Alexia and Beverly were watching Kevin and Brady. "Ta-da-de-da!" I hummed.

When they turned to look at me, I pushed my jeans down. The women cheered when my hard pole snapped up like a switchblade. I stepped out of my jeans and kicked them away.

The women stared at our hard dicks and shaved pubic hair and balls. "Three guys," Beverly whispered. "With three big cocks."

"Yeah," Alexia answered. "And we're gonna watch them play." She pointed at Brady and then me. "You two. Now."

I turned Brady around to face me, wrapped my hand around our cocks, then kissed him hard and open-mouthed, with lots of tongue. He kissed me back, gripping my ass cheeks to hold us together.

Kevin humped my crack while Brady and I kissed and rubbed cocks.

"Oh fuck!" Alexia whispered. She and Beverly had taken their shoes and panties off. They were sitting on an ottoman a few feet away, fingering each other's pussies.

"Our own live sex show." Beverly kissed Alexia. "Three hot guys."

"It's going to get hotter," Alexia said. "Time for the next act."

"What's that?" Beverly asked. Brady's hand on my shoulder tightened.

"Charlie fucks Brady's ass." Beverly moaned softly as Alexia kneaded her tits.

"All right." Brady said. "I'm ready for him." He looked at Alexia. "Your strap-on is good, but a real cock's way better."

Alexia stood up, then took Beverly's hand and pulled her to her feet. "I'm going to get something," Alexia said. "Sit over there." She pointed to the couch. "The boys can use the ottoman." She disappeared through a door beside the fireplace.

She came back almost immediately, carrying a small black leather chest, decorated with chrome studs.

Beverly smiled. "What's in the toy chest?"

"You'll see." Alexia lifted the chest's lid a few inches and pulled out a plastic squeeze bottle of lubricant. "Soon enough." She tossed the bottle to Brady. He caught it easily. "Right now, it's time for the guys."

The ottoman was four feet square, big enough for Brady to lie on his back with his legs in the air. I knelt between his spread knees and pressed my lubricated index finger between Brady's buttocks. His stiff cock jerked as my finger slid up his asshole.

"Like that, big boy?" Brady nodded. He groaned and jacked his giant dick while I worked my finger in and out of his ass.

"Oh fuck!" Beverly gasped. She and Alexia were sitting on the couch with their knees touching, playing with their tits and pussies while they watched Brady and me.

"Show time!" I smeared lube on my stiff rod. The women bent forward to watch as I pressed my cock-head between Brady's buttocks. He jacked his thick tool as I took his ass with long slow strokes.

"Oh yeah!" Alexia kissed Beverly. "Charlie's fucking my husband's butt." She looked back at me. "Let him have it! Good and hard!"

"Okay." I pulled all the way out, paused so Alexia and Beverly could get a good look at my swollen cock-head positioned just outside Brady's asshole, then dove back in, to the hilt. "Like that?"

"Yeah!" Alexia gasped. "Just like that."

I gripped Brady's ankles, pushed them over his shoulders, and fucked him with long steady thrusts, pulling almost out, then plunging back inside, gradually gaining speed. "Oh fuck!" Brady gasped. "So good." He jerked off in time with my driving rod.

Alexia and Beverly knelt beside the ottoman, kneading their tits and fingering their pussies, coming hard as they watched me pound Brady's ass.

My nuts were getting tight. I looked up from my plunging pole at Alexia and Beverly. "Ready?" I asked. "To see me shoot?"

"Not yet," Alexia answered.

I pulled my cock out of Brady's asshole. He lay still, staring at my throbbing pole.

"What now?" Brady asked.

"Three boys and two girls." Alexia stood up. "Consider the possibilities." She pulled Beverly to her feet and kissed her. "Especially with three . . . " She looked from Brady to me, then to Kevin, and back to Brady. " . . . bisexual studs." She kissed Beverly again, fondling her ass possessively. "And Angel here."

"Time for your surprise, Angel." She looked at Brady and me. "And your second act."

Coming next month – Mile High Club Part Two.

Alexia has a surprise for sexy Beverly and some demands for the super-horny men.

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