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Love Bi-Angle Ch. 9 - April Only

Andy and Pete are partners in a fast-rising architectural firm in Austin. Andy's girlfriend broke up with him six months ago.

Pete secretly loves Andy. Just when he's ready to make a move, Andy meets Gretchen, a strong-willed country girl with an abusive boyfriend.

After several dates, Gretchen takes Andy to bed. But, even after a night of wild passion, he's not sure she's over her boyfriend, especially after she agrees to go see him in Fredericksburg.

Gretchen goes to Fredericksburg to break up with her boyfriend. He rapes her pussy and virgin ass, leaving her stunned and afraid of men. All men.

Andy is upset because Gretchen is avoiding him. He and Pete get drunk and have sex for the first time. Andy fucks Pete's ass. He wants Pete to fuck him, but can't relax and take his cock. In the morning, Andy feels confused and guilty. He sneaks out and takes an early flight to San Francisco.

Sexy swingers Carol and Fred pick Andy up in San Francisco. At first, Fred is just going to watch, but he soon joins in, taking Andy's anal virginity. Afterward, Carol has to leave, but Fred stays for more hot man-on-man sex.

Andy comes home to Pete and apologizes for running away. He surprises Pete by asking to get fucked. After the second time, Andy tells Pete about Carol and Fred. He's sorry he didn't give Pete his butt cherry.

Gretchen is sorry she ran out on Andy. She comes over to give him a surprise welcome home and sees Andy fucking Pete. Shocked and aroused, she slips away. Back at her apartment building, she picks up a sexy stranger and takes him to bed.

Gretchen and Andy have a passionate reunion. He's surprised when she asks him to fuck her ass. Afterward, she tells Andy she saw him with Pete. She wants a three-way.

9 – Sunday, June 25


"Más margaritas?" Anna, the pretty young Hispanic waitress, asked.

Andy glanced at the inch of green slush at the bottom of his glass and then looked across the table at Pete and Gretchen. They both shook their heads. "We're good." He pulled his credit card out and handed it to Anna.

"I'll take care of it." Andy and Pete watched her walk away. Andy was a little surprised to see Gretchen watching the young woman's rolling buttocks, too.

Gretchen finished her margarita and stood up. "I'm going to use the bathroom before we go." She bent down and gave Andy a quick peck on the lips, then squeezed Pete's shoulder. "See you boys soon." She walked off, swinging her hips.

"Man! What's going on with Gretchen?" Pete whispered. "She's been flirting with me all night."

Andy reached under the table and squeezed Pete's thigh. "The Italian Stallion wonders why someone has the hots for him?"

Pete grinned and put his hand on Andy's. "But she's your girlfriend."

"And if she wasn't?"

"I'd take her to bed in a second." Pete frowned. "But I don't want to get between you. She's nice and I really like her. She's the kind of woman you deserve and I'm glad it seems to be working out."

"Whatever happens, just go with the flow," Andy said.

"You sound like your hippie parents."

"What's wrong with that?"

Anna brought the check. By the time Andy had finished paying it, Gretchen was back. "You boys miss me?"

Andy grinned and shook his head. "Nope. Gave us some time for guy talk."

"About what? Me?"

"Naw," Andy said with a straight face. "Important stuff, like that new high school football stadium in Katy."

Gretchen ran a hand through her shoulder-length blond hair. "The big expensive one?"

"It's gotta be bigger and grander then anything else," Pete said. "It's a Texas law."

Gretchen put two fingers on Pete's cheek. "You need to pay attention to me. That's the important law." She looked down at the table and then at Andy. "We ready?"

* * * *

"Wanna drop me off?" Pete asked as they drove past his condo.

"No." Gretchen turned to look at Pete in the back seat. "The party's just getting started."

"Okay," he answered. "I just figured the party was going to get kinda private."

"We'll see." She squeezed Andy's thigh. "You don't mind, do you Liebchen?"

"Nope. He hasn't worn out his welcome. Least, not yet."

Andy parked in his condo's one-car garage. He stopped off at the first floor bathroom to take a quick piss. When he got out, Gretchen and Pete were sitting on the living room couch. Her hand was on his thigh, a few inches from the bulge in his jeans. ". . . don't have to be afraid," she was saying.

She smiled at Andy. "Hello Liebchen." She gave Pete's thigh a final squeeze, then stood up, moved into Andy's arms, and kissed him, open-mouthed with a busy tongue.

"Maybe I should leave you two alone." Pete stood up and started for the door.

Andy caught his arm. "Or maybe not." He kissed Pete aggressively.

Pete looked from Andy to Gretchen and back. "What's going on here?"

"Can't you guess?" Gretchen asked.

"She knows," Andy said. "About us."

"What? How?"

"She saw us Friday night."

"Oh man . . ."

"It's all right," Gretchen said. "I'm not mad. Seeing the two of you got me so fucking horny." She plastered her body against Pete's and kissed him passionately. "I want you. Both of you."


"Oh yeah." She sat on the couch and took her shoes and long white stockings off. "Have you ever had a three-way?"

"Uh . . . no," Pete answered.

"Neither have I." Gretchen rose to her feet, put her hands on her hips, and stood looking at Pete and Andy. She was wearing a low-cut white peasant blouse that showed her impressive cleavage and a tight blue miniskirt. "Not yet." She put her hand on Pete's bulging crotch. "But I want to. Don't you?"

Pete looked at Andy, who nodded. "Sure. What now?"

"We'll figure it out." Gretchen took her blouse off and dropped it on the couch, leaving her heavy breasts supported by a pale blue nipple-baring half-bra. "This give you any ideas?"

"Well . . ."

"How about this?" Andy stepped behind Pete and ground his crotch bulge into his partner's butt crack.

"Feels good." Pete pushed back, humping Andy's straining cock.

"Gott! You guys are so sexy." Gretchen took Pete's hand and slipped it under her short skirt. "See how excited you've gotten me?"

"Man! You are fuckin' wet."

"And you are fuckin' hard." She put her hand on Pete's crotch. "Is it me or Andy who's got you so hot?"

"Both." Pete pulled Gretchen to him and kissed her, long and hard.

"My turn." Andy swung Pete around. They kissed open-mouthed with dirty tongues while rubbing hard cocks through their tightly-stretched jeans.

"I wanted to join in on Friday." Gretchen removed her half-bra and skirt and faced them, dressed only in pale blue bikini panties. "But I was afraid you'd be mad."

Andy and Pete turned to her. "Not at you," Andy said. "Never."

"I might have been a little freaked," Pete answered. "But I'd have gotten over it fast."

"Good." She cupped her breasts. "Because I want you so badly." She glanced over at Andy. "Both of you."

Gretchen stepped up to Pete. "You like these tits?"

"Oh yeah." He reached for her breasts, a little tentatively.

"It's okay." She put her hands over his, pressing them into her flesh. "I want you to touch them." She stepped closer and kissed him. "Feel's good, Baby."

Andy rubbed his stiff cock's shaft and fingered its head through his hiking shorts and tightly-stretched briefs while he watched Pete dirty-kissing Gretchen and playing with her breasts. "Wow," he whispered. "You two are fucking sexy. Positively pornographic."

"Show's just starting." Gretchen reached for Pete's belt. "Curtain's going up." She unfastened his belt buckle and fly button, then pulled his zipper down. "Way up." She reached into his blue jeans and took his hard dick out.

"Wow." Gretchen slowly stroked Pete's swollen pole. "What a stud." She grinned at Andy. "Two stallions." She pinched Pete's cock-head between her thumb and index finger, collecting the precum leaking from his tip, then lifted her fingers to her lips. "Yummy."

She wrapped her thumb and index finger around the base of Pete's stiff shaft, then turned to Andy. "I'm going to suck your stud boyfriend's big beautiful cock now. That okay with you?"

The bulge in Andy's shorts grew even bigger. "Go ahead. I don't mind."

"Good." She bent forward, licked up another blob of precum from the tip of Pete's cock, then took its head and shaft in her mouth.

Andy's cock strained painfully against his briefs as he watched Gretchen's head bob over Pete's dick. She kneaded his balls, occasionally pausing to stroke his shaft and kiss his precum-and-saliva-slick tip.

He unfastened his khaki hiking shorts and pushed them down around his ankles, followed by his briefs, letting his stiff rod snap to full attention.

Gretchen looked up at him. "Guess you like the show."

"Sure do." A steady stream of precum was leaking from his tip. "The two sexiest people in the world . . . together."

"Liebchen!" She reached out and squeezed Andy's swollen shaft. "The three sexiest people are here. And the show's just starting." She went back to Pete's hard dick.

Andy jacked off slowly while he watched Gretchen and Pete. "How is she?" he asked.

"Really good." Pete had that wicked gleam in his eye. "It's nice to meet someone who can really suck cock."

"Bitch!" Andy slapped Pete's ass. "You saying I can't?"

"Well, with enough practice . . ." He stroked Gretchen's blond hair. ". . . you might get as good as Gretchen."

"We'll work on it." Andy knelt behind Gretchen and pulled her panties down, exposing her neatly-rolled pussy lips and the little puckered pink hole between her beautiful round buttocks.

He wanted to drive his hard cock into one of those holes and fuck it mercilessly. Instead, he slipped a finger into his mouth and coated it with saliva, then pressed his finger into Gretchen's asshole.

"Andy!" She jerked upright.

"Sorry." His finger was in to the second joint. "Did I hurt you."

"No." She pushed back slowly, taking the rest of his finger. "Just startled me." She took a few deep breaths and her tense anal muscles relaxed—a little. She lowered her face to Pete's crotch again. Andy carefully moved his finger in and out of her tight little butthole while she sucked Pete's stiff rod.

"Oh man!" Pete groaned. Gretchen tensed when he gripped her head, but then relaxed again. Andy pulled his finger out of her ass, then kissed and licked her buttocks, coming teasingly close to her asshole, then moving away again.

Pete fucked Gretchen's face slowly, taking care not to push in too far and choke her. Andy moved to her pussy, nibbling its lips and sliding his tongue up and down her slit, gradually pushing in deeper.

Gretchen straightened up and kicked her panties away, then bent over the couch and waved her ass at the men. "Come on, Pete. Fuck me." She twisted her head to look at Andy. "You don't mind?"

"Of course not." The hiking shorts and briefs around Andy's ankles almost tripped him when he tried to take a step. He sat on the couch to take them off while watching Pete move behind Gretchen and slide his stiff cock into her pussy.

"That's right," Gretchen said. "Meine Fotze fickst du."

"What's that?" Pete fucked her with long slow strokes. "I don't speak German."

Andy laughed. "You'll learn. At least the dirty words."

"Jawohl," Gretchen said. "It means, 'Fuck my cunt.'" She paused. "Gut, dein großer, steifer Hahn fühlt sich an."

"Huh?" Pete went faster.

Gretchen moaned. "Good your stiff cock feels." She rocked her hips, driving her pussy back against Pete's sliding pole. "Fucking my tight little snatch."

"Feels good to me, too." Pete gripped her hips to hold her in place as he pounded her pussy.

"Oh! Is gut!" Gretchen groaned. "Are you getting close?"

"Yeah." Pete's voice was tight.

"I don't want you to come." She pulled away. "Not yet."

"All right." He sounded disappointed.

"Don't worry." She caressed his stiff cock. "You'll be shooting this big gun soon enough."

"Okay," Pete answered. "What now? Is it Andy's turn?"

"Not exactly. Let's go upstairs." She walked away, waving her ass. Andy and Pete watched her sexy butt for a few seconds, then followed her.

In the bedroom, Gretchen looked at Pete. "I watched Andy pound your ass."

"Yeah?" Pete asked.

"Do you fuck his butt, too?"

"Sure. He's got a nice tight asshole."

"Good." She slapped Andy's butt. "It's your turn, Liebchen."

"All right." Andy wrapped his fingers around Pete's stiff shaft. "Come on, Big Boy." He led Pete across the room and sat at the foot of the bed. "I'm gonna suck your cock."

"Last time, I was watching from the hall." Gretchen moved closer. "Now, I'm getting a front row seat."

"You sure are." Andy closed his thumb and index finger around the base of Pete's stiff shaft. He extended his tongue to catch the big bubble of precum at Pete's tip, then kissed his cock-head. "I love your big sexy cock." He caught Pete's cock-head between his thumb and middle finger and slowly rubbed his index finger over his sexy partner's tightly-stretched glans.

Andy kissed, licked, and sucked Pete's balls, taking one and then the other in his mouth and lashing it with his tongue. It was a struggle to get both balls in his mouth, but he managed it. They tasted like hot sweaty man.

"Wow!" Gretchen kneaded her breasts, pinching her swollen nipples between her thumbs and index fingers and then pulling her hands away, giving them sharp little tugs.

Pete extended his arm and touched a finger to Gretchen's lips. "Good, isn't he?"

"Well, I don't know." She took his finger in her mouth and then licked and sucked it like a narrow penis. "He's never sucked my cock." She gave Pete a dirty grin. "But he sure knows how to eat pussy . . . and ass."

"Let's face it." Pete ran his fingers through Andy's brown crewcut. "He's just fuckin' good."

Andy let Pete's balls slip out of his mouth and licked up his shaft. At the top, he clamped his lips around Pete's corneal ring. Pete moaned as Andy's tongue stroked his swollen cock-head and probed his cum-slit. "Damn, partner," he whispered. "That's fuckin' good."

"You guys are so hot." Gretchen sank to her knees and wrapped her fingers around Andy's stiff pole. She jacked him off slowly, running her fist up and down his rigid shaft and rubbing her fingers over his precum-leaking cock-head while running a finger of her other hand over her shiny wet pussy lips. "You get me so hot." She slipped the finger into her pussy.

"His mouth sure is hot." Pete gripped the back of Andy's head and rocked his hips, fucking his face.

Andy closed his eyes to concentrate on the hot male taste of precum and cock as Pete's big stiff rod pushed into his throat, going almost to the gagging point and then drawing back to prepare for another rough thrust.

Gretchen was getting too rough, so he pushed her hand away. She stood up, slid a second finger into her pussy, and worked her fingers in and out while rubbing her thumb over her clit hood.

"Keep that up and I'm gonna come." Pete stepped away from Andy, then pulled him to his feet and kissed him, hard and dirty, with lots of aggressive tongue.

Andy gripped Pete's buttocks and pulled their bodies together. They rubbed cocks while they kissed.

"Gott!" Gretchen whispered. "This is so good."

"Sure is." Pete winked at Gretchen, then turned back to Andy. "On your back, Buddy. I'm ready to fuck your hot sweet ass."

"Okay." Andy lay back on the bed and folded his legs against his chest, displaying his asshole.

"What a cute butthole." Gretchen smiled at Andy, then looked at Pete. "Mit diesem großen Schwanz, sein Arschloch Sie ficken."

"I don't understand that." Pete got the little squeeze bottle of lube out of the nightstand drawer and knelt between Andy's open legs. "But I'm guessing it's something about my cock and his ass."

"That's right," she answered. "Fuck meine Liebe." She bent forward and rubbed the palms of her hands over her inner thighs, approaching her vulva without quite touching it. "Fuck his butt. Good and hard."

"Oh, he's gonna get it." Pete coated his index finger with lube and slipped it into Andy's asshole. It went in easily. "I'm gonna fuck the hell out of his ass." He pulled his finger out of Andy's butt, added more lube, and slid it back in, twisting it to spread the thick slick gel evenly.

Gretchen curled her fingers around Pete's rigid pole and squeezed it gently. "Such a pretty cock. So big and fat . . ." She smiled at Andy. "Are you ready for Pete's big steif schwanz, meine Liebe?"

"Oh yeah." He gripped the insides of his knees and pulled them forward, lifting his butt higher. "I'm ready for a good hard ride."

"Good," Pete said. "'Cause I'm gonna pound the hell out of your ass." He smeared lube on his hard cock, wrapped his fingers around its stiff shaft, and pressed its head between Andy's butt cheeks.

"Meine Gott!" Gretchen bent forward. "You're really doing it. Fucking my boyfriend's Arschloch." She squeezed her breasts and rubbed her thumbs over her nipples while she watched Pete penetrate Andy.

"Sure am." Pete pushed forward, slowly opening Andy's tight hole.

Andy held his anal muscles tight, resisting Pete's invasion. In San Francisco, Fred had taught him how to relax and take a giant cock, but he made his partner work for it, giving Gretchen a better show. "Jeez!" he groaned. "You're so big."

"Fucking A right!" Pete drew back slightly, then pressed home, going a little deeper. Andy moaned as Pete's broad cock-head gradually stretched his asshole. "You okay?" He winked, letting Andy know he was onto the game.

"Yeah," Andy whispered. "Keep going. Just take it easy. I'm not—" He gasped when Pete's cock-head poked through his tight anal ring. "God!"

Pete chuckled. "Guess you like that." Andy nodded. Pete shallow-fucked him a few times, withdrawing his cock-head completely, then pushing it back through Andy's tense muscles.

"Oh!" Gretchen said. "Such a sight!" She moved one hand between her legs and slipped its middle finger into her shiny wet pussy.

"Feels good, too." Andy looked at Pete. "Come on and give me—" Pete's long thick cock slid home, all the way to his balls. "Oh fuck!"

"That what you wanted?" Pete asked.

"Yeah," Andy answered. "Your big fat cock, all the way up my ass." He looked at Gretchen. "You like it?"

She nodded. "You guys are so sexy." She slid a second finger up her pussy, crossed with the first, and twisted her wrist while slowly moving the fingers in and out. "Gets me so fucking hot!"

"Pretty good for me, too." Andy looked back at Pete. "Fuck me now. Good and hard."

"Okay." Pete fucked Andy with long hard thrusts, pulling almost out and then driving home, starting slow but gradually getting faster and rougher.

"Fuck!" Andy stroked his stiff cock while Pete hammered his ass. "That's so good."

Gretchen moaned, fingering her pussy and jacking her clit like a miniature penis while she watched Pete's pistoning cock. "God," she whispered. "This is so good."

"Sure is." Pete looked at her. "Plowing Andy's tight little asshole." He gripped Andy's ankles, pushed them up over his shoulders, and rocked his legs like wheelbarrow handles, diving deep into his ass.

"Jesus!" Andy beat off frantically as Pete's plunging pole rammed his asshole.

"Ready for a big hot load?" Pete asked.

Andy's nuts tightened. "Come on! Shoot it!"

"I want to see it!" Gretchen gasped. "Please!"

"Okay." Pete slammed Andy's ass a few more times. "Here you go, Big Boy!" He pulled out and jacked his stiff cock, spraying thick hot cum on Andy's cock and balls after a handful of strokes.

Beside them, Gretchen screamed, coming violently. "Yeah, boys!" she cried. "Come for me!"

Cum fountained from Andy's stiff dick, splashing his belly and chest.

"Wow! That was good." Andy lowered his legs and turned his head to look at Gretchen. Her chest was heaving and she was grinning broadly. "You like that?"

"Sure did." She pulled her fingers out of her pussy. They were shiny with her juices. "Hottest thing I've ever seen."

"Glad you liked it." Andy had wanted to feel Pete coming deep in his ass, but the expression on Gretchen's face was worth the minor sacrifice.

Pete was still kneeling between Andy's legs, holding his stiff cock. He bent forward and kissed Andy, then rose to his feet and moved behind Gretchen. "Bet you'd like this even more."

She stiffened and tried to pull away. "Oh no! Not there!"

Pete gripped her hips, holding her in place. "You sure?"

Gretchen moaned and pushed her butt back. "No." Pete did something and she squealed softly. "I mean 'yes.'" She turned around and faced Pete. "I do want you to fuck mein Arsch." She curled her fingers around his stiff pole. "But not now." She moved into his arms and kissed him passionately.

"That's okay," Pete said. "It'll be a while before I'm ready again, anyway."

"Not long, I hope." She pulled away from Pete, bent over the bed, and kissed Andy. "How about you, Liebchen?" She ran her hand over his crotch and belly, smearing the thickening cum.

"Soon." Andy's cock had grown rock-hard again.

"Good." She ran her fingers up and down his stiff pole, grinning as it jerked under her touch. "I've got a nice hot place to put your big schwanz."

"Way you're waving your butt," Pete said, "you're gonna get it in about five seconds."

She straightened up and turned around to face Pete. "Nein. Not yet. I'm still a virgin back there." She glanced at Andy. "Almost."

Pete laughed and looked at Andy. "You dog!"

"Woof." Andy stood up and put his hands on Pete's and Gretchen's butts.

"You're both dogs," Gretchen said. "Horndogs." She walked away, waving her butt suggestively. She stopped at the bathroom door and looked at the guys. "I'm ready for a shower." She smiled at their hard-ons. "Come on. There's room for three."

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