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Woods Part 1 - August Only


Alone in the woods, the sexual tension between two high school buddies ignites like a forest fire.

My best friend Mike and I had just graduated from high school in Colorado Springs. We were celebrating by taking a week-long hike through Golden Gate Canyon State Park in the mountains west of Denver. On the third day, we set up camp in mid-afternoon, then took light packs and canteens and explored the trails.

One trail ended abruptly at the top of a fifteen-foot cliff. Mike and I stood at the edge, looking down at the sun-drenched clearing below.

A naked man and woman were standing on a blanket in the middle of the clearing, facing each other. He was a muscular giant with long flowing black hair and a bushy black beard. She was big and rangy, with thick brown hair, heavy breasts, wide hips, and a lush dark pubic thatch. They looked like pioneers from the nineteenth century.

He said something too soft to hear. She laughed, moved into his arms, and kissed him open-mouthed while rubbing her body against his. When they separated, his long thick cock was rock-hard.

Mike and I stepped back and sank to our knees. "Let's get out of here," I whispered.

He hesitated. "You really want to, Ed? Leave?"

"Well…" My cock was painfully hard.

Mike dropped his gear, crawled to the cliff edge and looked down at the couple, mostly hidden by a scraggly shrub clinging to the rock. I joined him.

Below us, the mountain man was playing with his woman's breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples, while she stroked his massive cock and squeezed his hairy balls. She sank to her knees and started sucking his cock.

"Fuck," Mike whispered. He unfastened his belt and pushed his jeans and briefs down around his ankles. His stiff cock was as big as the mountain man's, with a broad plow-shaped head. I stared at it for a long time.

"Damn, Ellie! You do that so good." The mountain man ran his big fingers through her hair and slowly rocked his hips while she sucked his cock and fondled his balls.

Mike groaned softly beside me. He stroked his stiff shaft while he watched the couple below us, occasionally pinching his cock-head between his thumb and index finger, smearing the precum leaking from its tip.

The mountain man gently pushed Ellie away from his throbbing cock. "My turn."

She rolled onto her back. The mountain man knelt between her raised knees and buried his face between her spread thighs. "Yeah Jake! Eat me! Eat my hot cunt!"

Mike was breathing harder. My rod had grown painfully stiff as I watched him jack off.

I pushed my jeans and boxers down, freeing my hard cock. It's not a giant like Mike's, but still a respectable size. There was already a big blob of precum at its tip and a big sticky wet spot in my underwear.

In the clearing below, Ellie was screaming and coming, pawing her tits and rolling her hips as Jake went down on her. I grabbed my stiff dick and stroked it, roughly in time with Mike.

Ellie fell silent and lay limp on the blanket, with her arms and legs sprawled. Jake bent forward and kissed her. Mike jacked off slowly. I felt self-conscious, but I went on stroking my own painfully stiff rod, staring at Mike more than at Jake and Ellie.

"Sexy Big Bear." Ellie sat up and wrapped her hand around Jake's hard cock. "Fuck me now. Rough, like a wild animal."

Jake gripped his stiff pole and guided it between Ellie's legs. "Like this?" He took her with one quick thrust.

"Oh yeah! Just like that!"

Jake fucked Ellie hard, squeezing her big breasts and pounding her furry pussy. She screamed and rocked her hips in time with his rough thrusts.

Jake roared like a rutting bear. Ellie cried, "Fuck Baby!…Shoot it!…Hard and hot!…Up my cunt!…Oh yeah!…"

He stopped with his cock buried deep inside her. She pulled him down on top of her and kissed him. "My sexy Big Bear. That was so good."

Jake rolled onto his back beside Ellie. She rose to her knees, faced the cliff, put her hands behind her head, and stretched luxuriously, arching her back. Her eyes widened. Mike and I shrank back.

"Think she saw us?" I asked.

"Dunno." Mike and I crawled back to the edge of the cliff and looked through the bush. Ellie and Jake were kneeling on the blanket, facing each other. She was playing with his hard cock while he fingered her pussy. "Guess not."

Ellie kissed Jake, then whispered something in his ear. He nodded, then lay on his back. She straddled his hips, pulled her furry lips open, and lowered her pussy onto Jake's stiff pole. They’d positioned their bodies so Mike and I could see everything they were doing.

Ellie's big breasts bounced as she rode Jake's cock like a bucking bronco. He reached up and fondled her tits briefly. She glanced up at the cliff, then pushed his hands down.

Mike and I moved closer to the cliff edge, jacking off again. I alternated between watching Ellie ride Jake's cock and staring at Mike stroking his stiff pole. One time, I turned my head and saw him looking at me.

"Oh fuck! Oh Jesus fuck yeah! Oh fuck oh god!" Ellie's screams echoed through the forest as she came, squeezing her heavy tits and slamming her pussy down on Jake's driving rod, arching her back and staring at the bush hiding Mike and me.

Ellie stopped moving and bent forward to stroke Jake's hair. "My Big Bear." She kissed him. "My giant savage Big Bear." His hard cock slipped out of her pussy when she stood up. "You didn't come."

"Nope. Not yet."

She sank to her knees and gripped his stiff pole. "I want to feel you again. Shooting inside me."


She reached into the knapsack sitting beside the blanket and pulled out a little plastic squeeze bottle. She uncapped the bottle, squirted clear liquid onto the palm of her hand, and gripped his hard cock, running slick fingers over its shaft and head. "Guess where I want it this time."

He laughed. "That's not hard."

She fondled his stiff dick. "But this is!" She straddled his hips, quickly slid a slick finger between her buttocks, then lowered her asshole onto his hard cock. "Oh fuck! So good!"

"Sure is." Jake rolled his hips, driving his massive pole further up Ellie's asshole.

She glanced up at the cliff, then looked down at Jake. "My sexy bear." She swayed in time with his thrusts. "And his big thick cock."

Ellie reached between her legs, glanced up at the cliff again, and pulled her lips open, showing Mike and me her hot pink pussy mouth, framed by her dark pelt. She smiled and slid two fingers up her pussy. "Oh yeah."

"Ready for a rough ride?"

"Oh fuck yeah!" Ellie fingered her pussy roughly, screaming and coming while Jake hammered her ass.

I tore my eyes away from Ellie and Jake to stare at Mike's fist flying over his stiff cock. He turned his head and saw me looking at him. We watched each other for long seconds, then looked back at Ellie and Jake.

Jake gripped Ellie's waist and lifted her off his cock. "I'm really gonna fuck you now. Good and hard."

"Oh yeah." Ellie glanced up at the cliff, then got on her hands and knees, facing slightly away from Mike and me.

For the first time, Jake looked straight up the cliff. He grinned and waved his hard-on at us, then moved behind Ellie, gripped the base of his stiff cock, glanced back at us, and slowly pushed it up her ass.

"Oh fuck, Big Bear! Give me your giant cock." He did, growling like a real bear as he rammed her ass.

Ellie and Jake had positioned themselves so we could see his driving cock in her asshole. Mike and I jacked off while we watched them, no longer trying to hide our frequent glances at each other.

She rose to her knees and slipped a hand between her legs, then fingered her pussy and squeezed her tits, screaming and coming while he pounded her ass.

Ellie pulled away from Jake. "Come on, Big Bear." He stood up. She knelt at his feet, guided his long thick rod between her breasts, and pressed them together. "Shoot it for me."

Jake humped Ellie's tits. "Here it comes, Baby!" He took a step back and sprayed a half-dozen jets of cum on her big breasts.

Jake sank to his knees, took Ellie in his arms, and kissed her, long and hard. "That was great," she said. They rose to their feet, gathered their belongings, and walked away, holding hands.

They stopped at the edge of the clearing and faced Mike and me, naked and smiling. They waved, then turned away and disappeared into the pines.

Without speaking, Mike and I turned to each other, staring at each other's fists flying over our hard cocks.

"Oh fuck!" Mike gasped. "I'm gonna—" He groaned and shot long streams of thick juice high into the air toward me. That set me off. Hard hot pulses of cum burst from my throbbing cock, splashing onto the ground between us.

Mike and I stayed motionless, holding our dicks and staring at each other. Suddenly self-conscious, I stood up, stuffed my still-stiff cock into my boxers, and fastened my jeans. Mike did the same.

We looked down at our cum, mixed on the ground between the marks from our knees, then walked away without speaking or looking at each other.

* * * *

When we reached camp an hour later, the light was fading. The sky was dark by the time we'd built a fire and started supper. We'd hardly spoken since leaving the clearing.

We sat on a log and ate as the fire died down, then passed a flask of whisky while gazing at the glowing embers. I had a good buzz on when I turned to look at Mike in the flickering light. The dried cum in my boxers scratched my stiffening cock as I looked from his ruggedly handsome face to his muscular body, then down to his bulging crotch.

"That was really hot." I took a sip from the flask, then passed it to Mike.

He took a long swig. "What?"

"The mountain man. And his woman."

The bulge in his crotch grew bigger. "Yeah. It was." He handed me the flask.

I looked at it, then fastened the cap and set it down beside the log. "And the rest?"

"The rest?" Mike wouldn't look at me.

"Yeah. After they left. Watching each other jack off." I stood up, unfastened my jeans, then pushed them and my boxers down around my ankles. My cock was already hard. "Remember this?" I gripped the base of my stiff cock and pointed its head toward Mike. He stared at it like a mouse hypnotized by a snake.

"Yeah." He stood up and took a step backwards. "But I'm straight."

"So am I." We both had girlfriends back in Colorado Springs. "And I've still got this hard-on." I pointed to his bulging crotch. "You're hard, too."

He looked down at my stiff dick, then back up into my eyes. "I was thinking about the mountain man and his woman."

"Is that all?" I put my hand on Mike's crotch. He tensed, but he didn't push my hand away. "What about jacking off together?"

"I was so fuckin' horny—"

"I'm fuckin' horny. Right now." I ran my fingers over the heavy fabric stretched over his long hard dick. "So are you."

"Okay. I am." Mike didn't protest when I took his cock out of his pants and started stroking it.

"Our girlfriends are a hundred miles away." I caught his hand and put it on my cock. "But we're here. All alone. And horny as hell."

"Yeah." His fingers slid over my stiff shaft. "We are."

"What do you want to do? Jack each other off?"

He hesitated. "Let's fuck."

"Fuck?" My hard cock grew even stiffer. "How?"

"I'll show you."

Even in summer, the mountain night was cold. After I'd put a few sticks on the fire to make it burn more brightly, we spread a blanket in front of the fire and stripped.

Mike pulled a squeeze bottle out of his knapsack and handed it to me. "Here's the lube." He lay on the blanket with his knees lifted. "Come on. Fuck me."

I looked at the little bottle in my hand. "Lucky you brought this."

"Just being prepared." Mike shifted his legs, lifting his butt higher.

I knelt between his spread thighs and smeared lube on my stiff dick. "Prepared to get butt-fucked?"


"All right." I pressed my cock-head into his asshole. His muscles resisted briefly, then relaxed. My shaft slipped all the way up his ass. "Wow! Feels so good." I held still, staring at his stiff cock and bulging balls in the flickering firelight. I wrapped my slick hand around his cock, smearing lube on its head and shaft.

"Good as your girlfriend's ass?"

I laughed, let go of Mike's cock and gripped his ankles, pushing them toward his shoulders. "Roberta freaks if I touch her asshole." I pulled my cock almost out of Mike's ass, then pushed it back in. "This is way better than her pussy." I fucked him slowly. "Hotter. Tighter."

"Yeah." Mike tightened his ass muscles, clamping my sliding rod, and stroked his stiff slick cock. "Fuck me hard. I need a good pounding."

I swung Mike's ankles in a smooth arc, driving my cock deep and ramming him hard and fast. "That's right!" he said.

I stared at my cock sliding in and out of Mike's hot tight asshole while he beat off. "This is so sexy."

"Better then your girlfriend?"

"Lots better." The tension in my nuts was building quickly. "I'm getting close."

Mike jacked his cock faster. "Good. Shoot your hot cum. Up my ass."

"Here it is." I slammed Mike's ass, firing another heavy pulse with each thrust. Long thick ribbons of cum exploded from Mike's stiff cock, arcing high in the air and splashing his belly, chest, and face.

I pulled my cock out of Mike's ass and lay beside him on the blanket, looking up at the sky. Away from the city lights, the stars were a million diamond-sharp points, set in velvet blackness.

"You ever do this?" Mike asked. "With Roberta?"

"Outside?" I shook my head, even though Mike couldn't see it. "Just in the back seat of Mom's Suburban."

He moved and his hand brushed my thigh. My hard-on came roaring back. "How about Kathy?" She was Mike's girlfriend, a tall blonde with a full figure, straight shoulder-length hair, and a preference for boots, jeans, and flannel shirts.

"Kathy likes everything."

"Even anal?"

Mike and I sat cross-legged on the blanket with our knees touching, staring at each other's hard-ons. "She loves it up the ass. We don't need a condom and she likes to feel my cum shooting inside her."

The fire flared, lighting Mike's face. I looked at his full lips, suddenly wanting to kiss them. Instead, I grabbed his cock. "Want to do it again?"

He laughed. "Just for future reference…" He wrapped his hand around my stiff tool. "You never need to ask that question."

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