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Jack Hammer: King's Ransom

Love is his only weapon

Alex King has a promising life, with rich parents, an outstanding college career, and a sexy new boyfriend.

That's all shattered when a masked gunman kidnaps Alex and murders his boyfriend. Alex's world suddenly narrows to a basement cell, repeated rapes by a vindictive killer, and the certainty of a violent death. His only hope is his jailer—the killer's straight son.

Jack Hammer has just returned to Austin from a long dangerous undercover assignment when he's summoned to the Kings' palatial residence. His mission—rescue Alex before it's too late. And stay alive.

Introducing hard-boiled gay private investigator Jack Hammer.

A hard-core gay romantic thriller with explicit sex.


Chapter 1 - Kidnapped

Chapter 2 - The Ring

Chapter 3 - The Castle

Chapter 7 - Attraction

Cover by Michelle Douglas - MD Book Covers

Coming December 1

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