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Hot couple . . . Sexy mountain boy . . .

Liz and Rob are hiking through the Big Horn Mountains when they spot Jack skinny dipping in an icy mountain lake.

Liz has a plan for the sexy mountain boy . . . And a big surprise for Rob.

But Rob has some surprises of his own.

Dorm room lust . . .

College roommates Joe and Frank have been eyeing each other all semester. Joe has a hot girlfriend. Frank says he's seeing a mysterious married woman, but he's really having an affair with another man.

One night after a workout, Frank and Joe get hard-ons in the gym shower. Joe and Frank won't talk about what happened, but the tension between them builds . . .

Sexy games with the neighbor boy . . .

Yvette Gill and her husband Jim have a harmless little game. He ties her up naked in the back yard, leaves for a few hours, then comes back and pretends to be a stranger discovering the bound woman.

Everything changed when hunky next door neighbor Paul found Yvette and things got out of hand.

Now, Paul is back for more. But, Yvette and Jim have a surprise for the sexy young stud . . .

Coming Soon

They both want him . . . Who does he want?

Best friends Andy and Pete have been flirting since Andy broke up with his girlfriend.

Just when Pete's ready to make a move, Andy meets Gretchen. She splits after their first night, pushing Andy into Pete's arms . . . and bed.

Then Gretchen comes back and Andy is caught between two lovers.


Touchdown Series

Hot young couch . . . Sexy cheerleader . . . Stud quarterback . . .

Travis Williams has returned to his small Texas town's high school as the Conner Cougars' assistant football coach.

Five years ago, when he was star quarterback, Bill Harris and Sandy Oakes worshiped him from afar. Now, Bill is starting quarterback, Sandy is head cheerleader, and they're both determined to get a lot closer to Coach Trav.

Passions flare as the Cougars race toward State Championship.

Sandy has a new toy . . . and a secret . . .

Sandy and Becca have been lovers since their early teens. When Sandy shows up late for a sleepover, Becca knows something is going on. Then, Sandy shows Becca her new toy.

Becca's ready to play . . . And she's determined to learn Sandy's secret.


Three sexy guys . . . alone . . .

Bill Harris, the Conner Cougars' star quarterback, takes his two best friends on a road trip.

He has a big surprise for his buddies.


Bi-Cops Series

Straight cop . . . Cruising for men . . .

Young Patrolman Sam Avery is straight, with a hot girlfriend, who can't get enough of his hard body. Everything is perfect…except for Sam's smoldering desire for another man.

Suppressed passions flare when Sam picks up a gay hustler and burst into flame with an ex-Marine stud who's ready, willing, and able to fulfill all of Sam's man-on-man fantasies.

What will Sam do, now that a hunky guy has turned him every which way but loose?

The oversexed prologue to Bi-Cops.

Investigating Gay Sex

Officers Case and Avery have been partners for two years. Case is happily married. Avery goes through an endless stream of girlfriends.

Then, a routine traffic stop ends with an all-male three-way. Suddenly, everything changes for the two hot cops…And the women in their lives.

Bi-Trick Series

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Ken's amazon Author Page

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