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Big Horns Excerpt - Members Only

Rob moaned and jacked his hot rod as I hammered his butt. Liz was screaming and coming as she fucked herself with the vibrator.

The tension in my nuts was building quickly. "I'm gonna shoot . . ."

"I want to see it," Liz said.

"All right." I rammed Rob a few more times, then pulled out and sprayed his back and buttocks with cum.

"God!" Liz said. "That was so fuckin' good." She kissed me long and hard, then kissed Rob just as thoroughly.

Rob kissed me roughly, then turned me around. "Bend over, god-boy. It's your turn."

The thought of Rob's giant cock pressing into my vulnerable little virgin asshole was terrifying . . . but my rod was as hard as a steel bar. I bent forward and put my hands on my knees. "Just take it easy. Okay?"

Rob didn't answer. He just picked up the lube and moved behind me. "Now my Greek god's going to get his butt fucked," Liz said.

"You sucked Rob's cock." She pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and held it in front of me. It was deep cobalt blue, six inches long and an inch thick, with a realistic head and exaggerated veins, flaring to a thick bulbous base. The internal mechanism was vaguely visible through the translucent plastic. Liz's juices gleamed on the slick plastic. "Now suck this."

She pressed the vibrator between my lips. The blue toy looked intimidating but wasn't really as long or thick as Rob's swollen pole. I sucked it greedily, taking it deep in my throat. It tasted like her pussy rather than his cock, but it was still sexy as hell.

Liz was slowly fucking my face with the vibrator when I felt Rob's finger between my buttocks. First, he smeared lube on the outside of my hole, then pressed a finger inside. It didn't hurt too much as it stretched my asshole, but felt really weird.

"You got a fucking tight ass, god-boy." Rob slowly pulled his finger out of my asshole, leaving me feeling vaguely empty. A moment later, he pushed his finger back up my ass. It went in more easily this time.

My hard cock jerked as he worked his finger in and out of my ass. I sucked the vibrator frantically, wishing it was a real live cock that could throb and flood my mouth with hot cum.

Rob pulled his finger out. "Showtime!" Liz said. She took the vibrator out of my mouth and went to stand beside Rob. "Come on, Marine. Fuck his hot Greek god ass."

"You want that?" Rob asked. "You want me to stick this big hard cock up his butt?"

"Oh yeah!" Liz slid the vibrator back into her pussy, twisted the knob at its base, and moaned softly. "Fuck him now."

"This'll be fun," he said. "Plowing god-boy's tight little ass." I gripped my knees tightly as something big . . . really big . . . pressed into my asshole.

At first it was just pressure. Lots of pressure. My heart was pounding, my chest was tight, and I felt hot in the cool mountain air. And I had the biggest boner of my life.

Suddenly, it hurt. Really bad, like I was being torn open. I screamed and tried to jerk away. Rob caught my hips and held me in place. "It's all right," he said. "Just relax."

I held still, taking long deep breaths. Rob stayed motionless, keeping a steady pressure on my asshole but not pushing forward. The pain faded quickly, replaced by a burning need to have his massively male cock deep inside me. I pushed my butt cheeks backward, stretching my virgin asshole until it started to hurt, then stopping to relax my overstretched anal muscles.

"You're doing great." Rob's voice was amazingly gentle. "Just relax and take it when you're ready." He rocked his hips slowly, moving his cock a fraction of an inch. I humped his hot rod, gradually taking more of it. Finally, his cock-head slipped through my anal ring. After that, Rob's oversized tool advanced rapidly. When half his length was inside me, he slowly pulled out, then pushed back in. "Yeah!" I gasped. "Give it to me good."

"You're gonna get it." My stiff pole jerked and throbbed as he fucked me steadily, gradually going faster and deeper, but it was a little too soon for me to shoot again.

Liz had been standing beside Rob, screaming softly as she watched him invade my ass. She pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and dropped it on the blanket, then sank to her knees and wrapped her hand around my stiff cock. "I wouldn't let you come in my pussy."

"Yeah. I know."

"And you were a gentleman. Anyway, I've got a hole you can shoot a big hot load in." She stood up and pulled me away from Rob.

"Hey!" Rob said. "That boy's ass is mine."

"You'll get it back," she answered. "Soon." She ran her strong fingers over my rigid pole. "Well, kinda soon."

"Man-stealing bitch. You're getting your tight little asshole reamed after this is over."

"Good. But it's not over." She kissed me quickly, then turned away and bent over. "Come fuck my ass." She wiggled her butt suggestively.

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