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She wants to see her husband with another man . . .

For Charlie, it seems like business as usual when wealthy Brady picks him up, but there's a surprise. Alexia is waiting at the hotel. She's Brady's sexy wife and wants to see him with another man . . . Charlie.

At first, Brady is shy, but he quickly gets down and dirty with Charlie. Then, Alexia joins in. Charlie prefers men, but he can't resist a hot three-way romp.

After that, Alexia wants Charlie to herself. She shows Charlie how much fun a gay man can have with a uninhibited lusty woman.

Finally, the sexy swinging couple makes Charlie another offer . . . one he can't refuse!

Contains explicit male-male, male-female, and male-male-female sex.

Bi-Trick Sample

Hammering Her Husband



Cover by Michelle Douglas - MD Book Covers

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