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Bi-College Sample 2 - Boys With Girls

My king-sized bed almost filled the room. My computer desk and two office chairs took up most of the remaining space. Bobby and Kathy sat on the chairs with their legs spread, facing the bed.

Rick and I turned so the girls could see everything we were doing and tongue-kissed while fondling each other's hard cocks.

"Fuck, that's good," Kathy whispered. She and Bobby were playing with their breasts and fingering each other's pussies. The sound of their heavy breathing and their sharp hot scent filled the room.

"Enjoying yourselves?" I asked.

"Yeah!" Bobby answered. "Great show. So far. Now, it's time for the main event."

"Guess we can manage that." Rick wrapped his hand around my pole. "I like taking this big stiff cock up my ass." He looked at the women. "You should try it."

Bobby laughed nervously. "I'm not ready for that."

Kathy looked frightened. "I think boys are built different."

Rick shrugged. "You'll see. Someday." He ran his hand up and down my hard-on, rubbing my swollen cock-head between his thumb and index finger. He gestured toward the bed with his free hand. "Let's give the girls a show."

Bobby and Kathy stood near the foot of the bed, holding hands. Rick lay on his back with his knees folded against his chest, lifting his butt.

I squeezed a line of lube onto my finger and pressed it into the center of Rick's asshole. It went in easily.

"God, that's sexy," Kathy said. She and Bobby bent over to stare as I twisted my finger while working it in and out of Rick's butt.

"Way better than the videos," Bobby said.

I looked at her. "B-b-b-baby, you ain't seen n-n-nothin' yet." She and Kathy giggled. It was a line from one of the 70s songs Dad had listened to constantly while I was a kid.

I put more lube on my finger and stuck it back into Rick's tight hot asshole. "I'm ready for something bigger," he said. "Longer and thicker." He looked at my stiff pole.

"Can do." While the girls watched, I smeared lube on my hard dick, knelt on the bed between Rick's open knees, and took him with one long slow slide, stopping with my balls pressed against his butt cheeks.

"Fuck," Bobby whispered. She and Kathy were standing beside the bed with their hips pressed together, fingering their pussies while they stared at Rick and me.

Rick laughed as I slowly pulled out, then pressed back in. "That's what Trav's doing." He looked into my eyes. "Fuck me faster. And harder. Pound the hell outta my ass. Give the girls a real show."

"All right." I grabbed Rick's ankles and pushed them toward his shoulders, spreading his legs wider, lifting his butt higher, and driving my cock deeper into his ass.

"Oh my God!" Bobby whispered. "Awesome!" Kathy echoed. They worked their fingers in their pussies, making liquid noises, as I pulled almost out, then slammed home, hard and fast, slapping my crotch against Rick's buttocks.

Bobby's and Kathy's moans turned into screams, steadily growing louder as I hammered Rick's ass. The pressure built in my balls.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Rick jacked off  frantically. "Shoot that big gun. Right up my butt."

"Got a big hot load! Here it comes!" I wanted to come inside him, but the girls were expecting a show. I pulled out and stroked my hot rod: once . . . twice . . . three times . . .

Cum burst from my tip. A dozen heavy pulses, spraying Rick's crotch and belly as he squirted long ropes of cum onto his chest and face. Kathy and Bobby screamed, coming right along with Rick and me.

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