One evening, I had a late baseball game, followed by a meal with the team at a pizza place. It was dark when I cut through the vacant lot beside the house.

My sister Susan and her friend Nancy were sitting in the porch swing, talking about boys and giggling a lot. I silently slipped into the bushes beside the porch. I was originally planning to jump out and scare them, but then I decided I wanted to hear what they were saying.

After listening for a couple of minutes, I realized they were smoking a joint. I was already aware that Susan smoked pot, and even knew where she hid her stash, but smoking on the front porch seemed fairly bold. I guess they felt safe since Mom and Dad were out of town.

"I'd love to the my hands on Jack," Nancy was saying. "He has the cutest ass I've ever seen."

"Jack is nice," Susan agreed. "But I saw Ed Harris during wrestling practice last Thursday. Phil almost had him pinned. Ed squirmed away, but his shorts came off in the process. He has a totally gorgeous ass, but what really got me wet was his jock strap. He was really bulging and he'd gotten a hard-on from rubbing against Phil. I just wanted to flop down on the mat and drag him into me."

"Yeah, Ed is hot," Nancy said, "but he has a thing going with Phil."

"Ed certainly doesn't seem gay the way he looks at me," Susan replied. "Maybe I can get him to change teams."

"Dream on," Nancy replied. "You know Betty on the gymnastics team? She was working out late. She heard the shower in the boys locker room. There was nobody else around, so she decided she'd check it out."

"Betty saw a lot more than the naked boys she was expecting," Nancy continued. "Phil was standing in the shower with a big hard on. Ed was on his knees in front of Phil, giving him head. Most of the lights in the locker room were off and the boys were totally focused on each other, so Betty got really close."

"Phil suddenly pulled away. He gasped, "I'm not going to come in your mouth." Ed stood up, turned around and bent over, bracing himself against the shower wall. Phil moved behind him and stuck his cock up Ed's asshole. Betty was fingering herself, and she came over and over as she watched the boys fucking. Ed finally splashed cum onto the shower wall. A moment later, Phil pulled out and sprayed Ed's back. Betty slipped off and spent the next hour in the girls locker room, playing with the vibrator Mrs. Benchley keeps in her desk."

"Nothing like that ever happens to me," Nancy concluded wistfully.

"That's quite a story," Susan said. She took a long drag on the joint and slowly let it out. "It's interesting that Betty told you about it. I wonder if she's making a play for you."

"Of course not!" Nancy sighed and changed the subject. "Dave really isn't working out. He's getting so insistent on me giving him a blow job and it just seems so gross to me. I don't know why girls like it."

"He's going down on you, isn't he?" Susan asked.

"Yeah. A lot," Nancy answered. "Boys always say they like it, but I don't see how they could . . ."

"They're just so eager to please," Susan interrupted.

"I think guys know that if they go down on a girl and make them come, it hooks them. And it'll come back to them. Some of them just do it for themselves." Nancy shrugged. "Guys are so easy."

"Maybe so," Susan said. "Chris really likes it when I suck him. He went down on me way before I went down on him. He came in his shorts a couple of times while he was doing it. And it's really exciting to feel him throbbing right before he squirts his stuff into my mouth."

"Chris is a lot better than Jeff was," Susan continued. "Jeff wanted me to suck him, but he wouldn't give me head at all. And he wasn't into foreplay, he just wanted to stick it in and shoot as quickly as possible. That's why I dumped him so fast. I refuse to just be another notch on a guy's bedpost."

"Jeff thinks that being the big football star is enough," Nancy agreed.

"I wonder if Ed and Phil are sucking each other," Susan wondered. "If I can't have Ed, I'd at least like to see what they do together."

"Shit!" Nancy exclaimed. "I'm so horny I can't stand it. Let's put on our slut clothes and go hang out at the truck stop."

"There are so many losers at the truck stop," Susan answered. "I have a better idea." She bent over and whispered into Nancy's ear.

Nancy giggled. "That's great! Let's go!"

They went inside holding hands. A minute later, I heard the sound of Susan's bedroom door being closed and locked.

Susan's bedroom was on the second floor. It was impossible to see into the room from the ground and there was a single-story house next door, so she rarely bothered closing her curtains. I climbed the tree beside the house and looked inside.

The overhead light was off, but the lamp on the nightstand provided adequate illumination. Susan and Nancy were standing in the middle of the room, tongue kissing like the girls in a porn magazine.

I moved closer to the window. It was as if the tree had been designed for spying on Susan. A thick branch stretched horizontally toward the house, stopping a few feet from her window. I moved until I was crouching near the end of the branch. I was able to see everything in the room while heavy leaves and darkness shielded me from view.

Nancy broke away from Susan, removed her tee-shirt and dropped it on the dresser. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts were small, but beautiful. I already had a hard-on, and I almost creamed my pants when Susan bent over and started sucking Nancy's nipples.

After several minutes, Nancy gently pushed Susan away. Her nipples were spectacularly swollen. The window was open and I heard her whisper, "Let's finish undressing." In a few moments, the girls were standing naked in front of the window. Susan's breasts were much bigger and heavier than Nancy's. They sagged slightly when released from the confines of her bra. Susan's thick black hair was matched by the luxuriant bush covering her crotch. Nancy had blonde hair, but her sparse pubic hair was black.

Nancy started stroking Susan's breasts and gently pinching her nipples, which instantly began swelling. I unzipped my fly and fumbled with my cock. It took several seconds to untangle it from my underwear and pull it out of my pants.

Nancy dropped to her knees, pressing her face against Susan's crotch. Susan spread her legs wider and leaned forward, placing her hands on the window sill for support. "Oh, that's so good," she gasped. "You eat me out better than any boy." Susan began gasping rhythmically. As I watched her breasts bounce, I realized that Nancy already had her on the brink of orgasm. I gripped my cock and began stroking it rapidly. "I'm coming," Susan cried. My cock spurted as she screamed and thrashed in front of me.

Susan sank to her knees, so only her head and shoulders were visible above the windowsill. She and Nancy kissed tenderly for a long time. Then Nancy sat on the windowsill and opened her legs. With her back to me, I couldn't see much, but it was obvious that Susan was now going down on her. When she screamed and came, I came with her.

After that, the girls moved to the bed and made out for another half hour. They were further away and I wasn't able to hear or see them as clearly as when they were at the open window. Still, I could tell they kissed a lot, on their mouths and up and down each others' bodies.

Susan got out of bed and went to her dresser. She took out a dildo and slid it into Nancy's pussy. I almost fell out of the tree trying to see better.

I stayed in the tree, watching, listening and masturbating. First, Susan fucked Nancy. Then they traded places. They both came several times. So did I. Finally, they stood naked in front of the window, with arms around each other's waists, gazing out into the darkness.

"That was so good," Nancy said, hugging Susan. "Sometimes I wonder why we bother with boys."

Susan kissed Nancy. "I'm not sure," she answered. "Sex with you is so great. But there's just something a boy has . . . I think it's a penis."

They both giggled.

"You're right," Nancy sighed. "That dildo's fun, but it's just not the same."

Nancy and Susan got dressed and went downstairs. I decided it was time for me to "officially" come home, so I stuffed my pecker back into my pants and climbed down from the tree. I stopped with my hand on the back door knob, amazed that I was still horny. I moved into the deep shadows of the back yard and jacked off again before going inside.

I remembered that Susan and Nancy had slept over with each other every week since they were nine. Even when they had boyfriends, they still spent frequent nights together. Now I understood why.

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright 2003 by Ken James

All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual people is coincidental.

This story depicts a world in which AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are non-existent. In the real world, please practice safe sex.